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Priscilla Gay Bouffant

Nancy House Rules

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The SASH Society

Author's note: October 1, 2000. This is my first story after four months of extensive travel. During that time my Hot Mail account went into limbo and I lost all e-mail from June, July, August and most of September. If I did not answer anyone's e-mail during these months it was for this reason.

If you responded to my question at the end of Teased and Trained: "Which of my stories is your favorite" please write me again. I still intend to do a sequel or sequels to the story or stories most favored. I will soon have someone to keep my account active (Bobbi, you are a dear!) and answer my mail during these long trips. Love, Prissy. On with the show.

Patricia Lawrence smiled as she lectured one of her office managers, Paul Groves. Patricia was VP in charge of personnel at Maison Inc., an interior design consulting firm. She was also the president of a regional chapter of SASH, a clandestine, national women's organization. SASH stood for Sisterhood Against Sexual Harassment. Paul Groves was the latest offender to their principles.

He would also be the next occupant of the Nancy House, one of many safe houses, and rehab centers that SASH ran on a national scale. As "safe" houses SASH provided single family, apartment and condo housing to single females, wanting to live a life unencumbered by male sexual interference.

As rehabs the houses provided a place for offensive or willing males to be transformed. Depending on the size of the residence anywhere from two to ten males could be undergoing transformations at a given time at a single building.

Some came to SASH willingly. Others came due to legal and personal problems. Those coming unwillingly were told that basically the rehab period was six months. They would be dressed as sissies until they asked to be dressed as females. On the average most made the request at the end of one month. At the end of six months 95% made the decision to stay en femme. Of the remainder nearly half returned to SASH to request "another chance."

Paul Groves was nervous. Besides the six women claiming sexual harassment, there were three more charging him with criminal sexual misconduct. In addition, attorneys for Maison Inc. had uncovered charges pending in another state. "Let's see Paul, I'll read what our legal department has come up with," Patricia remarked casually.

"Oh my what's this? It seems you've been charged with perjury in another case similar to this one. The fact that you left the state to come here, after the perjury charges were brought is a very serious matter. I believe it's called 'interstate flight, to avoid prosecution.' Isn't that a federal offense? Then we'll add skipping bail. Those bounty hunters can be really mean. Paul I'd say you should deal with my little group. Don't you agree?" she asked condescendingly.

Paul Groves knew the terms, hung his head, looked up at Patricia and agreed. He was on his way to the Nancy House. All the SASH houses used typically sissified girls names. There were also the Pansy House, The Prissy House, The Daisy House, the Suzy House, the Missy House etc. The names reminded the sissy occupants of their status, as well as letting the female occupants know just who was in charge.

As Paul was driven off to his three day "sissy prep" at a private home in the country, he hoped he could last six months without asking to be dressed as a female. Already they had given him the name he would use from now on. Monica. He tried to remember if he'd ever had sex with a girl with that name.