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"The Public Adventures of Mark" A Humiliating Day With Cindy

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"Come on Mark," Cindy said as they pulled up in front of the nail salon in the shopping center. "Time to get your nails done," she laughed and patted him on the shoulder. Cindy was so good at this public humiliation game that she played for Mark. It was because she cared so much about him and knew it was such a deep passion and turn on for him once she got him out in the public. She always took care of him and he trusted her. He also knew that she would push his limits.

Mark opened the van door and walked up to the salon with Cindy. This was the first time she had taken him on one of these public humiliations without feminizing him in some ways before going into the establishment. When they walked into the small nail salon the owner, Pat greeted them.

"Hi I'm Pat," she said with a smile, offering her beautifully manicured fingers to Cindy.

"Hi Pat. I talked to you earlier and here's your client. This is Mark," she said gesturing to him.

"Nice to meet you. Mark" she looked at Mark then to Cindy. "Ok, I understand that Mark here wishes to have his fingernails and toenails done and he wants red nailpolish on both his toenails and fingernails. Is that right?" she said making sure there was no misunderstandings.

"Yes, well it is actually me that wants him to have his nails done, but yes that is correct," Cindy said with a grin. "I just think painted nails on a man are so sexy. It is such a conflict with that masculinity thing you know. I guess it is a fetish of mine you could say," They both laughed. "Because of friends and relatives, it is difficult to find opportunities for Mark to wear his fingernails painted except around the house. You know what I'm saying?" Pat nodded.

"Oh absolutely. So you are out of town for awhile then?"

"Yes. A couple of weeks. No family or friends that we need to worry about so...there is absolutely no reason Mark can't wear red nailpolish on his fingernails just for me. Isn't that right sweetheart," Cindy said hugging Mark and giving him a kiss.

Mark had said nothing and was so humiliated already being talked about like that in front of Pat and she hadn't even started painting his nails yet. As Pat finished the prep work and was ready to polish his toes she asked the question.

"What color of red do you want your toenails," she said smiling looking at them both.

"I want a bright red," Cindy said quickly.

"Bright red! Good ole red. The perfect color for toenails," she said holding up a bottle of nailpolish. "How's this one?" she said.

"Oh yes. That's pretty. I like that. Don't you like that color honey," Cindy said. Mark just grinned and nodded as Pat opened it and took Mark's big toe and then one at a time she painted Mark's toenails. Mark sat with the toe spreaders in while the polish dried and Pat started his fingernails.

"You did say you wanted him to have nails. How long would you like his nails to be?" she said now asking Cindy directly.

"Just make them oval and 1/2" passed the ends of his fingers. That would be great," Cindy said and then watched as Pat went to work. She worked the nails onto Mark's and soon all Mark's nails were lengthened and uniform ready to be polished. Pat gave a big smile and then asked the big question.

"What color would you like his fingernails to be," Pat said to Cindy but she was looking at Mark smiling.

"Oh, I think they should be the same color as his toes. Bright red! Don't you honey?" Cindy chimed. Then the phone rang and Pat had to step away for a moment. Cindy could here Pat talking in the back. Cindy immediately vigorously began rubbing Mark's crotch while Pat was on the phone.

"Cindy, what are you doing? She might see you," Cindy continued rubbing his crotch feeling the stiff erection inside his pants.

"Hush, you're about to get your fingernails painted red. I wonder what she really thinks about all this? Hmmm?" Cindy grinned as she kissed him and continued to rub his crotch.

"Cindy please," Mark looked around nervously.

"Do you want me to unzip your jeans and pull your cock out right here in the salon? I can always ask Pat if she minds if I stroke your cock while you're getting your fingernails painted red like a sissy man. Hmmm? What do you think?" Only sissy's get their toenails paint red in a salon Mark," she smiled and felt his crotch thrust forward, his submissive inner self giving away his true thoughts about her statement. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind," Cindy said as she gripped his zipper and pulled it down quickly.

"Cindy!!" Mark said in a hushed panic feeling her touch his underwear clad erection with her fingertips.

"It's ok Mark. You have to trust me," Cindy laughed at Mark's panicked reaction and quickly zipped his pants back up as Pat was getting off the phone. She moved her hands from his crotch just in time, as Pat came back.

"Sorry. So you are going to have red fingernails for your entire vacation," Pat said as she began to paint his fingernails red. "Are you planning on getting out much while your away?" Pat asked Cindy as she worked.

"Sure. We get out quite a bit actually. We usually have dinner out at a nice restaurant in the evenings, and do a little sight seeing during the daytime," Cindy said.

"I've had this salon for seven years, and I've never painted a man's nails like this before for an everyday public look," Pat smiled at Mark as she took his pinky and polished the fingernail.

"But you have painted men's nails in here before?" Cindy asked noticing Mark squirm a bit from the stimulation of the conversation.

"Pedicures," Pat grinned as she looked up at Cindy. "You would be surprised at just how many men have had me put colored nailpolish on their toenails. They wear it everyday hidden from sight. That's why when you called me it wasn't really anything unusual for me to do Mark's nails for him," Pat gave Mark's hand a little pat. "Just hold still while these dry," she said getting up to go to the counter. A FedEx truck pulled up and a woman came in with a package for Pat. She looked over and smiled at Mark who was sitting with his fingers spread wide on the table facing her and his toes spaced with the toe spreaders. Mark blushed with embarrassment.

"That is so nice of you dear," Cindy leaned over and said in Mark's ear. "You gave that pretty young lady something tell all her friends about tonight," Mark squirmed in the seat his erection desiring some kind of stimulation. "How often do people walk in on a sissy getting his nails painted red like a girl?" Cindy laughed and stood up.

Pat came in again. "I hope you didn't mind," Pat said smiling on her way back. "You're probably more comfortable wearing red nailpolish in front of her than I was," she chuckled. Pat helped Mark stand up. "There you go Mark. You have pretty red fingernails and toenails now. You've done this before I assume?" Pat said as she looked him over.

"Oh yes. We've done this several times. He has a nice pair of sandals to wear. I'm not ashamed to have him seen out with me with his nails all polished red. I actually prefer it that way," she gave him a kiss on the cheek, "I think he looks sexy myself," Cindy was pushing the issue now that they were near leaving.

"In that case, you should be good to go then," Pat laughed.

"Thank you so much Pat. You have been so very helpful. His nails are beautiful. Do you like them Mark?" Cindy asked. Mark smiled and looked at his fingers.

"Yes," he said in a choked voice, then clearing his throat he said, "Thank you Pat for doing my nails," Cindy could see the bulge in his pants and knew he was happy.

"Oh it was my pleasure honey. It's no problem. I was glad to do it for you," she smiled looking at Mark again standing there ready to go now.

They left the salon and got back in the van. Cindy told Mark to take his pants off and sit in the back seat. He looked at her at first but then did as she said. "Underwear too," she said looking in the rear view mirror. Mark exposed his throbbing erection and sat in the seat. He looked at his fingernails. He felt so excited as he relived what had just happened in his head. Cindy parked the van, and put the sun screens in the windshield leaving the van running she now came in the back with Mark.

"Cindy I......."

"Shhhhhh," Cindy said putting her finger to his lips and without another word began giving Mark a very sensuous oral massage. Mark felt the warmth of her mouth and the twinges of excitement building deep inside his loins as sat with his legs spread allowing Cindy to perform as his girlfriend now. Cindy continued nonstop for ten minutes, and then she pulled away and looked him in the eye, "We have other places to go baby. You're not done yet," she gave him a knowing smile and headed to their next destination.

Mark closed the van door and followed Cindy into the discount department store. It was cold out, there was even some snow still on the ground, and Mark was wearing his jacket, and keeping his hands warm and his red fingernails hidden in the pockets. As usual, Cindy liked Mark's fingernails to be of an elegant length and painted bright red. Without his jacket it was much more difficult to conceal his fingernails from other people around him. Cindy opened the door for Mark and he nervously walked in the store. Cindy began shopping as the Mark stood close by surveying the store. His balls hurt from the off and on erections he was having and the near orgasm that Cindy had just done to him not twenty minutes earlier wasn't helping either.

"Just relax Mark, we're in the women's section. Painted fingernails are normal here," she said with a smile pulling a red dress from the rack. Cindy turned and held it up to Mark's chest. Mark moved back and looked about to see if anybody was looking. Having fantasies of being publicly humiliated in this manner was not the same as actually doing it. If it weren't for Cindy and her being so supportive of him, he would have never experienced such things in the first place. He always feared the initial reactions of people to his unusual look.

"Cindy. What are you up to," he said under his breath as he looked about noticing a woman shopping in the next aisle.

"Be still Mark. I want to see how this dress looks for you," she said holding it up again to his chest and appraising it. Mark tried to move back, but Cindy held him by the shoulder. "Mark. Stop fidgeting about. It's ok."

"That woman over there might see this Cindy," he said in a small panic.

"So. I don't care if she see's us sweetheart. She can look all she wants," Cindy pulled the dress back and quietly scolded Mark catching him by surprise, "Here I'm trying to pick you out a few nice dresses and all you can worry about is if some woman you don't know is looking at you. Do you want me to buy you pretty things? Do you still want to be my sissy boy?" she asked knowing he did and it was the fear of being embarrassed in front of the other women that had him so uptight.

"Yes Cindy I do, but......."

"Ok then. Stand still and let me take a look at you, and let that woman look too, if she really wants to. Embarrassment is part of being a sissy. Here hold this to your shoulders right here so I can step back and look at it," she said. Mark held the dress up to his chest while Cindy looked it over. "I like it Mark. It's a good length for you and I like the color on you to. Do you like it?" she asked still seeming to seriously be studying the dress.

"Yeah Cindy it's fine. Can I take it down now?" Mark said hearing for the first time the giggles of two high school girls who had been in the aisle behind him watching as he held the dress up to himself.

"Here, hold this one up," she said handing him a black cocktail dress. He looked pleadingly at her. "Go on, hold it up so I can see it," The girls giggled again while Mark held the dress up to himself. After a few minutes of total humiliation, Cindy said, "Let's take these three here and go try them on," she handed all three dresses to Mark and he carried them to the fitting rooms while trying to get Cindy to change her mind all the way.

At the dressing rooms, the woman at the desk gave Cindy a card for each dress. Cindy took Mark by the hand and they went into the first dressing stall. Cindy laughed after she closed the door. "What's the matter sweetheart? Feeling a little excited and nervous at the same time," she said knowing she was right.

"Yeah. I'm more scared than nervous," Mark said hanging the dresses on the wall hook.

"Oh really. How cute. I want you to strip off all your clothes now. Totally 100% naked," she opened her purse.

"Why Cindy?" It always seemed to be his first reaction but then, he was always so scared of what she might do next.

"Does it really matter sissy boy," she said taking out the vibrating butt plug from her purse, and slipping on a rubber glove. She also took out the lube. "Hurry up now. I know how you like having this butt plug slid up your bottom."

"Cindy not in a public dressing room," he said looking at the plug. "Strip them off and bend it over sissy boy," Mark slowly undressed. Cindy seemed unsympathetic to his concerns. Mark pulled his underwear off and stood there totally naked with bright red salon fingernails and toenails.

Cindy massaged Mark's semi erect penis making it grow.

"That's right lover. You're going to let me put this up your ass and then your going to put on these dresses and step outside the dressing room so I can look at you and see if I like them. Of course I can't control who else is looking at you. Can I," Mark's erection was rock hard now. Cindy pushed him over and he squatted with his hands on his knee's, grunting as the plug worked it's way into his anus. Once in, Cindy had a strap device that she put around his erect penis and and pulled it so his erection was pointing almost straight down. It was uncomfortable at first, but the vibrating egg on the strap just under the head of his penis felt great. Cindy turned both on remotely. She took the red dress off the hanger and held it for Mark to step into. The physical and mental stimulating was tremendous. Cindy zipped the dress up in the back, turned Mark around and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"It's time sweetheart. Come on let's go. I'll be with you," she said opening the door and leading him out to the sales floor mirrors. Mark walked out wearing nothing under the dress. The vibrators stopped as he came out. Cindy changed her tune to the way she was before. As Mark walked out the woman behind the counter had shocked look on her face, and then smiled.

"Oh my, I'm sorry. I thought the dresses were for you. I didn't realize he was trying them on," she said to Cindy with a grin. "Oh my goodness," she now laughed.

"Oh, I probably should have said something," Cindy said as she took Mark to the three mirrors and looked at the dress. Several women walked by and glanced at Mark while Cindy discussed the look.

"I don't know Mark. I mean it looks good, but there aren't many places you would really be able wear a red dress that's cut like this," Cindy said loud enough for the woman behind the counter to hear. "Why don't you try on the black one."

She had Mark go back to the dressing room and change into the black dress. Cindy came in as he was zipping it up and helped him with the zipper. She smiled and clicked on both vibrators again. Mark immediately swooned into the physical stimulation and his eyelids drooped as he felt twinges that would only get stronger.

"Doesn't that feel sooooo good sweetie?" she cooed in his ear. "Now you are going back out there and stand in front of that mirror again.....," she gave him a soft kiss as she paused, "and let me humiliate and embarrass you even more than you are right now sweetie. Then you are going to have a wonderful," she gave him a kiss, "earth moving orgasm, standing right there in front of those mirrors, and that woman out there."

Mark had a panicked look on his face, but the vibrations had control of him now. "Try not to make a scene. Ok sweetie?" she said then she walked him to the door that led into the dressing area and massaged his balls with the vibrators on high. Mark's legs tensed up and his toes curled under. Cindy knew he was about to have an orgasm any second and then pulled his arm and led him back out to the mirrors. The initial shock of being pulled out saved Mark for the moment, but he found it hard to stand still.

"I really like this one on you Mark. A nice basic black, knee length skirt," she said as Mark fought the urge to have orgasm right here in the store. The woman at the counter could only see Mark from the thighs up right now as she was seated behind the counter. Mark's knees shook and he curled his toes again.

"Oh my god, that guy is trying on a dress," one of the girls gushed to her friend from a short distance away. Far enough not to be overly obvious, but close enough they stood and watched this boy trying on dresses.

Cindy stepped up to Mark and pulled at the material on his chest. "I think so honey, once you get your padded bra on and a pair of black pumps I think this will look real nice on you," Cindy continued. Mark fought with all his might flexing his fingers against his hips, holding himself as best he could. "What do you think?" Cindy said bringing the woman behind the counter into the conversation.

"Well, it's a very pretty dress, and it does seem to fit him well," she said not really knowing how to react.

"I think so," Cindy agreed. Mark now curled his toes against the carpet his red toenails digging at the floor and his right leg shook. He made a fist. "I really think you look darling in this dress Mark."

That was it. Mark lost control and tried to stand as inconspicuously as possible as a tremendous orgasm began in his loins. Mark felt the ejaculation of his semen hit his thighs and run down his inner leg. His knee's buckled a bit as he stared in the mirror. His eyes half closing, as the next load of semen hit the skirt of the dress and fell on his red toenails on his left foot. Cindy saw the the cum as dripped to his toes and on the floor next to his foot. She turned the vibrators down, and then off.

"Ok sweetie. Why don't you get changed back. I think that is the dress we want," While Mark was in the dressing room he could here Cindy telling the woman how Mark liked wearing women's clothes since he was in his early teens. It was humiliating for Mark to come back out and face this woman after she was told this. It wasn't true, but he was so humiliated by her knowing smile when he brought the dresses out.

They left the store and Mark collapsed in the seat of the van.

"Wasn't that a nice orgasm sweetheart? You looked like you were enjoying it so much. Wearing dresses in front of those girls. You should be ashamed of yourself," she smiled then said, "You were ashamed weren't you Mark. I mean a grown man trying on dresses in a store and then masturbating in public. Naughty boy," she now started the van. "I want to stop over here at WalMart right quick," she smiled as Mark rolled his head over and looked at her. "Slide your shoes on honey. Don't want those toes exposed, till it's time," Mark slipped on the dockers he had brought with him and put his hands in his coat pockets and walked in with Cindy.

Cindy walked him straight back to the women's shoes. She smiled as Mark stood and looked at her almost exasperated now. Cindy picked up a pair of patent red 3" high heels that were on the shelf. She gave a big grin and looked at him and with her finger gave a come here signal.

"Give me your jacket Mark. Come on, lets see those fingernails," she laughed as Mark once again nervously looked around as his last defense, his coat was removed. "Take these pumps and go to the end of the aisle and take your shoes off and try them on," Mark hesitated and Cindy took him by the hand. "Come on twinkletoes. Time to show everybody who you really are," Mark walked to the end of the aisle and sat down on the bench. He removed his shoes and sat quietly with his salon painted toenails now exposed. Cindy smiled as she stood looking down the aisles for customers who were in the area. She then looked at the distressed young man and said, "It's time baby. Go ahead and put the pumps on," As Mark was placing the first pump on his foot a young woman pushing a cart appeared from the other aisle. She saw him right away as he placed his second foot in the other heel and then stood. He looked in the mirror with Cindy at the shoes, as the woman looked on.

"How do they feel?" Cindy asked where the woman could hear.

"Fine I guess."

"Well walk around and let me see," Mark walked about five paces away and then back, trying so hard to ignore the woman. "The look ok, are they too tight?" she inquired.

"Not really."

"They would look nice with a pair of jeans you know," Cindy said as she pulled out another pair. "Here try these," she said handing him a pair of black 3" heel open toe pumps.

"These are fine," he said softly his voice trembling from nervousness.

"Oh just try them on. I think I like these," Mark reluctantly sat down and now pulled off the pumps revealing his painted toenails for the woman to see. She was making a call on her cell phone and giggling as she pretended to be looking at some kids shoes close buy. Mark slipped the open toe pumps on and stood up.

"Oh yes. I like those much better. Walk around and let me see," Mark walked about as another woman walked up and almost bumped into him as he was not paying attention to where he was going.

"Oh sorry," Mark said as he just stood there in total humiliation. The woman looked down at the black open toe pumps, with the red toenails that were so obvious in this image. The woman gave a startled laugh and looked at him.

"Trying on a pair of pumps today?" she said with a sense of humor. Mark didn't know what to say.

"I thought I might get a pair," he said thinking how stupid that sounded.

"I think they look very pretty on you, especially with your toenails painted," she sounded as if she was trying to diffuse the tension a bit, while also making it obvious he was crossdressing in her eyes.

"Thanks," Mark said and turned to walk away. The woman went about her business shaking her head as the girl was laughing on the phone.

"I think these will look real nice with that new dress you just bought," Cindy wanted the girl to get full enjoyment as she just mortified Mark. He took the pumps off and put them in the box. He purchased the shoes with his red fingernails exposed. though he knew people noticed, nobody said a word and he was more than happy to get out of the store. As they got outside Cindy grabbed his arm.

"Put them on," she said looking him seriously in the eye.


"Now. Over on that bench. Put those pumps on and meet me in the car," she said as she walked away. Mark waited till no one was coming and quickly slipped his shoes off and then slipped the pumps on. He through his shoes in the bag and then hurriedly minced in his high heel out into the parking lot. It was no use trying to hide it. He just looked straight ahead and walked as fast as he could. he walked by a young girl with a stroller. He didn't want to look her way but she smiled and said "hi," as he walked by. He wanted to just melt away right now. An older man walked by and didn't even appear to notice, but two high school girls were creating a scene as they squealed loudly as they walked by at the man in high heels. Mark got to the van and Cindy was waiting with the engine running.

"So, how was your walk?" she said as if he had just had a delightful stroll.

"Just fine. Can we go now?" he was almost shaking from his nervous walk.

"Put the dress on."

"Cindy no. This is too much."

I will be the one who decides what is too much Mark. Put the dress on," Mark got in back of the van and took his clothes off and slipped the new black dress he had bought on and zipped it up.

"And the pumps," she said looking in the rear view mirror at the reluctant crossdressed young man.

Cindy drove the van up to the front of the store.

"You can get out here honey. I will be parking at the other end of the parking lot at the back. Have a nice walk, and then we can go home. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Oh god Cindy people will laugh at me dressed like this."

"I know. I hope they do. That's what happens to little boys who wear mommy's dresses shopping, isn't little Markie," she said in a humiliating baby voice. "Now get out of the van."

Mark reluctantly stepped out of the van and was noticed by a couple right away. He closed his eyes at he closed the door and began walking his way back to Cindy and the safety of the van. It was cold in this dress and heels, but the anxiety overroad those physical feelings as Mark experienced many stares, and shocked looks as he made his way across the lot, wearing a dress and high heels, his nails painted red, but otherwise he was a man.

Mark lay on the bed after his shower wearing a frilly pink teddy. Cindy had set his hair in curlers. He rubbed his crotch lightly as he recalled the now very exciting events of the day, that his mind could adjust with fantasy to become an even better day. Cindy walked into the room and pulled his chin up and kissed his lips.

"Did you have fun today, my sexy man," she said kissing him again her hands on his curlers.

"It was wonderful Cindy. Thank you."

"Your welcome honey," Cindy had just gotten out of the shower and her hair was up in a towel and she wore a white terry cloth bath robe. She pulled the bed back and then dropped the robe, exposing her nude body. With the towel still on her head she got into bed, propping herself up with pillows, sliding her feet back so her knees were up, she looked at Mark and without saying a word she spread her feet apart and allowed her knees to open exposing her pussy to Mark. She gave her pussy at pat as she looked at him and he crawled toward her. Cindy reached over and picked up her book and put her reading glasses on as Mark's curlered head now filled the void between her legs. Cindy placed her fingertips on the top of Mark's curlers with one hand, and held her book up with the other and began reading her newest romance novel. Cindy was now relaxed and enjoying her evening.