A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


Humiliated Sissy Husband

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Content Warning: To FM readers. This is a story of degradation and demeaning of the male sexuality as retribution for a extra marital affair. It consist of a strong female character and a whimpy male charater. The sexual hypocrasy built in the story is intentional an meant to be part of the demeaning aspect. There is "NO" gay scenes in the story though there is a sex scene that is meant to create the degradation basis of the story. I have been advised by a few readers here in the past to give better "content warnings" and I hope this will suffice.

"Now I want you to just sit in here quietly, in the closet and look at my high heels while I'm having sex with that well hung young man that's coming over. He will be arriving shortly."

"Tonya please listen, I don't want you having sex with other men anymore," he said in a whining voice.

"Now Max dear, honey, sweetie we are not going to go through this everytime I need to have sex with another man. It's you I am in love with and you know that. You are such a sweet sissy, and sissies dress like pretty little girls and masturbate. Maybe I will help you masturbate later, but I need a real man for some hard pounding sex today."

"I could do that for you if you would just give me another chance," he said with a desperate tone.

Tonya laughed and took his hand.

"Honey, you're wearing a petticoat and little girl's dress, and a very pretty dress I might add, lots of bows, ruffles and frilly lace. So pretty," she said as she fluffed the ruffles on his shoulders with her fingers. "Your toenails are painted all different colors the way you like them, and I wouldn't have it any other way," she said giving him a knowing smile.

"I'm not a sissy. I don't want to be dressed like this Tonya," he pleaded with her.

"But this look is very appropriate for a male like you honey, but not for a real man. It's who you are, and I understand that. You will understand it too in time," she said now pulling him into the large walk in closet.

"It's not who I am Tonya. It's who you are saying I am. I'm not a sissy."

"Max, you have a very small penis and, well frankly it has no need to be in my pussy, or any other woman's pussy for that matter. And besides an erection just doesn't look right with you all dolled up, unless you are looking in a mirror getting turned on and masturbating about how pretty you look. Then it is the perfect size."

Tonya's dresses were seperated on the clothes bar, and a chair was waiting there for Max to sit in.

"I am a man Tonya. I can prove myself to you again," he said watching her get straps together to strap him in the chair. "Don't do this to me."

"You are not a man Max. You lost the right to be a man when you slept with that slut Ginger. You are a whimpering sissy now and I am very understanding of what you are and I know what you need, so sit down so I can get you ready," she said pushing into the chair.

"I don't like the idea of you having sex with other men Tonya. I'm your husband," he said as his ankles were secured to the chair legs.

"Max, I was very supportive of you yesterday when you were giving that nice young plumber a handjob. I even took you to the nail salon so your fingernails would be long, and painted a nice bright red so they would look nice wrapped around that young man's erect penis."


"Max, I gave you privacy with him, I wasn't jealous and I understood you felt the need to express your sissy desires with another man and he was kind enough to allow you to handle his manhood for a little while and give him some satisfaction at the same time."

"Tonya, you made me give that man a handjob. I didn't want to do that."

"That's enough of that for now. We will not argue about your sex life right now. My sex life amd my needs are the topic of today."

She strapped his waist to the chair and then his wrist behind his back.

Max sat there in a very bright pink little girl's party dress with white petticoats. His legs were bare and clean shaven. He wore sheer white knee socks that had very elaborate detailed lace designs running up the sides and turned over just under his knees, making sure both knees were fully exposed. His feet were in 5" open toed patent leather pink pumps, and the sheer socks allowed the fact his toenails were painted different colors to show through.

Max was fully made up like a woman of the night with red lipstick and even false eyelashes for his wife's special evening, but his hair was in curly pigtails tied with pink ribbons formed into bows with long streamers like a little girl.

"There now, comfy?" she asked.

Max looked up at her.

"I have to get dressed for my date honey. So you just stay here and I'll be back in as soon as I put on something a little more seductive and sexy for my fucking," she said closing the closet door.

It was dark in the closet except for the little bit of light that came from beneath the door. It seemed a long time before she reappeared.

Tonya opened the door and entered the closet with Max.

"Now first thing first," she said holding up a pair of her panties. "Open wide honey. Day old panties," she said putting the panties up to his mouth.

Max did as she requested opening his mouth wide and she stuffed her worn panties fully in his mouth.

She held his chin up and looked at him.

"There you go sweetie. I don't let just any man eat my panties, especially after I've worn them all day, only you," she said pulling a piece of duct tape off the roll and holding it up to his mouth.

Max cast his eyes down in shame as she taped the panties in his mouth, then the door bell rang.

"Oh there he is now," she said jumping to her feet excited.

"Ummpphhh," Max grunted shaking his head, his curly pigtails bouncing as he did. He was now feeling totally degraded by her excitement that another man was here to have sex with her.

"Ok Max. You stay real quiet and I'll give you a nice hard bare bottom paddling tonight before I put you to bed," she said kissing him on the cheek. "Would you like that?" she asked smiling.

Max looked at her shaking his head no.

She she pinched both of his cheeks and shook his head side to side.

"We'll see," she giving him a love tap with the palm of her hand on the cheek that was rather hard.

Tonja stood and opened her robe for Max revealing a sexy black and lavender waist wasp with black fishnet stockings hooked to the garters. Her breast fully exposed and her nipples erect. She stepped into a pair of 5" black spike heels.

"How do I look sweetie," she said showing herself off with a sexy pose rolling one of her nipples between her fingers trying to make it even firmer. "Do you think he will fuck me harder if I wear red pumps?" she asked watching the helpless man trying to show his disapproval.

"See you in a couple of hours Max. I'm getting fucked today," she said excitedly as she closed the door and then he heard the key turn and he was locked in the closet.

"Right this way," Max heard Tonja say to the young man.

It was quiet for awhile, and Max sat quietly bound in the chair in the dark closet while his wife was entertaining another man in their own bed.

Max's imagination ran wild thinking of what might be happening just outside the closet where he was sitting tied to a chair.

Just low talking and some gigg;ing hrom Tonja was all he heard, but Max could hear the heavy breathing. The kissing and the gasping of air that Tonja made. This went on for ten minutes then it got quiet again.

"You are so big," Tonja said with passion as she stroked him with her hand and kissed him passionately on the lips.

"I'm all yours for the evening babe," he said enjoying her

"I need to suck your dick," she said almost in a panic. "Do you mind?" She gave him another hard kiss and held his head in her hands.

"Sure, Help yourself."

"Cum in my mouth if you want!" she stated then she quickly moved to between his legs and took him in.

"Oh yeah baby. Suck it," Max heard the guy gasp taking a deep breath. Max's wife was giving this man a headjob while Max was forced to sit in the closet dressed like a silly little girl hearing everything as it happened.

There was an audible choking sound, along with moans of pleasure. Then it was silent.

"Let me lick the rest of that up for you," Tonja said softly.

It was quiet again for awhile. Some soft talk and kisses. Max hung his head in shame. He didn't know how long it was but something got his attention.

It wasn't much longer before the headboard was banging against the wall and Tonja was screaming out her satisfaction.

"Oh my god!" she screamed as the headboard hit harder and harder. "OH YES............YES..............YESSSSSS!!!!"

Max couldn't see his wife as she was screaming out in ecstacy, on her back holding her legs up high with her hands while the young man enjoyed himself in her sex starved pussy.

Then there was that final scream followed by moans of complete bliss and satisfaction.

"That was wonderful," she said. "It really feels good having a real man with a big cock fucking me like this," she said gasping for air.

"My pleasure," the man said smiling at her blunt talk.

"Here let me get that for you," she said gently removing his condom.

They continued holding each other and eventually the sex began again, this time more intense and louder than before.

Poor Max sat bound in the closet dressed lik a girl listening to his wife's loud screams of sexual pleasure. Tears ran down his face. She wouldn't have sex with him since his indiscretion with another woman. He was a sissy now and no threat to other women's desires. He didn't want to be a sissy, but she insisted he be one and made him live his life accordingly.

It was several hours before the closet door finally opened. Max looked up with his tear stained face and running makeup. Tonja stood in the door for a moment with the look of a satisfied woman and somewhat exhausted.

"Oh Max, he was so good. I had several mind blowing orgasm riding his big cock," she said rubbing her crotch seductively. She pulled the tape from his mouth then pulled the panties out of his mouth.

"Tonja, why do you have to do this to me?" he said sobbing softly.

Tonja's hair was still a mess from her little romp in the sack.

"Oh Max sweetie, you know how much I love you," she said sitting on his lap facing him. She kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Now hush all this crying."

"Let me be your man again Tonja," he whispered.

"No honey. You can't, you're my sissy and you need to act like one." She lifted his chin and smiled. "Look what I saved for you baby," she said holding up three used condoms of semen from her little encounter.


"Com'on Max open your mouth wide for me," she said holding one of them up to his lips. "My sissy boy needs to drink some semen."

"NO!!! Damn it Tonja stop this," he yelled shaking his head back and forth.

"Oh don't be such a baby Max," she said pulling his hair now and holding his head back under her arm and painfully squeezing his cheeks.

"Open up like a little birdie," she said pleasantly as she struggled to hold him still.

"No," he said pressing his lips tight together.

"Hold still damn it, " she said as her frustration showed.

There was a struggle for ten minutes as Tonja attempted to empty the contents from the condoms of the man she had just had sex with into Max's mouth.

"NO!" he yelled almost exhausted from the struggle.

"You're drinking the semen Max," she said struggling with him try to hold hos head still and open his mouth. "This is what sissies do and you are a sissy, so be still."

Max fought back until she grabbed one of his balls and rolled it in her fingers firmly.

"OUUCCHH!" he yelled as his body tensed form her grip "Please Tonya," he whimpered.

"You want some nice warm semen don't you," she said seductively then kissing his cheek while picking up the used condom again.

Through the door there was the audible squeal of desperation and then the soft sobbing mummbles of resignation while she gently rolled his testicle in her fingers and picked up another condom.

Tonja finally finished. She closed the closet door to give Max a chance to settle down and regain his composure while she went to take a nice hot shower. The teary sissy man sat alone with his thoughts in the well lit closet dressed like a little girl in pigtails with pretty bows and ribbons. His head hung down, his chin almost on his padded chest. Three empty condoms lay on the floor next to the chair he was tied to. A foul taste lingered in his mouth. Tonja was finished...................for now.