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Jillian Spears

A fantasy playday gone wrong

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Hi my name is "Rick", but some people like to call me Ricky; I ëm 35- years-old, and kind of on the short side, ok the really short side. I stand about 4ft.-7 inches tall and weight about 95lbs. I'm the head or if you want, the president of a small insurance company in our town, which my wife inherited from her late father. It's a small company that my wife lets me run for her as I see fit, while she works at her job, as a paralegal for some big shot lady lawyer in the city. She makes twice the amount that I bring home from the company, but I have fun running the small office, plus it keeps me busy and out of trouble. I have 6 really cute looking ladies that work in the office under me, and I will say they all have a pretty nice looking shape. I should know I hired most of them, except for Jennifer, and Sally, who were with my father-in-laws company, before he died and I took over. All the ladies are in their mid twenties to early thirties. As for my wife Jackie she is 34 years old, and what a knockout shape. She has one great looking body weighting in at about 135- lbs, and her measurements are, 38D-30 ñ36. One draw back is she happens to be lot taller then I am. Jackie is about 5ft-11-inches tall, which is almost a foot and a half taller then I am. So I guess you could say we look a lot like Mutt and Jeff from the old comic strips.

I must confess that lately the wife and I have not been getting along as I would hope, and I have this sinking feeling she has been seeing someone else on the side. I've been trying to find out, whom if anyone, but I still have no proof. I have even asked Jennifer at work for some help finding out whom she may be seeing. I had asked her if she could try and find out if Jackie had someone else on the side for me. You see Jennifer has known Jackie way longer then I have, because she and Jackie both worked for Jackie's father, when they were in their teens in high school. As of now Jennifer has come up with nothing yet, which I guess is a good thing. So I have given up checking up on Jackie for now, and have decided to start looking around myself just in case. So far I have asked out a two of the cute ladies at work, which I know is not a good idea, but I needed some sex, as Jackie seems to have also cut me off lately. Jennifer was the latest one I asked out, I mean she is really cute looking and is about my age, but we never really got anything going between us. I guess you could say both so called dates I had with her; really ended up being more like business meetings then dates. I think the main reason was that we ended up talking about the company, and how she thinks some of my ideas were ruining it. So she started telling me how if she ran the company she would do some things a lot differently. Most of the two dates I had with Jennifer went pretty much like that, with her telling what I should or shouldn't do. I will say this she did have some good ideas. So I guess the time spent with her wasn't all wasted, and you could say it was a couple of fun and interesting nights out, even though I never got any sex out of the deal.

What's got me worried right now is I've been dating one of the other girls in the office, but only a couple of times. I really like her and we have hit it off nicely. Thing is what if this gets a little more serious, and it turns into a full-blown affair? Then what would happen if I break it off with her and she gets mad at me? Then I would have to worry that she may go and tell Jackie about us. Jackie has no clue about what's going on with that girland I. Plus what if this girl finds out about the books, and decides to tell Jackie what she found just to get even with me. Jackie trusts me to run the whole place my way, and has no idea of what I have been up too. To be truthful I've been embezzling funds from the company, well not really embezzling more like taking a little money here and there. I needed some extra cash to have fun, when going out sometimes, and also to buy my self some nice looking outfits.

You see I'm also a crossdresser, and have been since I was 6-years-old. Jackie has known all about my crossdressing for many years, and she is somewhat ok with the idea of me in skirts, as long as I do it secretly at home, or at one of the crossdressers club meetings. But if Jackie found out about my secret stash of money! Oh My! I would be in some really hot water for sure! I mean if she found out about me seeing another girl, plus me taking money from the company? I know she would kick me out of the house and get a divorce, or even worse she could even send me to jail if she wanted too. Then where would I be, maybe some guys babe in jail, and I don't like that idea at all. As it is about 6-months ago I had already stopped taking the money, mainly because I figure I had enough put away, so why push it.

One of the main reason I took the cash was because I don't get that much of a paycheck from the company, and what I get we use to pay all the bills. So by time I pay the bills at home, it leaves me with only a few dollars a week to spend on what I want. So that's why I've been stealing money here and there from the company. Not much money each time, but just enough to keep me going. I have been putting it in a special checking account under my name. The money is just so I can have my own stash for whatever I want to use it for, and when I want to use it. The way I look at it in a way it's partly my money anyhow. Plus I haven't taken that much, maybe about 10 to 12 thousand over the last 3-1/2 years. I sure don't want that to be found out by any of the girls in the office. If they did I know it would get right back to Jackie. That's why I really haven't got to serious with this one cute girl I've gone out with. I can't take the chance that's he would find out about the money.

What got me was getting that little stash of money really wasn't that hard to do, but then making sure no one knew about it, now that was the hard part. Being I run the company and I take care of the books. I did find it kind of easy to hide the fact that I was taking the money from the petty cash checking account. I figured the easiest way was to buy things for cash or a check made out to cash. It was really kind of simple, and actually it all started by accident. Seems one day I ended up with cash in hand after I had made a check out accidentally for more money then the items really cost. I was at STAPLES and had made the check out for $50 dollars more then I needed too. So the cashiers gave me back the change. Wow I said to myself that's kind of neat, I could skim off some money a little at a time like this and have myself a little spending cash.

All I had to do was make out some fake purchases orders that equaled up to what I put down in the accounting books. Then I would take X amount of cash out to spend on the items I needed. After buying what I need for cash I could deposit the extra money into my personal checking account making sure to have some fake recites for the full amount. I wouldn't take much money maybe $30 To $50 dollars at a time. The books would say I bought such and such items at so and so price. I could do this with most of the stuff for running the office, like copy paper, office supplies, printer ink and the copier toner. Then I could also write some larger checks for things that I figured you can't trace, and are used up real fast. So that's just what I started to do, and after a while I had a good size nest egg. I will say I was a little worried, and also a little up set about having to resort to stealing just to have money of my own, but Jackie makes it hard for me to have any cash of my own. She likes to be the one in control of everything, even our money, and makes sure she knows just what money goes where.

Let me fill you in on a couple other things that I'm also keeping from Jackie, which I really don't want her to find out about. Like I had said earlier Jackie already knows about my crossdressing, and that I go out dressed to meetings. The only thing she doesn't know is besides my dressing up as a lady, I have another secret side to my crossdressing life style. It's a secret that Jackie I hope has no clue too. You see just for the fun, whenever I'm in the mood and I have the chance too, plus I know Jackie is going to be away on one of her two-day or more business trips with her boss. I love to dress up as a little girl. I like dressing up as a little girl who would be maybe 3-years-old. Then again there are also some times I may dress up in a cute frilly baby girl outfit, and pretend to be a little baby girl who is about 18-months to 2- years-old, wearing diapers, rubber pants, with a baby bonnets, using a pacifiers, and all that stuff. It all depends on how I feel and the mood I'm in at the time.

I guess you could say that this thing for little girl's outfits started back when I was about 8-years-old. You see my mom uses to dress me in frilly lacey little girl outfits that were designed for a 3-year-old little girl or younger for punishment. She was a great seamstress and could take a little girls frilly dress pattern, and enlarge it to fit me. She kept this punishment up till I was about 16-years-old and in high school. I guess she did it to keep me under control, because after my dad died, when I was about 8-years-oldI I really started getting into a lot of trouble. I pretty sure that's why I'm still hooked so bad on the cute little girl and baby frilly outfits. Plus because of that punishment, I also love to read forced petticoat discipline and punishment stories. These are stories in which some guy or young boy is forced to dress as a little girl, baby girl or even as a French Maid, by the wife, girlfriend, or even the mother. Most stories are about an adult male who was caught dressed, or maybe the wife or girlfriend is getting even because she found he was cheating on her. Then again maybe it's about a teenage boy, or preteen, who is always getting into trouble like I did. So he is being forced to dress as a little girl or even a baby girl by his mother to get him back under control, just like my mom did to me. I sometimes like to fantasies about being one of the guys who is being punished that way. Hey it doesn't hurt anyone and it releases a lot of stress for me. One of my favorite things to do is dress up as a little girl or baby girl in a really frilly outfit, and read these stories while dressed.

Sometimes I even think about maybe recreating parts of the stories that I read. You know try to live out one of the scenes for my self. I'm pretty good with my hands and power tools. I've even made, just for fun, an adult size highchair out of hardwood, with a tray that fits and locks in place. I then painted the chair all white and padded the seat and backrest with thin foam covered in fake pink leather. Plus I even attached straps to it for your ankles, wrists, and around the waist. They're attached to the chair to keep your hands, feet, and body locked in place, making the person in the chair helpless. Once you are strapped in your mistress / mommy / wife, or whoever has complete control over you, and you're stuck setting in a highchair. Right now I have the chair concealed way in the back of the basement, over in the far corner. I made the highchair just so I could try and live out one of the fantasies that I read about in a story.

The one problem I found with that idea was you need someone else to role- play with you to truly have fun using the chair. You really need to have that one extra person you can trust to role-play with you. Someone to play along and strap you in the chair while you're all dressed up, because using the chair alone you just don't feel like its any fun. That's why I have only used the highchair once or maybe twice, mainly to take some pictures of myself setting in it. You see I have no one to role-play with, as Jackie has no idea of this side of me. Plus I already know that she wouldn't role-play as a mommy or mistress, it's just not her if you know what I mean. So now the chair just sets there in the basement covered over gathering dust. Matter of fact I plan on taking it apart soon to get rid of it. At one time I had even thought about selling it on E-Bay, but didn't know how I could ship it to whoever wanted to buy the chair.

The one time that I used the chair to take pictures I had dressed up as a little baby girl, wearing a baby bonnet, with a pacifier stuck in my mouth I took a whole bunch of cute pictures in all kinds of different poses. In one I was setting in the highchair, while wearing a large pink frilly baby girls dress, with a crinoline and cute frilly rhumba panties. I had a baby's plastic bib over my outfit, holding a baby bottle, and eating out of a Disney Princess bowl. Then I took one or two of me just setting in the chair in my outfit holding on to a doll, while still sucking on a pacifier. What's great is I have this digital camera that has a remote control for it. So I can set it up on a tripod facing the highchair all set to take pictures. Then get in the chair making myself all prettied up and ready. All I have to do is then hit the button on the remote, and 10 seconds later poof the camera goes off, and I have a digital photo of a cute looking baby girl in her highchair. Anyhow after I took tons of pictures using the chair, I kept the 12 or so best ones, then I hide the chair away in the basement. This way I know where it was just in case I ever want to use it again.

The reason I built the chair was because of a story I had read, which had this poor guy being treated as if he was a little baby. His girlfriend had him strapped into an adult highchair, and she was feeding him his dinner. Only the girlfriend had put his whole meal through a blender, and turned it into purÈe type baby food. Whether it's being turned into a baby girl, or little girl, or even a French maid, I love reading all those type of stories. They really do turn me on. One of last stories I read was about a guy who was caught playing around by his wife, and because she no longer trusted him, but still loved him. She decided not to divorce him, but to get even some how. So she confronted him about his cheating. He broke down and told her everything, and promised that he would do anything she wanted as long as she didn't divorce him. He told her this because he knew he would lose everything, and he was trying to please her; so she wouldn't leave him penniless.

She told him okay, she would not divorce him as long as he sign a contract she will have drawn up by her lawyer. He gave in and signed the contract without really reading it over all the way. He later found out that the contract stated that he was now her ward. That she had complete control of him as if he were a child, and that he had listen to her as if she was his mother. He was forced to wear whatever she decides for him to wear, which happened to be baby girl's outfits right down to the diapers and all. Plus he had to act like the baby she dressed him as. It was a legal contract that he signed and now he was stuck. She was able to forced him to be her little baby girl whether he wanted to or not. I really liked that story. It was well written.

One day while setting in my office at work I had pulled up one of my favorite web sites for forced petticoat discipline, and was reading some of the stories. I do this every once in while. What's great is none of the girls in the office even know what I'm up to. I can sit in my office, with the door closed, and read a good story, fantasying that one of the girls in the office is the one doing the petticoat punishment to me. I was there in my office reading one of the articles, and I started thinking how I would love to try to live out one of these fantasies, just for the fun of doing it. I was really thinking about this idea, and if I could formulate a plan as to how I would be able to recreate a part of the story that I just read. After that I really hadn't given the idea much thought. It was just something that popped into my head at the time, and I let the idea drop for a while.

Then about a week or so later, I had just gotten back from lunch so I went to my office, closed the door, and went on to one of the story sites. I came across this really good story, which actually took me all afternoon to finished reading. It was so good that I even printed it out and concealed it in a special file folder I had in my desk. I print out all the really good stories and put them all in this fold so latter I can bring then home to read again some other day. I really thought that this story was well written, and was also a very interesting fantasy tale. The story was all about this wife, who caught her husband cheating on her. So she decided instead of a messy divorce she would get even. She planned to turn her cheating husband into a little sissy baby girl, and start treating him as if he was a18-month to 2-years-old baby. Boy by the time I finished reading this story, was I ever turned on by it The story was so good it got me thinking again, and wondering just how it would feel to actually have what happen to this poor guy in the story happen to me. That's when I came up with my plan. I was going to try and duplicate part of this fantasy story. The part of the story I wanted to try and recreate really didn't sound too hard for me to do. Let me give you a short version of the story, and the part that I want to recreate.

Like I had said reading that story really got me thinking up a plan. The story went like this; it was all about this guy who was cheating on his wife. The wife found out, and she wasn't sure what to do about it, but she knew she really didn't want to get a divorce, because she still really did love him. She just wanted to strike back somehow to let him know he couldn't get away with doing that to her, and also to get even. She just didn't have a clue of how to do just that. So she called her best friend, and went over her house to talk, just so she could have someone to vent too.

Her friend listened to the whole story, and then said. Look sweety if it was my man I would first let him know who was in charge, and that he wasn't going to get away with what he did. Then secondly, I would make sure he knew he would never be able to cheat on me again. So the wife asked her just how would you go about doing that? Easy the friend said I would make it so that no other woman would want to have sex, or go out with him. So the wife said again; you still haven't said just how you would go about doing that. The friend then said if it was up to me; I would make him shave off all his hair from the neck down even his privates, making him smooth as a baby. Then I would make him wear only ladies sexy lacey high cut underwear, with a matching grater belt and hose at all times, maybe even a matching bra under his suit. I would also make sure his toenails were painted a nice bright red at all times. Think about it after that any lady that seen him would think he was some kind of sissy and have nothing to do with him.

Her friend went on to say; you could also do what those other ladies did that I read about on one of the site I found on the web. So Jane asked her friend what was that site all about? Her friend told her that it seems that some ladies have decided to turned their cheating wayward husbands into little girls or even little baby girls with diapers and all. So now not only do they make them wear diapers and plastic panties to work, but when they arrive home from work each night; they are immediately forced to get dress as a little girl or a baby girl, wearing diapers, rubber panties and sucking on pacifiers. The ones who were dressed as baby girls are then expected to act as if they are babies and are treated as such when at home. Plus some were even forced to stay dressed that way over the weekends, and when they went to work some were forced to not only wear diapers, rubbers panties, but also tights and frilly panties under their suits. I know one thing if you sent Jim to work that way he sure wouldn't be cheating on you for sure. I mean think about it? How would he explain needing to have his diaper changed to some girl he met. The wife and her best friend broke out laughing at that statement. Then the wife goes wow I love that idea! I bet Jim would look so cute in a little frilly baby dress, crawling around on the floor, showing off his rhumba panties, while sucking on the pacifier in his mouth. They both laughed again at that idea.

The story went on that the wife, when on line the next day, and after reading what some of the other wives had done, decided she was going to do the same to her guy. So she went on line and bought all kinds of adult baby girl outfits, diapers, rubber pants, baby bottles, and even an adult #5 pacifier. Plus she got tons of other adult baby things including a large adult size playpen, crib, changing table, and Highchair. She was able to buy all of this and had it delivered and set up without the husband knowing anything was going on. She had turned the spare room into a cute baby girl's nursery. She was able to keep everything a secret till she was ready to spring the trap.

Meanwhile the husband not knowing that she knew, kept on going out with his mistress. Then one night she was ready to put her cheating husband in his place. But before she put her plan in full force she wanted to make sure she was completely in control. So that when she put her plan into affect, he would then know who was in charge. So one night she dropped the bomb on the husband that she knew all his wayward ways, and told him if he wanted to stay he had to give in and do want she wanted or else she was getting a divorce. Next thing you know she had him in diapers and frilly baby dresses, but not for more then a night or two. She still hadn't shown him the nursery just yet, as she was just testing the waters. She was seeing if he would give in, and go along with her just so she would not to get a divorce. She was right about that, because he went right along with her dressing him up as a baby girl. She knew he didn't want a divorce, and he was figuring if he went along with her, she would only dress him now and then, and give up on it after a while, what did he know?

Then one Friday night he came home from work early, about 1-o'clock in the afternoon, as it was a 3-day weekend coming up, due to a Monday holiday. Soon as he got home the wife told him it was baby time, and took him straight up to their bedroom. You see what he didn't know was this was the weekend she had been waiting for, she had everything ready, the nursery, the baby outfits, even tapes to play at night, while he slept to make him incontinent. She was ready and was going to really lay the law down tonight. He had no clue to what was coming. Once in the bedroom she started to tell him some of the new rules. She had him strip naked, and then she helped him to take a shower, and removed all of his hair from the neck down. He wasn't too happy about this, but she told him it's this, or you can leave now, and we get a divorce.

Once he was out of the shower she had him get up on their bed as she did his privates with baby oil, and lots of baby powder. After that she put a adult Depend diaper on him, and started to dress him up in a brand new frilly little baby girl's outfit, complete with, rubber pants, white tights, frilly rhumba panties, a frilly short pink baby dress and matching bonnet. He was going along with her, and letting her have her way with him, because he figured she wasn't going to keep him dressed all weekend; it was just for the night like she had done before. His plan was to let her have her way then soon as the wife had her fill of him in a dress. He was going to get out of the ridicules outfit and change back to his own clothes, and do what he wanted to do for the rest of the weekend. Little did he know what was about to happen?

The thing he didn't know was that she had planned this weekend for a long time, because immediately after she had him fully dressed in the cute frill baby outfit; she surprised him by putting something over his head. Once she had it down in place she started tightening the straps, and locking them with small little padlocks. He had no idea what was happening. She had caught him completely off guard, and now had him in a cute pink adult size baby harness, which the wife just got off of E-bay. After she locked the harness on him effectively trapping him in his cute frilly outfit. She then grabbed each arm and attached them to the harness with wrist straps. This happened so fast he didn't even know what was going on till it was too late.

She then informed him of the new rules. Telling him that he would be spending the whole weekend, dressed as her little baby girl. She told him that he was going to be treated as if he was an 18-month-old baby for the entire 3-day weekend. She also informed him that he would be staying dressed as a baby girl the entire weekend, as she had tons of cute outfits for him to wear. She then said lets get you down stairs for another surprise I have for you. After which she attached pink leash to the harness and told him to head down stair. At this point he tried to get free but realized that with his wrist attached to the harness he was basically helpless and at her mercy. He was now stuck and had to do what she said till he could figure out, how he would get out of this mess.

Boy what a surprise he still had coming as his wife brought him down stairs attached to a leash, all dressed up cute in his new cute baby outfit. His eyes bugged out as he seen the big surprise waiting for him, when the wife led him into the den. For there setting right in the middle of the den was a large adult size playpen. She walked him over to the playpen and opened one side up, and told him to get into the playpen and set down. He was trying to get away but the wife had a good grip on the leash and made him get into the playpen. Once in the playpen and setting down she attached the baby harness to a small chain in the playpen with a padlock. The husband then realized he was stuck in the playpen till his wife would unlock the chain.

The wife then told him that he was not to use any adult words for the rest of the weekend, and if he did she would add another day onto his baby girl time. She said she would have no problem calling him in sick all week if she had too. She also told him all she wanted to hear out of him was Gaa-gaa's and Goo-goo's and maybe a ma-ma or Bot-bot now and then. You will be using your diapers just like any other baby would, as you are not allowed to use the toilet at all this weekend. So you better get uses to a wet and stinky diaper. Plus just so you know I also bought an adult size crib, and highchair that you will be spending time in this weekend to boot. She then strapped the adult size 5 pacifier in his mouth, and walked over to turn on the VCR and TV; so he could watch the baby tapes that she had set-up in the VCR. Wow I just love the idea of being forced to stay in the playpen, with a lock and chain, and having to watch baby tapes, while all dressed up as a baby girl. I really wanted to recreate something like that part of the story for myself. Somehow being forced to stay in a playpen all dressed up as a little bay girl.

It was about a month later when I was almost finished preparing to create my little version of that story. I only had a few more things to get done or do, and I would be all set to try my plan out. I was still waiting for my new large adult size 5 Nuke pacifier to arrive. It was due in the mail today or tomorrow. I have a PO box under a fem name about two towns over. That's where I have most of my girly and kinky stuff delivered. Once I get the new adult size pacifier, I will take it and hide it up in the attic with the rest of my stuff till I need it. Meanwhile I need to buy some baby bottles, a lager plastic bid, with some kind of babyish character or saying on it, and some juice or maybe some baby formula for the bottles. Wow this could really end up being a lot of fun once I get going. Heck a while ago I had even ordered 3 locking rubber panties in different colors. I had ordered them just in case I ever wanted to try something like this. I guess this would be a great time to try them out too. I can't wait to start my little fantasy day.

I had decided that before I would try to do this little reenactment. I would make or find some things I need to duplicate the story as best I could. So about a month ago I started out by going up into our attic, and locating my sister's kid's old playpen. We had stored the playpen for her in our attic about 8 years ago. So I knew it was up there some place. The playpen is the old wooden kind, it's about 4ft Square, and has wood rails that stand about 30-inches high. One side of the playpen folds down half way, so that a mom could lean in to check on her little one. Plus to my surprise, when I found the playpen, my sister's kid's old busy box was still attached to one side, with some baby toys in a bag next to it. This was great it would sure add to the fantasy. I also found the old 2-inch plastic padding that went inside for the flooring of the playpen. So I cleaned and washed everything up with a disinfected wash, I did the rails, padding, toys, busy box the works.

I had read that the wife in the story used some type of baby harness to keep her husband in the playpen. So I checked out adult baby harnesses on line and knew I couldn't afford something like that at this time. So I decided to make myself some type of harness out of a thick leather belt. If I had a harness I could lock it on, and then hook a chain to it like I read in the story. I figure I would get a belt that would go around my waist. I would then find a way to hook up a chain to the belt and be able to lock the chain to the belt somehow. Once the chain is locked on to the harness it would keep me in the playpen, just like the guy in the story.

So I headed over to Wal-Mart, and found myself a ladies 2-inch wide pink belt that was large enough to go around me. I then headed over to the hardware department to look for a hasp, and a small padlock set, which I found. I came home and took the belt buckle off the belt. Then I cut a slit in the belt large enough for the hasp to go thought. So you know a hasp is like what's on an outside shed door to help lock it. It's the "U" shape piece, which goes through a flat piece of metal that has a slot cut into it. Then you would put a lock through the "U" shape to lock it closed. I figured I would attach everything to the belt with some rivets, and cut a slot in the other end of the belt, attaching the flat part of the Hasp to that end with more rivets. I had cut the belt so the "U" shape of the hasp would fit not to snug around me, and then up through the small slot I cut in the opposite end of the belt. I had drill holes in the flat piece of metal that came with the hasp, and riveted it to opposite end of the belt. Then all you had to do was push the "U" shape piece through the hole, and the flat piece of metal. Then connect the chain to the belt or harness by using the small padlock through the U shape hasp and chain. It actually wasn't a bad set up at all.

My idea was to run a piece of chain about 18-inches long through a 1-inch hole I made in the floor of the playpen. The chain would be attached to a piece of pipe about 8-inches long and about 3/4 inches in diameter. I would connect them by drilling a hole through the pipe near the center. Then running a bolt through the chain and then through the drilled hole in the pipe and bolting it tightly. This way the chain and pipe formed a tee. By doing this you could not pull the chain out of the hole in the floor of the playpen, because the pipe bolted to the end would stop it. In this matter if the chain was locked to the harness you were wearing. Then it basically forced to the person wearing the harness to stay put in the playpen. You were stuck in the playpen till someone unlocked the chain. I could also hook a dog's 6-foot pink leash to the harness instead of a pad lock. So I bought that too the next time out shopping. I figured the leash would work really well for leading the baby around like I read the wife did in the story. That was just an extra thought I had for the use of the harness I made. I figured using the harness to keep me in the playpen, would make me feel helpless and under control. I kept this new harness, the 6-ft long pink dogs leash, and chain with pipe attached, with everything else that was kind of kinky, in what I call my fun suitcase. This case was an extra large suitcase I kept in the closet I built for all my crossdressing stuff up in the attic.

I then went to the Shop-Rite market, and bough a package of adult Depends for overnight uses. I also picked up two baby bottles, and a large pink plastic bib with the words "BABY PRINESS" on it. Plus a really cute looking pink princess sippy cup. While at the market I also got myself two pink cat collars, and two large pink oven mitts. I wanted the role- playing to feel as real as I could make it. The oven mitts would be for my hands, and would be held on by the cat collars. The cat collars would be strapped around the mitts at my wrists, and buckled tight. This would make my hands completely useless. To help in this effect I planned to take the thumb parts of the oven mitts and cut them off. Then I would sew the thumb opening closed. With no thumbs to help hold or move things it made the wearer helpless. I planned on hot gluing the cat collars to the mitts in three or four spots. This was so when I put on the oven mitts I didn't have to worry about holding the collars in place, while I tried to fasten them. They would be held in place with the glue so I could strap them on tightly. I was now almost ready to try my fantasy play day idea out. I just needed to figure out a few more details.

One of the problems I had to figure out was how I would be forced to stay in the playpen for a long time? I was trying to figure out just how I could make it so I would have no control over how long I would be kept in the playpen? Granted I had the harness and chain set up to help me stay in the playpen. But what's to stop me from just taking off one mitt, and then unlocking the lock and getting out? I needed away that I had no control over how long I would have to stay in the playpen? It had to be someway that would force me, no matter what, to stay chained in the playpen for a minimum of 3 hours or more. There just has to be a way I could do this? Then poof this great idea hits me. Oh Wow, YES I got it! I could lock the padlock in place to the chain, but the key to the lock would be in a glass full of water, only the water would be frozen. So I wouldn't be able to get out of the playpen till the ice melted in the glass, which would then free up the key for me to use to unlock the padlock. WOW! What a great idea! Boy am I good! I figured the ice would take at least 3 hours or so to melt. So for all intensive purposes I would be forced to stay put in the playpen for at least a minimum of 3 hours, till the ice melted freeing up the key. Then I could take the key freeing myself from the playpen. Yes sir if I do say so myself it was a great plan. I had the playpen, baby outfits, the locking rubber panties, adult pacifier, baby bottles, juice, punishment mittens, the chain, lock and harness set up, even a babies busy box and toys to play with. I was now all set to try out my fantasy. All I had to do now was wait for the right day to try out my little fantasy trip.

I didn't have to wait to long as Jackie came home the next week telling me she had to leave on a business trip Thursday night, and was going to be gone all day Friday and some of Saturday. That she would be coming home hopefully early Saturday. She had said she should be home around or before noontime on Saturday. This was prefect timing for me to try out my little fantasy trip, as Jackie wouldn't be home for almost 2-days. So here I was about to put my plan "A" to work. I told the girls in the office that I would be taking Friday off to take care of some personal things at home. Wednesday night to get things started, I poured water into a 12 oz glass almost to the top. After that I went down stairs to the freezer. I put the glass in the back of the freezer behind some things, and then hung the key by a short string from a shelf above it. So now the key for the padlock hung from one of the shelves in the freezer right down into the glass of water. This way the key was hanging about half way down in the middle of the glass filled with water. Once the water was frozen the key would be locked in the ice till it melted. So once I locked the padlock to the chain and harness behind me, I would be stuck in the playpen for at lease 3 hours till the ice melted and freed up the key. I would be just like the guy in the story. All dressed up as a sissy baby girl, locked in a harness, setting in a playpen. It would be just like the story, where the wife had locked her husband to a harness, and left him setting helpless in his little playpen.

I was now all set for an interesting day I hoped. I had planned this day out as best I could. I figure and planned for any problems that I could possibly see going wrong. I went over everything that I could think of that could go wrong in my head, and planned a fix for that problem. Like I said I had told the ladies in the office I was taking Friday off. My wife knew I was taking off, but she was out of town working. I would even call Jackie up on Friday morning to telling her I was going out to meet some people, and have lunch with them, and would not be back till near 4 or 5pm. This way I figured if Jackie tried calling me at home, she wouldn't wonder why I didn't answer the phone. That morning I would walk around and locked all the doors and closed all the blinds. So no one could see in. I was now ready.

Friday was here and it was starting out great. This was going to be a really fun day with me doing a reenactment of this fantasy story. I was ready for what I felt would be a really interesting time. I had already gone out earlier and had breakfast. So after I checked over all the windows, doors and locks again. I went up stairs and got the playpen out of the attic; plus all the other baby stuff I had hidden up in the corner of my dress up closet. I had a gym bag full of all kinds of baby items. I came down, and set the playpen up in the center of the living room in front of the TV. I then passed the chain with the pipe attached at one end up from the bottom through the hole I made in the playpen floor. I could now attach the harness and myself to the chain when I was ready. I also placed three pieces of 4 x 4's about 4 feet long under the flooring of the playpen. This was so that my weight would not break the flooring of the playpen. I then turned on the TV, and set it to the Baby Spout Channel. I figured that babies have to watch baby shows, and I had no idea what these shows were all about, but I knew that this channel was mostly for 3-year-olds or younger. It was now time to go up stairs and get myself all prettied up and ready to play baby girl for a day.