A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

Sissy Maid Cuckold


User Rating:  / 13

The story is about a young not so masculine male who applies for a job under a domineering woman. She decides she has a better use for him other than in the formal workplace and trains him to suit her needs.


The Curtsey

User Rating:  / 53

Chapter 1: A man formally trained in a sissification school reverts back to his training when startled which is noticed by his girlfriend. She investigates and finds out about his former training and decides to put him back into the life he thought he had left behind.
Chapter 2: The story continues with Tammie and Ms. Brenda leaving Madam Rebecca's and beginning Tammie's tests before marriage to Ms. Brenda. Tammie is also found out by his female office workers.
Chapter 3: In this chapter Tammie demonstrates his submission before Ms. Baldwin's daughter Lisa. Then is introduced to Steve Ms. Brenda's lover and finds out what being a cuckold is all about. Heavy sex and domination.
Chapter 4: Ms. Baldwin and her daughter Ms. Lisa gets a tour of Madam Rebecca's training facility and Lisa gets to participate in the breaking of a difficult sissy. Tammie is taken to dress maker and exposed to the help and two customers in the process of being fitted for some new dresses.
Chapter 5: Lisa and Crystal Baldwin continue their education and tour at Madam Rebecca's. Sissy Bunny goes through a major transformation. Jessie and her mother Alice Caldwell participate in Tammy's dress fitting experience and are invited for dinner.
Chapter 6: This is the Sixth part of this Ten part story. Tammy is made to surrender to Ms. Brenda's lover Steve Gates while Jessie and Alice look on. Sissy Bunny begins training as a hand maiden and Sissie serves as a Chaufferette to Madam Rebecca and her black lover David Gentry. Crystal and Lisa Baldwin stop by an Adult Store and pick up some needed items in preparation for Allen's transformation.
Chapter 7: Jessie begins the training of Leo one of the two boys she is putting into competition to be her wife. Lisa takes control of Allen and set him up so she can control him even more. Tammy tells the girls at work what's going on and has a date with Stephen after work for more submission training and Sissie gets spanked in front of the staff and spends the night under the cuckold bed listening to his wife and her lover have sex.
Chapter 8: Tammy meets Mr. Gates after work to prove his dedication and submission in the final test for marriage to Ms. Brenda. Sissy Bunny gets a letter from his wife Ms. Elizabeth and his reaction causes some changes in how he is treated. Leo and ted are on their way to becoming Ms. Jessie's servants. Lisa and her Mother continue the transformation of Allen into Alicia.
Chapter 9: Leo and Ted get turned into sissy girls and enrolled into Beauty College. Tammy tries on his new dresses and finds out he will be married. Alicia's training deepens.
Chapter 10: Prissy and Pansy start beauty School. Alicia gets several operations and Tammy gets married to Ms. Brenda