A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


Cuckold Sissy Sisters

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George and Tom were in the recreation room of George's suburban home. At the moment, however, the two husbands had to be referred to as Gina (short for Georgina) and Tina. Why? Because their wives had dressed them like pretty girls for an evening of fun. It wouldn't be any fun for those guys, however, because the ladies had invited over their hunky lovers, who they cheated with regularly. In fact, the cuckolds had lost all right to any sexual satisfaction for themselves.

Gina and Tina stood uneasily in the middle of the room, wearing collarlength wigs and with their faces made up sweetly. Both of them were short and slender, so it wasn't difficult to make them resemble females. What they wore certainly helped. They had on baby doll nighties with matching panties. Gina's outfit was pink and Tina's was peach. On their feet were slippers with two-inch heels. They shifted about, looked at each other, and then averted their eyes because it was like gazing into a mirror, each viewing his own shame.

"I can't believe this is happening," Gina said, being careful to use a soft high voice, as he had to whenever he was dressed. "How did we get into this awful mess?"

"You know," said Tina. "It was nice when we just got together to try on panties or whatever. I liked that. But when our wives caught us... well..."

"They got nasty. And now..."

"We can't get out of it." Tina sniffled and hugged himself.

Gina rubbed her hands on her smooth thighs. Her entire body was denuded of hair. That was another of their wives' requirements. If they had been able to do it on their own, in secret, it would have been exciting. But now, with their private fantasies out in the open, and their brides controlling them, it was scary. Especially because the boyfriends would be visiting. Mike and Carl had never met the husbands before. It promised to be quite an evening.

The guys heard their wives approaching. They came into the room wearing wide smiles. Both of them had generously full figures, with substantial busts and queen-sized bottoms. The clinging sleeveless tops and skintight slacks they wore accentuated their curves. Their shoes -- black-and-red, with ankle straps and three-inch stacked heels -- shaped their thick calves. When they were seeing their studs, they liked to play with their cosmetics, sometimes working on each other's faces, giving themselves somewhat slutty looks. They knew it got their lovers hot and, just as importantly, upset the husbands they had changed from occasional panty wearers into frequent sissies.

"Look at our girls," Brandy said loudly. "So cute."

"And sexy," added Susan. "They wear that filmy lingerie so well."

Both of them laughed, making their spouses blush. Brandy declared, "Time for a panty check. Show them off, ladies."

Gina and Tina knew what that meant. They struck pin-up poses, bending forward to thrust out their rumps, putting hands on hips and cocking their pelvises to the side, and grinding their backsides as if they were exotic dancers. The women made them pull down their panties to show that their crotches didn't have a single pubic hair.

"All right, girls, cover back up. It's sad to see that your tiny dicks still haven't grown. So I guess we'll just have to keep jumping into bed with the real men in our lives. In fact, Mike and Carl will be here soon. I'm so eager for you to get to know them. I mean, you really should be acquainted with the he-men who are screwing your wives. So it'll be a meeting of the he-men and the she-men."

More laughter, after which the sissy husbands had to leave the room, swishing their butts and thrusting out their flat chests, as if they had female figures to flaunt. They went to the kitchen, to double check that there was enough beer in the fridge, and that the two trays of snacks were ready to serve. Gina's lower lip quivered. Tina put his forefinger between his lips, which were colored gold.

"Don't bite your nails," Gina cautioned. "The last thing we need is to earn any kind of punishments."

"I'm sorry," Tina said. "It's just that I'm so nervous. I never wanted to dress this completely. And I certainly didn't want my wife to see me this way. Or your wife."

"Or their boyfriends," Gina concluded worriedly.

They had satisfied themselves that everything was ready, and then the doorbell rang. Feeling dizzy from stress, the two of them sashayed to the front door. Each took a deep breath and then Tina reached out and turned the knob. As he pulled the door inward, they were confronted with the sight of two tall, broad-shouldered guys. They had strong jaws darkened by beard shadow. They wore leather and denim and thick-soled shoes. The sissies quaked in their presence.

Gina managed to squeak, "Please come in, gentlemen."

In an equally unmanly voice, Tina said, "The ladies are in the den. Please follow us."

As their wives had instructed them to, they took each other's hands and led the way. Mike and Carl guffawed at their overly feminine look and behavior. When they reached the den, the husbands separated their hands, stepped to either side, used thumbs and first fingers to hold the hems of their nighties, and curtsied sweetly. The new arrivals went straight to the wives, who had been sitting on the sofa, but now stood up. The couples embraced, Brandy with Mike and Susan with Carl. They kissed deeply and the men ran their large hands freely up and down the women's bodies.

When the last unrushed kiss was over, Brandy snapped at the cuckolds to go and fetch beers for everyone. They scurried off and returned with two cans each, on round silver trays. They knelt, one in front of each couple, and offered the beverages.

Mike said, "You weren't kidding when you told us your husbands were total wimps. I mean, they look fruitier then the fags you see on the street."

"Damn right," seconded Carl. "The way they wiggle their asses, some guys are going to grab them and rape them."

Gina and Tina grew pale when they heard that, which made the blush that had been applied to their cheeks stand out even more. They blinked their eyes nervously, so that the long artificial lashes they wore fluttered. Then they were sent back to the kitchen to get the trays of snacks. When they returned, the couples were seated, freely exploring each others bodies, kissing passionately. The husbands quivered at what they were seeing, but didn't dare to do anything about it. Those alpha males could take them apart without even trying. The sissies offered the snacks around, knowing that they weren't entitled to take any for themselves. Not that they had any appetite at that moment.

Mike got to his feet. Carl, following his lead, rose as well. They looked around and Mike went to a straight-backed wooden chair. He nodded toward a matching one across the room and Carl went there. Mike patted his lap.

He said, "One of you sissy girls get over here and put yourself across my thighs. We need to make absolutely certain that everyone understands who's in charge here."

"I'll take the other one," Carl said with a sadistic grin. "We'll give them something that they'll remember any time they don't like what we're doing to the ladies. And then they won't pester us about it. Especially while we're nailing Brandy and Susan."

The husbands looked sick but did as they were told. Gina draped himself across Mike's lap. Tina did the same with Carl. The wives sat where they were, eyes glistening with lust. Seeing their husbands about to receive extra unearned punishment got them aroused. Knowing it would come from the men they were cheating with just made it better. Mike patted Gina's upturned rump.

He said, "Honey, you'd better reach back and get those panties out of my way. Otherwise you might get me mad. You wouldn't like me when I'm mad."

As Gina struggled awkwardly to work his panties down, Tina had to do the same, while Carl stroked his neck and made him squirm. Eventually the two shamed husbands got their rumps uncovered and laid there across those firm masculine thighs, with everyone able to see their pale rear ends. Up went Mike's hand. He paused for a second to let Gina tense, which would make it worse for the victim. Then he smacked him as hard as he could, eliciting a howl of pain. His arms moved steadily, blasting that tender flesh with blow after blow, turning it a deeper pink and then red.

Right after he started, Carl did the same. Tina's bare legs kicked and he bleated, but the punishment continued heartlessly. The sissy spouses wailed and wept and felt hot tears streaming down their flushed cheeks. Their lack of masculinity was being absolutely demonstrated in front of their amused and excited brides. It was about as bad is matters could get. By the time the two brutes had finished spanking them, the cuckolds were sobbing loudly, begging for mercy. The tall men stood abruptly, dumping their inferiors onto the carpet. Tina and Gina lay there blubbering, looking as unmanned as they felt.

The wives got up and went to their lovers, congratulating them with tight embraces and ardent kisses. The husbands looked up at them, knowing without being told that visits from those macho males would be frequent from now on, and always accompanied by indignities and discipline. The sissies pulled their panties back up, sniffling and trying to staunch their tears. The Bulls each closed a large hand around his partner's small fingers and led them out of the room. The woman guided them to the main and guest bedrooms. No one bothered to close the doors, so the sissies, still on the floor, still trying to compose themselves, could hear the sounds of eager foreplay, followed by the loud vocalizations of abandoned intercourse.

The defeated husbands glanced at each other with eyes reddened from crying. If only they hadn't gotten caught wearing panties, they wouldn't now be wearing nighties while their wives hollered as they were seized by powerful climaxes. They sighed. This was going to be their lives from then on.

"Listen up, you sissy wimps," Liz said in her best angry-wife voice. "Our boyfriends will be here soon and we expect you two to behave like the sissies you are."

The feminized husbands cowered in the corner, looking pretty but very scared. The two short and slender young men were dressed in cropped tops with narrow shoulder straps, micro-mini shorts that crushed their small genitals flat, and running shoes. Their tops had wide horizontal strips in bright rainbow colors, their shorts were sunflower yellow, and their shoes were neon pink. They both sported hair down to their shoulders because their wives had made them grow it long. Now it was braided into pigtails. The make-up on their faces was styled to make them resemble a couple of teenage girls who were out to impress boys but trying too hard. They had long eyelashes drawn right on their skin and mouths covered with bubblegum-pink lipstick, which was liberally coated with clear gloss.

If the males had loved dressing up, they would have been in sissy heaven. Too bad for them that they were both straight and appeared that way only because their brides delighted in controlling them and making them look and act girly. In addition, this was the first time the wives' lovers were coming there, and it was important for the visitors to see just how weak and unthreatening the spouses were. The wives sat on a sofa, wearing belted robes that covered but couldn't disguise their curvy figures. They both had long blond hair, which they wore loose.

"Let's go," Liz said. "Swish around and show us your stuff. Remember to take tiny steps, Mary."

Her husband Marty stepped away from his sissy sister and made a circuit of the recreation room, his hands clasped in front of him. Liz snapped at him to let his arms hang loose. Then she had him hold onto a pigtail with one hand and pick up an oversized lollipop from an end table and lick it suggestively as he moved.

"And you, Fanny, show us your sissy strut" ordered Elle. "Really whore it up, like I taught you."

Frankie, now know as Fanny, sashayed around, giving his narrow hips an exaggerated swing, pulling back his shoulders and licking his lips. It was ego-crushingly shameful but he had no choice. The wives laughed and even clapped a little. Their husbands had been thoroughly broken and trained in the past six months. Even so, this evening was different. They had never been seen in their female personas by other men. The ladies let them stop parading around and told them to sit on two low hassocks that were in front of the sofa. That put each of the guys in front of his wife.

"Now here's how you two are going to behave this evening," Liz said in a no-nonsense tone. "Whatever we say, you're going to go along with, and smile while you're doing it."

"That's right," seconded Elle. "Whatever happens, make us believe you like it. We want the guys to see you as two complete sissies who get off on having their wives get it on with real men."

Mary and Fanny glanced worriedly at each other. They didn't like where this was going. But when Liz again said she expected nothing but happy faces and total cooperation, they had the sense to make their lipstick covered mouths reshape themselves into grins. Both husbands nodded their understanding and agreement. Liz told them they could go to her bedroom and work at buffing the many pairs of boots in her collection. They acted thrilled to be allowed to do that, got up, threw kisses, and minced away. After they were gone, their wives shared amused expressions.

Liz said, "Those little fags are going to have a hard time not getting upset and crying."

"Right." Elle was wearing a devilish expression. "I can't wait to get started on them. They'll wish they could have spent the entire evening just making your boots shiny."

About fifteen minutes later there was a loud knock at the front door. The husbands knew what to do. They got to their feet and scurried to answer it. When they got there they took a few seconds to check each other. Then they put more false smiles on their faces and Mary opened the door. Facing them was a pair of towering, broad-chested men, wearing casual jackets, sport shirts and jeans. The husbands wished they could have on something that masculine. In the soft high voices they were required to use, they invited their wives' guests inside.

"I'm Mary," said Marty. He ran his hands down his sides, making them stop on his bare midriff, which was flat and, like his entire body, devoid of hair.

"And I'm called Fanny," said Frankie. He turned and wagged his bottom at them, adding, "Because that's my best feature."

The new arrivals laughed openly at how girlishly their greeters looked, sounded and behaved. Then they pushed past them and one hollered to announce their presence.

"In here," Liz called.

Everyone followed her voice to the rec room. When they got there, the two wives had taken off the robes they had been wearing. All they had on under them were skimpy bras and panties, along with stockings. They had slipped into sexy high heels, which made their shapely legs ever more attractive and added extra allure to every step they took. They were on their feet and the men went straight to them, to take them in their powerful arms and hug them tightly. The wives turned up their faces, lips slightly parted, to receive ardent kisses. The guys ran their large hands freely all over the women's bodies.

Mary and Fanny were distressed but made themselves hide the fact. They heard their brides address the men as Stan and Bill.

Liz asked the sissy husbands, "What do you think of our lovers?" She was testing the well-trained husbands.

"Ohhh," Mary enthused. "They're so tall."

"And such hunks," Fanny went on. "I'll bet you really love the feel of their strong hands."

"We do," Liz assured them. "And it sounds like you like watching that. Want to see more?"

With no other choice, the husbands chirped their eagerness to witness other men pawing their brides, something they weren't allowed to do themselves. The studs were happy to comply, fondling their dates, nibbling their ears, and kissing their smooth shoulders. Mary and Fanny wanted to flee from the scene but had to stand there and coo about how exciting it was.

"If you like kissing so much," Elle suggested to the sissies, "why don't you practice on each other?"

Mary and Fanny froze for long seconds. They had never had to do that before. Stan and Bill watched them expectantly. The last thing the husbands wanted to do was to anger those two physically superior men. So they turned to each other and leaned closer, lips puckered, to exchange a light kiss. Liz made a throat-clearing sound to get their attention and, when they looked at her, she slipped out her tongue and waggled it in the air. They understood. She wanted them to French kiss. Though it sickened them, they pressed their bodies together and locked lips, kissing passionately. Mary pulled his face back just enough that there was an inch between their mouths, so that everyone else could see their tongues dancing against each other.

Elle put on some soft and sinuous music, then stepped close enough to whisper further instructions, which had them touching each other, stroking nipples through the colorful tops, reaching around to squeeze bottom cheeks, and even handling each others' genitals. Their penises and testicles were woefully small, stunted versions of what most men boasted. All that touching brought them to life and got them partially erect, even though they hated the male-on-male contact. Their semistiffness showed slightly despite the tight shorts, and it provoked fresh laughter, hoots and hollers, and nasty comments.

"Looks like they get off on groping each other," said Stan.

"A couple of horny fruits," Bill furthered.

Liz got on the other side of them and made the two rub their crotches together. It was beyond demeaning. Then they had to do a brief striptease, getting out of their shorts and flinging them behind the sofa. Underneath they had on tiny panties that molded themselves to their hips and bottoms. And immature male parts. A spot of wetness showed on Mary's crotch. Soon there was one of Fanny's, too. The husbands, prompted by their spouses, performed like erotic dancers, rubbing their bodies together, kissing some more, and all the while pretending they relished what they were doing.

"You girls act like a couple of sluts," Liz said. "Is that what you are?"

"Yes," Mary answered breathily.

"Well then," Liz suggested, "if you're sluts, act more slutty. One of you get on her knees and kiss the other one's pussy."

Both of them hesitated. Fanny sank slowly to his knees, still wide-eyed and wearing a happy face. He took Mary by the hips to bring him closer, then puckered up and pressed his lips to the outline of a tiny dick. The onlookers applauded. Liz made Mary get on his knees, too, pull up the front of Fanny's top, and lick his nipples. Soon they were both toying with each other's chests, moaning and whimpering. Tongues found their way into ears. Fingers snuck under the backs of panties to caress smooth buttocks. It went on like that until the music went silent between cuts. Liz barked at them to stop being so naughty, get on their feet, and go fetch some drinks. The pair on the floor got up unsteadily and yanked down their tops. They rushed away to escape from the four sets of staring eyes, and to get some drinks for the lovers.

In the kitchen, Marty turned to Frankie. On the verge of tears he said, "This can't go on. Those guys are going to think that we really are... bedmates."

"I know." Frankie sniffled. "But what can we do. Our wives made it clear what they expect. And if they sic those guys on us, we would get smacked around really bad."

"So we have to just keep on... play acting?"

"We do. I'm sorry but... there isn't any alternative."

From the other room one of the men bellowed for his drink. The husbands quickly got four beers out of the fridge and put them on two small trays. Keeping their gaits feminine, they returned and distributed the bottles. The men twisted off the caps on theirs and took long swallows. The wives demanded glasses, which Fanny wiggled off to fetch. Soon the four of them, Liz and Stan on the sofa and Elle and Bill on a couch opposite, were enjoying their beer and chatting about movies they had seen on double dates, as if this get-together was perfectly normal and there weren't two men in panties standing nearby. That went on for about 20 minutes.

Then Bill decided, "I'd like to see Suzy and Buttercup put on another show. Not just R-rated this time. How about some triple-X."

"You heard the man," Elle said. "Into the middle of the room, pansies. That deep pile carpet will be nice and comfortable." The portable CD player she had turned on previously was on a low table in front of her, with a short pile of jewel boxes next to it. She took out the disc that had played before, selected something else, and loaded the new one. Suddenly there was music playing, something ominous with a throbbing beat and flourishes of sighing synths.

"Get busy, fruity boys," Stan commanded. "Take off each other's pretty panties."

"You want to do that," Bill said. "Don't you?"

"Oh, yes Sir," Fanny responded in his wimpiest voice. "We LOVE to undress each other." A brief smile from his wife told him he was meeting her expectations.

"We can't keep our hands off each other," Mary whispered loudly, suiting her actions to the words by running his fingers down Fanny's back and cupping his still covered bottom cheeks.

"So show everybody what ELSE you like to do," Liz told them, the slightest hint of a threat coloring her words. Plainly she wasn't going to be satisfied with anything less than full sissy action.

Mary settled to his knees on the carpet and held up his arms to Fanny. "Come on, dear. Everybody wants to see how hungry we are for each other." This time Marty's wife gave a half nod to let him know he was on the right path. Then she raised her eyebrows, as if to question what else he was prepared to do.

Stan and Bill sipped their beers and put their rough hands possessively on the bare thighs of their women. The females leaned against them and rubbed their wide muscular chests. Marty and Frankie hated to see their brides in the company of other men, but there was no hope of themselves ever being permitted to touch and be touched by them that way. Their own sex lives were limited to serving their wives orally, front and back, but with no kissing above the waist. Eating pussy and ass were the extent of their love lives. They almost never got to ejaculate and, on the rare occasions when they did, their wives made sure their orgasms were spoiled.

Fanny took his new partner's hands and sat alongside him. They kissed again, with the action turning into face licking and neck nuzzling. They tugged up each other's tops and began more nipple play, fingers starting it before mouths took over. Both of them kept telling themselves that they were straight, but their bodies sent a different message to the watchers. After going so long with only rare relief, their libidos were eager for release and didn't care what the source was. Their small dicks were leaking steadily and their undersized balls were pulled up tight. But they weren't queer. Their minds rebelled. Their bodies hungered.

Mary was suddenly on his back, feeling Fanny's fingers beginning to lower his panties but then stopping. That was when Liz had an evil idea. The husbands had been told to go along with everything and appear to enjoy it, even to crave it.

She said, "Mary, do you want to stop right now? It would spoil our entire evening but I'll let you decide."

What else could he say? Rules were rules and he didn't dare to break them. "Oh no, dear. My sweetie and I are just getting started. You know how much we want to go all the way."

Elle asked, "How about you, Fanny?"

Wearing a false expression of lust, he answered, "I can't wait to go further. We've wanted to do this right from the start." To Mary he said, "Haven't we, honey pie?"

"Oh..." For half a second his voice caught in his throat at the though of what was likely to come. "... yes. There isn't anything we'd like to do more."

"All right," Liz concluded. "You had your chance to back out. But if this is what you two fags honestly want, get busy and let us see the main act."

Fanny worked Mary's panties down his pink-white, hairless thighs, letting his miniature dick spring up. They squirmed around so Mary could do the same for Fanny. Their made-up eyes were blinking nervously, their colored lips writhing in sickened expectation what was about to happen. Fanny laid back, opened his legs wide, and began to toy with his nipples. Mary got his head between those rosy thighs and extended his tongue, almost but not quite touching the dick that waited an inch away. He took a deep breath and licked, along the underside and to the head, touching the extremely sensitive base of the corona, and finally brushing the tip to capture a quivering drop of clear fluid. Fanny moaned loudly and jerked his hips, pulling on his nipples, not believing how good it felt. But he wasn't a sissy. Not actually. Or was he? His sexual orientation had become confused.

Mary turned himself around so that his dick was in front of Fanny's face. In the 69 position, they sucked each other, moaning around the slender organs in their mouths. Their audience snickered and made more comments.

"I always figured the two of them would end up like this," Liz observed. "But I never thought they would be so... spirited about it. Look at them go."

"Honestly," Elle added. "I wonder if they've been doing this when we weren't around."

"Bet they were," Stan said. "A couple of natural-born cocksuckers."

"Two of a kind," Bill said. "Never happier than when they have their lips around a prick."

The husbands were absolutely humiliated, but had to keep up the charade. And they were both close to exploding. Neither wanted his mouth turned into a jizz jar, but both of them wanted to spurt. Each tried to delay finishing the other, while twitching his hips in an attempt to provoke his own orgasm. It was a funny sight and set off more laughter. Then, at the peak of their disgrace, both of them shot their modest loads. There were gagging sounds. They tried not to swallow, though some ran down their throats.

Liz told them, "Keep that cum in your mouths, girls, no matter how much you want to feel it in your tummies."

The embarrassed guys pulled away from each other and got onto their knees, their tongues coated with slime. Liz instructed them to give each other a nice long kiss and pass the double helping of spunk back and forth. She called that act 'snowballing', a term neither of them had ever heard before.

"You know," she said to no one in particular, but loudly enough for everyone to hear. "I would have never let this go so far. If either of our husbands had made even a peep of protest, I would have called the whole thing off. But they didn't say a word. So now we know that they really did want it."

"We'll have to make them use their mouths on each other's little pee pees all the time now. But you know how they are. Once they cum, they don't eat our pussies as well."

"How about this?" Stan suggested. "Have the candy-asses suck each other but not be allowed to finish. That way they can have their sissy thrills but still do a good job when they go down on you."

The husbands were in shock. Was Liz telling the truth? Would she have let them stop if they had dared to object? And were the two of them going to have to demonstrate their new sucking skills regularly? And not be allowed to gain any relief when they did?

"And you know what else?" Elle said with sudden inspiration. "They already use their tongues on OUR asses, so why shouldn't they be allowed to do the same on each other's? I'm positive they'd get off on that."

"But without emptying their little balls," Liz reiterated.

Everyone though that was hilariously funny. Everyone except the husbands. They put their arms around each other and shared a hug, feeling like they had no one else to turn to. Without being ordered, they exchanged another lingering, cream-filled kiss. It was just a sample of what they would be doing lots and lots of from then on.

"Now," Liz suggested, "how about if us grown-ups leave the girls and go have some straight sex. Of course, our wimpy husbands will have to kneel in the hallway because there'll be work for them to do when we're finished." The kneeling spouses looked at her with incomprehension. She clarified, "After our real men have emptied their balls into us, we'll need you shrimp-dicks to come and lick out all the mess they leave."

"Hey," Elle said enthusiastically. "How about if we swap. I get Mary and you can have Fanny. They can lap us nice and clean, and then we'll all come out here and they can show off their ass licking talents... on each other."

They dominant foursome all agreed that those were good ideas and so that's exactly what happened. And would occur again and again.