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Baby Bonnet Cuckold

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When I got home from work on Friday my wife Mara was on the phone, so I didn't bother her. Instead, I went to the master bathroom, got undressed, tossed everything into the hamper, and took a hot shower. Then, carrying my shoes, I headed for our bedroom with a large soft towel wrapped around me. All I wanted was to put on some pajamas and a robe, so I could relax all evening and get a start to my two-week vacation. Mara had been playing some domination games with me lately, which I'll admit that I instigated. She had discovered that she liked ordering me around and making me her sex slave. There was even the occasional swat on the bottom. That was all fine with me. I've always had kinks in those directions. I just wished she would play along with my cuckold fantasies and pretend there was another man in her life, usurping my place in our marital bed. I had tried a few times to get her started on it, without any success. But, I told myself, you can't have everything. Maybe later.

As I strolled into the bedroom, however, I got a shocking surprise. Laid out on the bed were items of clothing that were in my size but were designed for a baby. There was a bonnet, a short dress with brief puffy sleeves and a big bow at the neck, a diaper and plastic panties, and booties. I noticed something on my dresser and went over to discover that it was baby powder, along with diaper-rash cream and some other lotion in an unmarked jar. I stood there shaking my head in disbelief, and that was when Mara entered the room.

"What's the matter -- Baby?"

"Well... I mean... these things can't be for... me. Can they?"

"They can if I say they can. I've been acting as your Mistress. And now I've decided to be a Mistress Mommy. And turn you into my adult baby. I've been exploring some interesting sites and, as soon as I spotted this fetish, I was instantly attracted to it. There are dealers on line who sell everything you need for this fantasy, and I ordered exactly what I wanted to see you in."

"B... but... I'm not... not even..."

"Not into it? Too bad, Baby Bradley. Mommy Mistress doesn't care what you want or don't want. You talked me into being the boss and now the boss wants this. Right?"

She was giving me a stern look and I knew at once that disagreeing would be a bad idea. Better to just let her work it out of her system, which I was sure she would do. I humbly told her that she was right. Even though it wasn't what I preferred, it was still dominant, and that got me excited. I gazed at my sexy wife. She had on a close-fitting sleeveless top that showed off her oversized bust. The snug slacks she wore clung to her wide hips and full thighs. And those black shoes with two inch stacked heels added to the erotic effect. Her body language backed up the commanding attitude she was projecting, and I lowered my eyes meekly.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Baby Bradley?" she wanted to know. "Strip for Mommy."

I began to undress and she went to the dresser to pick up something I hadn't spotted. As she turned back to me I saw it was a pacifier, big enough for an adult, with two ribbons hanging off its ring. I opened my mouth to say something and she shoved it right in. Not wanting to aggravate her, I closed my lips around it and even gave a few sucks. She smiled and told me to keep it where it was. Soon I was naked, standing there with that foolish piece of rubber and plastic sticking out between my lips. I shifted uneasily. Even though my wife sees me naked frequently, more than ever now that she's assumed her Mistress role, I still get uncomfortable when my body is on display. I'm short and slender and not at all muscular. I have practically no body hair and, well, my genitals are smaller than average. And that's putting it politely. Oh, and I have a baby face. Which might have been part of her inspiration to play adult-infant games with me.

Assuming a maternal tone, Mara said, "Come on, Baby Bradley. Lie down on the bed so Mommy can diaper your bum."

My skin prickled at her words. A feeling of powerlessness swept through me. Being treated that way made me feel more dominated than ever. I got onto the mattress on my back and looked up at her, still unable to speak because of the pacifier filling my mouth. I sucked on it again, earning myself an approving nod from... Mommy Mara. She took a cloth diaper and expertly worked it under my hips. There was a quick application of cream all over my crotch and then, as she rolled me one way and then the other, powder sprinkled into the seat of the diaper. She pulled it up between my thighs and around from both sides, then deftly pinned everything together. I was wearing a diaper.

My wife leaned over me, her large bust temptingly close, and cooed, "Good Baby. Mommy wants her widdle Bradley to be all dry and comfy in his diaper. Mommy loves her widdle boy."

I felt my cheeks grow warm as I blushed. She gave my tummy a tickle, which distracted me from my shame. Then she pulled a pair of rubber panties up over my feet and legs, getting them into place and pulling the elastic waist band over the top of the diaper. Not sure what to do, I made a contented sound like a baby might. She leaned closer and kissed the air in front of my mouth.

"Baby is being so good that I might have to let him nurse. Would Baby like to nurse? Would Baby like to suck on Mommy's num-nums?"

Would I? Since she got into the dominant role, Mara hadn't been letting me kiss her above the waist. I got to serve her pussy orally, several times a week, though I was denied penetration. In its place she liked to masturbate me, though her idea of satisfying me was to keep stroking until I was on the verge of shooting, and then stop abruptly, letting my small penis ooze a little ejaculate instead of shooting out an entire load. I was so frustrating to have my orgasms ruined, but I wanted her to be my Mistress, so I had to accept it. Now, however, this whole Baby scene was confusing and distressing me. It had never been one of my fantasies. I was mildly aroused by being nearly naked and so close to her, and from being controlled so much, but I would rather have been deciding how I would be dominated. That, unfortunately for me, wasn't what she desired.

Next she helped me sit up so she could put the dress on me. That was another problem. I had never longed to be feminized. I mean, maybe having to wear panties. Or to act less-than-manly. But not to be put completely into female clothing. Especially not baby clothes. She got the dress on me correctly and fluffed up the big bow. Along with the booties and bonnet, the dress was pink. I mouthed my pacifier harder, desperate to have my voice back. Mara just smiled and worked the booties onto my feet, then tied them there. She fitted the bonnet onto my head and knotted its ties under my chin.

"That's my pretty girl," she enthused, clapping her hands. "My Baby Bradley. Or should it be Baby Brenda? That's it. Mommy's Baby Brenda."

It was all too much. I just needed to explain to her how I felt. I took the molded rubber out of my mouth and sat there, trying to look less foolish than I felt. I said, "Honestly, Mara, this isn't something I want. We have to do things that work for both of us. What we should do from now on is to..."

That was as far as I got. Mara snatched the pacifier from my hand and shoved it back into my mouth. She was fuming. Suddenly paralyzed, I didn't move as she took the ribbons on the pacifier's ring, pulled them around behind my head, and tied them tightly together. If I wanted to take it out now, I would have to untie them. She must not have wanted me to have that option, because the next thing she did was to reach under the pillow and take out a pair of colorful mittens.

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to use these," she said hotly. "I thought that, since you're already my submissive, you wouldn't give me any backtalk. But no, you still think you're running the show, Baby Brenda. Wrong. I'm calling the shots. All of them."

As she spoke she was pulling the mitts on over my hands. I realized that they weren't full-width, but narrow enough that my fingers were crowded together and held so tightly that they were useless. Worse, there was no thumb in the mitten, so all the digits on each hand were turned into a single non-functioning flipper. As if that wasn't bad enough, each mitten had a wide ribbon extending from its bottom. She dragged my hands behind me. I started to panic, understanding that she was about to bind them together, disabling my arms. But I was too slow. I suppose I was more afraid of her wrath than of being made helpless. Mara tied them quickly, lashing my wrists together, and pushed me over onto my side.

I tugged at my bonds but they held tight. I couldn't talk or use my hands. She grinned nastily down at me. I went cold inside. How far was this going to go? Mara sat back down beside me and patted my cheek.

"You really have to learn to be a good little girl, Brenda," she said, no longer sounding like she would boil over. "Or Mommy will have to punish. Mommy doesn't want to be mean. Mommy wants to be nice." She reached up under the front of the dress and her fingers found my nipples, which she immediately began to tease. I'm highly sensitive there and drew breath in sharply through my nostrils. Behind the pacifier-gag I moaned with arousal. Inside the diaper I felt my penis getting hard. It was a strange sensation, weirdly erotic. I squirmed under her restless fingers. She withdrew one hand and used it to search under the pillow. To my shock she produced -- what was that? -- it looked like a dog toy but... -- it was a butt plug.

Mara saw my eyes go wide and felt me squirming, but knew I was helpless. She giggled as she pulled down my rubber pants and unpinned my diaper. Then she rolled me onto my back again and casually went to the dresser, where she picked up a tube of cream. My wife rubbed it all over the area where she had formerly used the other cream. I didn't understand until she used a handful of tissues to wipe everything clean. When she held up the tissues, my scant pubic hair was stuck to them. The first cream had been a depilatory and it had removed all of the hair down there. She got a hand mirror and held it so I could see the results. With my girly top lifted out of the way I could see that my pubes were as bare as a baby's. It made me look so unmanly and caused my small genitals to appear even less impressive. I wailed behind my pacifier but all she did was to chuckle. My weight was pressing down uncomfortably on my arms.

"What's the matter, Baby Brenda? You've been getting off on being dominated until now. Did you suddenly lose interest? Because I certainly haven't. Well, at least you still have your precious cuckold fantasy. I really hope you're really into that one. Know why? Because Mommy has a friend coming over soon and he's going to help me make that dream of yours come true. Now doesn't THAT make Baby happy?"

No. No. No. I had explained that infidelity on her part was strictly a fantasy, not something I wanted made real. But of course, she knew that. As she had said, now it was what SHE wanted that mattered. I had gotten myself into a nasty situation and was powerless to do anything about it. I strained uselessly at my bonds for another moment before giving up again. My wife got her cell phone and took several shots of me lying there, looking like the perfect sissy. She told me she was going to send them to her new boyfriend to show him that I was as unthreatening as she had said. I pleaded with my eyes but to no avail. She pressed the SEND button and I had a sinking feeling that she was going to take HER fantasy all the way.

Then she took the butt plug, put some cream on it, and pressed the end between my bottom cheeks. I bit down on my gag as she pushed hard, forcing the head of it past my anal ring. Mara kept up the pressure until the entire body of it was inside me and my tightness was clenching the narrow section near the base, where it widened out again to prevent it from slipping completely inside me. I could feel it stretching me back there, uncomfortable but stimulating. She gave my nipples another brief teasing, making me get hard and even drip some clear fluid. The whole process amused her endlessly.

"Let's get you pinned back up, now that Baby's nasty old peach fuzz is all gone and that comfy bum-stopper is in place." She efficiently got me re-diapered. Next she leaned over me, pressing one of her heavy breasts, still covered, against my face. She asked me in the same Mommy voice she'd been using if I wanted to nurse. Of course I wanted to get my mouth on her gorgeous breast, to feel the nipple between my lips, but that was impossible at the moment. It was just more of her teasing. I wriggled unhappily. She intentionally drew the wrong conclusion, telling me, "I understand. Baby doesn't want Mommy's teat. Baby wants me to save it for the big man who's coming to see me. He'll have his hands and mouth all over these big hooters. Maybe he'll put his cock between them. He has one big enough to do that." She patronizingly patted the front of my diaper. "Not a little pee pee like Baby Brenda."

After some more teasing and baby talk, with me growing ever more distressed, she went to the dresser to check her hair and make-up in the mirror. She used a brush on her long locks and put on a darker shade of lipstick, a color she told me was dark cherry red. It made her appear wanton. She struck a few poses that drove me wild with need. Then she rubbed the front of my embarrassing diaper for several minutes, keeping me hard while she made jokes about not being able to feel my small penis through all that material. I was hoping that transmitting those pictures had been a ruse, that she hadn't done any such thing, and that she was about to reveal that the scene had just been a game she was playing to cater to my cuckold fantasy. That desperate hope was quashed when the doorbell rang. She gave me a wicked smile, licked her dark scarlet lips, and left the room.

I lay there in that humiliating baby dress, which wasn't even covering my diaper. I tugged at my bonds to no avail. I thought of slipping off the bed and standing, but where would I go? Before I could think of anything else to try, I heard a baritone voice speaking and my wife answering. There really was a man in our home. I squirmed around as the voices grew nearer. Mara strolled into the room, hips swaying, and stood in front of me.

"Is Baby Brenda ready to meet Mommy's new friend? Hmmm?" She snickered and then called, "Come in, Charlie. Meet my little sugar drop."

Into the room came a tall, powerful looking man. He looked down at me and a broad grin split his square-jawed face. I shuddered as he said, "Those pictures didn't lie. He's even more of a fairy than they made it look like. Or should I say, SHE is more of a fairy."

My wife laughed. To me she said, "Do you like your new Uncle? Do you like Uncle Charlie? Because I know that I certainly do."

Mara turned to him and stepped intimately close. She opened her arms, closed her eyes, and tilted back her head. He embraced her and they pressed their mouths together, sharing a passion-filled kiss. She rubbed her body against his invitingly. He let his hands drop lower to caress her jutting buttocks. They stood like that for several minutes, exploring each other's bodies, while I moaned behind my pacifier.

They finally broke their clinch and Mara leaned over me solicitously. She took the protruding end of the pacifier and wiggled it playfully, saying, "Is Baby Brenda enjoying her binky? Is she?"

Afraid of breaking her mood and upsetting her, I made a happy sound and kicked my booty clad feet. She giggled and said I was a good baby. Then she helped me to stand. Charlie checked the ribbons behind my back and reported that they were well tied. Then he backed me up and sat me on the lid of the low wooden hamper. As I sat, the butt plug reminded me of its presence.

Charlie looked me in the eyes and said, his tone serious, "Baby Brenda has to stay right here and be quiet while Mommy Mara and Uncle Charlie lie down and do grown-up things. If Baby Brenda ISN'T nice and quiet, Uncle Charlie will have to spank her. Does baby want to get spanked?"

I shook my head, eyes wide, aware of how absurd I must look in that bonnet. Charlie chuckled and patted me atop the head. He told me he was happy that I understood and then turned his attention to my bride. His hands went to the bottom of Mara's clinging top and he worked it up slowly. Out plopped her big tits. He ogled them greedily before carefully easing the top the rest of the way off. She used her hands to ruffle her hair, opened her mouth invitingly, and licked her lips. He took the cue and kissed her again, his hands going to the sides of her full breasts as their fronts were pressed against his muscular chest. When they stepped away from each other, she immediately began to unbutton his shirt, obviously eager to get him naked.

Soon she had removed her shoes and peeled off her slacks, revealing that she had no panties on. Charlie just stared appreciatively at all that pink flesh. He reached out and fingered her nipples, then got closer so he could bend forward and suck them. Waves of jealousy rushed through me. But, to my surprise, I also got hard again. It was shameful but I couldn't deny how my fantasies were making me react. Mara sank to her knees and undid the front of his pants. She worked them down and did the same to his boxer shorts. Another of my fears/dreams was realized as I saw that he had a cock that made my little dick look silly. She fondled all that flesh and watched it rise and thicken. When it reached an astounding nine inches she opened her mouth and lovingly took the head between her lips, to suck it and swallow half of the shaft. My wife massaged his heavy balls with her soft hands. He pressed himself gently forward, feeding her another two inches of his member, making her purr appreciatively. I felt queasy. But my dick didn't shrink at all.

Charlie helped Mara back to her feet. She came to me and stood there like a goddess. My wife fussed with the front of my dress and cooed at me. She brought her face close to mine, then moved her head to the side so she could whisper seductively.

"Mistress Mommy Mara is getting onto the bed with hunky Uncle Charlie now. She is going to get gloriously fucked by his enormous cock. Your laughable like pinky-dick is going to stay where it belongs, inside that diaper. You can squirm around on the hamper and feel that butt plug making love to your ass, but that's about all the stimulation you're going to get. In fact, from now on you can expect plenty of teasing from me, but very few opportunities to squirt and empty your baby balls. Your hairless baby balls." She chortled. "In fact, it could be a long long time before you get to make any cream come out of the end of your pee pee. Just think what your baby balls would feel like after a month -- or three -- of that." She kissed the outer portion of my pacifier. I could smell her lipstick, as well as the scent of sexual arousal that filled the air around her. I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment and hot tears ran down my flushed cheeks. My penis was so stiff that it hurt. My balls were drawn up super tightly, as if they were trying to ascend back inside my body.

Mara got onto the bed on her knees, that magnificent ass up in the air, wagging in slow motion, signaling her new lover to take his place. He was happy to comply, putting himself behind her on his knees, his massive cock aimed at the center of her desire. He eased the head inside her moist entrance and she gasped with delight. Charlie fed inch after rigid inch into her until he was buried completely. I twisted around, full of nervous energy, my dick leaking fluid, the butt plug stimulating me against my will. The big man began to slowly pump her, pulling almost all the way out before sliding in once more. She sighed and writhed against him. He gradually increased his tempo until they were moving together at a steady but still unrushed speed. It went on and on, longer than I could ever have hoped to last, while my wife travelled over peaks and through valleys of pleasure.

Charlie paced himself effortlessly, maximizing Mara's enjoyment. He leaned down and nibbled on her neck, making her whimper with need. She glanced at me, sitting there in my little girl outfit, my hairless legs on display, the binky still deep in my silenced mouth, my pinked cheeks wet from weeping. She couldn't see my penis but I was sure she knew it was achingly hard, and that my balls were throbbing. Mara favored me with a smile and then returned her full attention to the stud who was expertly controlling her libido. He accelerated and decelerated, bringing her to the edge several times, making her hiss and pant.

"Please, Charlie," she said in a voice made urgent by yearning. "Please take me all the way. My husband is just a wimp. Look at him. I turned him into a baby girl, in a pink dress and that foolish bonnet. He's useless in bed, unless he's sucking my pussy." She laughed throatily. "It's your bull cock that I want. Make me a real woman, Charlie. Take me over the top, love."

He began to thrust harder. Her eyes went wide with surprise, as if she hadn't expected him to be able to jolt her that much. Her mouth was opened in a big 'O' as he drove himself into her again and again, taking her higher and then launching her into a quaking hollering orgasm. Her legs jerked and her toes curled. She clung to him and wailed as he took her through one climax, slowed to let her catch her breath, and elevated her a second time into the stratosphere of satisfaction. As she reached the apex he let himself go, growling loudly as his own want was fulfilled and his balls were emptied into my wife's waiting and willing body. They came together and rode it out, finally relaxing into a deep afterglow. He draped himself over her back and she rubbed her ass against him gratefully.

She looked utterly sated as her half-lidded eyes focused on me. Mara murmured something to Charlie about wanting to be with him as often as he wished. He gave her a light kiss on the cheek and assured her that he had a voracious sexual appetite, so they would find themselves together frequently, although, he added with a wink in his tone, it would be in many different positions. They stretched out on their sides and, after another half hour, with them lying face-to-face and snuggling, she gave him one more kiss. My heart sank. My dick pulsed. Mara said she would brew them a pot of coffee.

She got up and came to me, announcing, "But Baby Brenda can't have any coffee. She's not old enough. Maybe Mommy bought her a bottle and will fill it with apricot juice so she can suck on that and it will be so yummy." She asked Charlie, "Could you get up for a second and turn this hamper toward the closet door, honey?" He did. I was aware of how easy it was for a strong guy like him. Then my bride opened the closet, so that the mirror that hung on the inside of the door was directly in front of me, and I was confronted by the image of what she had made me into.

Staring at me was an adult baby, male but made to look like a girl. She had on a pink bonnet and matching dress, along with booties in the same color. Her arms were drawn back behind her. Stuck between her lips was a big pacifier that she couldn't remove. Her cheeks were blushing and streaked with tears. Her nose was even running a bit. Mara took a tissue from the box on the dresser and wiped my nose. She made soothing sounds and lightly touched her lips to the center of my forehead.

Mara told Charlie, "Coffee will be ready in a jiffy. Come on out when you're ready. Baby Brenda is all tuckered out. She can get some rest while we talk about adult topics. Like how soon we can have a replay of what we just did, and what sort of cute outfit I should put her in for that."

She left. I longingly watched her go. In the mirror I could glimpse Charlie. He looked smug as he lay there appreciating just how much of a sissy baby my wife had made of me. I wondered how much she had told him about my fantasies and about pushing me beyond my limits. At last he got up and stood by me, his long cock hanging down, still coated with their mixed sex fluids. Charlie put the tip of his thick forefinger on the end of my nose and chuckled.

He said, "I am going to have so much fun, so often, with Mara. She's mine now. And you're going to stay the baby girl that she made you. I can't wait to see you zipped up into a sleep sack, with sleeves but no legs. You can crawl from room to room when we call you. And I've already got ideas for building a big enough changing table. It's going to be wonderful, Baby Brenda."

Charlie gave a deep laugh and left me there alone to think about my fate. I wanted to be dominated but this had gone further than I'd ever imagined, and in the wrong direction. My cuckold fantasy had become a chilling reality. And I was stuck in my new role as Baby Brenda, with no hope of escape. The butt plug was starting to feel almost good. I had an unsettling thought. With my predilection for submission, what if they got me hooked on this new scenario? What if I became addicted to being cuckolded while in diapers? What if repetition rewired my brain until I actually craved all this demeaning mistreatment?

I began to weep fresh tears and watched my reflection do the same. From the kitchen I could hear Mara and Charlie. They were talking quietly and, now and then, laughing.