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Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


The Public Adventures of Mark, Hair

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Mark had been quiet on the ride not knowing what Cindy had in store for him. He fanned his fingers out in his lap to admire his long elegantly tapered red fingernails, knowing soon he would not be the only one admiring them. Cindy had a way of creating the most humiliating situations, even for someone who secretly desired it like Mark. Cindy pulled the van into a parking lot that had a small free standing building. The sign across the front read simply, Barber Shop. The barber pole on the front spun it's red and blue stripe inside the glass enclosure.

"Cindy. Why are we here?" he said looking at the pole then to her.

"Mark, please come in the back of the van with me. We need to do a couple of things first." she said getting out of her seat. When Mark met her she was looking through a bag. "Oh yeah honey, please pull down your pants and panties and just bend over that seat with your bottom up in the air for me."

"What's this all about Cindy," he said though he knew she would only keep him in suspense.

"Ah, here it is." she said holding up a butt plug with a wire attachment hanging from it. She squeezed out some lube onto the plug. "Well come on big boy, spread them. It's time for you to have some quality time in public."

Mark bent over the seat reached back and pulled his butt cheeks apart and then grunted as Cindy slowly worked the plug into his anus till it tapered down and snugged itself in. 

"Don't move I have one more little attachment that goes with this," she said putting small plastic rings around each of his testicles and his penis slipped through another sleeve. While Mark watched, Cindy turned the remote switch on that caused an intense vibration that immediately caused Mark to take a deep breath at the wonderful sensations he was feeling of arousal. Then she turned it off. "Slip your panties back up and put your pants back on sweetheart." As Mark dressed, Cindy smiled at his appearance. "How do you feel honey?," she said with a knowing smile pulling his socks off to reveal his brightly painted red toenails. She rubbed his feet as she took the shoes out of the bag he was to wear. They were white strappy sandals, that squeezed, but fully exposed those pretty red toes of his. He also wore a pair of white denim capri jeans that covered the knee, and had nice V-cuts on the cuffs. A thin metallic red belt was wrapped around his waist. She straightened the collar of his red blouse. Though not overly frilly, the vibrant red color made a nice contrast to his white pants. 

"I want to put these on you before we go into the barber shop sweetheart," she said as she showed him two small gold hoop earrings. She turned his head to the side and placed them in the piercing in Mark's ears. 

"Cindy. I can't go in a barber shop like this, I mean walking around in an open area where others can see me is one thing but........'

"Hush, hush now. Yes you can." she said as she sat in his lap facing him. She put mascara lightly on his lashes and lined his eyes with a pencil. "There. That's better," she smiled.

"Cindy please, this is a barber shop. Don't make me go in there like this." he was genuinely scared at the idea now.

"Would you feel better if I put some red lipstick the these lips," she said giving him a little kiss.

"This place is full of men."

"I know it is Mark," she said kissing him. She turned the vibrators back on and gave him a smile, "I have a dress and a pair of high heel pumps you can wear if you don't like this outfit;" she said as she brushed back his hair into a ponytail. She tied it off with a hair tie. "You have an appointment here sweetie. They are expecting you." She gave Mark a hug as the vibrators stimulated his thoughts. "Now sweetie, listen to me. If the vibrations get a little too much, and you feel........well you know what I'm saying, curl your toes under where I can see them and I'll turn the vibrators off for a few minutes. If you feel you are getting to close to an orgasm, wiggle your toes for me and I will let you have an even longer break." She smiled and stood up. "Now show me. Curl your toes under." Mark did as she instructed. "Good, now wiggle your toes for me," she said giggling as Mark wiggled his toes in the sandals he was wearing. "Very good sweetheart. Don't those vibrators feel good?" 

Turning off the vibrators Cindy got Mark out of the van and as they walked to the door she noticed just a slight bulge in the front of his capris. 

"Mark, you need to just flow with the conversation in here."

"What conversation?"

"That's the fun isn't it. Not knowing what's next." She reached for the door, "You know, the usual conversation you would expect to have from a young man dressed as you are getting his hair done in a barber shop with the other guys."

Cindy pulled open the door. and pushed Mark forward into the shop. The first chair by the window was empty. At the second chair, an older barber looked up when they entered and smiled. He was cutting another older customers hair with clippers. There was a third chair with a young boy getting a crew cut while his mother waited.

"Well, well, what have we here?" the older barber said as he turned the chair slightly and resumed cutting the man's hair. 

"What in the world?" the customer exclaimed seeing Mark.

"Marge. I believe your appointment is here." the elder barber called out looking at Mark again before trimming his customers hair again. "Just have a seat young man and she will be right with you," he smiled. The man in the chair stared at Mark confused. "What are thing coming to. Girls looking and acting like boys, and now boys trying to look like girls," he said under his breath. 

"He's just one of Marge's customers Mr. Simms."

Marge approached with a warm smile. She was in her fifties. A full figure woman but very feminine. She had a rather dated 60's hairdo, almost a bubble style, with vibrant red hair. She wore a floral print dress dress under her blue smock, and had low heel pumps on. 

"Hi I'm Marge, " she said offering her hand to Cindy.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Cindy and this is Mark." she said 

"Hi Mark." She appraised his over all look taking extra time to take in his feet. "I haven't done a hairset in a long time, and never done one on a man. Since we changed this place to a barber shop only, I've been doing mostly men, and barber cuts." she said taking his arm. "Come with me right over here and we can get you shampooed." she said escorting him to the bowl.

Mark was so nervous being paraded around in this manly establishment dressed as he was. The woman who was seated waiting, gave Mark a look of disapproval. Cindy had a seat and watched quietly, pretending to be interested in a magazine. Mark was tilted into the sink and his shampoo began. Mark's red fingernails gripped the arm rest and his red toenails became very evident as his feet were elevated to a higher level. His sandals revealed their feminine nature as they too were now on full display. The other men in the shop chuckled at Mark's appearance as he was shampooed. As Marge lathered his head she began to ask questions of Mark.

"Your mother says you have a special occasion tonight." Marge said. As Mark prepared to answer Cindy switched the vibrators on with the remote switch. Mark's toes curled under slightly as the feel good vibrations over took him. Then the vibrations stopped

"Uhm.......yes I do." he said with his voice cracking initially. "It's a special event." he said not knowing where this was going.

"It's ok honey. You're fine in here." she said. Cindy turned on the vibrators again. Mark thought a moment as the vibrations were taking control of him. Cindy was old enough to be his mom, but she was actually his girlfriend, and enjoying watching him squirm in this chair. Mark could see now where this was all going. He tried to stay in the conversation, then the vibrators went off.

Mark was sat back up in the chair, and Marge wrapped a white towel around his head. "Just follow me," she said as she walked to the first barber chair by the window. Martin had a seat. As he was sitting down he looked over at the other barbers. The boy getting a crew cut seemed to be mesmerized by Mark's appearance. The older barber and his customer seemed to be having a discussion about Mark, as he was being dusted off and finished. Marge put a plastic cape around Mark's neck and fastened it then removed the towel and combed out his hair. Mark eyes faced down as she segmented his hair then she said, "I'll be right back."

Mark was totally humiliated as the vibrators came on again as Marge came back pushing a cart full of hair rollers of many different sizes and colors. She pushed it up next to his chair and he noticed the smiles and laughter in the room as Marge walked behind him again. They all knew what was fixing to happen to him and with grins of anticipation they all watched as a strand of Mark's hair was combed up and held between Marge's two fingers. She reached over and picked up a 1" wire mesh, brush roller. Martin's eyes lowered even more, almost closing them, embarrassed by the stares as the roller was then rolled down and pinned to his head securely. Marge quickly repeated the process as a straight row of hair rollers formed on his head.

The man who had been getting his haircut next to Mark was now standing in front of Mark waiting to pay. He stared as Mark curled his toes under for Cindy to stop the vibrators. 

"Why do you dress like that?" the man asked without smiling. 

Mark wasn't sure how this guy would react, but looking up at him in between rollers being wound in his hair he said, "I like dressing like this." 

The man gave the barber his money and scoffed under his breath, "Probably has a boyfriend too." Then he left shaking his head. 

Mark sat quietly as Marge filled his head with rollers. As Mark's head was pushed down and the back of his head was being curled, another customer came in the door. "Just have a seat and I'll be right with you," Marge said. He noticed Mark right away. He sat down with an amused look on his face. Finally patted his curlers and said "OK, honey your done for now." She took the cape off him, and the older barber said, "have a seat right here young man." patting the back of the barber chair. Mark looked to Cindy as he slowly got up in the chair. She smiled and turned the vibrators back on. mark was caped and the the chair was fully reclined. Mark didn't know what was happening until the barber began to lather his face with shaving cream. Mark now felt ridiculous. The new customer had taken a seat in Marge's chair as she prepared to cut his hair. Mark felt the sensations of an orgasm from deep inside coming on. He curled his toes as the razor was pulled across his cheek. Mark couldn't understand why Cindy was not turning the vibrators off. The razor was pulled across his cheek again. Mark wiggled his toes, trying to get Cindy's attention. As the razor was used again, mark now frantically was wiggling his toes as he neared the point of no return on an orgasm. The vibrators went silent again, but the wiggling of Mark's red painted toenails had not gone unnoticed. In his desperation he had drawn all attention to his toes as they were up high on the foot rest. 

"Little nervous there Mark," Marge said as they chuckled about his wiggling toes. 

The boy and his mother got ready to leave. They both took a last look at this man being serviced in this barber shop in a most unusual way, and then they left. While Mark was being shaved a another customer arrived. As he stood waiting for the chair to be ready, Cindy turned the vibrators on again. Mark immediately wiggled his toes very slowly trying not to be so conspicuous, but it was no use, Cindy refused to turn them off until a prolonged desperate wiggling of the toes save him just in time from having an orgasm while being shaved in the barber chair. Mark was sat back up and his face toweled off. 

"There you go young man. Fresh shave," he said removing the cape allowing Mark to stand in front of the chair.

"Mark, you see that pink dryer? Just go have a seat over there, and I'll be right over to get you under the dryer." Mark did as she instructed, the new customer eyeing Mark up and down as if he found Mark somewhat appealing. Mark waited a few minutes and Marge pulled the dryer down over his head, and set the heat.

"Are you comfortable?" she asked him. "I will be back to check on you in a little bit." Mark sat quietly while his hair dried. The two customers were finished up while he was under the dryer, and a couple of more had come in. He felt that the last two didn't even notice he was a man. He gave Cindy a big eyed look as he once again stopped the vibrators with his toes while under the dryer. "Stop it," he mouthed the words to her.

"No," she mouthed back with a knowing smile.

Marge checked Mark and found his hair was dry and took him back to the chair. She quickly removed all his curlers and then she vigorously teased his hair before spraying it and patting it into place. She had given his hair maximum height as well as volume, smoothing the curls as she worked her way around with the hairspray. A very unfashionable bouffant was the results. The men in the shop laughed as he was turned to look in the mirror to see his new hairdo.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

Mark knew his answer would cause a reaction. "Yes," he said softly lowering his eyes as the guys had their fun. 

"Ok hon, your done," Marge said as she sprayed his hair a couple of more times. Mark stood up and Cindy turned the vibrators back on. He walked slowly at first to the counter where Cindy waited to pay. Marge smiled and asked Cindy, "I hope this is the look he was wanting."

"Oh Marge. It's great. He loves it." Cindy hesitated as she turned Mark's vibrators off. "Marge, do you think you could a bow in the back of his hair?"

"A bow?" Marge looked surprised at the request. "Well, yes I can do that I guess. I'll be right back."

"A bow? What's wrong with you Cindy."

"Yes a bow. You are going to stand right here, with your hands on that counter, and let that woman put a bow in your hair in front of all those men.......while you are secretly having an orgasm."

"Cindy. Don't do that,"

"It's to late Mark, the vibrators will not be turning off again." she smiled and nodded, "Here comes your bow."

"Turn around hon," Marge said as she fluffed the bow.

Mark turned and face back into the barber shop, obviously still being observed by everyone. The vibrations pushing him to the very edge. He fought the urge, as his weight shifted from foot to foot. He gripped the counter as his knees trembled slightly, his whole body tensed up. The smallest catalyst now would send him over. Marge touched Mark's hair and pressed the bow against it. He could feel her working pins in to hold it in place. Mark lightly bit his lower lip, eyes half closed as his right leg shook slightly. His red toenails curled under and his big toes both pointed up. He gripped the counter even tighter. His head being positioned and held by Marge as she placed the bow in his hair, all the while Mark's semen was shooting out of his penis into his pants leaving a two inch wet circle next to the zipper.

"There you go. You like that better?" she asked Mark holding up a mirror.

"Yes thank you" he said in a broken and exhausted voice.

"You alright?" she said not knowing what had just happened.

"Oh yes, I'm very fine. Thank you so much for doing my hair. I just love it." Mark said to Marge as he was leaving, feeling more comfortable playing the part now that he was leaving.

"Oh your welcome hon," she said with a smile.

As they walked across the parking lot Cindy said, "So, what did you think?"

"Cindy I was so scared and nervous. I was embarrassed, humiliated, and just how do you know nobody noticed me having an orgasm in there. Oh my god."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it sweetie."