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Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

A Submissive Sissy's Dear Diary

Fabulous Tasha Art on DeviantArt

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The Pageant Lineup Color

I was browsing Deviant Art this Sunday Morning when I found this !! I've always been a vivid fan of Tasha's Art, with her very first website The Fabulous Tasha, just go skipping have a little look ;), then I found her first page on Deviant Art, I was happy but didn't found the same characteristic I sooo very like, I mean, LOVE in her drawings! And then I found...

... this page :D I must say quit by accident... I think it's my little present of the day :D

I really love the humiliating ultra sissy look aspect of her drawings, I think she's the one picturing the best the meaning of true sissy humiliation, she manage to take this to the extreme, just over the edge without falling in the too trashy, yes, I say "too trashy" because some of her drawings are.. how should I say in a respectful and good and polite sissy language... quite "explicit" I would say ;p

Reginald's Coming Out

Tasha's caption (TC): "Reginald's auntie had hoped she could have him potty trained in time for his Coming Out, but amongst the odd suitors at his party his daipered bottom was hardly a discouragement."

Unexpected Developments

TC: "His sister had been telling him for weeks that his chest looked puffy, but he disregarded it as teasing. Now, that he had a good look, the truth was undeniable."

18th Century Dandy

TC: "There have been sissy boys for about as long as there have been... ahem, well... boys. here's a thought for an 18th century "gentleman's boy"."

Just do it for me

TC: "Please sweety, stop fussing. You're doing me a big favor. Señora Alvares said I couldn't have the live-in housekeeper job if I had a son. Seems she has a problem with teenage boys. Don't look so glum. It'll only be until summer, then you're off to visit your daddy."

Pig tails

TC: "With just a little poof on top and these clip-on pigtails no one would ever guess you were a boy."

Pleased to meet you, M'am

TC: "Marta Alvares sensed something off about her new housekeeper's daughter, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it."

A little extra money

TC: "I think Señora Alvares was really nice to offer to let you help out for a little extra money. We could really use it. I'm so proud of you. You've really convinced her that you're a girl. I won't forget this."


TC: "If I find one spec of dust in this house, you know where this will be going."

The Pageant

TC: "Tommy was less than pleased to be in the Sissy Pageant, but being a finalist made it much worse."

The Little Elf

TC: " Adele worked on her nephew Tommy's elf costume for weeks. But when she saw him in it, even she had to admit she might've gone a bit overboard. Tommy definitely thought so."

Nighty Night

TC: " It's beddy-bye time for the sissy sub."

The Ugliest Sweater

TC: "Isn't this the greatest, bro? Thank Grandma. Now, you'll never have to where that boring old hoodie ever again!"

Daddy's Girl?

TC: "Oh look, baby! You're much prettier as a girl."

Dressing for Amy

TC: "I really appreciate you being such a good sport Billy. I think you look so cute I could just swallow you up."

Pansy style

TC: "Stop whining, you little pansy. You love your new clothes."

Sweeping Sissy

TC: "What do I do with this broom when the floor are done?"

Lollipop boy

TC: "This romper is creeping up my butt!"

Dressed for Success

TC: "I think it was a mistake to let artboyz pick your outfit for the interview."

Sissy Pajamas

TC: "Isn't that much more comfy than those boring pj's?"

My sister's dress

TC: "Honey, don't cry. You look better in it than she does. Now hold up the dolly and smile for Mommy."

Here are just a few example but I only wish any good sissy here will go on her page on Deviant Art to see MORE !!! ... It may brings ideas to your Mistress if you're a lucky one :)

Hugs & Kisses,

A Submissive Sissy