A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


"The Public Adventures of Mark" Exhibitionist or Or Loving Submissive Sissy

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Mark was nervous as usual never really knowing what Cindy had in store for him and today was no different. All he knew was they were headed out once again so he could be observed in public dressed like a girl and be humiliated. The anticipation was very exciting and he squirmed in the car seat.

"What's the matter Mark? Getting a little excited there?" She smiled glancing down at his crotch as she drove.

"Where are we going?" he asked looking about for any clues to today's adventures. He felt deep passions for these trips of unknown public humiliation, but the reality of it all caused more apprehension and fear of the unknown.

Finally the car pulled into a parking lot of a small and she parked with the engine still running. She looked at Mark and took a bag from the back seat.

"OK sweetheart," she turned and looked at him, "I want you to put these on." She held up a pair of red 6" spike heel, jeweled sandals.

"Cindy. You want me to wear those out there, in public, for people to see me?" he asked tentatively. "Nobody wears heels like that in public. Not even women."

"Oh, I know that Mark, but that's why I want you to wear them for me." She smiled at his nervous look. "C'mon, put them on."

Mark took of his shoes and socks off and slipped his feet in the heels. His bright red toenails adding to the bold look of his feet. He looked at the heels and liked what he saw.

"Like them baby?" she said giving him a kiss on the cheek, as she giggled looking at his feet with him.

"Yeah. They're nice, but wearing them in public?"

"Why not? I think they look great on you. We do want people to notice you don't we sweetie? Take your gloves off too. Let's see those new red fingernails." She laughed as Mark nervously removed the gloves to expose his nails.

"I think they are so pretty Mark. Any girl with fashion sense would love to wear these nails." She smiled at him holding his hands. "Take your jacket off. It's time to step out and let the public see what our sissy boy is wearing today," she said helping him off with his jacket.

Mark was wearing white capris that reached just below his knees. The fact Cindy was rubbing his crotch causing an obvious bulge to develop in the front didn't help. They were too tight to start with. His top once again was meant for summer time. It was a loose fitting brightly colored flowered, sleeveless blouse that was pressed out by a D-cup padded bra. He lowered his eyes as she clipped on some red button earrings and a large red beaded choker. The bright red belt that went around his waist was thin and metallic looking. She handed him a red shoulder purse.

"Look at me sweetie," she said as she turned to face him. "Oh you look so darling. I want you to do as I say now without any questions. It will be a little nerve racking I'm sure, but the experience for you will be priceless." She got out of the car. "No makeup and no hairdo today. Just a nice young man out for the day in his feminine attire." she giggled. She walked around to his side of the car.

"Ok. When I call you on your cell phone I want you to follow me up to the back of that building. I will make sure all is clear." She smiled and turned and walked away. Mark watched her as she walked up and into the breezeway then she disappeared. As the moments went by he became more and more nervous about what she had in mind. He was startled when his phone rang.

"Hello," he said a little choked up.

"Hi sweetie. Get out of the car now and walk across the parking lot and go in where you saw me go. I'll be waiting for you there."

Mark slowly got out of the car and stood up. The frigid air was cold on his sandaled feet and toes, the wind cut through the light weight blouse he was wearing. He looked around and took a couple of steps in his 6" spike heels. He looked around again. Adjusting the purse on his shoulder, he headed for the breezeway where Cindy had gone. The wind was strong and he hurried now to get across the parking lot. The 6" heels were difficult to manage in normal circumstances, much less when he was trying to hurry. As he got near the building a pleasant looking elderly woman came out of one of the doors and went to her car that was right by where Mark had to pass by. As she unlocked the car she noticed him coming and stopped and just stared at him. Mark didn't know what to do, but he trusted Cindy and continued walking towards her. As Mark reached the sidewalk he glanced over to her and smiled and gave her a nervous look and said, "Hi." His male voice made this scene rather uneasy with his look.

"You should be ashamed of yourself young man. Walking around dressed like that. Is this some kind of joke or something?" She looked him over as he walked by.

"Oh no ma'am. I dress like this normally," he spat out a little rather unconvincingly not knowing what to say.

"Uh huh. Sure you do. You might as well be wearing a dress. Does your mother know you do this?" she said as she opened her car door.

"Yes, Mark said moving on by the woman.

"Oh I bet she does," she said getting in her car shaking her head still looking at him.

Mark hurried into the breezeway where he had seen Cindy walk. What was Cindy thinking? Didn't she see this woman coming? He looked for her and as he came out the other side Cindy was waiting for him with her big winter coat on.

"Hi sweetie. I see you made it." She smiled giving him a kiss.

"Cindy that woman back there seemed upset at the way I was dressed. Didn't you see her before you called me?"

"Oh Mark, what does she know? She's so old fashioned. She needed a piece of gossip for the gals at the bingo hall, don't you think? I can just see her describing the way this guy was dressed she saw in the parking lot today and what's this world coming too," Cindy giggled as Mark was looking around for anybody else that might come around.

"Are we going in one of the places? I'm freezing in this wind," Mark said holding himself and shivering.

"No sweetie we are going right over here," she said pointing to a little trail that led to a small tree covered area.

Mark walked with Cindy over to the area and behind the trees there was a parking lot for an adult bookstore and lingerie modeling establishment. There was a chain link fence around the parking area and but you could see that there were quite a few cars there and Mark looked to Cindy.

"Oh Cindy. We're not going in there are we?" he said with fear in his voice.

"No Mark. That's where real men go to look at girls. I'm afraid you wouldn't fit in darling," she said unbuckling the red belt he wore. "Just relax baby. You're fine." Cindy gave him a long kiss as her hands slipped around his waist to the zipper on the back of his capris. She pulled the zipper down and opened his pants, dropping them slightly, sliding her hand into his panties to massage his half erect penis.

"Cindy!" he said looking around. Cindy stood close to him with her back to the parking lot. She laughed at his distress.

"What's the matter Mark? You look a little flustered. Are you having conflicts honey? Am I treating you too much like a man while you're dressed like a sissy?" she said massaging his groin.

"Cindy someone is coming out." Mark urgently tried to move but she held him in place. Cindy looked over her shoulder at the man that was leaving the building. She stroked Mark's penis as she looked back to Mark.

"I seriously doubt he can see what I'm doing Mark," she smiled.

"He can see the way I'm dressed though, and my pants are down."

"There is nothing wrong with the way you are dressed sweetie. I think you are a very cute transvestite." she giggled at his uneasiness he seemed to have with that phrase. "And besides I'm sure a lot of handjobs and blowjobs take place in the parking lot behind a place like this."

The man was almost to his car when he noticed them. He looked curious as all he could really see was the back of Cindy's fur coat hugging Mark. There was the steady movement of her arm though. Mark looked away standing in his heels and clutching his purse with one hand and his other arm around Cindy. The guy smiled and shook his head as he got in his car. "Just another weirdo paying and getting his jollies," the man thought getting in his car and leaving.

"I can't believe you just did that," he was so relieved that the guy was gone. Cindy gave him a knowing look.

"Turn sideways babe," she said turning him.

"What are you doing now?"

"Hush. Now put this hand on your hip so your nails show and this hand on your purse," she said helping him in the pose. "Now keep your feet together, that's it baby," she said as she hugged up against him again. "Don't move," she said kissing him on the lips. The door opened again and two guys walked out. Once again Cindy hugged him close and stroked his erection.

"On Mark. You think they'll notice you are over here wearing women's clothes getting jerked off by your girlfriend?" she said with a distressed sound in her voice. She looked into his eyes very concerned.

"What?" Mark looked panicked.

"Oh Mark, I hope they don't notice." she said in false concern. She backed from so it was perfectly obvious mark was being jerked off. Standing sideways Cindy rapidly jerked his erect cock where they could be seen.

The men got in there car without seeming to take notice.

"They didn't notice," Cindy said as she watched them.

But then Mark saw one of them point his way and the other guy looked. They both started laughing as they stopped for a moment and watched and then pulled away. That's when the panic stricken Mark realized that Cindy was laughing too.

"That wasn't funny Cindy. You scared me half to death," he said looking away from her. She let go of his erect penis and looked at him seriously.

"Yes it was funny!" as she burst out laughing again. "You should have seen your face. Oh my god you were, well very special let's say. "How do you like those heels babe?" she said looking down at his 6" sandals.

"My toes are freezing."

"I bet they are," she said looking at them unsympathetic to his lack of comfort. "Well that's the price you pay for fashion."

"Cindy can I pull my pants back up?" he asked.

"No, you can not. You just hold that pose." She gave him a sexy look and a little kiss on the lips.

They heard commotion and this time it was three of the girls who worked there headed out. One was holding the door talking back into the shop and waiting on the other two.

"Don't you dare move," Cindy said as she flipped his pants down below his butt. She quickly knelt down and took Mark's erect cock in her mouth. She began to give him a headjob. Mark looked around in a panic.

"Cindy!" he said quietly but sternly. She ignored him and continued to suck his dick. Mark stood there not knowing what to do. He looked over and the girls had caught sight of them.

"Hey, why don't you get a room some where you pervert," the one girl yelled at Mark and they all laughed.

"Oh my god, he's wearing women's clothes." the other girl noticed. They all laughed as he stood there. The girls were amused at the sight and watched for a bit as Mark received his blowjob. It was no mistaking what was happening as Cindy had turned Mark to profile and the high heels were so obvious now as were the size of his tits. He stood there looking stupid with his hand on his hip and the other on his purse, as Cindy had his dick pulled straight out so it was clear to see her lips sliding back and forth on it. Cindy quickened the pace as Mark shuffled his feet a bit a wiggled his toes as he felt the excitement growing in his groin. The girls were all still looking at him and laughing.

"Hey you faggot," one of the girls yelled. "I have a special for you. There are guys that will do that for you for free." They all broke up laughing.

Mark's toes curled under as his legs began to shake. He was reaching orgasm now. It was too late. No matter what happened or who was watching, Mark was about to cum in Cindy's mouth. His head bowed slightly as his one leg shook vigorously and his body spasmed. He ejaculated his first load of semen into Cindy's mouth. She never stopped or hesitated as Mark again delivered more of his cum.

"EEEWWWW!!" the girls all said together as they watched Mark have his orgasm. They got in the car as one yelled, "Pervert."

Mark looked over as they drove away. Pervert? You were the ones that stood there watching, he thought.

Cindy finished up and stood up and pulled his capris back up. She gave him a tender smile and said, "Thank you. That was nice." She had swallowed ever bit of his cum and had never hesitated or pulled back as he had his orgasms. She was good.

After getting his capris back on, she walked with him arm and arm back to the car. Passing a couple of people along the way it didn't matter as she was looking to him so adoringly. As they reached the car he said, "Cindy, you can't just do things like that in public. What if those girls say something, I mean.........."

She held up her hand. "They are were all professional girls Mark. They do that kind of stuff all the time there for money. It is all about money for those girls," she smiled. "Trust me Mark. I wouldn't let you get into too much trouble."

Besides three days before she had stopped in and given the girls $100.00 to watch what had just happened and to make a few comments. It was easy money for them. Mark didn't need to know all those details though. Cindy didn't share her plan, she just let him think it was a real chance encounter with a few cute unsuspecting girls. It would be better for him later as he recalled the event while he masturbated.