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Priscilla Gay Bouffant

Office Dress Code

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The Office Boy

“I really think your nephew William has terrific possibilities, Irene. Are you sure you would loan me Tanya, until Billie Boy’s transformation is complete?” asked Penelope Chambers, of her good friend, Irene Lane. They were seated in Irene’s living room, discussing William Lane, while Irene’s sissy maid Tanya, minced and sashayed, gaily about, serving tea and cleaning up.

“Oh yes! Definitely! William has never met my little Miss Petite here. With him moving back in, meeting Tanya may make him suspicious. After all, he’s worn his share of petticoats, which is the reason he moved out, in the first place,” Irene stated, quite frankly.

“When I have my secretary call, I’ll make sure she tells him that Beth Danvers, the headmistress at Elite, gave us his name,” Penelope stated with a smile.

“Correct! He must never suspect we know each other,” Irene added.

Irene, in her mid-forties, was a writer for a magazine called Ms. CEO, a ladies business publication. Penelope, stunning and brilliant at 32, was a senior editor for Ultra-Chic, a fashion publication. William was Irene’s errant nephew.

Irene had raised him utilizing petticoat discipline. In addition he had been sent to both beauty school and to Elite Secretarial Academy. Though he held a hair stylist license, and a two-year degree from Elite, in secretarial studies, he refused to work at either job. He had rebelled and moved out. Now, however, he was at his wits end. Going to college and delivering pizza’s, unable to make ends meet and saddled with college loans he couldn’t pay on.

He wasn’t even close to a four-year degree. At least a good year of school was needed to complete that. He had begged Irene to let him move back in so he could work full time and pay off the loans. She had allowed it only if he would pay room and board. He agreed and moved in.

Prior to that, Irene’s sissy maid, Tanya Petite, had moved to Penelope Chamber’s home. Tanya, a graduate of Ms. Stephanie’s Institute of Domestic Training, was an exquisitely trained sissy servant. She had graduated from Ms. Stephanie’s New York campus. As Stephanie Strong now had ten such facilities, Penelope wondered which one, if any, she should send William to. The Virginia facility was the closest. She had been told the Atlanta campus was the best.

She decided to cross that bridge when she came to it. Calling her current private secretary into her office she had her place the call to the unsuspecting William Lane. Priscilla, Penelope’s current secretary would be leaving the magazine soon. William would be her replacement, and a very suitable one.

After getting off the phone with Priscilla, William got out a calculator and began doing some math. “Goodness!” he thought. With the salary and perks he’d have the loans paid off and be out from underneath his aunt’s dominance in about a year! Then he could finish college, going part time. He’d take the job, even if it was a secretary’s position.

He sat in Penelope Chamber’s office mesmerized by her beauty and charm. He was only slightly put off by her remark that she intended to utilize his beautician skills as well as his secretarial talents.

“You won’t mind that, will you William? On occasion being called upon to do my hair, nails and make up? Of course I’ll also expect you to prepare my coffee and tea and also serve it,” she added smiling prettily, and holding up the serving tray.

“No Ms. Chambers, not at all, I’ll be more then happy to perform those duties,” he added, trying to sound excited.

“Excellent! Now there’s just one more thing. I had a very hard time convincing the board of directors to permit me to hire a male secretary. You see, William, we are on a expenditure cut back program. Even a senior editor like myself has to cooperate. Travel expenses especially. Follow me so far?” she asked.

William nodded and Penelope continued. “You will be traveling with me on business trips. When Priscilla and I traveled we were able to share the same suite and cut back on the hotel expense. You being a male, well, the board was a little shaky about that. We’d have to have separate suites. Couldn’t stay in the same suite now could we?” she asked, as William looked on puzzled.

“I really wanted you for the job, so I told them you were a homosexual. That took care of the traveling accommodations problem as well as any sexual discrimination hassle. Pretty clever, don’t you think?” she asked sweetly.

“You told them I was gay?!” William asked incredulously.

“Yes dear. I hope you don’t mind. Don’t worry, they believed me. After all, you’re single, 25, live with your aunt, have a hairdresser’s license and graduated from a school that has a 95% female student body. Add that to the fact that you’ve applied for a job at a women’s fashion magazine, and well, what else would they think? Penelope added, shrugging her shoulders.

“You mean they don’t care? I won’t be ostracized? Wait though, I’m not gay. What if they find out?” William asked, still very confused.

“Don’t worry, they won’t find out. Of course you being gay is considered kind of en vogue . After all, this company is 90 per cent women, with very few straight men. As long as you do everything I say, no one will be any the wiser as to your sexual or lifestyle preferences.

We’re going to change your wardrobe, change the way you walk, talk and act. We’ll have you interact with all the girls in the office. We might even have you get friendly with the gay men here but you’ll have to be careful. We’ll even change your hair style, the scent you wear and probably your eyebrows!” she added, just a bit excitedly.

William sat puzzled, and then the age-old trap of money took over. “All right, I’ll go along with it Ms. Chambers. I’ll do anything you say. It sounds like such a great job, as far as the pay, perks, travel and working with you,” he added quite innocently.

“Why William, that’s so sweet of you to say,” Penelope blushed coyly. “Well then, let’s take care of all the paper work, I’ll introduce you around, and then you can start this coming Monday. That will give us five days to get you started into your new appearance and manner of acting,” she reminded him, much to his chagrin.

As he would say, quite frequently in the weeks to come, William answered, “Yes Ms. Chambers. As you wish, ma’am.”

“Come along dear, there’s lots for us to do,” Penelope smiled as she crooked her finger in a come hither fashion. William, her soon to be play toy, followed, very meekly.