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Sophie baby

The Nursery

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He was with his brother in law Simon in the golf club bar and he needed to go to the men’s room badly; everybody was talking and he seemed unable to move, the need became overwhelming, and then, all of a sudden, it happened, a warm feeling spread round his groin, everybody stopped and looked, surprise, horror then laughter all around him. He wanted to run but was held still, something was wrong, why did it not run down his legs? Why didn’t his pants go dark? The warmth spread upwards and sideways ignoring gravity. Simon hissed loudly “David you are wetting your pants!!! “

David woke with a start, heart pounding, sweat on his chest and face. He opened his eyes at last, a quick glance showed the familiar cot bars and the pink glow of sunlight through the nursery curtains. Relief flooded through him, it was only a dream, the same dream, a frightening dream, and a visit to his past life.

Shifting slowly in his cot the dream faded, it was alright he had just wet his nappy in his sleep. He was safe in his cot; the golf club was a distant memory not to be seen again soon. He didn’t even know if he was still a member; that was a stupid thought. Too many of his former friends would know how Jane treated him now, how his life had changed utterly; how he was living the life of a baby girl aged two and a bit. It would be impossible to walk in through those doors ever again, even if somehow he became able to live the life of a man and husband again. He wondered if Jane’s new boyfriend was a member, did they discuss him and his baby status with others in public? He did not know.

His hands drifted down the bed he felt the comfort of the plastic pants, the large 60 inch square terry nappy held on with four nappy pins, inside that was a Tena maxi disposable that only occasionally leaked into the terry. He was safe. The warm feeling slowly spread and receded. He wondered if Mummy would come soon, su-king on the dummy that was clipped to his little short nightie top with a plastic clip and cuddling his pink rabbit gave him a secure feeling. He felt better now as he reflected that he did not think Jane had slept with the new man of her life that night, he had not had to listen in an agony of frustration, hurt and pain to their lovemaking in the bedroom next door. Normally Jane’s orgasmic cries seemed to go on for ever, building crescendo after crescendo before subsiding down to murmur only to start again a little later with renewed intensity. He used to lose count of the times this was repeated and could only wish that he could have made her enjoy sex like that. If David had been prepared to acknowledge the truth he would have realised that he had only heard her have an orgasm since he slept in the cot. In his former life as a husband his attempts in the marital bed had been shallow, quick and totally unexciting for Jane. In the months before he had accepted the inevitable and allowed himself to gradually slip into the place of a baby she had often teased him about his inadequacy in bed, his lack of staying power and small size. All this had of course made matters much worse until he was unable to get erect when required or, worse, spurted helplessly and uselessly in her hand at the start of foreplay.

He heard her moving in the room next door, a little later his door opened and he sensed her come in, she went to the windows and pulled back the curtains flooding the nursery with bright sunlight. It shone through her soft negligee revealing her firm sexy figure. Her smile and cheerful “Good morning my darling baby” made him glow with pleasure and love for this woman, once his wife now his wonderful mummy. He could see the baby bottle in her hand; he was thirsty and he took it eagerly from her and lay back to su-k on it and drink as she lowered the cot rails and started to busy herself round the nursery getting ready for the first nappy change of the day. A warm fresh terry square neatly folded from the airing cupboard, another maxi Tena from the large stack under the changing table, fresh plastic pants, the Pampers wipes and nappy rash cream to hand. She went out and returned with something he could not quite see.

“I have a special treat for you today she said; you are going to love it”.

She came round the side of the cot into the light where he could see what she was holding. It was a sweet sweet little baby dress; he recognised it as one of Unikarens designs. It was pink and baby blue with lovely bear and maypole motifs; obviously short, very high wasted it flowed thickly out from chest level, soft petticoats splayed out just visible underneath. He knew it would have cost a lot of money. It was just so gorgeous. It was for him. He would look so small and babyish in it. He writhed in the cot with excitement, his little pee pee stood smartly to attention in his nappy.

“Oh Mummy Thank you” he said. “It’s lovely”

She hung it on the wardrobe door where he could see it

She lowered the cot side and lent over him and gave him a little kiss on his forehead. He smelt her soft lingering perfume, her hair brushed his face.

“I knew you would like it. Do you want to wear it today?” She nuzzled his neck.

“Pleath Pleath Mummy” he muttered while still su-king on his bottle.

He felt her hands run across the front of his baby plastic pants; he instinctively arched up a little so he could get the smallest sensation of her hand on his little member. She smiled at him in a conspiratorial way. She lightly held the top of the plastic pants and pulled them up so they tightened and pressed his wet nappy onto his little excitement. Hardly believing it could be happening he writhed upwards and down again and then again and again as the exquisite sensation grew and grew. How long had it been since she had played with him like this, it seemed ages since she had done anything so overtly sexual.

“Tell Mummy about the dress” she said “tell me how you want to wear it” She smiled lovingly at him and as ever his own sense of surrender to this gorgeous women that he loved so much overcame everything.

“Pleath let me wear it today” “Pleath Pleath Mummy” He distantly recognised the warning signs and risks in the back of his mind. He knew deep down that she must be plotting some new humiliation, some shameful public exposure that would leave him frightened and awkward but the vision of the lovely dress and above all the firm pressure of the tight plastic pants over his wet nappy that was giving him such an excitement that he cast caution to the wind.

In a moment it was over; delirious pleasure peaking for about thirty seconds and he lay there in the cot catching his breath after an all too short moment of ecstasy. She smiled at him, laughing with her eyes.

The doubts about her plans for him that he had disregarded rushed to the forefront of his mind. He always felt like this after he had come in his nappy, the shame of being a sissy baby were always heightened and more acute. He used, years ago, to always tear off his baby clothes and vow to himself he would never do it again. Now, even if he had felt like that there was absolutely no chance at all. He had no adult clothes, no money, no credit cards, no bank account, in fact no escape that he could think of at all. As his dream and wet nappy had confirmed last night he almost certainly could not keep dry at night and although he did not want to admit it he needed a nappy during the day as well. What was more upsetting he knew he must continue to behave just like a l little girl toddler, lisp his words, su-k his dummy, dribble a little and walk in that jerky wobbly way of very small children. It did not matter if they were out of the house; the same rules now applied even to the extent of having to use his dummy from time to time. If he was to sulk or protest that he did not want to his Mummy had a simple rule; behave like an adult and get punished like an adult. That meant a hard spanking that really hurt with the pain lingering for some time often over a day coupled with some cunningly designed additional outrageous exposure in public that left him shaking with embarrassment and fear.

So despite any pleasure that might have existed in being a baby girl having evaporated into the wetness of his nappy he smiled as sweetly as he could at his Mummy and with his dummy still in his mouth summoned up the mental effort to play his infantile role and said “ Pleath can I wear that pretty dreath Mummy?”

She continued to smile at him and seemed to ignore completely what had just happened and told him to get up to start to get ready for the day. The wet nappy and the soaked Tena were quickly removed and with a friendly pat on his botty she told him to run into the bathroom and do his teeth and shower. As he did so he looked at the toilet which he was never allowed ever to use and was soon in the shower. He realised that this was about the only grown up thing he did now, but even then the door was open, he had no privacy and his principal task was to make sure that his body was completely hairless. Most of this was done with depilatories and now electrolysis at a beauty parlour but each day he had to present himself to either his nanny or mummy completely devoid of hair except on his head, where by contrast it was growing to almost shoulder length and could be handled in a variety of ways.

As he carefully attended to a few stray bits of hair he reflected on how in three months he had slipped from being a adult with a house, career, albeit not as successful as he would like to brag about in the golf club bar and a wife who was the envy of many of his friends because of her good looks, family money and a leading position in the software firm where they had both worked. Jane was one of those very modern women who just quietly excelled at most aspects of life. Her marriage to David had caused some comment at the time five years ago as most had assumed that she would have done much better; a fact she now recognised and indeed was well on the way to resolving the issue but in a most unusual way.

He heard her come in with a large fluffy towel which she wrapped around him as he stepped from the shower and started to dry him in readiness for his day as the little toddler girl he was rapidly becoming, not only in looks and clothes but in thoughts and behaviour as well. In the three months since she had pulled the first pair of plastic pants up over his first adult nappy he had been led on a journey of self discovery that amazed him. For nearly all of his post pubescent life he had always enacted his childish fantasies in secret and for the most part felt deeply ashamed of his submissive sissy girl leanings and even now he still did not quite comprehend how Jane could have manipulated him into his current position of dependence and helplessness. Their marriage had been mostly uneventful on the sexual side for nearly all of the five years, his small size frustrated Jane and fairly frequent premature ejaculations had been a problem for both of them and in the last year had lead to an almost celibate relationship. Suddenly she had adopted a much more domineering tone in bed, after one of his “premies” as she called them she demanded that he attend to her raging needs orally. He had not had to work so hard with his mouth ever before as she went on and on with orgasm after orgasm. After she had calmed down she quietly told him to go to sleep and ignored his now throbbing member which spent the night totally unsatisfied.

His thoughts were interrupted by her gently pushing him to the nursery changing table where after a liberal dollop of Johnsons nappy rash cream was spread around his botty and private parts and then topped off with a liberal covering of baby powder. How he loved that smell. A fresh Tena maxi, designed for maximum protection for heavy wetters, she had once told him, was pulled up between his legs and the tapes secured. A full 60 inch square terry went on next with four large nappy pins two at the waist and two pinning the leg openings. This always ensured that he had to walk wide legged like a toddler. The nappy was followed by Bullens plastic pants with full size 40 inch waist, with a wide gusset specifically designed to go over an adult nappy. A pretty petticoat, lace topped white socks, and a summer dress completed his ensemble. “I will put you in your special dress after breakfast as I do not want you to make a mess of it whilst you eat” she said.

In his high chair in the kitchen he dutifully let the warm porridge she fed him slobber slowly down his face and chin onto the plastic bib. As he had just “come” only half an hour earlier he really did not want to go through with such a charade, every sense in his body wanted to take the spoon and eat his porridge like an adult, but that was just unthinkable; the retribution on his bottom was not to be contemplated. So internally desperate with shame he behaved like the little baby girl he was being trained to emulate.

Of course he was never allowed to eat properly and always had to make some sort of a mess even when they were out in public. Last time in the Tesco cafÈ after they had done the shopping, which of course included lots of baby items for him, she had put him in a small bib and fed him a banana much to his squirming uncomprehending embarrassment. At least he was wearing his shortie dungarees rather than a dress. The fact that anyone who looked closely could see his plastic pants and nappies just peeking out from under the dungarees because they were both very short and wide legged was starting to worry him less and less. He had observed that most people did not realise what he was wearing and those that did just looked puzzled rather than any thing else. Occasionally he noticed someone who recognised what they had just seen and gave him or Jane or his Nanny a conspiratorial look, sometimes they grinned but to date no one had made any audible comments. He always felt at risk, exposed and vulnerable when out now and clung closely to Mummy or Nanny holding their hand when ever he could. The trouble was that often it was the sight of a grown man holding hands with his companion that gave the game away more often than the bulging nappy contained in milky white plastic pants sometimes drooping just below his childish dungarees.

As he ate he gazed at his lovely Mummy who leant close to him as she fed him. His tired little willie stirred in the safe embrace of the soft nappy. Her figure was even better now than it had been for sometime, in fact Jane, now effectively liberated from a marriage that was going down hill, had a burst of extra self confidence, went to the gym more often and shed those few extra pounds that can make such a difference. She had rediscovered the joys of gentle flirting, seeing men turn their heads when she passed. She had spent more money on good clothes that altered her from good looking to stunning.

She knew the effect she had on men and even now was pleasantly conscious of David’s longing eyes on her tight white top and well filled lacy bra that was clearly visible through the fabric. The feeling was made even better because she knew with utter certainty that he was unable to do anything other than look and long for the impossible.

“Come on sweetie let’s go into my bedroom and get you into your new dress and sort out your hair. Mummy has got to shower and make herself look pretty too.”

She unclipped the plastic tray from the high chair, helped him down and led him to the stairs. She went in front of him so that he could gaze at her firm bottom as she ran up them to her bedroom. Of course it had been their bedroom but now he was not allowed in without permission. If the door was closed he had to knock, if open he had to call his Mummy to get permission to enter. He realised that this rule was just another designed to make him feel inadequate and uncertain. It certainly did. He paused at the threshold and she stood just inside looking at him, waiting and making no move to let him in.

“Mummy please may I come in to your bedroom” he asked.

“Yes, you are a good girl to ask, Mummy wants to keep her bedroom as a private place, and little girls may see things they do not understand in a grown ups bedroom”

How true he rued, somebody else was enjoying fabulous sex with his wife in what was the master suite; moreover always within his earshot and he was helpless to do anything about it. Some master he had turned out to be. The room had undergone significant change in the past few weeks and become much more feminine and all signs of his former occupation had completely disappeared. He knew that all his clothes had been removed from the closets and drawers and given away to charity shops.

She sat him down in front of her vanity and started with his hair. He now was taken each week, either by his nanny or mummy, to a ladies hairdressing salon where his hair was being cut and brushed into a little girl style giving him a fringe, centre parting and two bunches. Mummy quickly brushed his hair to form the bunches and made them up with bright pink bands and clips. An Alice band in glittering pink finished off the style.

She then brought in that dress; oh it looked even better than it had this morning and she slipped it carefully over his head, put his arms in the sleeves and pulled it down. She got him to stand and busily patted and straightened the ruffles, pulled up the zip and buttoned the back of the neck. She popped a little lacy pink and white dribble bib round his neck that had the words Sweetie Pie embroidered on it.

She reached into a pocket and produced a new dummy.

“Look “she said “I found this dummy, it has little pink hearts on it, it’s really cute. Now here is a ribbon for it and in the pocket of the dress is a little loop so I can fix the dummy and you can keep it in the pocket. This is such a lovely dress and I do not want to pin your dummy to it as that may spoil the fabric. You can keep the dummy in this pocket and in the other you can keep this pretty hankie. Now that is really clever isn’t it poppet? I do want you to show people where you keep your dummy, you will remember won’t you?”

He sighed to himself, both Mummy and Nanny found new ways of shaming him all the time. They would expect him to run up to their friends and show them where he kept his dummy. The pockets were rather cute too with little lace edging.

She went back to sorting out the dress on him. A soft pink, wide heavy satin ribbon, chest high went round the back and did up in a large bow. The dress was lined, was luxurious to touch, and he could immediately tell that the material was expensive and above all it fitted him perfectly. Except, and he knew instinctively it was going to be so, the dress was short. It would not cover his nappies and plastic pants. She took him to the mirror. This overgrown little baby girl stared back at him, the face, despite the dummy in his mouth, was male; everything else was soft, pretty and childishly feminine.

He became conscious of Mummy behind him; she was holding a pair of shoes.

“I nearly forgot” she said “I had these made for you, let’s see if they fit OK”

They were shiny pink Mary Jane’s!! Oh my God he thought, this is the very end, what has become of me? They were soon on and he was back in front of the mirror. Despite himself, he felt his little member stir in what he suddenly realised was a warm damp nappy. He had no recollection of wetting, this worried him. Was he now dependent on nappies night and day? Of course he was. His emotions were all over the place, here in Mummy’s bedroom he felt safe as a sissy and was starting to be aroused, but he knew that soon his Mummy would take him God knows where, dressed just like this and he would feel so ashamed and awkward.

She told him to sit on the bed and wait for her as she got ready, in a flash she was stripped to her bra and panties giving him a very rare glimpse of her almost undressed body; laughing inwardly at her aroused but completely helpless husband, sitting in his new sissy finery, gazing at her longingly, she left him for the bathroom and a quick shower.

David just could not move away from the mirror, his little pewee was standing strongly now pushing with all its three inch (well nearly three inches) might against the soft damp nappy. The dummy was comforting and reassuring, he pulled his plastic pants up tight so he could get some resistance and moved his hips slowly forward and back, lovely soft babyish thoughts and sensations went through him, his baby life, his wonderful sexy wife whom he could now only ogle on rare occasions like today had become a distant dream as far as real sex was concerned. In his present state of super enhanced babyishness he loved the idea of his wife having another man.

He heard her come back out of the bathroom, for a second he thought she might be naked, but Jane was never going to let him see her like that again. She had wrapped a large pink bath towel round herself covering up her figure. Moving over to a drawer she pulled out some underwear.

“I bought these baby darling. They are French, Chantelle, they were really, really expensive and feel divine. Now turn your back, no peeking or there will be troubleÖÖ. Now what do you think?

She was wearing a black lacy basque with matching pants, he swallowed hard, he had not seen like this since he had become her baby. His member throbbed with urgent desire.

She was smiling almost laughing and walked over beside him, pushed him gently down on the bed and came very close and leaned forward so he could see her wonderful figure in the sexiest lacy bra he could imagine and, as cream on a cake, her tight panty clad bottom was visible in the mirror as well as his little sissy self. She pressed on the outside of his plastic pants he returned the pressure with an up and down movement with his hips. Her scent was all around him and she whispered in his ear “Oh my little baby is all excited at seeing Mummy like this isn’t he?”

It was over in seconds.

David panted, catching his breath trying to realise that he had come so quickly, the pleasure had been so momentary and already his little member was shrivelling in his nappy. Shame and frustration that he had let himself down in front of her when she was being so good to him caused tears to well up in his eyes.

Jane was inwardly ecstatic; her plan was working, he had come twice this morning and would really not want to play the baby role at all. She knew he would desperately, now he had come, want to be all grown up, adult and “normal”, but of course that was just not allowed.

No way Jose!!

Moreover the day she had planned for him would humiliate him more than ever with extra twists and turns that that should shame him and shame him again.

Instinctively she started to play the game with him.

“Oh sweetie baby, don’t cry, that’s why you are in nappies, I know you can’t help yourself, babies can’t. You can do your little spurties in your nappies whenever you need to, Mummy doesn’t mind. It is not like the time when you used to try being a big man doing it with me and you always had your little premie in Mummy’s hand. Then Mummy got cross, but she has her real man for that now. You are my little sweet baby who needs nappies to keep her safe and sound and catch all those little wets and messes that you can’t control.”

She watched him, whilst she started to get ready; he was writhing with shame, face flushed not knowing which way to look. He still had a dummy in his mouth and a little bit of dribble running down to the dribble bib. That had been a neat little idea of her mothers, making him dribble whenever he used a dummy. It added just another small element of shaming behaviour that he had to inflict on himself.

Like so many of these ideas they took a while to get him to do them properly but Jane with Emma the Nanny and “Grandma”, oh how she liked the fact that David now called his mother in law “Grandma” ,had developed a system of rewards and punishments that kept him constantly on his toes.

They called them carrots and sticks. The biggest reward was of course being able to play with himself in the cot at night and not have the mittens and lockable plastic pants that kept him in a state of frustration all night. He really did not like that and was always keen to ensure that he had enough carrots for the privilege. He needed three carrots for one night’s privileges but if he got himself up to ten carrots then none were deducted. This was a position well worth working hard for. A later bedtime was one carrot per half hour, using the computer but only to surf ABDL sites, the history file was always to be left available, was a generous one carrot per hour. The catch was that Mummy or Nanny might come in at anytime and make him read out from what he was reading. This exposed his true likes and dislikes to them and he went bright red reading stories like Anthony’s Accidents to Mummy.

If there were more carrots than sticks on the whiteboard in the kitchen he was allowed real food at lunch and tea instead of baby food from jars. The regime was a minimum of two stage three baby jars a day; he had quickly learned that the puddings, so called were not particularly unpleasant, in fact many of them were quite palatable. It was the savouries like chicken stew with rice or liver and dumplings by “Organix” or “Hipp” that were tasteless at best, disgusting at worst. So it was well worth being in credit so that he could eat a “proper lunch”, albeit cut up and always eaten with a small child’s spoon and use up the daily ration of two jars by having a banana and apple desert or summer fruits and custard for afters.

One of his regular humiliations on a visit to a supermarket was having to chose his weekly needs from the range of baby foods. Apart from the jars of baby food he had to choose little snacks like rice cakes, children’s packs of raisins and dried fruit, pots of “Cow and Gate” pureed fruit and “Organix” fruit bars and biscuits. Mummy made him chose every item, and while at first he would try to do it as quickly as possible paying little attention to what he was doing in his desperate hurry to get away from the baby food isle in Sainsbury’s or Tesco she always slowed the process down by querying choices or saying this or that was not suitable. After a while he realised that life was going to be more pleasant if in fact he chose food and jars that he actually liked. When he was with Nanny she always made him ask for what he wanted in his little baby lisp and generally put them from the shelf into the trolley herself. If the item was low down she would smilingly ask him to get it and they both knew that as he stooped down to get the item his plastic pants and nappies would bulge out from under his short dungarees.

In the meanwhile busy Mums with real children would come by and make similar choices whilst, David the overgrown baby wrestled with his own. Mostly the children sat in the child’s seat on the trolley and Nanny would often say to him “I know your Mummy is getting one of those adapted so you can sit in it like the baby you are.” Little threats like this always worried him; they had done more to baby him than he had ever dreamed possible so it might well happen.

Many children perhaps a little bit older than David’s “I am nearly three”, walked around the store with their Mums and David was always on the look out to see which ones were still in nappies and he often thought to himself;

“Well that it is two of us here in the isle in nappies and I bet yours are as wet as mine!!!”

Or sometimes he spotted a little girl who seemed very young and he could tell she was no longer in nappies and he always felt very unsettled and jealous that one so young did not need nappies like he did.

Small children are more perceptive than adults and David would sometimes realise that the little one in a push chair or hanging on to a busy Mum was staring right at his short dungarees and nappy filled plastic pants. From their angle of view all was very obviously revealed!!

He shrunk away from the thought that at any moment a small voice would say

“Look Mummy why is that man there wearing nappies?”

The contrast of the big nappied baby asking Nanny for more jars of bananas and prunes in front of a genuine toddler really was funny. Of course Mummy always had to be sure that, should he not be in credit as far as his punishment and reward sticks and carrots were concerned, they had at least a three or four days supply of savoury jars, so those were piled into the trolley as well. A week’s baby shopping nearly filled a trolley and Jane had for some time done most of the grown up food and supermarket shopping via the internet so when they came to the check out the trolley was mainly full of baby items. They often found some way of making it clear at the check out that it was all for him.

Reward carrots were earned by little extra acts of sissy behaviour, normally in public or with visitors, such as lisping well when speaking to strangers or playing like a little girl with her dolls when visitors were around. He had learned that doing something like nagging Nanny for chocolate at the checkout like a whiny brat was often good for two or three carrots. To summon up the courage to execute such a humiliating act that drew unwanted attention to him required a desperate need to play with his winkle that night or a longing for a more robust diet instead of the baby food jars.

Sticks were much easier to come by; any behaviour deemed to be adult usually brought an immediate “if you do that one more time you will be in trouble” if he talked normally, walked without a wide legged stance, discussed anything in an adult manner and most importantly he was never allowed to discuss the state of his nappy. Never allowed to say he was wet or dirty, not even to answer the question “I wonder if you need changing” What really humiliated him was the way his Mummy or Nanny would check to see whether he was dirty, they would lift his dress, pull out the back of his nappy and bend down to smell him, if that was necessary. If he was not dirty more effort on their part was needed just to be sure he was clean and his nappy and plastic pants would be pulled back, to the admonishment, “stand still will you”. All the while he had to stand there throughout this humiliating exercise and give absolutely no indication of the state of his nappy, just like a small child. They rarely say when they are dirty or wet.

In the home this was bad enough but it happened in front of visitors as well, he was fairly often checked, as a pretence to embarrass him. Occasionally they did to him when they were out in public, pulling back the dungarees and the plastic pants, cloth nappy and disposable to peer into the gap where his exposed bottom cheeks may or may not hide a nasty little shameful parcel. Maintaining silence through this little enactment was more than he could do in the early days and an adult “pleath Mummy don’t do that here, pleath Mummy, pleath people are looking” was quite enough have a stick up on the white board.

A stick equated to twenty minutes in the corner, three sticks a hand spanking across the knee and five a proper caning. “You have been behaving like a man, be punished like a man” was Jane’s motto. David seriously did not like being caned and went a long way to avoid it. Sticks and carrots could be offset one for one or David could run to Mummy saying “I sowwy I am a naughty lickle girl Mummy put naughty Sophie in the corner.”

If he had had a bad day and three or four carrots made a caning a real possibility it would be “Soth sowwy Mummy Sophie hath been very horrid today Mummy spank Sophie’s botty” If he looked Sissy and babyish enough and had the sense to ask when both Jane and his Nanny Emma were there they would oblige! It would result in a flurry of petticoats, a bare bottom across Mummy’ knee, Emma standing ready to hold him down and a very, very generous hand spanking till he was yelping and crying real tears and his botty was a very bright red bordering on purple.

All the while he would hear the two girls laughing and deriding his naughty behaviour, calling him a sissy baby for crying and making him promise to be a good baby in future. When it was over they would taunt him about the reason for asking for a spanking. “Baby wants to play with his little thing tonight then? Does baby want to spurt in his nappy? Baby can’t do properly can he, he only messes into a nappy thinking about his pretty dresses, want women would want that?”

At that Jane and Emma would burst into laughter and if Sophie had any sense he would join in this humiliating mocking by agreeing with them or adding a little humiliating touch of his own. A good one liner at this stage may well get a carrot but David was normally too tearful and flustered to say anything.

Jane had come up with a brilliant ploy for administering corner time. They made him stand in the punishment corner, in the hall of course so if anyone came to the door they would see him. That added an extra frisson of excitement to the ordeal. He had to su-k a dummy with a loop of short ribbon attached; the loop went round a thin stainless steel rod that went from floor to ceiling close in the corner. This smart but unusual piece of hall furniture always got questioned by strangers and if David was about he would have to explain its purpose.

This arrangement meant that he could not turn his head without letting go the dummy from his mouth; if he did that the dummy would fall to the floor. His hands were behind his back. They stayed there because behind him Jane would set up a small portable movement alarm that beeped very loudly if it detected a movement. It allowed slight fidgets, releases of muscle tension in neck, arms and legs but nothing significant. So he was imprisoned by a simple gadget!

If he let go the dummy there was no way he could pick it up again without setting off the alarm, he could not move his hands from behind his back to hold it so he had to keep his face right in the corner. All the while he was hoping against hope that the front door bell would not ring.

If the alarm went off or the dummy was on the floor he had to finish the current time and then start again.


Jane was now dressed and getting ready to put make up on, she turned to David who was sitting somewhat morosely on the bed pondering how he was going to cope with the day when he felt so unsexy, so adult and desperately not wanting to go on with this baby thing a minute more. He was longing just to return to his old self. Sensing his discomfort she brusquely told him to go and pack his Princess changing bag as they were going out as soon as she was ready.

David’s spirits sagged even further; he just did not want to go out, but he dare not complain or moan about things, he had a surplus of ten carrots and was getting much better food and was allowed to play with his winkle when he wanted to. He certainly did not want to lose them. Mind you the thought of playing with his little member was a million miles away just now.

He sighed and went back into his nursery to gather his things. Looking round the room he still could not believe that he now lived in such a little girl baby world. His Mummy had lavished care and attention on this room Disney Princess chairs and matching table with assorted boxes for dolls and toys themed in, teddy bear motifs on the duvet cover, Winney the Pooh wall paper and any overall sense of pink with light yellow and blue to set it off. The changing table with its plastic washable surface was prominent and under it was a full array of all the paraphernalia for baby change time, pampers, nappy rash cream, baby lotion, baby powder, piles of disposables and cotton nappies as well. About ten plastic pants neatly piled away, a bucket for soiled nappies. In the drawers and cupboards there were dresses petticoats and a full range of tee-shirts, socks, nighties, sissy girl pyjama sets and various Mary Jane shoes and sandals

The committment to babying him was so big he knew it would not end soon. His baby status was all round the house from piles of nappies in the airing cupboard, nappies and pants on the washing line and baby things in every room.

His changing bag was a bright Barbie Pink very sissy bag that he kept some spare disposables, nappy cream, powder and of course Johnsons or Pampers wipes. Mummy and Jane had a bigger bag that had the same but also a spare cloth nappy, plastic pants, bib and bottle or feeding cup.

Nanny had come up with a new idea last week that he should carry a dolls bottle and a spare nappy or two for his dolly Trudie. If he gave Trudie a bottle she wet her nappy and he had to change her, the new idea was that he took Trudie with them and fed and changed her when they were out. So far he had only had to do it when nobody else was around although the very idea of a grown man changing his dolly’s nappy was ridiculous; he rather expected he would have to do it in front of someone one day.

Mummy called out

“Don’t forget Trudie’s nappies she might need a change, oh and where is her pram?”

David’s heart sank; she knew about the new game! She was certain to make him play with his dolly and dolls pram wherever it was they were going. He ran downstairs to fetch the pram from the playroom. This used to be his study but over the last few weeks all signs of a male study had disappeared, the golfing pictures, the big cherry wood desk, and the Sony Vaio lap top had all gone. Now he had to use a slow old PC covered in pink girly logos resting on a small child’s desk. He was only allowed in to write stories and surf certain well known ABDL sites such as Buffalo Betties, petticoat monthly etc. One rule was that he had to select favourite bits of writing and read it out to his mummy or nanny.

The floor was untidy with toddler toys and the books changed for Barbie Doll and Bunty annuals and other early reader titles. He had to do all the colouring and little quizzes in each book or comic, sitting at his little table and chair, when each one was done he had to run to Mummy or Nanny all excited saying “I have done it Mummy, I have done it, me good girl”

The pram was next door to the Wendy house he got it out and made sure all the covers and spare dresses for Trudie were in it, he had started to enjoy playing with his dollies and pram but today he felt unsure and uncertain of what was going to happen. He heard her on the stairs coming down and went with his pram into the hall.

She was just stunning.

Money, confidence and pure sexuality radiated from her. She was wearing a pant suit with trousers that loosely flowed round her hips and legs; alternately clinging and swaying with her every movement, a tight white revealing top was loosely covered by a skimpy waistcoat, and her br.easts were proudly displayed. It was an expensive outfit. He noticed the elegant shoes that somehow brought an additional sparkle to her legs and movement

“Nicole Farhi in Bond Street” she said as if in answer to his thoughts “Like it” she grinned. “Oh and I treated myself to some Jimmy Choo’s”

Poor David, bending forward over his dolly’s pram, in his too short sissy baby dress, nappies and plastic pants to view, bright pink Mary Jane’s with lacy top socks and his hair in bunches.

What a contrast, what a sight, what shame!!

She went on in that cool calm voice that only comes from a top drawer education. St Paul’s School for Girls and Oxford with a first in PPE in Jane’s case

“Come on you look good too! My little sissy baby who has to wear nappies, you really look the part. That dress is divine, so babyish! Suits you Darling! Come here sweetie”

She reached for his dummy and pulled it gently, “su-k and dribble” she commanded. She made him dribble and with the dummy spread it round his chin.


It ran down his chin and using the bib she made a shiny wet mess over his dribble bib.

“You will get a stick if you do not remember to dribble sweetie, you do not want that do you? Let’s get your coat on”

She reached into the hall cupboard and pulled out his pink anorak; it had a shiny pink finish with pink faux fur round the collar and cuffs. It did up with large toggles and had white woollen mitts attached to each other via a ribbon that went through the sleeves, just like a small child’s. Like everything else it was too short and did not cover his nappies and plastic pants.

Moments later she put on her leather jacket that he knew had cost her well over a thousand pounds and at last they were ready to go.

Outside the house where the new X5 series Mercedes SUV was in the drive; it had a “bambino al bordo” sign in the back that she had bought on a trip to Rome. She said it looked cute. David realised it attracted even more attention than a normal “baby on board sign”. His Boxster had been sold weeks ago. “You won’t need that” she had said. “No more driving for you. Anyway we need a SUV; all Mums use them these days.”

The brisk cold air felt sharp round his bare thighs, exaggerating his sense of exposure and vulnerability, within moments he felt the urge to wee as the cold got to him. He was just going to wet when all of a sudden a sense of male determination gripped him, not unconnected with the loss of libido caused by two recent comes. He would hold himself and not just wet whenever a passing urge came on. He would go when he was standing still and decided to let go consciously, just like an adult. The fact it would be into a nappy was not the point; he was trying to be male and grown up and exercise control. After a spasm of concentration the urge passed.

She left him standing in the drive as she piled the bags and his dolls pram in the back. He felt so vulnerable just standing there like an overgrown baby in full view of any passers by or neighbours could see him, with the cold breeze fluffing his petticoats whilst he waited for her to open up the rear passenger door so he could climb into the booster seat in the back. When she did and she was right behind him he started to ask where they were going, a strictly forbidden question, “Shush” she said and leant right over him to do up the seat belt. Her body was close and he could smell her perfume; that wonderful figure was just inches away. He always wanted her however ashamed he was. She giggled at him, squeezed his nose playfully as she straightened his dress and coat before closing the door.

The booster seat always tipped him back slightly and his dress and coat rode up so his plastic pants were very visible between his legs. Despite himself and the new resolution to try and exercise control, he looked down at the area of shiny white plastic between his legs. He felt secure as the disposable and cloth nappies pressed his legs apart, the sight of the waterproof plastic pants tightly stretched over the thick protection always gave him that so safe feeling; the deep realisation that really he did not have to think about controlling his wets and messes anymore.

As they drove away, she relaxed, he was in the car and unable to escape his fate. She had put him in as grown up mood as she could and had not wanted to risk a confrontation before they were on the way. He was absolutely not in the right frame of mind for the humiliations that lay ahead, Jane wriggled her hips a little to try and gain some sensation down there; wow this BDSM thing was making her randy!

She grinned to her self as she gunned the powerful car quickly up to eighty down the dual carriageway “there is no point in humiliating someone if that’s what they want you to do”

Aloud she called to her sissy in the back

“You could have had two sticks so far this morning as you well know; any more naughtiness and you will be across my knee. Your favourite hairbrush is in my bag sweetie. Anyway we are going to Grandma’s for the day. You will like that won’t you?”

What she did not say was that her sister Sheila and golf mad husband Simon were going to be there as well with their two young, three and five year old, daughters.

A little surprise for David!

One of the most amazing things that had happened as a result of Jane’s conversion of David to Sophie had been the change in the relationship between him and her mother. Until recently Helen had made it abundantly clear to anyone who would listen that David was not good enough for her daughter, probably married her for her money and the chance to get promotion in the family firm. Of course she was exactly right in all of this. David never quite got the relationship right with her and was alternately gauche or overbearing. The truth was that he was completely intimidated by her and compensated by behaving badly or making endless faux pas. Above all he was scared of her.

Now that her intuition had been proven correct for all to see as David was clearly a little sissy pantywaist they seemed to get on much better. David, no longer had to try and impress her and even tried his hardest when with her to be the little baby girl he was being trained to be. He sub consciously had realised had nothing more to prove at all and could relax into his submissive self. This was something he could do well! Helen, who had obviously been proven right all along and, as a result, was now at ease with her little sissy son in law; expecting nothing at all from his manly side was happy to treat him like a little girl. On this basis they got on well as Grandma and Sophie. Jane had arranged for Helen to look after David for one day each week which gave Emma the Nanny more time off.

In recent visits Grandma had become sufficiently relaxed to let David talk to her about more every day things; she always made him do it with a dummy in his mouth with wet dribble running onto his bib and with a little lisp but he was able to tell her how he felt about his new sissy life. Sitting with a pretty dress fluffed up by petticoats on a rug in her elegant lounge, often after lunch, when she was having a coffee, he would be allowed “off the record” as such things were not allowed at home to tell her of his fears about being a full time sissy. She always consoled him and offered the reassurance that he was only doing what he really wanted to and should just let it happen. The “big man” in him always dissolved in front of the elegant assured older woman whom once he feared and now was starting to really like in a very strange but submissive way.

Although he did not have the slightest suspicion of the fact, Jane’s mother was one of the architects’ of his demise. Jane had thought that his poor behaviour in bed had indicated an affair, and one night when he was at the golf club, she swallowed her scruples and searched his lap top. It was not an affair she found but she was incredulous when she discovered reams of incriminating material about sissies and adult babies; long letters to other sissies; a favourites’ page list, well hidden that had all the well known sissy sites on it. When subsequently she found his stash of baby things she had gone crying to her mother talking about a divorce.

Helen would not hear of it. “Do not be ridiculous” she said “he will take you and the family to the cleaners, half the house, the one I paid for by the way, half your shares, half your income. What for? Why do we want to pay out to that little drip; have your freedom yes; but not a divorce”?

It was Helen who planted the idea to baby him and do what he apparently wanted; trap him in his submissive self and take away his independence. She argued that all of a sudden he will be hooked and helpless. You can then have your life back and start again if you want to. In a year’s time, if you like, we can make a settlement, he will be too ashamed and too deep into being a baby to do anything else but accept it. “Also” she said significantly “if we can get him out that job in the firm we can get someone who really knows how to market the product properly, like Jake who resigned because David was such a lousy boss.”

She came up with the wonderful line;

“An expensive nanny is a hell of a lot cheaper than a divorce”

The more they talked the more sense it made to Jane. Of course as they both acknowledged it may be difficult to pull off; but one night when Jane was going through a phase of doubts about it all, she showed her mother some photos David had taken of himself and stored on his lap top. He was sitting on the floor of their lounge with a dolly, short little girl dress showing off his nappy and plastic pants, Mary Janes, anklet socks and a Bo-peep bonnet.

Helen just laughed and her daughter joined in; soon they were almost in hysterics. It was relief from stress and tension, then she said through her laughter “he looks sweet really, quite helpless, just as though he needs a Mummy” Jane had responded “and a Grandma” and they both went off into hysterics again. When they had calmed down Helen said “well you know I wouldn’t mind changing his nappy, it would bring him down a peg or ten”; from that night on Jane became more and more determined. She put key logging software on his laptop and was soon following his every surf and building up a picture of his likes and dislikes. She found his secret baby email address and watched him chat to other men who wanted to be sissies. He poured out his longing to them to be a baby girl, still in nappies, wet and dirty. He seemed to want to be trapped!! Jane realised that although he said all this there was a risk he might not really want to and would demand a divorce when he was confronted with his choice.

Jane was nothing if not resourceful, the fact that she tracked his every electronic move without ever saying a word to him was sign enough but her next step was pure genius.

She made contact with a professional nanny to find out more. She paid Denise of course and after she had broken down her reserve she was very forthcoming. Her little bon mot was “men keep their brains in their balls”. Her advice was “keep him wanting more, keep him excited only let him come occasionally, make him think that if he is good then a further thrill is just round the corner. Taunt him with your body, make him want it but slowly withdraw your favours as he becomes ever more committed. Remember he will have fantasised about being your baby ever since he has first known you. These adult babies have normally been like this all their lives, they try and kick the habit but they always return to it. Watch out, though, in the early stages when he has come, he will return to adulthood in a flash, want to be normal, and plead to be allowed to dress normally.”

Jane even persuaded Denise to let her come to some sessions when she had clients; getting paid twice over by the client and Jane had something to do with it. Here she learned to use a hairbrush, a strap and the cane with just the right amount of force to be punishment as well as a little bit of delayed pleasure. She saw Denise humiliate her clients unbelievably, was amazed and amused at all these men who outside that room were regular blokes but in Denise’s nursery were little babies in a variety of dresses. Some wanted to be little boys but most wanted to be girls, Denise used to say that the little girl ones were the most heterosexual and wanted a mummy. Above all she learned to stand quite still and stare hard at some luckless client who just wanted to be put in a nappy and by the force of her strong personality and with a very quiet authoritarian upper class tone make him drop his pants and bend over and ask, even beg for the cane.

Denise used to say “My God I hope you have not scared him off!!” Later she used to call Jane and say you know so and so he wants you to come again.

Jane was getting the hang of this.

So as they sped along Jane started to think through what lay ahead. Her sister and Simon knew all about David of course, they had seen photos and were relaxed about their two young girls seeing “Uncle David” in nappies and a dress. Simon had just made one condition saying that if David needed a spanking it was not to be done in front of the girls. Simon was just great, nothing fazed him, he seemed to know about every thing; he even told Sheila all about adult babies. Apparently he had had a case once where the subject came up. He was however a real alpha male. Sheila loved him for his masculinity and forgave him the odd indiscretion as she knew he loved her but needed, as he once put it, a bit of practice from time to time. He told her it was to make sure he remained on top form to have good sex and know the latest tricks!!

Soon they were at Grandma’s house in the up market part of town. A circular drive led to the imposing residence that quietly breathed money and influence. David saw Simon’s car in the drive and immediately started to panic “is Simon here, Mummy?” “They are all here, darling” she said as though that helped him, “come along.” She was opening the passenger car door and unbuckling him to get him out.

This might have been David’s last chance. He might have refused to go in; Jane was a little worried that he would play up and was glad when her mother opened the front door. “Here they are” she called into the hall. David was being swept along by events. Standing by the car he could not run, did not want to enter the house, the car door closed behind him and the central locking clunked with finality. He was rooted to the spot for a moment but the drive was short and this was a busy part of town; he heard a bus coming along the road. He would be seen in all his babyishness by a bus full of people, he dashed, wide legged, clutching his dolly and bright pink changing bag, like a condemned man to the house and into the hall.

He just remembered to drop a quick curtsey to Grandma and give her a little kiss on her cheek. That got the humiliating dummy out his mouth for a moment. Grandma busied herself with taking his little pink anorak off. He had become so used to being dressed and undressed that he no longer tried to undo buttons or in this case the little pink plastic toggles and always stood obediently,and very childishly,whist someone helped him. She stood back and admired his new dress, saying how cute he looked and straightening out the pleats and fluffy petticoats.

“No frilly panties today darling?” “Just those plastic pants, oh well I suppose Mummy wants to be sure the family all know you need them”

He had to stand still whilst she retied the pink satin bow at the back. She then put the dummy back into his mouth after looking quickly at the little hearts on it and saying “sweet” and told him to remember that the best way to behave was like a little baby. “Just be yourself” she said conspiratorially “it will be much better for you really I promise, you look so cute.”

David tried to explain in a whisper to her that Jane had let him come in his nappy twice this morning and he was not in the mood to be a sissy. How could he meet Simon? She just motioned him to be quiet as at that moment Jane came into the hall carrying the big baby changing bag and the dolls pram.

Right on cue Jessica and Zo” came running into the hall with all the bounce and excitement of preschoolers shouting Hello’s to their favourite Aunty Jane. It was Zo” who stopped first when she saw David and with all the innocence of a three year old pointed and shouted

“Uncle David is wearing a nappy.” “Why is he wearing a nappy?” “Why?”

Helen started the explanation by talking about bed wetting when Jane chipped in.

“He needs one because he never remembers to ask for the toilet at all, nor even for his potty, Zo” not like a clever girl like you and so we have to keep him in nappies all the time otherwise he would wet his pants and trousers.”

Children can always ask the best questions; “I can use a toilet, I don’t need a baby’s potty why won’t he use the toilet? Does he wet the bed? I don’t, I can sleep through now can’t I Grandma?

Jane grinned at her, picked her up to hold her in her arms making her the same height as David. “Uncle David is very very naughty and he always forgets to ask me for the potty when he needs to go potty so we have to keep him in nappies all the time don’t we? Just like a little baby, and yes he does wet at night” “and” she said half whispering to Zo” “he does not even ask for the potty when he needs to do poo poo. Isn’t that naughty?” “So if you smell him just tell Grandma or me and we will come and change him. You will do that for me wont you?” Zo” nodded but quickly moved to the next question pointing excitedly at David.

“Why is he wearing a funny dress Aunty?” “Why has he got bunches in his hair?” She started to giggle “Uncle David you have got an Alice Band and bunches, you do look very silly”

David looked at Jane in helpless defeat, any thought that the smart new dress may somehow make him accepted just as a sissy but not a baby evaporated under Zo”’s taunting questions; Jane was no real support as she just smiled at him confidently with loving laughter in her eyes. He looked pleadingly at Grandma as though she might stop the torment but she just ignored him and laughed at Zo”’s questions.

Jane answered;

“Well, it is a proper baby dress, not a grown ups dress; as he is behaving just like a baby I thought I would make him look like one and that baby dress makes him look like a little baby don’t you think so Zo”? And it is much, much easier to change his nappies when we have to. Also,” she almost whispered “he likes it really”


Jane laughed; “Why Why, that’s all you say” “Uncle David has always wanted to dress like this haven’t you sweetie?” “But he never once told me, he kept as a nasty secret but when eventually I found out I said he could if that is what he wanted to do but only if he did it all the time. So that’s what we do now. You do not keep nasty secrets from your Mummy and Daddy do you Zo”?”

David was quietly going redder and redder with all these revelations in front of the two small girls. He was also aware that the urge to wee was growing quite strong; his resolve to hold on till a quiet moment when he could stand and pretend he was at a urinal still remained with him. He could not just let go now in front of everybody. He concentrated for a moment and the urge faded a little.

Jane was seemingly prepared to mock him in front of anyone by revealing that it was he who wanted to wear baby clothes. She was so lovely and he adored her sexy looks but why did she tease him like this; it was unbearable. The change in his feelings for Jane as the outward relationship moved from wife to Mummy or discipline mistress had been so subtle that he had not properly realised it had happened. He now worshiped her far more than he had ever done as her “husband”. Now he looked at her with a longing pleading glance as if to beg her to stop, but Zoe was in full flow.

“He has got a dummy as well, look at him Jessica he is dribbling down his face!” then sounding all important “I don’t have a dummy; Mummy says only silly babies have dummies, why do you let him have a dummy Aunty Jane?”

“Well why do you have a dummy David” Jane said with that innocent grin on her face. “Tell your little niece why you have a dummy”

Jane, and Emma in particular, had rehearsed him in the answer for this and questions like it, and he knew carrots and sticks were at stake. David did not want to tell, he did not want to speak, could he speak? Could he say anything? The silence grew. Jane, Grandma, Zo” and Jessica waited for the answer. Jane started to raise her eyes as David remained silent.


“I weally liketh my dummy, I need my dummee donth I Mummy?” He squeaked. They all waited. “Mummy I crwy if I donth haff a dummee”

Jane looked at him with a quiet smile encouraging the last confession “I want to be a weal baba all the time don’t I Mummee? Soth I haff to haff a dummee”

He felt awful having to talk like this in front of the girls and he noticed that Zo” even went quiet. He had got so used to having a dummy that at night and during the day he often sucked it absentmindedly, enjoying the comfort that a full mouth naturally gives. That was in private however. Mummy had often made a point of standing him in front of a mirror and teasing him about how ridiculous he looked with a dummy in his mouth, especially when he had to talk with it in. She had reminded him how infantile and babyish he looked and how a dummy shamed him more than even the nappies and baby dresses he had to wear. She liked to say that the dummy completely undermined his masculinity and was the facial symbol that reduced him to simpering babyhood. She taunted him by saying that his words and spoken thoughts and needs became worthless when they came from a mouth that was full of dummy and dribbled like a very small child.

All this had made him very self conscious indeed about the dummy, and this emotion was much enhanced on days like today when he had come in his nappies earlier and more particularly was being seen by others for the first time. More recently, Mummy and nanny had insisted that he was always dibbling all the time and had to have a wet dribble bib, this was not too shaming at home but when out in front of others, so far only in private not yet in public, it became a real source of embarrassment. He still wanted the dummy but at the same time was acutely conscious of the shame of being a man with this ridiculous thing in the centre of his face.

Jessica, unusually for a girl had been slow to be potty trained and had been wet at night and needed nappies till well past the age of four. The troubles of being slow had left her sympathetic with any one who was a bit of a wetter. Sometimes in school, when one or other of the small boys would wet his pants and then be teased by the other children Jessica was always kinder and more sympathetic than most, almost protective to the poor boy. She saw something of a kindred spirit in David with his bulging nappies and obvious unease at having his shameful little secret out in the open and sensed his wish to be in private away from this exposure to everyone. She felt a little protective of him and, well, although he did look so strange in that dress it was very pretty and somehow suited him.

She quietly smiled at him and told him he really looked pretty in a dress and he shouldn’t mind being in nappies just because he couldn’t help it.

“Oh my God, just look at you” His sister in law Sheila had just walked into the hall!

“Oh my God, just look at you” His sister in law Sheila had just walked into the hall!

She was totally different from Jane, clever yes, but much more down to earth, quite happy to be a Mum and look after children and her very successful husband.

She had been surprised at Jane’s choice of husband and had rather suspected he might have a weak side to his character. Like the rest of the family she was confidant and good looking, but was more outspoken. She was a good sportswoman who had played tennis for her college and was now a near scratch golfer. She had had some doubts about letting the children see David being treated as a baby but Simon had assured her it was a good experience for them, he had also rather mischievously reminded her how she used to complain that David ogled her legs and bum and suggested that she dress rather provocatively for the day. She had therefore dressed in a very short mini that she knew Simon liked as it showed off her firm legs to great advantage.

Now seeing David in the flesh for the first time in all of his baby clothes with his hair in bunches, heavily nappied and with the dummy in his mouth above a wet dribble bib standing helplessly in the hall, quite unable to do any ogling, she was quite stunned. Her daughters were obviously unworried by it all, so that reassured her, but the sight was so odd, so submissive that it positively invited her to tease and humiliate. She could not stop herself from flirting as she moved very close to him so he was almost overwhelmed by her presence as she started to examine David’s dress and nappies. She slowly ran her hands over the plastic pants and pulled at the leg elastic probing into the nappy, her hands wandered over his frills as she examined his dress and petticoats closely and then she asked where Jane had bought such babyish clothes and especially the large plastic pants; all the while grinning at him with a mocking expression in her eyes.

Jane had another surprise for David who was desperately distracted by Sheila’s intimate approaches and familiarity. His feelings suddenly started to move from shame to a rising panic, a new sensation that he had not felt for years, not since the day when Jane had once very nearly caught him when she returned home unexpectedly. He remembered that feeling again now.

“Oh I did not buy the waterproof baby pants Sheila, they were all in the huge collection of his baby things that I found he had hidden away, along with the petticoat he has on now and the socks and that bib. The rest I bought. We have a fairly large collection of baby clothes now; I think the nappy is one of his as well by the way. We always make sure he wears a disposable under the terry to give extra protection and to make him feel really safe and secure in his nappies, with that combination leaks are almost non existent; he also tells me it is more comfortable when you are wet to be in a disposable than in a terry. The big thing it is so much easier to handle nappy changes when he messes as he does every day; he had a good supply of them as well as he often dirtied himself when I was away. So you see I just dress him up and treat him in the way he wants”

“You mean you have to change messy nappies?” Sheila said staring at David. “That’s gross”

“Well you change your kids nappies I do not see the difference, they are all babies”

Sheila just shrugged at that response and then smiled at him and moved to wipe his wet chin with the dribble bib, as her hands came up her br.easts brushed against him, she was so close.

She moved back. David felt no better; the panic attack was developing slowly. He hated the fact that he had to dirty himself everyday; it was a really disgusting thing for an adult to have to do. The smell, the mess and worst of all the clean up afterwards when his nappy was changed, were horrid. Each time he had to lie back on the changing table with his hands holding the back of his knees tightly to his chest, his bottom and bits and pieces as they were often called and mess totally exposed and smelly whilst Mummy or the Nanny or even someone else dealt with it all. It made his babyish position so obvious and increased his dependence on the girls who looked after him. They never failed to tease him at change time as well. And yet despite himself; as he lay there in that extremely humiliating position, especially when Jane changed him he also felt so well looked after, so safe, so helpless, so deliciously dependent on someone he loved.

He didn’t know why but Jane always seemed to delight in telling everybody about his dirty ways and never left any detail untold, as she just had with Sheila and Zo”. Sheila’s presence and the discussion about changing time continued to make him more and more awkward and ashamed.

This was partly because Jane had, over the weeks, made dirtying a far more shaming experience for him than it need ever have been. Very early on he had come into their lounge at home with a freshly dirtied nappy, and red faced with real shame at this new humiliation he had told Mummy that he needed changing. She had simply ordered him to stand in the corner in that confident haughty voice that he did not brook any argument. Too embarrassed and ashamed about his condition he meekly obeyed whereupon she gave him a lecture on how to act like a proper baby; that babies do not know when they are dirty or wet, do not ask to be changed and have to wait till Mummy finds out. After twenty minutes of corner time when he could smell himself and all the while the mess became more and more cold and uncomfortable he was allowed out and she did absolutely nothing about his nappy. Eventually, he stupidly asked again. She ordered him it the corner again, he hesitated and said “but Mummy”, to which she just said “forty minutes now”

David suddenly realised that when you have dirtied yourself, are dressed in a baby dress, desperate for a nappy change and are standing in front of a very determined wife who is treating you like the baby you are you have no bargaining chips. You just have to do as you are told. He returned to the corner for what seemed like an eternity and could only think about the shame that lay uncomfortably between his upper legs.

The disadvantages of not being allowed to ask for a nappy change did not dawn on him at first. But one morning when he was hoping Jane would notice his need for a change she suddenly whisked him off for an early lunch. All of a sudden he was sitting in the high chair with the inevitable consequences to the contents of his nappy. Jane noticed the problem as soon as she started to tighten the straps of the high chair.

“Oh dear are we dirty Darling, Mummy will change you after you have had your Din Dins”

“ David then had the perfectly horrible experience of having to eat his lunch whilst waiting for a change and sitting in a messy nappy. The smell did not add to his appetite at all! Jane just carried on as though nothing untoward had happened at all. On another occasion he was wearing his dungarees which indicated they were going out of the house at some stage. David never knew long in advance what activities were planned for any day although some rhythm was starting to be established. Any way he thought he better do his poo poo whilst they were still at home, but perhaps deliberately Jane did not notice and she started to take him out to get into the car. David was petrified; the very idea of being out of the house with a dirty nappy was totally off limits in his mind. Despite the injunction to be quiet he squealed:

“Mummy I need changing, I’m dirty.”

Jane just stopped for a moment, said “two sticks for you young man and one more peep you will get another three” The fear of going out with a mess in his nappy made him persist but the end result was a sound spanking later that day and a nappy change in the baby change facility at Tesco’s. An experience he hoped he would never ever have to undergo again. Jane had excelled herself by first dragging him along by his hand like a naughty child to ask at the help counter if it was alright to use the baby changing facility for her “big baby” She made it perfectly clear he had had just had an accident and needed a fresh nappy. The smiles and grins and obvious support and sympathy for Jane from the shop assistants when they realized this man in front of them, dressed in childlike dungarees and with a very obvious bulge between his legs, did need a change as he was dirty reduced David to red faced snivelling. By this time he could easily smell himself, was sure that the entire world could as well, making him totally self conscious

Jane had at first thought that it would be impossible to pull off such amazing acts in public, not least because she never believed she would have the courage to do it. Somehow the sense of control over her husband and the sheer sexual fun of humiliating him overcame her scruples; a public school education and oodles of confidence made it all possible. She found that where most people did not notice anything untoward at first, as soon as she involved them in some way such as asking to use the baby changing facility, they were always on her side, seeming instantly to sense that she was the one in complete charge and that somehow it was perfectly OK to join in a public act of shaming this man in the unusual shorty dungarees and with the suspiciously padded bottom. His clear embarrassment and awkwardness make it so much easier for bystanders to disregard his feelings.

Sheila was still standing so close to him as all these thoughts rushed through his head making him feel doubly awkward about his baby ways..

“Come let’s show you off to Simon, he has only seen the photos so far

Sheila marched him uncomprehendingly into the large spacious lounge followed by the others. Simon was drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper and his body was stretched out a little on the sofa. He looked relaxed and totally at home in these elegant surroundings as he smiled a welcome to David and Jane and just said “Hi how are you two?”

Then he went on “Well well Jane told me you wanted to be a big baby, you certainly look the part.”

The voice, the assurance, the confidence the seeming normality of an impossible scene in an impossible place clouded round David’s head. He sensed a mist come down round him as he lost contact with reality. Without warning his dream of the previous night returned to him, he was in the golf club, he was wetting, Simon was staring at him; he felt the warmth spread up around and then down between his legs. Unconsciously he had lost control. Unaware of his actions he bent his knees slightly and clutched the front of his plastic pants with both hands in a vain attempt to stem the flow and making it clear to all what was happening. Simon surprised at such an obvious display of baby behaviour and suspecting wrongly that David was doing it on purpose said, by coincidence, the same words as in the dream

“David you are wetting your pants!!! “

David’s panic attack peaked.

A noise not normally heard in that smart drawing room irrupted from his pants, always an embarrassing noise when made in the wrong place at the wrong time and in public. This was worse; it was a wet noise, a very obvious noise to everybody in the room. David was as startled as every one else. Even as the wet warm symbol of extreme embarrassment escaped from his bottom cheeks in a sudden rush he clutched his bottom in an instinctive attempt to stop what had already happened. Horror was all over his face, which drained of all colour in a second. His breath came in short gasps. The dummy dropped from his mouth as he panted, hanging loosely on a ribbon. The two sensations spread slowly down filling that so vital nappy till they met in that supremely sensitive place between the legs. His hands still clutching uselessly at the back of his plastic pants with his legs unnaturally far apart and his knees bent he became the very symbol of a small child filling a nappy.

The silence in the room was total, and seemingly endless.

David could only see a mist but was acutely conscious of what had happened, the panic faded as suddenly as it had come to be replaced by a sense of dread and complete helplessness.

It was Zo”, still in Jane’s arms, who shouted out the obvious; “Uncle David has done a poo poo in his nappies Mummy” “Shush, Zo”, he can’t help it, don’t tease him” cried Jessica.

All of a sudden there was movement around David. Jane suddenly realised that this had been a traumatic but true accident was worried for a moment that she had pushed things too far and immediately moved to console her humiliated helpless husband by quickly putting Zo” down and reaching out for David in a compassionate gesture for him to embrace her.

Sheila and Simon held hands, but still were laughing at what had happened, not sure whether David had done all this on purpose. They were so sure of their own completely loving and normal healthy relationship that they both had a slight sexual lift at what was ultimately a piece of pure sexual domination theatre.

Even as David rushed into Jane’s embrace wishing she could somehow magic him away from this elegant house and all these people he was babbling “sorry Mummy, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to, I am sorry Mummy” over and over. She just calmed and caressed him saying “there there my little Sophie” and the same time she put his dummy in to give him the much needed support and comfort that they bring.

Helen came quietly over to him. He felt her hands lift up the back of his petticoats and dress, the plastic pants and nappy went tight at the front, pressing the wetness against his shrivelled member as she pulled out the nappy and pants at the back. She bent down, sniffed, “Oh yes we have a dirty nappy”

David was mortified. A nappy inspection by his mother in law in front of the family!!

Jane and Helen quietly lead him out of the room. He still walked wide legged so conscious of the warm wet mess in the back of his nappy; his hands hovered over his bottom as if to shield the shame from view but in effect only to draw attention to what he had done. David’s eyes were riveted to the floor. He could not imagine what Simon and Sheila must think.

They took him upstairs to the spare bedroom where Helen had set up a changing facility. She looked after David every Friday so Emma could have the day off in exchange for babysitting at night or working on the odd Saturday or Sunday when Jane wanted to be free to go out and enjoy herself without David being embarrassingly in tow. David, of course had been appalled at the idea of being looked after by what he had thought of as his snooty and haughty Mother in Law but the relationship had changed over time and he had had become a sissy plaything for her.

During his recent visits Grandma had become sufficiently relaxed to let David talk to her about more every day things; she always made him do it with a dummy in his mouth with wet dribble running onto his bib and with a little lisp but he was able to tell her how he felt about his new sissy life. Sitting with a pretty dress fluffed up by petticoats on a rug in her elegant lounge, often after lunch, when she was having a coffee, he would tell her of his growing acceptance of parts of his baby life but plead with her to ask Jane not to humiliate him in front of others or in public. He admitted he had been a poor lover to her daughter because of his submissive nature and secret longings to be a baby but also begged to be allowed potty privileges sometimes and to return to a normal life from time to time, but of course his pleadings got him nowhere. His Grandma was a good talker and always had a logical answer why every little request that he made was inappropriate or not timely.

He was often allowed to wash her underwear by hand and go into her bedroom to tidy her drawers a task he absolutely loved. Her underwear was designed for the more mature woman and was less flimsy than the things his wife Jane wore. She had David Nieper panties and lovely collection of slightly larger bras and control garments, basques and panty girdles. David often spent over an hour putting things away lingering over every garment lovingly folding a caressing it before he put it in the drawer.

Only a few weeks ago he had been unable to stop himself from delving into his nappy and starting to play with his tiny Willie whilst fondling a pair of her soft panties. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he never heard her come in to the room. When she spoke he nearly died with shock but instead of being angry she just sat on the bed and said “go on but do not come”

Reddening with awkwardness he continued to play, his hand pumping slowly and rhythmically at the gorgeous sensation in a clean soft nappy. She smiled encouragingly leaning forward towards him. Her mature sexy body seemed to fill her clothes and bra making her very desirable. She sensed he was getting close so she quietly said

“Now stop, take your hand out but hold those panties close to your face little sissy baby. Before you finish you have to choose a present for me; something I would really like to have; something you could easily do for me, to please me.

Are you going to let me show you to my bridge partners who I can arrange to visit here next Friday to see my baby son in law? I am sure they would love to see you doing what you are doing now! We could do that first and get all that nasty goo out and then you could show them all your baby ways. A nappy change right on the lounge floor just after you have come would be a great ice breaker what do you think?

Or would you prefer me ask Jane and her boyfriend to come round here for lunch one Friday? It would be a real opportunity for you to thank him for being such a good lover to your wife and I am sure he would love to see you as a baby. I understand he has some difficulty comprehending what you look like all dressed up. We could even arrange for you to give him a little parade in your prettiest dresses! Afterwards I would put you in the high chair to have your lunch; that would really show him how you behave. You would also get to know who he is; maybe it is someone you know!! Don’t you want to know who is making Jane so happy in bed at night?

Lastly would you like me to arrange for a visit to your old office in a pushchair? Just think of all those girls you used to chat up, Penny your secretary, Melissa your assistant and of course the young people who work in the telesales department. They are all wondering where you have got to and the odd rumour is going round so you could explain it all to them. I reckon about a half day; Emma could bring you round when I am there for a board meeting in a new pink pushchair I am having made for you. We could leave you with each group for a while to chat about old times. She would have to change you at some stage and there is no changing room but I guess she could put a changing mat on the table in the conference room, you know the glass walled one on the second floor next to telesales.”

“No No Grandma please no!!” He was shocked that lovely Grandma could even think such humiliating thoughts. He whipped his hand from his nappy in horror that he might have to make have to do something as shaming as that in exchange for a spurt.

She laughed.” Alright alright not just now but sometime you know you will don’t you?”

The trouble was he did. Deep down in his mind where he dare not dwell at all he knew that all those things could happen to him. He knew that they had not fully tested the lengths they would go to shame him and expose him to others. He knew that his own masochistic longings made all that quite possible. Partly because he was effectively trapped by Jane’s clever planning at the outset so that he no longer had credit cards, cash, any keys to the house or car and Jane had made great play of the fact that he no longer had any bank accounts. Above all was the fact that she had taken away all of his adult clothes so to walk out of the house unaccompanied was absolutely unthinkable. All these constraints made it easier for him mentally to acquiesce with whatever little humiliation came along. He was also totally unsure of his continence and guessed he would need a nappy whatever he did until he could retrain himself; this self doubt about wetting his pants in public sapped at any resolve that from time to time surfaced. The real truth, however, was that he went along with all this because of his deeply submissive nature which in the end undermined his will to resist or to find ways out of his predicament. Not that he did not have a real desire from time to time to grow up again and escape, this was always much much stronger when he had just come and sometimes after a spurt in his nappies he would fight himself every minute to try a regain control of his bladder, resist giving in to the girls’ plans for his baby ways or at the very least comply with their wishes in a surly ungracious way that made it clear he was only doing it because he had no choice. Each time though sticks would mount up and then his libido would start to return and resolve would weaken until he was compliant again desperately trying to be good by going along as much as he dared with the girls ploys so that he could earn carrots so that he could ease his frustration at night and play with his willie again. At times like this his baby status seemed fun provided it was kept safely within the home. Outside or with strangers he always felt exposed and ashamed however long it had been since a come.

“Now then, just put your thumb into the panty gusset, you know what that is don’t you? “He nodded eagerly “yes it is the bit closest to your Grandma “she smiled at him. “Now put your thumb and the panty in your mouth and have a good wet su-k. That’s nice isn’t it? “She laughed “Now let’s put the hem of the panties on your pinkie finger, that’s right you can feel Grandma’s panties on your face I bet that feels good to a sissy!” “You can come downstairs just like that and keep them there till after lunch.”

A little while later, after lunch he was sitting on the floor of that elegant lounge still with the panty gusset in his mouth and su-king hard as Grandma returned to the room and sat down with a coffee and he also noticed she had a small wrapped parcel that she put down on the table beside her.

“Still excited I see. Well I will let you have a little play in your nappy! I want to see if you can come by just moving your hips. So try!

Oh I see it seems to work”

He still was quite hard and just by moving forward and back as he sat on the floor he could create that magic sensation in his nappy. As she encouraged him the movements became more and more pronounced. Her taunts about being dressed as a baby; getting excited in front of his mother in law and the expectation that he would mess in a moment or two did not stop the slow growth of the unique pleasure spreading upwards outwards through his body and into the brain so that reality becomes completely suspended and second only to the strange demands on the mind that only sexual longing however oddly formed can command. The wet panty gusset in his mouth became something to lustfully slobber over; the full nappy between his legs seemed at once soft but firm round his thrusting willie. Seeing nothing else, he stared at the fringe of his petticoats and the shape of the plastic pants between his legs with the stretched leg elastic cutting into his thighs so containing the thick nappy securely. In his mind the baby pants assumed the role of a hugely erotic sex object. At the same time he felt could sense her body going soft and sensual in the chair and the look of amused fascination transforming her face, making it somehow a shared experience.

The explosion was not long in coming; accompanied by little girly moans and whimpers he slowly peaked into a series of hard exquisite thrusts into the damp Tena, moaning quietly Mama Mama Baba Baba over and over.

He went quiet. This was always the worst moment as the pleasure faded quickly followed by shame, horror, surprise and regret. He always wanted to be quiet, left alone to reorganise his thoughts to face the reality of where he was, what he had done, how to face the world in baby clothes once again. He couldn’t really believe he had just come in his nappy right there, on the floor of this elegant lounge, in front of his mother in law!! The baby clothes lost their wondrous appeal of moments earlier and became odd, inappropriate and shaming. He just did not know what to do with her panties now all sodden wet with his dribble round the gusset area. He had moved from exquisite sex to low shame in seconds.

Helen sipped quietly at her coffee watching him undergo the transformation from pleasure to shame. She had a small warm feeling down there that she may well have to attend to discreetly in bed that night after David had gone home, but she was certainly not going to let him sense that. It was always more intense when she realised that he truly did not want to be a baby anymore. The post orgasmic hiatus when he loathed his baby status was the most exciting for her. She loved the moment when she could see in his expression the realisation that he had done something so shameful; alone and unaided. The very act was a disgraceful thing to do in her lounge; it was unmanly and ultimately rather childish in the sense of showing a massive lack of control. She wanted him to sense such behaviour revealed his quirky innermost thoughts, impotent desires and a babyish feminine sexuality that were quite out of place amongst normal people like her family She realised the act of su-king her panties had exposed another weakness. Above all she wanted him to feel so inferior. She, like Jane, wanted to manipulate him, reduce him and so make him completely dependent on them.

“You can keep them and show Mummy what you like doing” she said thus rubbing further shame into her spent son in law.

She had one more surprise for him.

“I have a little present for you, I think you will like it, it was expensive and is one of the best of its kind.”

She handed him the parcel.

David knew what was in that parcel, he had sensed it from the moment he had first seen it. He did not want it, He knew the time for this would come eventually but he mentally did not want to think about it, especially now. He also did not believe his Mother in Law could ever present him with such a thing.

He slowly unwrapped the packaging, the box was the size of a very small shoe box or perhaps a jewellery box. Tearing the paper away he revealed a solid wooden gift box, a silver plaque was engraved with the words;

“To our baby, Sophie; you will learn to love this as we love you. From Mummy and Grandma” They were using his baby name which always softened him as he really liked to be called Sophie.

He opened the box.

There lying on a bed of velvet like an expensive jewel were two silver rings, larger than finger rings bit not much, thicker and stronger looking as well, one was slightly bigger than the other. They were joined together by a hinge device and small chains. Each had an elegant thumbscrew mounted on the top of one and the bottom of the other and closer inspection revealed that the rings diameter could be tightened or loosened by the thumbscrew rather like a jubilee clip. But these were no crude devices they were elegantly made, smooth and polished like jewels and had a strange beauty. Two separate very small, almost miniature padlocks lay separately alongside each ring. David could not immediately see where they fitted.

He had no doubt what this present was. He had fanaticised over the years about being chastised. However if the thought always made you hard then surely it is not for you? He was not ready to submit to this. The pleasure of coming, as he just had, was real; a reward for all the shame and humiliation he suffered everyday. It was something that made his submissive nature somehow OK in his head. How could he sacrifice that as well as what little was left of his male pride, the freedom to ej-c-late at will even if that was only in the most humiliating of circumstances?

He shook his head strongly; “No Grandma please no; not that please no!”

Even as spoke he knew he would wear it soon. He half wanted to now; what would it be like to be finally controlled. Of course he wanted it on, then off whenever he asked, but he knew that such a thought was stupid.

The door bell rang. Helen went to answer it. The normal sensations of fear started. Who was it, would they come in? Having just spent himself he did not want to have to perform as a baby in front of strangers.

Voices in the hall, a deep male voice and a girl’s; they chatted for a while but he could not quite make out what was being said. Perhaps they would go without coming into the room. Perhaps Helen would protect him from them; he surely did not want to be seen in his dress just now.

No luck, they were coming in; he braced himself as best as he could mentally, still sitting on the floor he closed the box with the chastity, put his dummy in and looked at the door. The wet panties lay forgotten beside him.

She was small petite good looking with soft long blonde hair; about twenty something. He was older, fit and well built, with something of a Brad Pitt look about him. Grandma smiled and introduced them as Sally and Morris; they were here to make sure his new Chastity was the right size!!! Apparently with this up market model there was an optional fitting service if required. She went on; Mummy and I have taken advice and we will not insist you wear it and certainly not today. You will ask us when you are ready to have it put on. It will be your choice.

Sally chimed in “that’s right we find that it is much better for the proposed wearer to volunteer when they are ready. When the dominant has arranged for one in secret as the case here the wearer takes a while to be mentally ready for this extra step but normally they ask to chastised about two to three weeks after the first presentation. Obviously if they are involved from the outset it is different and we put it on and if it fits well then it stays there. The purpose of the fitting now is to make sure that when you are ready all will go well without any discomfort or problems and you can be put under control for as long as the key holder deems appropriate.

Well you are a little sweetie, your Grandma has you dressed up so prettily don’t you think so Morris? Is your name Sophie? Oh he is shy; well I am used to seeing a lot of very shy men! But you are the first baby girl I have fitted. We have sold them to babies before but you’re my first for the fitting service. Grandma says you have just had a little come come; that’s really good as it is so much easier to fit if and we do not have to use lots of cold water and ice to get you small.

Mrs Baxter will you take Sophie’s nappy off please?”

Grandma put a rubberised sheet under him, explaining that these days they were not sure how much control he had left. He lay back with his legs apart and knees in the air right there in the lounge in front of Sally and Morris whilst his wet nappy was removed and his private area shiny with his come was wiped clean with pampers; she then put on a liberal amount of baby lotion around his private parts. A little pull on his arms and he was sitting in front of Sally without a nappy and as the short dress was only waist high all his bits and pieces were clearly on view.

“Oh that’s great the lotion should make it all slip on much easier.” Sally kneeled close in front of him, smiling encouragingly at him with sensuous lips as she went about her task.

“First we unclip the larger ring and that goes round your little sac; it is as wide as it needs to be slipped on and then we clip it closed like a bracelet, this little wheel then closes it up so it is snug.” Her fingers were soft and feminine as she went about the most intimate of tasks softly touching his little bits and pieces. “The silver padlock stops anyone from tuning the wheel or unclipping the ring: absolutely foolproof.

It is attached to the smaller ring which works in the same way and that goes on the base of the willie, see that’s just fine and snug isn’t it darling?” Her gentle hands eased the ring over his tip and down to the base.

“Morris was this the smallest you have ever made? You see many small men end up chastised so we do make many very small sizes but this one is the smallest we have made yet for an adult.”

As she knelt in front of him he was so conscious of her lovely neck, petite face and sensuous perfume; a really pretty young girl. But she had just put a chastity belt on him!!

Morris who had been watching very carefully chipped in “We must test it Sally. The point is Mrs Baxter we find that some men, well sissy boys really, are so small when unaroused like Sophie here, their pen-s doesn’t grow a great deal when they get fully excited so they are sometimes able to get a little relief with the chastity on even though it is tight. We can’t make the fitting any smaller for the unaroused state as it could be sore and dangerous.

Anyway lets try; Sally does this well”

Sally smiled at David; her young face with big brown eyes looked so loving to David that he immediately responded to her expert stroking. Her soft fingers went under his tip and found that so sensitive area which was silky with baby lotion. As he started to swell she looked approvingly at him. “Good baby; good baby for Sally, show Sally you like her, Sally loves to play with your little peanut; oh and think about Mummy’s boyfriend, Oh I bet that is exciting!” “I bet you like playing with this little dinky toy when he is with your Mummy in the big bed”

How one so young could, so pretty and feminine, read such awful secrets in your mind?

As he became aroused and well before promised pleasure started to glow the tight feeling became more and more painful, pleasure and pain became fused until, so reluctantly, he had to push those soft caressing young hands away from his member. “Pleath stop” he wretchedly murmured. Sally slowly stopped “Oh I was enjoying that.” She laughed at his anguished expression, and playfully pinched his nose “Come on you like the suspense too!!”

Suddenly she seemed to notice the wet panties beside him. “What’s going on here” she laughed.

Helen joined in “ Well he got so exited when he was in my panty drawer I had him su-k them for an hour or so then he managed to do his baby come in his nappy. I needed to get him to come before you came you see.”

David went bright red and stared fixedly at the floor. Sally’s fingers went under his chin forcing him look at her, and holding his gaze she said, half scalding half laughing “ Well that is a shaming thing to do, isn’t it Sophie, fancy su-king your Mother in Laws panties in front of her; well well! Now if this chastity had been on that would not have happened; Morris and I would not know your little secret and you would not now be about to cry!” She looked at him with that mocking gaze as he slowly went even redder with embarrassment as her eyes held his.

Morris and Sally were clearly satisfied with their handiwork having seen that relief was not going to be possible for David. Grandma asked him if he wanted to keep it on to which he again shook his head emphatically. Sally without fuss or any sexuality quickly removed it wiped it clean with a tissue and put it in the box.

“Just keep it by him in the Nursery and he will think about it all the time, soon he will ask for it to be put on him, they always do! It is deep in their submissive nature the desire to have there sexual relief taken away from them. This is especially true for Cuckolds, they know they no longer need it to do anything with their wives or partners so a chastity is just right for them and they love it really. Many wives’ give the keys to the real man as a sign that there former sexual relationship with hubby is completely finished.

As they made ready to leave Sally turned once more to David who had a lovely view of his young tormentor from the floor as she smiled and laughed blowing him a kiss from those full lips as she left.

He snapped back to reality in Grandma’s spare bedroom as Jane told him to lie down on the changing table.

David had resolved not to weaken, not to ask to be chastised; never. That was two weeks ago and somehow he now knew Sally was right. Soon he would submit. Each new humiliation like the terrible scene that had just happened brought with it the certainty of more degradation and submission. He was on a slow slippery slide down right out of his control.

As he moved gingerly to stop the warm mess between his legs from going everywhere He looked desperately into Grandma’s face for sympathy over what had happened but she just looked businesslike. Jane now seemed to be a bit preoccupied too; he guessed it was because she did not want to have to deal with his dirty nappy right now.

Almost in tears because of the disgrace of messing in front of his wife’s whole family and desperate for some reassurance he raised his hips as she pulled down the plastic baby pants to his ankles and waited while she unpinned the nappy. As soon as she was ready to pull it away he brought his knees up to his chest keeping them as wide apart as he could. She carefully pulled back the Tena disposable to reveal the mess he had made and pulling a face eased it from under him, folded it up and put in a nappy disposal bag. The inevitable smell wafted round the room; his fault, his smell, his shame. Looking vaguely irritated she started to clean him up with pampers wipes and liberal amounts of baby lotion. David just lay there, with his hands pulling the back of his knees wide onto his chest with all of his most private parts exposed to his wife and mother in law in a silent personal agony of embarrassment over what had just happened. How could he have lost control at both ends in front of his brother and sister and law and their children; how was he going to face them again? The wearing of sissy baby clothes did not seem so bad compared with the awful reality of what had happened in the lounge. Normally he would start to get excited as feminine hands full of lotion ran over, around and up and down his little willie, but not today. She was soon reapplying nappy rash cream and talcum powder; but today he remained shrivelled, lifeless and very small. The two “comes” earlier in the day and the sheer shock of what had happened just numbed his emotions through and through.

With a “that will do” she reached over to the changing bag and pulled out a clean white fluffy terry already pre folded and telling him to lift slipped it under his hips so he could relax into it’s soft whiteness. Then she started to open up a fresh Tena maxi to its full shape and holding it in front of him said “What’s this” The only answer was, as always, “It’s a Baby’s nappy Mummy” She nodded grimly and said “well you have just proved you need one that’s for sure” . Then she slipped it under his hips and soon the Tena was firmly in place with the tapes tightly closed making it snug and secure. The clean large terry nappy came next pulled up tightly between his legs. As always the four big, pink headed nappy pins secured him tightly round the waist and again at the top of his thighs ensuring his legs were held really far apart and giving him the full soft feeling right in his most sensitive place. Grandma, meanwhile got out another pair of the big white plastic pants, flapped them to remove the creases and held them up in front of him holding the waist bands apart making them look large; ready to go over his big nappy.

“What are these” she said and Mummy and Grandma waited for the inevitable answer. “They are my plathtic baby panths”

“Why do you wear plastic baby pants” she said slightly emphasising the “p” and “s” so as to show up his baby talk. “Becauth I need them to save my wetties and dirties”

“NO; you wear them because you like them, you want to wear them, you had a whole secret supply, you went to ladies to be put in them behind Mummy’s back, you want to do wetties and dirties; you want everyone to see you in baby pants and dresses don’t you?

He knew the answer “ Pleath Mummy and Grandma I love my plathtic baby panties, I love being your baby I cant thop myself doing wetties and dirties, I cant thop being a big baby”

“Well just you remember that Baby Sophie and behave like one”

Now smiling Jane slowly pulled the pants, the most shaming piece of clothing he had to wear, up his legs, tugging at the elastic to be sure the nappy was fully contained. This was the moment David loved despite himself. It happened many times a day the completion of a nappy change the clean warm dry sensation all down there. The firm pressure between his legs giving a real sense of safety and security, the lingering smell of lotion and powder, the freedom of control and responsibility that the nappying engendered, manhood removed he sometimes thought. It would only last a while and then the first little wet followed by another and another, hardly noticeable at first, just a warmth, gradually growing heavier, wetter and slowly more uncomfortable until another nappy change started it all over again, this several times a day a ritual that eroded his manhood, self respect and self esteem but replaced them with softness, submission and compliance.

Grandma took the slightly soiled cotton nappy away to put it in the washing machine and said she was going to rinse out the plastic pants. Soon he was waddling downstairs again feeling fresh clean and comfortable. Despite himself he cheered up at the soft sensation between his legs. He caught a glimpse of his refection and saw how babyish his dress made him. His hair was in bunches with the gloss pink alice band; and those bright pink Mary Janes and white lacy socks! Mummy walked him holding his hand back into the lounge. Sheila and the children had gone into the garden to play leaving just Simon there still reading the newspaper. Fortunately David’s panic attack did not return but he just felt incredibly awkward at having to face Simon again. Jane motioned him to the sofa and told him to stay and play with his dolly which she handed to him whilst she went to help Grandma in the kitchen. As he sat down the dress rode up, the petticoats flared at his waist throwing their frills around the top of those white baby pants, His legs involuntarily went wide apart so he showed Simon the broad, well nappy filled, gusset of his plastic pants. His smooth shaved legs were only partially covered by the white lacy baby socks.

What do you say to your brother in law when you are dressed as a little baby girl and have just had your dirty nappy changed, one that you messed right there in that very room, noisily in front of him. You are cuddling a dolly; a dummy is firmly in the middle of your face. Shiny dribble runs down your chin to a glistening wet lace bib. You are meant only to speak in a baby voice about baby things; but will he, a successful lawyer, the next captain of the golf club you used to play at, really want to hear you babble about your dolly Trudy’s wet nappies or what you read in Bunty magazine yesterday?

Can you even manage to talk at all?

What made it all much much worse were David’s strong heterosexual leanings; despite being a sissy baby he was not gay. Being shown off to women as a baby was in part a sexual act despite or was it because of the humiliation. Being dressed like this in front a man especially an alpha male like Simon was an agony of acute shame. There would be no sexual lift now or later; it was just plain wrong, horribly wrong to be there dressed like this.

David had one nagging worry, one big question that he desperately needed to know the answer to. What did people and his friends know about him? Had Jane talked about his baby ways with her friends or at the company he used to work for? What did they know at the golf club? Did they know his sexy successful wife now slept with another man? David blushed a little at that thought. He dreaded the answers; but it was still part of an illusion in his mind that all this was some temporary game and that somehow he would return to some form of normal life; that his shameful secret would be just that, a secret. Of course he was not allowed to talk about such things, ask those questions of Mummy or even admit that he thought those thoughts. The punishment would be severe.

Simon smiled at him; that just made David feel worse. He suddenly realised his dummy was still in his mouth and he whipped it out looking awkward and shamefaced as he tried to conceal it in the folds of his dress.

Simon easily broke the ice “Well David you certainly know how to dress the part and” he paused “play the part as well it seems. I hope you are enjoying yourself? Oh! I suppose I am meant to call you Sophie now”

David knew he was meant to use his little girl lisp to simper back how he loved to be a little “Thissy baby” but that seemed just impossible. Quite impossible.

Instead he just murmured in a normal voice. “I am sorry about my accident” as though a simple statement could explain away the fact that he had just wet and dirtied himself in front of everybody. Encouraged by the short silence and the sound of his normal voice he went on more confidently.

“Simon what do people know about me, you know at the golf club? What does Jane say about me?

Then further emboldened the old bragging part of David got the upper hand; it was this part of his character that always let him down, a tendency to boast and exaggerate his rather modest achievements.

“You know I only dress like this to please her? It is just a game; I suppose I let her take it too far today.”

He did not get any further. Jane had suspected he may try to somehow bluff himself out of trouble with Simon and she had quietly paused outside the room and had heard every word. At first she had hardly recognised David’s voice as she had become so used to the squeaky lisping voice he used every day. The very idea that he could pretend that he could just stop being a baby when he felt like it and that he was doing it to please her enraged her.

She marched in, grabbed him by the ear and twisted it sharply. Ignoring his yelps she pulled him out of the room calling to Helen to come into the dining room opposite the lounge.

Without letting go she pulled a high backed dining chair away from the table, sat down and dragged David across her lap. As Helen came into the room looking all surprised at the sight of her son in law squirming across his wife’s’ lap in a flurry of petticoats and dress that had ridden up to his armpits she angrily started to talk to the wriggling sissy.

“You know I only dress like this to please her? Really?

Her voice rose half an octave at the end of each statement; she was so cross.

“Its’ a game; Really!”

“You want to know what people think. I bet you do BABY!”

“Mum pull his nappy and pants down, that’s it to his ankles; now the disposable, keep them bunched down there so he can’t move his legs and hand me the hairbrush from the changing bag”

David’s worst fears were materialising right then and there. Whenever he was spanked he always ended up crying and shouting for mummy to stop, promising to be a better baby, promising to behave more like a baby and accepting new baby rules for the future. That was bad enough but the lounge was right across the hall, the doors were open, Simon would hear the whole degrading thing.

“Mum be ready to hold his head.”

“This will hurt!” Each word was accompanied by a smack with the hairbrush, Jane used all the force she could and was excited to see David twitch and jump with each blow.

“You have a big lesson to learn.” Seven more hard smacks. David’s right arm flailed helplessly at his sides trying to ward off the blows. The intakes of breath became little cries. Helen moved up and pinned his head between her legs grinning at her daughter as she did so.

David, thinking of Simon just across the corridor, was trying to be brave; not cry out; not give in but each smack stung and seared his bottom horribly. He would not be able to be quiet for many more. Moreover he knew that she would go on until he cried and shouted and begged her to stop. Silent resistance would never work.

“You are a baby; what are you?” With each of the seven blows David cried aloud, the pain was just too much, it had to stop. “Mummy please, Mummy please, sorry Mummy” As her husband gave in and started to cry out Jane had the lovely thought of Jake thrusting manfully in her love nest. Each smack was linked to an imagined push right inside her as she clenched her thighs together to give each blow with maximum force. She could feel dampness down there.

“I am a baby”

“Louder louder” she reinforced the command by two hard sharp smacks. Jane needed to pause to regain strength and savour the new sexy thoughts of Jake filling her with his manhood.

“Mummy I am a baby” “Mummy I am a real baby”

“Try again” two more brought loud shouts from the struggling head between Helen’s powerful legs.

“Mummy I want to be your Lickle sisthy baby”

“Louder” smack.

“ Mummy I want to be your Lickle sisthy baby” This was loud enough! Simon anyway could hear it all and was starting to worry that an assault was taking place.

Jane put the brush down and stroked the bright red bottom in front of her. She could hear David sobbing; he was so weak and vulnerable.

“What do you do to be a big baby?” You walk like a baby, talk like a baby, eat like a baby, look like a baby and behave like a baby. Don’t you? All the time and not just when you feel like it?”

“Yeth Mummy, sorwy Mummy,”

Jane picked up the hairbrush again. “Promise me” These two were carefully placed on the brightest red part of that quivering bottom.


“I promith to walk like a baby”


“I promith to talk like a baby”


“I promith to eat like a baby”


“I promith to look like a baby”

Each one of these smacks was at full force in exactly the same spot. Each brought out a yelping pleading cry of Mummeee before the promise was given.

“Behave” She rounded off with a spank on each syllable.

David half shouted the final promise, anything for this to stop, no thought of the future, no thought of Simon just a crying begging promise to get her to stop.

“I promith to behave like a lickle baba really really Mummy, I promith to be a good baba pleath Mummy pleath thop”

Jane put down the brush again. She flexed her thighs to think of Jake once again, God he was good in bed!

David was in a welter of hurt and shame but suddenly and without any warning, perhaps because Jane moved her thighs, he realised he was going to spurt. The soft slinky material of her trouser pants, unnoticed until a second ago seemed sensual. Panic at what was inevitable engulfed him.

“Mummee, Quick Thpurties!”

It was only two short involuntary spasms, no real pleasure just some form of release. The first Jane realised was when something wet dribbled through the flimsy material onto her inner thighs.

She pushed him off her lap onto the floor into a heap staring incredulously at the wet stain on her new Nicole Farhi trousers. Helen saw what had happened and for once was worried for David. That was some beating! He must not be given any more. She guessed the ej-c-lation was involuntary on his part.

Jane shouted “You are disgusting” Helen put her hand on her daughters shoulder “I don’t think he meant it”

She paused “Just another premature ej-c-lation!” They looked at each other and laughed. Jane’s anger evaporated as she sensed it could be another thing to embarrass David over during the rest of the day.

“I guess you are right, that’s where he normally came, on my thighs! And that was only when he used his staying power and didn’t mess the sheets! Can you get me a cloth?”

David was still crying on the floor dreading another beating and clutching his scolding bottom.

Jane was going to drive home her superiority over him. Telling him to stand up she pulled off the nappy and plastic pants from round his ankles. His willie was as small and shrivelled as she had ever seen it but it glistened with his come. His face was bright red and tears ran wetly down his cheeks; his nose was running down to his mouth. He fumbled for his dummy a put it in and started to su-k and so doing realised he had a wet nose and wiped it on the back of his hand like a small child but so doing smeared it across his face.

Jane smiled “you baby”

“Now let’s start afresh. You will go into Simon right now and apologise for trying to be grown up and promise to him that you will now be on your best baby behaviour especially for him. Remember your promises, walk, talk, look, eat and behave?”

Jane knew that this was going to hurt what was left of David’s pride more than anything, but she was going to insist. David was still in shock from his spanking, the fact that he had come again and that he had to be a baby in front of the family was not really sinking in. His eyes pleaded to Jane for some sympathy but he knew he had no way out at all. He was going to have to do exactly as he was told.

She went on “You are also going to tell him you are a sissy baby because you chose to be one and that you love to use your nappies and plastic pants and, what’s more you asked me to take away your potty privileges; remember?

He did remember; that fateful weekend which started with Jane’s playing baby games with him that had got him as excited as he had ever been in his life that had blissfully extended to a weeks holiday with him as her baby the whole time and then to two weeks and somewhere along the line he had become trapped. He had asked Jane to take away his potty privileges; he had noticed that she said she would decide when they were restored but had just assumed it would be on the Monday after the weekend. Then he assumed it would be the next Monday or the one following. Some assumption! Now on the first of each month they went through a little ritual. He would have to come into the room where Jane was sitting and curtsey, and then ask “Mummy please please can I be potty trained now. She would smile and very gently say something like “Oh little darling Sophie you do not want that I know, you know too well, you just love being a baby. Anyway you are not nearly ready yet. You know how much further we have to go.” Then she would cuddle him and comfort him. Of course her affection weakened his resolve and he would ignore the implied threat of ever more baby humiliation and exposure. He once tried to press the point; she listened quietly for five minutes or so without saying a word. When he eventually lamely stopped talking she just softly said “No” and put a finger gently on his lips to stop further debate. The last time he asked rather out of the monthly duty than any real expectation she would change her mind she had again said no but then said “let’s not talk about it any more, you are nowhere near ready. And my sweetie pie you really know that.”

NOW scoot in there right now dressed as you are”

Unthinkingly he toddled across the hall into the lounge. His face was still bright red and tear stained, his nose ran a little, his manhood was reduced to a shrivelled peanut wetly glistening under his so short dress and petticoats. He was still clutching his fiery red bottom as his mind tried to rehearse what he had to say.

Simon was still there but Sheila had come in from the garden and was standing closely next to Simon with a sensual smile from ear to ear that matched her very short skirt. Was that his hand quickly dropping from her upper thigh?

“Oh my God what on earth?” Sheila’s voice tailed off as she looked at this surreal sight of David in his so smart baby dress but with no panties or nappy; just a hairless pubic area exposed for all to see.

She was trying so hard not to laugh; her face became contorted and she let out a series of squeaky muffled grunts but in the end she could not contain herself and blurted out “Jane he is so tiny! Oh I am sorry David but I can’t help laughing!”

Jane came alongside him and looked at his little peanut and lifted its tip with her forefinger. “Well it is rather small and it was never very exciting”

“Anyway Simon, Sophie here has an apology to make to you”

There was a long pause

“Simon I am thorry I told you a lickle fib, Mummy keeps me in nappieth cos I need them.”

“Go on tell him what you asked me to do.” Jane was going to ram home what had happened back then. He turned and looked desperately at her but saw no softening in her stern face.

“I asked Mummie to take away my potty privileges’,ÖÖ cos I wanted to be in nappieth like a baby”

Sheila exclaimed “You what? You asked to be kept in nappies; and use them? You wanted to be a baby so much? That’s truly weird.”

Simon patted her lovingly on her bottom. “Takes all sorts; We just have to accept this is the real David, or should I say Sophie and get used to the idea we have another baby in the family, if we treat him like a the small girl he wants to be it will be easier all round and our little Sophie will not get caught out trying to be grown up like he was just now. He obviously wants it that way.”

Shiela suddenly noticed the damp area on Jane’s trousers. “Jane sweetie whats that on your pants? What happened?”

David just had to stand with his eyes riveted to the carpet and listen to Jane explain that he had a further accident after his spanking and had lost control just like he used to in bed. Mum said it was just another premmie!! He was enjoying himself!! She said to Sheila’s amused laughter.

“Now then little Sophie what are the promises you have to make to Simon and Sheila. Oh and by the way do you think she should call you Uncle and Auntie or Sir and Madam or is that too much what do you think?”

Sheila laughed again “Auntie is fine Madam makes me sound like a whore! What do you think Simon?”

Simon grinned “I expect our little masochist here would really like to call me Sir, so why don’t you call me Sir when you address me but refer to me as Uncle Simon?”

David at that moment did not want to do anything of the sort. Why did he have to call Simon Sir? It was not fair. He could do absolutely nothing about it however the sharp pain from his bottom ensured that. “Yeth Thir” he muttered at the carpet.

Jane interjected from behind him “That will not do at all, young lady; you know that when you speak to people you have to look them in the eyes and not just mutter under your breath. Now speak to Uncle Simon properly and make your promises nicely. Then we will get that nappy back on before you make anymore messes.

Hanging your head in shame is fine but having to look at people who are teasing and humiliating you is infinitely worse. Real power transfers between the eyes of the slave and master. The eyes concede defeat and acknowledge the other’s superiority. David was in a sullen trance, completely motionless staring hard at the carpet and cringing inside not able to raise his head and look at Simon. A sharp slap on his inflamed bottom jerked him out of it.

With an enormous effort of will he raised his head to look at Simon and Sheila.

“I promith to be a good baba”

“I promith to walk like a baba”

“I promith to talk like a baba”

“I promith to eat like a baba”

He immediately dropped his eyes again as if he could not bear to see or hear the response from Simon or Sheila. Tears started to run down his cheeks again. Why oh why had he let himself get here and be treated like this? He hated everybody.

Jane took him by the hand and led him from the room. As he walked away his bright scarlet bottom was on full show to them both. He could still hear Sheila giggling.

They went into the dining room to pick up his nappy and plastic pants and then back upstairs to the changing table. He was angry, hurt, ashamed and moving sulkily in a sullen acceptance of what was happening to him; as he was about to get up onto it Jane pulled him to her and gave him a big cuddle. Her soft figure seemed to envelope him. She stroked his neck, he could feel her lovely body so close and he drank in her perfume. “Oh my poor baby, you do get yourself in trouble but Mummy must keep you behaving properly. She loves you as her little girl so much and you want to be a baby so badly. Don’t be cross with Mummy, please. She is just trying to make you happy.”

She still had a pampers wipe in her hand and she started to wipe his tears away and clean up his nose. As she did so she spoke little soft loving endearments to him telling him how pretty he looked, how smart his dress was, how she was sure he would be good now. She knew exactly how to switch from being strict to be a sexy loving mummy.

David was so stunned by what had happened he did not soften straight away but when she put him on the changing table and started to gently apply cream and powder all the while telling him how much she loved him as a baby how pretty he was, how she loved it when he behaved sweetly. As she creamed his little peepee the smell of baby lotion and pampers wipes wafted around; how he loved that smell. She said she loved him small and cute down there and it was just right for him. “Don’t be upset because people tease you sweetest it is just how you want it to be in your lovely soft nappy. You only need a little willee to do your wetties, you know that now don’t you?”

She cupped it in her hand as she pulled up the disposable between his legs, then on with the thick terry pushing his legs apart. All the while she murmured “So safe, so small, so comfy in your soft nappy. Nothing to worry about, no responsibility, just be Mummy’s little sweet baby girl and everything will be alright; nobody will hurt you”

Despite his stinging bottom he still felt comfort in such remarks; he knew what she meant, no outsiders would hurt him.

“Look lovely safe baby plastic pants to hold you tight and take away all those worries about control. Nothing matters now does it my darling?”

As ever David’s anger and frustration melted away. He loved Jane as he had never before; he just wanted to please her. She had exactly the right words to make him compliant and soft. The constant nappying and the ever lengthening time that had passed without his ever having to take responsibility for control of his functions undermined his very self and made him more susceptible to Jane’s dominance of him. She knew instinctively how to switch from being strict and ruthless with the hairbrush to being soft and loving. The combination had assured her of a complete mastery over her husband.

She realised that from being angry and betrayed when she had found out about his sissy side she was falling in love with him again. She was surprised how much she loved to dominate, humiliate and tease him. Her affair with Jake was incredibly sensual and an enormous boost to her self confidence but she realised that Jake without David there as a c_____d would not be anything like so much fun. Anyway Jake was a lad at heart and she knew he would move on eventually. But even as she finished dressing David, straightening his dress one more time, making sure his entire nappy was tucked into his plastic pants and tidying his hair she had an incredible urge to have Jake hard inside her again. It would have to be tonight! David was going to bed really early; right after tea. Then she would have Jake again and again.

She forced those sexy thought from her head and concentrated on David but smiled lovingly at him even as she started to dampen down there at the thought of Jake’s solid member inside her and his hands that always seemed to find erotic places that she never knew existed “now why don’t you go into the garden with Jessica and Zo”. Take your dolly and pram and go and play tea parties or nappy change. They have been playing with Barbie dolls all this while and I know Jessica would like you to play with them. I think she has some sort of affinity with you. If Zo” teases you which she might just come running into the house crying like a baby saying that Zo” was being horrid to you! That will get Sheila sorting her out; she is a little spoilt by Simon I think. Just behave like a small child; it is the best way really.”

She led him downstairs for the second time that morning. David was in a daze. He did not want to shame himself anymore but had no way out of being a proper baby now. Rebellion and resistance were just not options in his view. Part of his mind accepted that to fully play the role of a small baby girl was the easiest thing to do; he half wanted to, it would make Jane happy. Also he felt that somehow he was a little girl, nearly three. The clothes, the nappy that gave him the wide legged walk, the lack of control all reinforced that feeling of infancy. He too had a soft spot for Jessica.

In the hall he found his dolls pram and Trudy, picked up his dolly changing bag and pushed the pram through the hall into the lounge and out via the conservatory into the garden. He ignored Simon and Sheila and looked for the girls in the garden. The dolls pram had been slightly modified its; wheels and push handle were a little bigger so if he stooped slightly he could push it like a child. Naturally he gave a super show of his well nappied bottom to the two in the lounge but they had started to talk about some holiday plans and took only a passing interest in the bizarre sight.

He was half way across the grass feeling strange and exposed to be out of doors in his best dress and nappies on full display when Jessica came running to greet him. “Uncle David we are playing with our Barbie dolls will you come and play too? What is your dolly’s name? Oh she wears nappies like you do; do you have to change her?”

He was soon playing with them on a large rug outside the Wendy house that Grandma had in the garden for the Grandchildren. They changed Trudy’s nappies together and then gave her a bottle. Small children do not concentrate on any one thing for long and David found it rather hard to adapt to their way of playing but he let Jessica take the lead. He stopped himself from playing with them like an adult in as far as he could. The sun was pleasantly warm now and for the first time that morning he started to relax and not worry about being a baby. It was good to be in the fresh air and the children were quite good fun really, even Zo” seemed to stop teasing him. He kept his dummy in and spoke in his soft lisping voice without thinking about it very much. Once they pretended that Trudy was naughty and he squeaked excitedly when Jessica made her have “time out” After a while they started to look at some of Jessica’s Barbie books; one was about having friends round for a sleep over. She said “I am having a sleep over with my friends Samantha, Harriet and Kirsty next week would you come and play with us Uncle David?”

“You mean like thith; as a baby?”

“Of course silly; I thought you had to wear nappies all the time anyway”

“Pleath they will all laff at me and make me cry. Anyway your mummy might not let me”

The conversation was interrupted by Sheila and Jane calling out that it was lunch time. The three of them scampered into the house.

“Wash hands” said Sheila.

They all went into the bathroom jostling each other for the soap and running water; David barely noticed that he was behaving as though he was one of them instead of being a supervising Uncle.

When they entered the dining room he saw the table had been laid for six and there was a high chair set just to one side of the table. For a moment he thought it was for Zo” but she ran up to the ordinary dining chairs asking which one was hers. David then noticed that the high chair was a large one; of course it was for him.

He, rather resignedly, walked over to it and waited to be helped into it. Mummy came over to settle him in and as she tightened the restraining straps just as she would for a toddler the rather cunning design of the chair became apparent. The seat was slightly tilted up and the back rest similarly was at an angle so when the straps over his shoulders were tight they held him in a slightly reclining position; not so it looked particularly odd but it meant that he could not lean over the plastic tray and had to spoon his food up to his mouth in such a way as any spillage would drop on his bib.

The straps that came up between his legs to the central buckle were also subtly modified from a traditional baby chair; they went via a clasp on the side of the chair thus pulling his thighs to the side of the chair. The foot rest was quite high so with his knees bent and wide apart he showed off the wide gusset of his plastic pant covered nappy to anyone who looked. No hiding it away,no discrete covering not even rumba panties. Sheila who was opposite had a great view!

Grandma was at the head of the table, looking every bit the matriarch, the two other children to her right and left and Simon and Sheila beside them. Jane was at the foot opposite her mother. Sheila completed the family sitting down to Sunday lunch was the other side to him; it was so normal except it was so wrong and he was immediately conscious of her staring at his nappy.

The room looked elegant, Simon was busy with a wine bottle; David saw it was a Haut Medoc 1997. That would be good but he realised it was no good even thinking that he might have some. He had not had alcohol since his babying had started.

The lunch was roast beef potatoes and vegetables with lots of gravy and Jane cut up his food so he could use a spoon. It was one of those plastic ones that are quite hard to use easily. As soon as everyone started he began to feed himself but because the small spoon had such a long way to travel to his mouth little bits of food and gravy spilled onto his bib. He also used his fingers to push food onto his spoon and they became covered in gravy. The only place to wipe them which he did instinctively was his bib, which being plastic did not help really. Before the others were halfway through their food he looked quite a mess. Slowly he felt more and more awkward; the sense of being one of the children evaporated now he was at a lunch table surrounded by adults as well as the children. He was the only one in a high chair and as the conversation went round this and that he felt Sheila looking at him and grinning most of the time which just added to his discomfort.

Jessica as soon as she could get her Mothers attention asked her if “Uncle David could come to her sleepover” This drew much laughter from Jane and Helen but left Sheila a little uncertain. What on earth would she say to her friends when they realised her brother in law was an adult baby? Would they let their children come and play with Jessica and Zo” when he was there?

“I am not sure, where will he sleep?”

“Zo”’s old nursery of course was the prompt reply.”

That cot is for a baby and I do not think Uncle David would fit anyway I think he goes to bed before you; his bed time is? “About half past six” said Jane” but we now have a travel cot for him.” David cringed at the mention of his travel cot. So far he had not had to use it but it was a larger size of the normal canvas collapsible baby travel cot except his was in baby pink with dancing teddy bears all over it. Where Jane had found such a thing he had no idea.

“See Mummy, Auntie Jane has everything he needs; just as though he was a real baby. We can all have fun playing with our dollies together and when we have had tea he can go to bed in the nursery and the older children can all play along for a while until it is our bedtime. Please say yes Mummy”

Five year olds can be pretty savvy. David wriggled in embarrassment at this little exchange. Jessica was clearly thinking of him as being younger than she was and expected him to have an earlier bedtime. Just like a small child he started to resent having to go to bed before the other children.

Sheila was still worried about the other Mums and having to ask them first but managed to stall her daughter for a while.

Meanwhile whilst the children concentrated on their food Sheila started to quiz Jane about her treatment of David and how she had found out about his baby ways as she put it.

David half listening to her tell the story started to remember that fateful day when he had boarded the plane from Kennedy. She had text him just as he boarded to settle into British Airways Business Class comfort for the overnight flight home saying that she had cancelled his taxi and would be meeting him herself. He was both surprised and a little alarmed. His case had as many baby clothes in it as suits. The thick disposable snuggling under his slacks gently moping up a careful slow release of dribbles would have to be lost somewhere on the plane or at Heathrow. He had padded out his stay so that he could have a prolonged session with one of his favourite New York nannies and now was coming back on Thursday night so he could take the Friday off and spend the entire day at home in a nappy under the pretext of jet lag. The fact that all his juniors travelled economy and came to the office after a red eye flight was conveniently forgotten. There was no point in being married to the founder’s daughter if you did not take advantage of situations like this was David’s view.

It, of course, infuriated everybody from the most junior salesman to the Chairman Helen!

He could not imagine why Jane had interrupted her schedule to meet him but there she was bright and bubbly, as ever she looked good, her short dress and heels showed off her legs and David noticed with satisfaction the numerous discreet glances from young and old men around her; she gave him a big hug and kiss was ready to take him home. David was pleased there appeared to be nothing immediately wrong and slightly irritated that his baby day was not going happen. He still had the worry of a case full of his baby things that he had somehow to unpack and get into their hidyhole without Jane noticing; somehow he would manage it, he hoped. When they got to the house Jane told him to go upstairs to have a shower and change whilst she made some coffee.

He could still feel the shock now after three months; the panic that raised the hairs on his neck that he had felt that Friday morning when he walked into their bedroom. For there on the double bed was a complete layette; nappy, plastic pants, pins, socks, Mary Janes, a flouncy petticoat and a pretty little dress all laid out just as though they should be put on straight away. Most of the items were his from his secret horde!

He did not know what on earth to do!

Jane called up the stairs; “I shall be up in a minute with the coffee.” What the hell was going on? She sounded so normal.

He stood there miserably; he could only imagine the worst, divorce, acrimony even that he might lose his job. Only the lamest excuses came to mind. He felt dirty and guilty.

She came in still looking absolutely normal and unfazed.

“Look Jane I don’t knowÖ..”

“Shower now and then come in here and put your clothes on then we will talk” She said waving at the items on the bed to make it quite clear which clothes she was referring to. With that she turned and went downstairs without saying another word. David stood there in a stunned silence.

It was the longest slowest shower of his life. When he eventually emerged into the bedroom again he noticed his discarded clothes had gone, the suitcase had been opened and unpacked. She will have found those disposables and all the rest. Oh my God! There were some baby magazines in there as well; “Sissies on Parade” and some very old “Tales from the Crib”. That he had found in Lee’s Mardi Gras near 9th and 46th

The door opened and Jane came in; she was reading Sissies on Parade. What on earth would she think of that? She smiled and said “Get dressed in the clothes I have got ready for you, they are all yours you know. I will wait downstairs and you can call me when you are ready” Still no hint of her thoughts. Maybe she was not angry he could not tell. It was most unsettling.

She left him there. What to do? In a trance he slowly put on the nappy, plastic pants and then very clothes that he would have done had he been there on his own as he had expected to be, but this time it felt so different. No arousal, just shame and unease. Eventually he finished. He called to her down the stairs his voice cracking with awkwardness. As her heard her come back up the stairs it felt like the longest wait in the world. He sat there glumly on the edge of the bed in his baby nappy, pants, little short petticoated dress with socks and Mary Janes waiting for Jane to enter the room. What on earth would she say?

She was smiling, just. She had a cup of coffee in one hand but in the other was a baby’s bottle full of milk which she silently handed to him.

“Jane I can explain, I can stop if you want me to, we don’t have to do this”

“Oh yes?” She raised an eyebrow in total disbelief.

“Yes I will stop it right now and throw all these things away” He did not really believe himself.”

“Shut up; listen. You are a sissy baby. You can’t stop yourself. You have being doing this for years I guess; long before you married me.” She was firm slightly edgy but confident her research was right.

She had read so many of his emails to his other baby friends on the net she could speak with authority. She recognised that the next hour or so was going to be the trickiest part in carrying out her and Helen’s plan. She gave no clue as to her feelings, confusion and uncertainty would undermine him. She saw that he was already conceding to her with his eyes.

“Seeing that you like nappies and dresses you may as well wear them around the house” and outside as well she thought grimly. “But I need to sort out something else” she went to the dresser, picking up a pack of pampers wipes and pointing to the nappy rash cream and talcum.

“You had some of these in your case and another supply in that sneaky locker in the loft. We are not potty trained I assume?” David’s face could not have been redder. Beads of perspiration broke out on his head. He did not need to answer. She went on, driving home her advantage.

“Lots of disposables as well, you wear those when?”

“Inside the terry ones”

She had guessed that but needed to be sure. The next bit was key to dominating and humiliating him. The statements came slowly, spaced out, with a slight sneer.

“So we are a dirty baby as well as a wet one are we?

Do our poo poo’s in our nappy do we?

You don’t have to reply to that I know the answer. Baby”

Her voice had just the right amount of scorn. But David could not tell whether she was angry or was she playing the role of the dominant wife? He could only sit there holding his bottle in red sweaty silence. His eyes were staring at her feet. His silent admission was total.

“Well this weekend you are going to be a baby. A baby girl as it seems you only have dresses. No potty privileges; and I mean that. Mummy will change her baby. Look at me and say thank you, Sophie”

How did she know his name?


“Just say thank you, Mummy”

“Thank you; but what are you going toÖ.”

“Be quiet and drink your milk. Take off that dress and petticoat and put on your nightie and get into bed and have a nap; after your long flight you need one and then we will see. Don’t worry there is a rubber sheet under your side of the bed. Come on, chop chop Sophie. Oh I will not answer to Jane from now on it is Mummy from now on. Yes?”

“Yes Mummy”

In a daze he slipped out of his dress and put on his Winnie the Pooh pink nightie that she produced from a drawer and got into bed. The only change from when he had left it hidden away was a dummy holder clipped to the neck. He started to shamefacedly su-k on the bottle, he felt the cool rubber of the under sheet as he lay down. As she hung up the dress in the wardrobe he noticed his other dresses were hanging there. His mind was in turmoil. Every adult baby wants his wife to baby him but was it meant to be like this?

“You are not to get out of bed; you are not to use the toilet: if you want me you can call for Mummy.”

She left him there.

As she left the room and pulled the door to he noticed a cane hanging on the back door. He mentally winced as he realised that she must have been out to buy it, possibly from one of those seedy shops in Soho. How he wrestled with what to do. He ever so quietly got out of bed to have a sneaky peak in the wardrobe; it was cleared of his adult clothes, the same with his drawers; nearly everything from his horde in the loft was now in their bedroom. He suddenly noticed that the only things missing were the magazines. She must have been reading them, she appeared to be behaving as though she would go along with his baby side; or was she? He just could not be sure; she had been quite cold and formal at times.

As he crept back into the bed and started to su-k again on his bottle he again felt the rubber sheet on the bed under the normal sheet. He liked that, he started to feel a little secure. The bottle was finished and his right hand become free. It wandered down into the folds of the thick nappy, past the plastic pants to his tiny member which sprang to attention. Slowly he started to stroke himself; oh that was nice. He slipped the dummy into his mouth and simultaneously he felt safer and much sexier. Fantasy thoughts about Jane and what had happened were all jumbled up in his head. The gorgeous sensation surfed up and down like waves on the shore; he could keep himself on the edge just enjoying the soft stroking. Fantasy and reality were intertwined, Jane was going to be his Mummy and they would play baby games together, then visions of her inscrutable demeanour clouded his pleasure for a moment. Worries of rejection and divorce suddenly intruded only to be replaced by hope. He must not come as he knew he would be unable to face Jane wearing a nappy. He played quietly for half an hour and was just drifting of to sleep when suddenly the door burst open and Jane was standing there; arms crossed looking slightly irritated.

He sheepishly withdrew his hand from down the bed, and then quickly realising what he was su-king pulled the dummy from his mouth in embarrassment.

“Leave that there; you obviously like having a dummy so keep it in” When he did not move she calmly came over and popped it into his shamefaced mouth.

“How is it you can play with yourself for the best part of thirty five minutes but if you try to make love to me we have a sticky mess in seconds?” If she had a crueller question he could not think what it might be. Standing there with her arms on her hips looking slightly cold and dismissive she let him flush up again as the implications of what she had said sunk in.

“Don’t bother to answer, it does not matter anymore” she said as if dismissing him and his sexual abilities altogether.

“Now Sophie some rules round here. If you are sure you must show me what a real sissy baby you are by playing with that little dinky toy of yours you can whenever you like; that is if you are not too ashamed of yourself to admit you want to. But, you have to ask me first. With your dummy in and in a nice sissy voice; I would have thought that should stop you but somehow I suspect it will not, will it?

You will only speak to your Mummy with that stupid dummy in your mouth. It rather puts what you say into context don’t you think when all your words will be slurred because you have a babies dummy in your mouth? Do you think I shall take much notice of you?

I already told you no potty privileges and I really mean that; number twos as well. I will have the doubtful pleasure of changing that nappy when it needs changing. Are you shocked? Still want to go on? Well you do not have a choice, get used to it baby. It seems as if you are having all your baby dreams fulfilled; aren’t you just the lucky one?

Oh; and what happens if we are naughty? Well we know that don’t we? It might be corner time; or lines; or perhaps sometime thinking about how naughty you have been across my knee. Like now!” She shouted the last two words with a slight sneer that terrified David.

She pulled back the bed clothes and yanked at the arm of her red faced shocked husband who just could not fathom out quite what was happening; was it a game; was she angry; was it revenge; was itÖ? Well he just did not know. He meekly followed her to the high back chair in the bed room. She sat down, stood him in front of her, yanked down his plastic pants and nappy. She motioned for him to go across her lap. She was as assured as he was uncertain, before he could gather his thoughts he was bare bottomed across his wife’s lap like a small child, or like any sissy in front of a Dom.

“I said we would have a chat; now is the perfect time to find out about what you have been up to behind my back” She stroked his bottom gently with her hand. “Now I want the truth Baby”

It is a golden rule when you cross examine someone you never ask a question you do not know the answer to. This way you know whether you are told the truth. Jane’s homework on David’s computer had told her pretty well everything she needed to know. She had also bought a program that enabled her to track the calls on his mobile. Some of those numbers were going to be an interesting part of the conversation.

Have you been paying for sex?

No Jane honestly

Six hard smacks with the hairbrush had him yelping. That’s six for calling me Jane and if you have been fibbing it will be twelve more. Now shall we call this number? It is mid morning in New York so she should answer. She lent forward and thrust the mobile in front of his face so he could see the number on the phone she was about to ring. David just could not believe she had the number of Emily in New York; his favourite nanny who had looked after him twice on this trip. He was helpless and vulnerable over her lap; he could not see Jane’s face which put him at a real disadvantage.

“Err Mummy,pleath don’t call that number. I did not have sex she is a nanny Mummy please do not be cross.”

The words were hardly out of his mouth when the first of twelve landed. By the time she had finished he was yelping and crying, wriggling hard but not quite able to get himself out of her grip.

“How much did you pay?”

David did not really get it; a life time of evasion and half truths had seemed to serve him well, but his wife now saw right through him and realised that at work his slippery attitude to business had not helped the family firm. He was as bad if not worse on a personal level; the truth was what David wanted it to be. Jane had of course checked his wallet, his bank account and credit card slips. She knew that nearly $2000 had gone missing this trip over and above hotel bills. So when he said $500 she just pushed him roughly onto the floor and leaving him in a heap strode over to the door and reached down the cane. David was horrified as she marched back towards him; her face in fury slashing the cane in the air.

“f--k off out of here you lying creep, just f--k off and never come back” “You spent $2000 you know that and I know that $2000 on a effing tart” It was part controlled acting, part real anger that he had gone off to a prostitute.

David got up; his nappy was still round his ankles, his short Winnie the Pooh nightie did not cover his privates. He had never seen Jane look so angry; her face was contorted and the dimple on her right cheek was flushed.

“Please Jane I am sorry, yes you don’t know how sorry I am I did not mean to lie, I am so so ashamed of myself please please don’t make me go.

“What do you deserve you dirty little lying creep?” She stood there, imperious angry and determined. The cane tapped purposefully on her left hand; her eyes sparkled with righteous energy. The answer was obvious it was in her hands. “I deserve the cane Mummy”, he remembered that time.

“Yes you do don’t you” The words were spoken firmly, surely, she was still fuming but the rawness had gone.

“Now bend over you pathetic little liar”

“Hold onto that nappy for your life. If you stand, try to avoid me or put your hands in the way you are out, Get it? This is seriously your last chance. You so deserve this and I promise you it will really hurt.”

Bending over David was terrified, he knew he was a wimp, when he was being beaten holding still waiting for the next blow to fall was not one of his strong points. He had been here before in the hands of professionals, then it was easier to wriggle and squirm, you were the client so to speak but now somehow he had to obey her. He dare not risk being kicked out of the house, too much money, his job and position all rested on his marriage. He slowly gripped the nappy round his ankles shaking with apprehension.

“How many Mummy, please I am so sorry.” Pleadings from a man bent over in that position are just so comic thought Jane!

She stroked the still red bottom gently, feeling into his crack. “How many Mummy” she mimicked, “Is my big bad baby man afraid? How many do little sissy babies deserve for wasting our money on tarts? Then telling lies; oh that is even worse isn’t it?” Here hands stroked softly and sensuously as if to contradict the words.

More than six, yes oh yes it must be more than six, twelve maybe? But then that is six for wasting money and only six for lies, that can’t be right, can it? She mixed the harsh words with a hand that ran softly over his bottom, down between his legs and she stroked, felt and fondled him so he was all erect again. Jane knew she had to be hard and soft, keep him confused and uncertain about her intentions and feelings so as to make him indecisive and weak.

“It is eighteen hard ones my little precious baby, you have to be brave, no standing, no hands in the way, keep them on your nappy, go on bend more grip those panties. Then, when we are finished you can be the little baby you long to be. If you do not then” she paused for effect “it is on your bike,creep”. She said that with a soft so determined voice that David knew, just knew he had survive somehow.

“Mummy please be kind not too hard Mummy pleath”, it was an involuntary lisp.

She responded by telling him to kiss the cane, she held in front of his lips whilst he kissed it, “again” she said. “Now why are we being caned?”

“For telling lies”

“Yes for telling lies”

The first two came quickly, they were just about bearable, the third brought a very sharp intake of breath. His knees sagged, the hold on the nappy weakened as a line of fire burnt across his bottom. “Mummy pleath pleath Sowwy”

The fourth was sheer hell! Unbearable, he let go half stood, then with a heave of will power he just bent over again in time, the fifth made him scream Mummy Mummy Mummy. His body jerked up and down caught between his head wanting him to keep in position and the searing pain demanding he stand and feel his red behind. Tears and sobs were all that came out. Pleath Mummy pleath Mummy sowwy sowwy.

His bottom twitched as Jane took aim for number six, she wanted it to be hard and right across the last line; she measured her aim raised her hand Crack!!

David screamed and collapsed on the floor in a heap clutching his bottom red faced with tears running down his cheeks.

“Get up you pathetic pansy; you are such a useless wimp. Now I will rest a moment, but it is not finished, absolutely not you understand?

GET UP NOW and assume the position; now, NOW I said.

Put your hands on your nappy that’s it; now wait; you big baby, fancy crying when your wife administers a little itsy bitsy caning.”

She watched him struggle to his feet smiling, my god what a wimp he was. She realised that he could have overpowered her at any time, but was confident there was no real risk of that as long as she did not go too far. When at last he was back in position she wandered across to the en suite her heels going clack clack on the tiles. She filled a glass of water and strolled back so slowly, looking at her husband quietly sobbing, bent over almost touching his toes with his hands gripping the nappy and plastic pants. Six red lines criss crossed his bottom. She suddenly noticed how hairless it was.

No restraints, just the force of her personality; and the weakness of his. It was delicious! The warm glow she had experienced when she had beaten other men for Denise suffused through her, sexual yes, satisfying very. She stood in front of him so he could see the bottom of her slightly parted legs and admire her shapely ankles as she calmly sipped cool water from her glass. She felt that the most dangerous part of the morning had passed; he was going to do as he was told she felt sure of that now.

“I think we are learning a valuable lesson today are we not? Now” she went on without waiting for an answer “some more questions; I think we want the right answers this time don’t we?

Are you seeing a tart in London?”

“Yes sometimes, please Mummy don’t beat me”

“What’s her name?”


Jane had spoken to her; she had a reasonable web site but had not been prepared to engage with Jane in any meaningful way. Denise had been a far more open right from the outset.

“How much?”

“£200 an hour, I used to go for three hours and pay £500.”

Like a bargain do we? Jane was so sarcastic. She walked slowly round him and put her hand between his legs and gathered his privates in the palm of her hand, she felt him rise, she caressed that sensitive area, and then gently squeezed.

“Oh Mummy please”

“Is this what she did to you? Did she beat you?”

“Normally I was her baby but she did beat me sometimes”

But not like this, with Amanda he always begged to be let off and she relented after a few strokes or did not hit him very hard.

“Oh huh, did you wet your nappy; did she change you?”

“Yes Mummy”

“Did you dirty yourself?”

She squeezed again; he flinched to her tightening touch. She was sure the answer was yes, the website made a point of it and much of David’s writing to other babies included references to dirty nappies. Anyway he had already admitted to dirtying himself

“Yes Mummy, I am so sorry Mummy I promise I will never do it again.”

His voice sounded strange as he spoke at the floor never daring to lift his head; concentrating on maintaining the position, knees straight, legs slightly apart so she could feel in there, arms stretched gripping the plastic pants and his nappy round his feet. The stinging pain on his bottom slowly eased to be replaced by shame and fear at what Jane would think of him now after these revelations. He became conscious of her shoes for the first time as she moved round him, they were black shiny patent leather with so thin pointed heels, at least four inches, higher than she normally wore and they had a rather kinky ankle strap. Suddenly she realised she had put the Bulgari bracelet round her ankle as well, the one he had bought her in Menton for $22,000! Was she enjoying this, was it just a game? He just could not tell.

“Oh yes you will, no potty privileges for you, you are going to be a big baby girl from now on just like you have always wanted to be. I wonder if doing all your wetties and messes in your nappy in front of your wife will be as exciting as you thought it would be. I just wonder if you are looking forward to that.” She had emphasised “all”

Her words made it rise in her hand. She knew he was completely hooked!

“But first we have some business to attend to, kiss it;” She put the cane to his lips, slowly temptingly “ask Mummy to cane you for being a nasty liar”

“Please Mummy I am sorry for being a nasty liar, I need caning” She was behaving like a regular dom, where on earth had she learned to be like that? After five years of marriage it did not seem possible that his wife could do this.

Remember the rules; if you get up or stop me you get out of this house for good. You are a nasty little man. Her voice sneered but inwardly she was laughing at how easy it was to dominate him. She turned to the bed found the dummy that was lying there and thrust it in his mouth.

“That might help” she paused and slowly said “You baby”

The dummy was not much comfort, if anything it heightened his confusion; David was really frightened now as she moved to the side of him, he had to hang in there, but twelve? He had just collapsed after six. He could just see the end of the cane swinging idly in her hand. Nasty little knots ran up its length. She raised it out of his sight, his bottom twitched as he started to flinch involuntarily anticipating the next blow.

He felt it slide up and down his bottom as she teased him with it, tapping gently

“Here? Here?”

“Or HERE?”

David yelped “Mummeee please please” as the stinging line burnt into his bottom. Oh this is so good thought Jane, the warm glow was strong now down there, and she wanted to touch herself make the pleasure real but there was no way she was going to let David know she enjoyed this; that would blow the whole plan. She just moved her hips slowly.

The next two were not so hard, Jane did not want to break him, she could see he was having a real struggle to stay down.

Just three for now she said giving the slightest hint that the torture was coming to an end. David heard the cane whistle before the most incredible explosion of sharp stinging agony made him scream and half stand. Jane had been really hard with that one.

“Get down, assume the position”

Jane paused, his bottom was flinching and twitching in anticipation of the next.

It went in low, across the tops of his thighs, mean, ugly, hurtful.

“Jane, Mummy please please I can’t take any more”

The voice wailed up from that bent over shameful position, begging imploring only to become a scream as the sixth came down hard, strong, right on top of two other cuts.

He was standing, face contorted, eyes streaming but pleading, hands clutching his bottom. “Get down” No sympathy or mercy in that tone.

She grabbed his ear, twisting it sharply dragging him down with no resistance and made him bend over again. “You will have that again, then we will suspend the next six against your good behaviour for the rest of the weekend. As a full time baby girl you pansy”

“Or,” she said slowly and carefully “get out of this house now and for good.” He was too broken to realise that he had now escaped the banishment threats three times

He stayed down in that so ridiculous position whilst she got ready to administer the final stroke for that session “Sowwy Mummy” It was abject defeat but just a little part of him was looking forward to being babied, no way was he leaving her.

Jane knew at that moment she had won; he was going to fall into line, submit and surrender to her will. She sensed his confusion; he did not really understand what was happening. He was frightened of the cane, frightened of leaving her but not realising that for all practical purposes he had ceased to be her husband: more than that, he ceased to a normal man from that moment. Her plan was working, but then all Jane’s plans worked; she was one of the world’s winners. He was to find out what was like to be a loser; a very special kind of loser.

The last one hurt, but he stayed down whimpering, waiting for her to let him stand. Eventually he found himself lying on the bed being dressed by her for the first time. She was kinder now, sympathetic even whilst she wiped away his tears. She rubbed cooling baby lotion onto his screaming bottom, gently put on the first disposable of his new life and carefully pinned him into the big terry over the top. She patted and smoothed the big plastic pants and ensured his nappy was tucked in, on went petticoats, a little play dress, pink socks with rosebuds and white frilly tops, his shiny back patent Mary Janes. She found an Alice band for his hair and popped his dummy in.

“Well you are ready now to be Mummy”s little baby girl,all weekend,all the time?

How he remembered that day, he replayed it time and time again in his head, how could he have done it differently? How could he have prevented what had happened to him; what could he have done differently so he would not be here in a high chair in front of his immediate family with his lunch round his face and sister in law Sheila staring straight at his nappy?

Jane whilst talking about that day had ommitted most of the details of the beatings, he guessed because the children were present but she had made it clear that he had effectively allowed himself to be reduced to his present baby status.

David was caught in between two emotions as he ate his lunch; the shame and embarrassment of the events so far that day almost overwhelmed him but he tried to retain as much dignity as possible. Another sense was also nagging at him; Emma almost always fed him and so did Jane and Grandma most of the time. He really liked the attention and sense of loving care that he now associated with being fed, today however he was having to feed himself and he was not doing it very well; he realised bits and pieces of food were smeared down his bib. On the one hand this made him feel awkward in front of the family on the other it reinforced his desire, a need almost, to be fed. The conflict between being even more babyish by being fed in front of everyone and his need for attention made him very unhappy.

Much to his surprise he found himself going slower and slower and a very childish emotion started to well up inside him. He started to whimper! His mouth dropped open.

“Mummeee pleath feed me Mummeee!”

The astonished look on Sheila’s face dragged him back to reality and made him feel even worse. Jane came round as though it was the most normal thing in the world to feed a grown man in a high chair at family Sunday lunch and started to spoon food into his mouth. Using baby wipes she cleaned up the mess and as though he was just a small child started to do the old “train in the tunnel” trick with each spoonful.

Soon she was finished and the process of clearing away started, getting ready for desert. Simon went round with the wine again, leaning closely over Sheila who ran her arm up between his legs. The children, not allowed to get down, fidgeted excitedly as they knew that Grandma normally did a chocolate sponge pudding for them as a special treat. The grown ups normally had something more exotic (and less fattening) like a rich fruit salad.

Sheila still kept looking at David with looks that ranged from outright contempt to amusement and he was always conscious of her gaze. Suddenly he needed to wee, unlike this morning it was urgent, a now need; the pressure was right at the end of his pee pee. It came on suddenly without warning. It so often did, sometimes he felt a growing need more or less normally but more often than not it was like this: let go now!

The inevitability of what was going to happen made it all the more certain he could not hold on. But Sheila was just staring at him! No good; there was a little pricking sensation as he involuntarily let go. He felt the warm spurt; it splashed in the tiny gap between his thighs before slipping down in a myriad of trickles round his little sac and then changed to a warm glow between his legs as the nappy did its job before slowly seeping wetly round his bottom. He used to be able to regain control and stop the flow but not any more and this seemed to go on and on for ever.

The indignity of wetting here against his will, right now as Sheila watched him caused him to warm up all over his body as his awkwardness mounted.

Contrary to much ABDL writing you cannot hear a baby wet be they adult or real, but you can recognise when it happens quite easily; it is all over the adult baby”s face with little “tells” like a bad poker player with a good hand.

David looked down without realising what he was doing just to check the nappy was working as it should, never mind that this happened many times a day that little glance or touch to seek confirmation that all was well coupled with the slightly glazed expression as the first release came gave it all away to Sheila.

Sensing that she had twigged what he had done he looked at her begging her to be quiet.

“Jane, the baby here has just wet his nappy does that mean he has to be changed.”

Jessica and Zo” both looked at him in surprise; well adults do not wet themselves at the lunch table do they? But Jessica again looked the most sympathetic.

It was Helen who called back from the kitchen “No don’t worry he is just like your two when they were in nappies each one lasts about a morning or afternoon unless he is dirty. Anyway he wears a disposable and a terry just to be doubly sure. You might imagine I was worried about my soft furnishings when all this started but it all works OK. Jane says he lasts all night as well, you know she puts him to bed around half past six?”

David just shrivelled at this exchange; Simon seemed for a moment to be fascinated by the revelation that his brother in law was going to spend the afternoon in a wet nappy.

When the desert came in and was served to the children David got his in a plastic bowl but the children were allowed Helen’s best china. The chocolate pudding looked gorgeous and it was covered in a rich treacly sauce. David knew if he fed himself he would have to make a mess, that was part of the rules and he had been in enough trouble already today. He was just wishing that someone would feed him again when Jessica perked up

Mummy can I feed Uncle David please, I think he will need help otherwise we will have a big mess just like when Zo” was little”

“Yes if you like, are you sure you don’t mind?”

“She is a good girl” chimed in the doting Grandma.

So David was to be fed by a five year old in front of his Brother in Law, Mother in Law, wife and her sister; even the earlier events of the day could not match this new shame. Jessica bounced happily out of her chair all smiles and came up to the high chair preening her ra ra skirt down over her white tights. David had noticed, somewhat enviously despite himself, that they had the cutest little heart shapes in little girl pink all over them. The trouble was the only time he got to wear tights his dress was so short that he looked like a fifteen month old baby.

Helen noticed at that moment that she was having to stand on tip toe to reach David’s mouth with the spoon and suggested that she brought the children’s standing stool in from the bathroom. She now was at a height that enabled her to look directly at David.

“Now then Uncle David are you going to be good for me and eat your lovely chocolate pudding nicely?”

The spoon with the pudding was just inches from his face as he said “ Yeath Jethica” in his best sissy voice and before he could close it again the first mouthful of warm sweet chocolate pudding went in.

It was delicious but he knew better than to eat it normally and he let a little run out of his mouth in a dribble of runny chocolate. Jessica, whose face was only inches away from his as she tried so hard to carefully spoon feed him, giggled “oops a daisy baby” when big lumps of food went down the bib or his chin so she had to scrape it up back into his mouth spreading it further and further over his bib and face. Soon, with Jessica’s inexperienced spooning and his own slobbering he became as Jane observed “a right mess - again”

“Oh dear you are a proper baby aren’t you Uncle David. Mummy; I am sure my friends would like to see him and play with him, he is so funny! please please let him come to the sleepover” she said returning to the earlier topic.

Sheila was obviously still doubtful but Jane chipped in “You know it amazing how people just accept him the way he his; I think if you just explain to their mum’s that he just likes to be a little baby and he lives, behaves and plays like one all the time; if you say as well that Jessica likes playing with him I am sure that will do the trick.”

David just did not know which way to turn. He could see Sheila looking at him in a way that suggested she would just love to have the chance of humiliating him like this in front of her friends and their daughters. “Did she dare do it?” he could see her asking herself.

He liked being Jessica’s friend but this act of being fed right here in front of everyone seemed so demeaning, messy feeding was one of the characteristics of being a baby he found hardest to take, especially as this lunch seemed to go on and on and the mess on his face and bib became bigger and bigger and stickier and stickier! Now the prospect of being at a little girl’s sleepover, not even as a five year old but as the baby of the party, worried him even more. He knew that he would have to behave exactly like a baby without any prompting, all of which would draw attention to himself and make everyone think that he was doing this just because he wanted to. Of course he hadn’t thought before about the fact the girl’s mums would also be there, that was going to be an additional scope for embarrassment.

Eventually Jane came to Jessica’s rescue and she went off to have her chocolate pudding whilst Jane shovelled in the last two or three spoonfuls from the bowl and then applied a wet cloth to David’s face to clean him up. Zo” meanwhile had started to nag Sheila about some make up game she wished to play this afternoon.

“Come on Mummy you promised you would make me up and Jessica said she wanted to be done as well, and Uncle David could be a made up as a pu-sy cat.”

Helen asked what all this was about and Sheila explained that she had brought some children’s make up with her so they could be made up as fantasy creatures Zo” wanted to be a witch and Jessica liked to be a clown and yes David could be a pu-sy cat.

Simon in the meanwhile excused himself as the Grand Prix was just about to start on the TV and he wanted to see the start as that was always exciting.

“I guess you do not want to David?” He had that quizzical amused look on his face that just said

“My God what a complete prat”

Of course David would have loved to escape to some men’s TV but that was out of the question.

“No fank ou I want to play with Zo” and Jessica” was the only answer that he could give, but he was really worried about this make up idea, what on earth were they going to do him now? He was soon to find out!

Jane and Sheila took the girls into the living room and soon she was concentrating on Zoe and Jessica’s faces as she made them up. David was sitting on a bean bag on the floor watching. He could not help but notice that as Sheila’s mini rode up and up and he could see the tops of her stockings or were they tights? He was slightly side on to her so he could not get a glimpse of her panties if indeed that would have been possible from this angle. He had always been a one for looking up skirts and Sheila’s legs were well worth looking at. The slight glow that comes from such things infused round his parts and his gaze became distracted.

Soon the girl’s were done and they went bouncing off to show Grandma.

“Now it’s you turn Sophie” said Jane, “come here in front of Sheila, oh and stop trying to peer up her skirt you naughty thing”

Sheila laughed and pulled ineffectually at the mini as she adjusted herself to deal with David. Jane went on “Tell her about one of your favourite web sites the one we looked at the other day as part of your regular confessional?

Sheila looked at her questioningly.

“Oh yes we have regular reviews of the pages and pages of stuff I found on his hard drive. We are doing the most visited web sites at the moment and one of them was a smutty little site called upskirt.com. He had to explain to me why he looked at it so much, oh something like 50 to 100 hits a week, and what he liked about the site, how much it cost. Do you know he was spending over fifty pounds a week on femdom porn and baby sites; fifty a week!”

Her voice rose in disgust. “I make him show me his favourite pictures from these sites, which of course he downloaded onto the hard drive. As it is the company’s computer I tell him that I might take it to Andrea the Head of IT if I do not get his full cooperation but he is not very keen on that idea, don’t know why!

“Tell Sheila what you told me about upskirt.com”

David’s face was looking straight at Sheila as she held his chin to start the makeup session. He felt it going redder. He hated Jane’s reviews of the computer; it made him feel dirty and disloyal to think he had spent so much time looking at porn. Now she knew all about it and quizzed him about why a particular picture or site was interesting; what he liked and what he did not, why he spent so much time looking at smutty material. She had also dragged out of him how much he spent on Porn each week. It was a shamefully large amount for a man who had a very good looking and sexy wife. The trouble was he just could not perform in bed and porn gave him a surreptitious release

He had to admit that Upskirt just fuelled his sense of inferiority; he only looked at girls with panties on as though their own flesh was unobtainable. They were sneaky stolen views of what he could not aspire to sexually. His failure in bed as a man had long stopped any thoughts of regular sex with other women. Upskirt made him feel like a shameful little w_nk_r! It had taken some time under Jane’s persistent questioning and more than half an hour in the corner before he had confessed all this to her. Now she was asking him to tell Sheila!

“Go on she said”

Sheila grinned at him as she gave him cat’s whiskers on his face, still holding his chin.

“I liked it becauth it made me feel athamed coz I can’t make love properwy; I like girlth pantieth.

That’s why I am a baby”

“Well you sure are, sitting there in your wet nappy. I guess girls don’t want you much either. I know you always try to look up my skirt, even Simon noticed but somehow I don’t think either of us care anymore, after all babies do all sorts of silly things.

Well, I think when we have finished giving you a pu-sy cat’s face; you should go and apologise to Simon for always trying to look up my skirt and promise not to do it anymore. What do you think, Jane?”

“What a great idea”

David just wanted to cry. How could he say that to Simon? Real men look up skirts because they can do something raunchy, he was saying it was because he was inadequate; a sexual failure. Now they wanted to demean him further in front of his Brother in Law, if that were possible after all that had happened that day so far.

The make up session took a while and Sheila grinned and chatted to Jane as she went about her task; when it was over Jane dragged him reluctantly to the mirror in the hall. He was horrified! Sheila had given him a white face fading off to a shaded area round the edge enhanced with glitter, a black nose and lips, whiskers and black spots, finished off with big cat like eyes. He looked a perfect prat not a cat! The make up on a child would be fine but on his adult face it just made him look ridiculous.

Jane said “Come and show Simon your face and you can say you are sorry that you looked up Sheila’s skirt. Remember to call him Sir and give him a deep curtsey before you speak.”

She had sensed that Simon was enjoying David’s discomfiture and this was just one more twist; indeed Sheila had whispered earlier that she was going to have a very randy Simon chasing her to get the girls asleep as soon as they possibly could tonight.

Simon was in the TV room watching the Grand Prix, he turned his head slowly as David came in and a look of amazed incredulity came over his face as he saw his brother in law still dressed as a toddler, his nappy as ever bulging out from the pretty but rather over the top short baby dress. The pink shiny Mary Jane’s seemed to make the whole ensemble so twee and feminine but it was the make up that made him look so childish and utterly stupid. How on earth could David let himself be treated like this mused Simon even as he sensed another little act of shame was about to unfold.

David did a full, deep curtsey, and as he did so the wet nappy squeezed against him.

“Excuth me Thir; Mummy said I mutht thay I am thorry becauth I wath alwayth peeking up Theila’s thkirth, like I wath juth now. I am tho thorry I wont do ich again”

Simon half looking at the TV did not understand David’s lisping accent,

“What did you say?”

Poor David went redder under the make up and started to sweat; He did another deep curtsey, this time as well as the wetness he felt another sensation deep inside him, a full feeling, a heavy feeling; he knew what it meant. Sometime soon he was going to have to go to the potty big time, The trouble was there was no potty just a nappy, thick, firm right there between his legs pushing them apart so they spayed; it was crisp white and secure, wet yes but ready to safely receive when needed.

The lacing of chocolate exlax and syrup of figs that Grandma had secretly, without even telling Jane, laced his portion of chocolate pudding had gone totally undetected but was now silently doing it’s work. He eventually summoned up the effort from somewhere to repeat himself

“Excuth me Thir; Mummy said I mutht thay I am thorry becauth I wath alwayth peeking up Theila’s Thkirth, like I wath juth now. I am tho thorry I wont do ich again”

Just at that moment Ayrton Senna decided to do a pit stop. Simon ignored David and concentrated on the TV. David did not know what to do, he was being so submissive, using his best sissy voice, calling Simon sir and Simon just ignored him. Eventually when the drama on the race track eased Simon looked at David and waved him away dismissively as though he had not heard what David had said.

“Please don’t bother me whilst the race is on,go and play with the children, baby”

David, stunned by this rejection, toddled out of the TV room, seething with anger mixed with shame at Simon’s casual behaviour, all that mental effort to screw up the courage to curtsey and talk so babyishly and he didn’t appear to take any of it in at all! David, like many masochists, even when he was being humiliated still expected to be the centre of attention. Simon unconsciously had realised that to be ignored is as shaming as being laughed at.

Helen Jane and Sheila were in the kitchen tidying up and he could hear giggling female voices, natural inferiority made him assume it was at his expense, but he continued his toddling run, wide legged out into the garden where the girls were playing in and out of the Wendy house. His dolls pram was just outside the conservatory and he pushed it towards the children.

As soon as they saw him they started to snigger, “Oh Uncle David you do look like a pu-sy cat” said Jessica

“I think he looks very silly” chipped in Zo”.

“Don’t be horrid come on lets play, I bet your dolly needs her nappy changed”

David was soon kneeling on the rug outside the Wendy House busy changing Trudie’s nappy, then it was Zo”’s dolly’s turn then Jessica decided that hers needed doing as well. Each one involved taking down the doll’s rhumba panties taking the little disposable off wiping the area with some of David’s wipes and the using powder before finding a clean disposable and putting it on. The wipes and powder had to fetched from the living room, the doll’s disposables had to found from various bags under the doll’s push chairs; the girl’s naturally sent David for all these things so he was up and down and toddling around in the garden just like an excitable child. Not least because the children kept on changing their minds about what was needed when. He wanted to walk normally and talk without the lisp but he did not dare to do so; it was also becoming slowly part of him. As before lunch he started to lose himself in the girls’ games and took part in them without any resistance or hesitation.

When he had almost finished Zo”, becoming bored, ran off to play with a scooter on the patio and Jessica concentrated quietly for a moment on her Dolly. David became more aware of the need he had felt earlier, more pressing now, he pushed a bit and he did a little “pop off”, the noise was muffled by his thick nappies; he hoped losing wind might help the feeling go away. No luck there, if anything it returned in moments even stronger now.

“Oh dear” he thought “not now I must, must hold on I cannot dirty myself here at Grandma’s in front of everyone. I must hold on, I can I know I can, I am an adult, not a child. If I was at work at a meeting or out it would be second nature to hold on.”

The pressure built, the nappy felt so secure down there between his legs, offering comfort and solid protection. The safety of infancy long forgotten but now freshly remembered by regular training had renewed the deep sense of reliance on being nappied. What was it there for? Why did he wear it? Just use it now, you are quite safe, no one is looking. He could clearly visualise the large white clean heavy duty Tena between his legs, taped to snuggle around his bits and pieces that nestled in the soft soft fabric of the disposable, then, as further protection, the full adult size 60 inch terry tightly pinned on high pinching his waist with two more pink headed nappy pins at the top of his legs bunching the terry up tightly between his legs forcing them apart, over that was the large pair of creamy white plastic pants from Drylife, just large enough to accommodate the bulk and reaching well above his waist. They came with an extra wide gusset and elastic stretching firmly round the leg openings and waist, gathering everything tightly in, all so safely, this magic combination always made him feel so secure. It was a return to those far off days of real babyhood. Three layers of defence, three layers of protection, surely just a small push, do a little, just enough to ease the pressure and nobody would even notice? Unconsciously his knees widened on the rug, his body arched forward a little, almost ready to give in.

But what if someone did notice, the smell would surely give him away? Simon and Sheila were here; he simply must not dirty again, not with them here. You cannot dirty yourself in front of your brother in law! What would Jessica and Zo” say if he messed again? In his little head he had excused himself the first accident that morning as it was, well, a real accident.

Little beads of sweat broke out again on the top of his lip. He was in his own world now; he did not see Jessica looking at him quizzically.

The pressure built. The vision of that lovely clean white disposable safe and snug between his legs coupled with the feel of the thick terry almost caused him to let go.

Zo” calling to Jessica distracted him for a moment, but even as his attention wandered away from his pressing need as he watched her go and help Zo” with the scooter he again bent forward and let his knees slide further apart. Just a little, no harm surely, maybe it is wind, or gas his American friends would say; but he was no longer part of the jet set, no Americanisms to joke about with colleagues when drinking fine wine in New York’s fashionable places. Indeed no more business trips to New York; little boys who wet the bed and need nappies night and day and have Mummies who keep them in dresses do not get to travel first class on British Airways or American he rued.

Alone for a moment on he rug he suddenly remembered how Jane had spanked him that morning. A flash of temper ran through him at the thought. He knew what to do; he would get even. Give her a messy nappy to change that would show her who was boss! Brilliant.

In reality it was just so silly but David had been through emotional hoop after hoop that day and any rational power of logical thought he might have possessed had evaporated.

It was hardly a push, more a letting go, a relaxation. Just a little he thought, not too much, that will be fine. But his control had become so weak, so when it came, slowly at first, not seeming much he relaxed even more, then it started to rush, he tried to stop it, concentrating for a moment on the muscles but the will power or determination had long gone. He felt his wet nappy tighten and press closely round his member as the nappy bagged and sagged at the back with the firm flow. Hard at first then becoming softer, initially it was a piece lying snug between his cheeks but the rush spread out warm and soft sinking to that sensitive spot between the legs. Instinctively his hands were behind him feeling, confirming that despite the thick nappies his plastic pants bulged out to accommodate the surge.

He was panting now, still in his own world oblivious to the fact that Jessica had returned to the rug and was staring at him. He felt for that moment that he was clear, done and finished maybe he would get away with it. Maybe it was not too much; it might not smell too bad. He paused gathering his thoughts. The need for the second push is instinctive, a natural need and so it was this time, within thirty seconds he had surrendered all control to this new pressure and pushed hard, grunting slightly and making it so completely obvious to Jessica, who unnoticed, was staring in fascinated amazement at her Uncle David!

It was wet and warm; softly spreading around his bottom and into that sensitive hollow between his cheeks, then gushing down further. After the initial relief came fear, fear as he realised that was a big one, really big; he could feel what seemed to be a huge bulge with his fingers as they played over the area of the plastic pants behind him, down there. They felt soft and shiny, still safe and secure, but swelling outwards. It is a bit like having a gap in your mouth when you break a tooth the senses tell you it is bigger than it really is and so David could only feel and imagine a huge swelling from around his bottom and down between his legs. It must be so visible, so obvious, a bottom bulge, a bold statement as though he was intent on shouting out to the world; “Look at me everybody I have just messed myself”.

He tried to remember the sense of getting even with Jane but instead he felt so ashamed, just ashamed. He had dirtied himself, right there in Helen’s garden, the family were there, the children were there; worst of all Simon was there. Under the make up his face flushed bright red as he thought of his Brother in Law. He was going to have to be changed and what a fuss everyone would make about that. Messing was the real sign of his baby status. Indeed Jessica was already formulating the obvious words.

“Uncle David have you done another poo poo, have you got a dirty nappy?”

David suddenly remembered the first or was it the second time he had done it in his nappy all those weeks ago and Jane had come to him.

“Little Sophie has done a poo poo hasn’t she? A little poopie in her nappy Oh dear me what a baby! Or shall we say you have a dirty nappy, or do you prefer me to call it a messy nappy. I expect you would rather we said baby has done number two’s don’t you sweetie? Or would an accident be better for you that sounds much more grown up doesn’t it, not nearly so babyish as mess or dirty; but it’s a big accident in your nappy isn’t it? Maybe we should just refer to that, err nasty smell, have you done a stinkypot in your nappy then? Or are you just a stinky one? I know, I have an even better idea, has my baby got a little parcel for Mummy then? Well what shall it be then? What would you like mummy to say?”

David had simply shrivelled then under this merciless verbal shaming. Jane was just so good at dragging him down making him realise the enormity of the change to his life and the way people now regarded him.

When he was with a dom he could savour the shame of that rather special sensation of a mess down there between his legs, let it go on a while in an imaginary shameful situation, often till he just exploded uncontrollably in his nappy. He would then be cleaned up and leave her as fast as he could as the humiliation after he had come was unbearable. Those situations when he ultimately, as the paying customer, was in control; but now, he had little say over what happened next and being changed by a variety of women in different places had brought home to him a new deep sense of humiliation about having a dirty nappy. Why, why on earth had he been so stupid and messed himself here at Helenës house, surely he could have hung on for a while. Did he have no control at all?

Looking at Jessica with tears welling up in his eyes he begged the five year old “ Pleath Jethica don’t tell on me; I can’t help it; they will all teath me tho much if they find out that I have a methy nappy, leth play wive our dollith”

What he had hoped to achieve by this was known only to the Good Lord. Jessica looked at him awkwardly, reluctant to be involved in a deception but did not move to tell the grown ups. They continued to play with the dollies, David hoping Jessica would not say anything but so conscious of that big big mess down there.

Zoe came running back tiring of playing with the scooter and came right up to David to see what he was doing with his dolly. She sat down beside him. Her nose twitched.

“Uncle David, have you just done pooh? Yes you have I can smell it! You big baby”

She immediately got up and started to run to the house before David could utter a word.

She shouted in a voice that would tell the neighbours as well.

“Grandmaaa! Auntie Jaanne! Uncle David has done poo poo; he has got a dirty nappy”

Jessica just looked at David and shrugged her shoulders in that way that the French do when the inevitable has happened.

There was no escape, David felt crushed in spirit yet again. How could so many terrible things happen to him all on the same day? The mess, still warm, started to smell ever so slightly and was so shaming. He fingered the large bulge down there. He wondered who might come out to change him; he hoped it would be Jane. As she had changed him so many times it felt less awkward with her than anyone else.

He saw Helen come out following Zo” who, skipping happily along, was obviously enjoying the scene, and still shouting at the top of her voice like any excited three year old. “Grandma he has done a big poo in his nappy, he is a really big baby, that is twice today, I am a big girl I use a potty now don’t I Grandma!” She sounded all important and confident.

She came over to where David was kneeling, still in shock from the sudden turn of events and Zo”’s exposure of what he had done. Telling him to stand up in a firm voice, for the second time that day she subjected him to a nappy inspection, no asking him if he had had an accident, just the lifting of the dress, pulling out the back of the plastic pants and the terry nappy. He was, as ever, silent, not allowed to admit the truth, just waiting to be checked like a true infant. She saw nothing and so tried again this time pulling back the disposable as well, the front of his nappies, now thoroughly wet from endless wees and dribbles pressed on his tired manhood.

“Oh dear, we do have a big mess down there don’t we? Dear oh dear; well never mind I know you can’t help it, but what a big baby you have become; fancy messing yourself here today with everyone all around, the family and everyone. What on earth will Simon think of you?”

Helen knew how to twist the knife! “Well we will have to get you changed, come along now to the house and we will get you all sorted out”

David just felt so infantile, helpless with the real evidence of his baby status nestling between his legs, a far more powerful confirmation of what he had become than the dresses, dummies petticoats and bibs; those were external, the mess was his, his alone, he had done it unaided, unasked, he had shown his lack of control, he had shown that he was prepared to be treated like this, he could not say anything, he just had to go along with Helen’s ministrations. Oh how he wished then he had hung on!

He walked wide legged, trying so hard to stop squishing the terrible mess that was down there; this exaggerated his baby toddle. The short dress, just an inch above the flowing pettis, swayed

with his jerky motion. The plastic pants, almost fully revealed under that too short dress, tight over the nappy as they stretched to accommodate the extra load, glistened whitely in the afternoon sunshine. His legs, now losing male muscle, pale and hairless, somehow softer and more feminine disappeared into pretty white socks. The pink Mary Jane’s were in stark contrast to the green grass; the sunlight caught on the glitter in his pink alice band making it sparkle and highlighting his golden hair pulled by matching pink bands into two sweet bunches that flip flopped around the back of his head.

His only comfort was the dummy that he sucked wetly, dribble as ever glistening on his chin and dribble bib, now after constant use for weeks he was oblivious to its effect on his features, already made extra childish with the pu-sy cat make up. His masculine features remained in stark contrast to everything else so he looked totally ridiculous. He could sense rather than see the family in the conservatory, shadows part hidden in the shade of the room. Helen hammered home his sense of lonely desperation.

“We were watching you and saw what you were doing “she said cheerfully. That was not strictly true; she had been chatting away to the others and out of the corner of her eyes noticed David’s tell tale position. She did not think anyone else had noticed until Zo” came running in to the conservatory. Clearly the remark did not make David feel any happier. The idea that Sheila and Simon might have watched him fill his nappy like that just horrified him.

The walk to the conservatory took for ever or so it seemed to David. He stole glances towards the waiting group from a under a bowed head. Was that an extra person there? No it could not be, surely Helen would never bring an outsider to a gathering like this especially with him in baby clothes, it would be too intrusive, his babying was a private family affair surely? There could not be an outsider here to witness his treatment within the family, Helen would never tolerate that? Or would she? But yes there was someone there, David realised suddenly it was a he, was standing next door to Jane, indeed very close to Jane, did he have an arm round her waist?


No, no not that, it can’t be him, not here, not in front of everybody! Not when he had just; the softness moved slowly down there, done that, done something so utterly unspeakable.

Jake moved forward

Jake had been expected at the house and arrived mid afternoon whilst David was in the garden. Helen knew him well as a former employee and as a rising star and greeted him warmly. Simon grinned as he saw a fellow golf club member

“Hi buddy how are you doing? You have a great girl in Jane and I think our David or should I say Sophie out there in the garden is going to have a big shock very shortly when he sees you. He is quite something else. You know all about him of course? By the way Senna is just about to win the Grand Prix; just one lap to go” he kept half an eye on the TV.

“We have had quite an amazing show from him today. What do say Shiel?”

“It is so bizarre, I cannot believe anyone would let themselves be treated the way he is, baby dresses for Christ sake and all this nappy stuff! He plays the part as well toddling around and lisping whenever he talks and su-king a dummy all the time. My kids were never allowed a dummy and here we have a grown man who can’t be parted from one or so it seems. When he came in to apologize to Simon after Jane had spanked him, and he had no pants or nappy on; I have never seen such a tiny wee wee, but you know I think he likes it in some strange way. He certainly likes playing with the girls, Jessica in particular and Zo” is so bossy with him. I think he is becoming a little frightened of her would you believe?”

Jane snuggled up to Jake rubbing her hands over his chest. “Come and look into the garden from the conservatory, he is playing with the girls”

Helen went to the kitchen and Sheila and Jane took Jake to stand just in the conservatory where they could watch David at play. He was just finishing putting one of the dollies in a little dolls pram causing him to bend low showing a flurry of petticoats and plastic pants.

“Wow that is some baby dress, oh and those nappies and pink shoes as well; what a complete sissy! You showed me the pictures but I just cannot believe what I am seeing? Where on earth do you get that stuff to fit him? The last time he and I were together he was my boss and we worked together in an office, gave presentations to clients and went on business trips together; this is all so weird. What on earth is he going to do when he knows I am here? What will he say?”

“What do think will be his reaction to you being my lover Jake?” Jane discretely rubbed the front of his trousers feeling that large long hard object.

“I just do not know, are you sure it will be OK. He won’t get mad or anything?””

“What? Get mad? No way! Not dressed like that, he will treat you with respect, call you Sir or Thir.” She giggled. “Don’t forget he used to read lots from c_____d stories.com so he must like the idea, mind you a story is one thing reality is something else. Anyhow he has heard us a few times.”

“Heard you more like!” Jake raised his eyes for Sheila’s benefit.

Jane saw Sheila grinning at them “I shall ignore that. Who do you reckon he thinks is snoring in his old bed! He had better give you a curtsey by the way; also you know he must only speak when spoken to. Despite all of this I expect he will try to pretend in that silly way of his that it is normal somehow for a bloke to be in a pretty dress and nappies; but when he tries he always ends up looking even more stupid! He tried it on with Simon this morning and ended up with a sound spanking across my knee”

Helen came in with tea and they sat down as she turned the conversation away from the bizarre spectacle in the garden.

Jake remembered bumping into Jane at an industry convention just after David had suddenly left his firm. He was naturally curious about the reason for the sudden departure of his old boss, moreover there seemed to be nothing on the grapevine about what David was now doing. Jane had been even more vivacious than usual and they flirted gently with each other but she gave absolutely nothing away. Eventually he put a direct question “You and David still OK together?” hanging a question mark in the air. She nodded happily but he sensed there was something happening.

“Are you going to Milan?” he was referring to the big trade convention next month.

“Might be, are you?”

“Yes for sure, have to really, hope to see you there” again the hint was lying open.

She pursed her lips, smiled and said “OK I guess it is an important affair, I will be there, where are you staying; Ritz Carlton as usual; dinner perhaps?” She half whispered the last word.

As Jake nodded his agreement he thought he had never had such an easy and obvious promise; and from his ex boss’s wife as well.

He saw her on the first day; “dinner?”

“Of course why do you think I came to Milan and put up with this wretched airport nonsense?”

They eventually managed to get away separately and discretely from colleagues, clients and hangers on who tend to drink half the night away and disappeared into his suite. He had taken care to have one of the best in the hotel; quite how he was going to swing it on expenses he was not sure. She was not the slightest bit shy and soon was showing him her fantastic figure much enhanced by exquisite underwear from Parallel Intimo in Marylebone High Street. The shiny steel grey bra flecked with expensive lace pushed up her br.easts and matched high cut panties that bulged with heavy lips such that a little curl of brunette hair escaped onto her white thigh. She lay languorously across the extra large bed with her finger in her mouth like a little teenager on a first date. Her black stockings glinted in the bed side lamp and accentuated her pointed black stilettos that she had rather kinkily left on. Gently at the beginning, it was a first date after all, Jake used his experienced hands to arouse and stimulate her. He whispered compliments about her body and praise in her ear as he nibbled it, all the while stroking her br.easts. She was soon moaning and trying to release his hard member from the safety of his trousers. Eventually in light-hearted frustration she commanded him, “put it in me now, please pretty please”; looking at him coquettishly with a half serious smile as she stretched out on her back and bent her knees showing him that most secret of places. After she had three climactic orgasms Jake, still ramrod hard, withdrew slowly. “Do we need a little rest” she queried?

“Well let’s say its half time” he joshed back.

“Oh no we are playing American football tonight that was just the first quarter” was her response as she reached down and pulled on its hard throbbing length guiding it towards her soft welcoming receptacle.

“But at half time we might have a little champagne to celebrate; will it be six nil or six one? But we do not want to exhaust our friend down here too soon now do we? I assume he is a good striker and can score more than one goal in a game?

Jake might have noticed she was mixing soccer and American football but was more fascinated by her hunger and at the same time by the way she apparently let him be the male and leader but he felt somehow she was subtly in control. She knew what she wanted and was going to get it. He was very conscious of who she was and he suddenly realised that he had to put on a good performance, something, but he did not know quite what, was at stake. This was definitely “no wham bang thank you maam one night stand”

She had insisted on Beluga Caviar to go with the Dom Perignion 1998 at half time. Jake’s new boss certainly would not sign that off unless he got some huge orders at the conference he thought.

As they sipped the ice cold champagne she started to tell him. David was hopeless in bed but had started a new life that suited him much better. No, he did not know she was here with him, but that did not matter, she would tell him in due course. She still loved him and there was not going to be a break up of the marriage, but she had needed this for some time. She put down her half finished glass as she lent down and started to caress him into action again.

“I think the whistle has gone to start the second half” she said as she stretched out on the bed again. Of course it is only the start of the season and we do not want to get relegated do we?

Jake had been exhausted by the end; he had had to reload in her twice, just about on his limit.

She had seemed insatiable, but so desirable.

The next day he found she had flown home early. The text message said enigmatically “Had to leave to look after my baby at home, the nanny said he was missing me. Hope to have a rematch v soon.” What on earth did that all mean?

That was the start. They met a few times discreetly at London hotels, normally in the afternoon so she could get home and relieve Emma, where she told him more about David’s new life. Then he came to stay the night with her at her house and he had the bizarre experience of making her come and come again in the family bed whilst all the while David was in the next bedroom. Jake, who normally moved on to a new conquest after a month was intrigued by a steady stream of revelations about David. There was always the promise of something new, something exciting around the corner with Jane. Her lovemaking was exciting and as good as Jake had had for a long time but this most perverse arrangement involving David, until now unseen but always there in the background gave them both a huge kick and as Jane slowly let Jake get closer and closer to meeting David each session had some new twist.

Eventually he found himself here at Helen’s at last ready to meet David in the flesh, dressed as a baby, and witness the strangest events in his life.

David stared at Jake. Why did it have to be him? Jake had worked for David until, well just before he had become a full time baby. Jake was everything David was not, successful, very good at his job, indeed so good that he had left because of the sheer frustration of working for such an inadequate boss. He had shone where David had failed, or that is how it felt for David who had become progressively worried that Jake would be promoted over him. On a social level as well Jake was a well known flirt, a regular seducer of great women, the more his reputation spread in the milieu in which they both worked and played the more the women seemed to like it and compete for his favours. His success at work with customers coupled with the large orders that came his way so effortlessly earned him a level of respect and popularity that David just could not attain. Moreover he started to let David know indirectly that he had no respect for him, as a manager, or even as a man. He succeeded in making David feel more and more inadequate.

David had been so relieved when he said he was leaving, but then he realised that his colleagues were put out and started to look down on him for failing to keep Jake in the firm. He had felt that his very job was on the line despite the fact that he was married to the founder’s daughter. The final insult to David came when, as soon as Jake was hired by a rival firm in a very senior position indeed he cheekily pinched his secretary Marylyn to go and work for him.

Now David had to face up to the reality that Jake was Jane’s lover, clearly a very successful lover; standing there in front of him, supremely confident as usual and obviously enjoying being here at the family home; being fully accepted into the house of a powerful business women like Helen.

David, once a big shot businessman himself (or so he liked to think), and Jake’s former boss, was here in little girl baby clothes being treated as a child and for good measure he needed his dirty nappy changing!

Jane squeezed Jake’s hand and she watched for David’s reaction. This had been a long planned coupe and it had gone even better than Jane had ever imagined. Sheila’s unexpected offer to do his face up with child’s make up and the added extra of an unexpected dirty nappy had put David in the worst possible position to meet the real man who was making him a c_____d.

Oh and how Jane was looking forward to this night with Jake, she could not wait to feel him hard inside her again, she ached for those soft but firm hands to explore her body, they would stroke and stimulate her in places she just did not know could be so erotic. She wanted to be filled with him down there her muscles gripping his manhood as it slid firmly in and out over her super sensitive G-spot, her nipples hard with lust as his tongue filled her mouth. She would scream out as she orgasmed time and time again knowing that her husband lay in helpless frustration in a cot in the next room listening to her pleasure. All this would now be made infinitely worse for him by the new realization that it was his former junior at work reaping such wonderful rewards in the marital bed. Tonight she would leave the bedroom doors ajar so he would be able to hear, tantalizingly, nearly everything but not quite everything as Jake undressed her and slowly, oh so slowly made beautiful foreplay before she started to let the world hear what a great man with solid stamina could do for her. The thought of her husband subjected to such extreme humiliation in the very next room helpless in a baby’s cot would make the night one of unparalleled pleasure.

She and Helen had agreed a plan to get the chastity on him today; she had sensed he was now ready to sacrifice his pathetic erections to her need to control his baby pleasure. Tonight she wanted him in a complete agony of frustration whilst she enjoyed herself over and over. She knew on previous nights he had always played with himself when Jake made love to her. They could always hear him via the baby alarm rustling on the plastic mattress cover as he pumped his mini member into his nappy. Jake used to make her giggle with caustic comments about David’s sexual hopelessness.

David could only stand there dumbly in shock, silent, unable to speak, barely able to comprehend this new shame in front of everyone. Of course it was Zo” as ever whose loud voice cut through to his consciousness, adding, if that were possible, to his agony.

“He’s done poo and needs changing”

David suddenly realised he was still su-king his dummy in front of Jake; he snatched it out in confusion, only to let it hang on its ribbon in front of him; a silent reminder of his su-king habit. Thoughts whirled round his head in a mad jumble. Words left him, his vision locked onto Jake’s big masculine hand round Jane’s hip. He stared at the two of them, not really seeing not comprehending what was happening, what he should be doing.

When Jane quietly said “Manners Sophie” it did not register, he had to do something but what?

Even the slightly more demanding “come on Sophie don’t be naughty” just hovered threateningly around him producing no response making him seem disobedient.

Helen, again sensing his shock, came to the rescue “Come on you know you must curtsey when you meet anyone older than yourself”

Too late he realised he had forgotten one of Mummy’s strictest rules. He started fumbling with his hands round the hem of his dress and was just about to stumble into a quick drop when Jane cut in.

“Sophie I am surprised at you, you forgetful little thing, you must remember your manners you know how much importance I attach to that. Now you can give everyone here a proper punishment curtsey. That will help you remember in future.”

No! Not punishment curtseys, not here; not to Jake; no not that.

It had been Emma who had drilled him endlessly at home till she was satisfied he could do it perfectly. Hardly a day went by when she did not find some reason to make him drop a half dozen or so punishment curtseys to her or save them up for Jane when she came in from work. They were such a simple way to hammer home his sissy vulnerability.

“Mummy” Pleadingly, softly imploring in a voice that in that one simple word begged for him to be let off; begged for understanding, begged for some compassion. There was none.

“Be careful young miss or someone round here might be asked to take you across his knee when we get home.”

She knew that was a threat that would quell any thought of rebellion. She had also laughed once when at dinner together before a night of erotic passion in the next bedroom to the Nursery Jake had said how much he was looking forward to giving his former boss a good hand spanking across his knee.

“I want him naked, stark naked, perhaps hot and wet from the bath so it stings more. I really want to make him cry, cry real tears of pain and shame!”

Jane had been slightly worried about this slight hint that Jake may be a bit sadistic but had not dwelt on it.

Gulping helplessly David tried to marshal his thoughts; his shock was such that the routine for Punishment Curtseys hovered dangerously close to a mental vacuum. He had to get it right. Strangely the shame of what he had to do only dimly worried him.

“Aunty Jane what’s a Punishment Curtsey?” Jessica suddenly piped up finding it slightly hard to say the strange words.

“Well when you are naughty I expect you have to go to your room or sit on a naughty stool or something till you promise to be good? Well we do the same to David when he is naughty we have a little range of punishments that remind him not to be naughty again”

“But what is a curtsey?

“Oh I see what you mean, well we need to remind Uncle David that he is just a little girl; no not even a little girl but a baby really and certainly not a proper grown up anymore. So we use a slightly old fashioned idea that makes him remember his baby age and also makes it clear to anyone he meets that he is no longer allowed to be a grown up any more but is just a baby. In the old days small girls, always had to curtsey for grown ups, so we make him do it for anyone who is older than him. You will see what it is in a moment, a sort of ballet movement if you like. A Punishment Curtsey is just a more refined version”

“No it wasn’t; it was just pure humiliation for David” thought Jane; “rather nice though” she half giggled to herself “especially with Simon and Jake here to make it seem so much worse!”

“Aunty Jane is Uncle David supposed to be younger than me, I’m three and a quarter now” Zo” piped up.

“Well I suppose he is as he likes to pretend he is not quite three”

“But Aunty Jane he did not do a curtsey for me”, she struggled a little with the word “when he came in this morning. Was that very naughty?”

“Yes it was and when it is your turn to receive his Punishment Curtsey you can ask him to do extra ones if you like to remind him that you are older than he is.”

Jake interrupted the flow. “Jane should I give David his present before he does the curtseys” he said this smiling and producing a smallish parcel that had been lying on a table unnoticed.

Jane looked and saw the pink wrapping paper with yellow fluffy chicks all over it; all neatly secured with a big bow of pink ribbon. She knew what it contained but was keen to see David’s reaction to Jake’s present. It was definitely a good idea to give him Jake’s gift before the curtseys.

Only two weeks ago at home in David’s bed Jane had been panting hard, recovering from her third shattering climax whilst Jake, still hard, weight on elbows gently tongued her ear when the regular rustling noise came over the baby alarm. David was playing with himself and his plastic pants rustled on the plastic mattress cover through the pretty lamb embossed cot sheet with his rhythmic motion.

“Your husband is spanking his monkey again” grinned Jake

“I have told him time and again we can hear him quite clearly when he does that and I said you, I mean my lover, was going to be here tonight and was he sure he really wanted to play with himself when we could hear him so clearly. I told him what a really babyish thing it was to do, to play with his wee wee when he could be heard by grown ups. But he just looked all pathetic as usual”

“Aren’t you really ashamed of yourself” I said “fancy wanting to do that when a real man is with me, real men do not mast.r-bat_, they have sex with proper women” but he begged me to let him so I gave him a handful of baby wipes to wrap round his thingy which is the way he likes to play with himself”

Pushing Jake off her Jane said bossily “Get off me, I will ride you now, until you come, you bugger.” As they swapped positions and Jane slowly lowered herself down onto that wonderful, proud ramrod. Jake said “well this time I will come but I shall reload inside you and shall have you again and again till you beg me to stop”

Jane rested for a moment, kneeling with her back arched straight up savouring his hardness deep inside her whilst Jake’s outstretched fingers played with her luscious firm br.easts.

The rustling from the nursery increased its pace and Jane wondered what shamed fantasy David must be enjoying as he played with himself in his nappy with the baby wipes knowing he was being cuckolded in the very next room, in his own bed, under his own roof. The real magic of the situation was that Jane and Jake were supremely confident that he would never ever do anything to interfere. They knew he was quite unable to intervene, although physically there were no restraints to prevent him from doing so,It was that they knew with absolute assurance that he was completely lacking in the courage to do anything positive like that. He was simply reduced to lying in his cot dressed and nappied like a baby with dollies and a dummy to take his mind off the events in the next room.

Soon he would know it was Jake. Jane was certain that he would be absolutely distraught when he found out but it was he, but would be just as helpless as he was now to do anything about it. She suddenly felt the need to check the plans.

“You still OK for Sunday week at my Mum’s?

“Can’t wait, you know I just am dying to see his face when he finds out it’s me. He will be in full baby mode won’t he? What a nightmare it will be for him in front of your family and all”

“Course, he always is, anyway, I have a really pretty outfit for him that he has not seen yet; it will make him look both cute and sissy babyish. He might have a dirty nappy for you as well; shall I give him a suppository just to be sure?”

“Ugh; no don’t do that” That was not an attractive part of all this to Jake’s way of thinking. “I was wondering shall I bring him a present something like a doll or something that would really unsettle him”

Jake was always coming up with ideas to make life worse for David.

Jane eased up and down slowly on that wondrous hardness that reached impossibly far into her as she thought about it.

“Maybe rhumba pants, really sissy baby ones, plastic lined”

“Sounds great, but where do I buy them, not M&S I guess!”

“That’s easy thousands of them on the web; I can send you a link but he does have quite a few as he wears them pretty well every day.” She was distracted for a moment by the waves of pleasure running up through her body. “I know,” she pursed her lips thoughtfully as inspiration hit her;

“Babies’ bonnets; for some reason he really does not like them. They seem to shame him so much more than anything else but I do not know why. We have had more trouble getting him to wear a bonnet than almost anything. To tell the truth Emma has pretty well given up on bonnets and has instead gone for the alice band and bunches; but if you gave them to him he would hate it even more and” she paused “You can insist he wears them on pain of an across the knee spanking; that’s a great idea, a double whammy the most humiliating thing in the world given to him by my lover, what a super idea”

The very thought caused huge waves of pleasure to flow into her very soul as she rode that iron like pillar that seemed to impossibly fill her.

“And where, pray, do I buy a babies bonnet for a grown man?”

“No probs his dressmaker will do it for you she is great I will give you an email and phone number. She will think it a hoot when you say who you are. Cost you though.”

She looked at the parcel as Jake proffered it to David. She had not seen the contents but she knew that Jake had gone to some lengths to get two bonnets and a sun hat for every day wear. Various conversations by text and email had elicited his hat size and sorted out the type of bonnet that would baby him the most. Jane had found a couple of cartoons by Curtus that seemed to embody the very thing that David hated and she had emailed them to Jake as a suggestion as to style.

As David took the parcel he guessed that it contained rhumba pants. It was the wrong shape for a teddy bear or doll and felt soft as though clothing was involved. He looked at Jane to see if he should open it now and she nodded to him. The wet mess between his legs begged for a nappy change but that was becoming an even more distant prospect. As he pulled at the ribbon the parcel undid and spilling aside tissue paper he revealed a pair of babyish pink and blue lace frilled nylon lined rhumbas complete with a plastic inner lining in typical baby style. There was something else in the parcel but he had first to hold up the rhumbas so every one could see them. Sensing from the smiles and murmured comments around the room that the shameful panties met with everyone’s approval he pulled back the next bit of tissue paper fully expecting another pair of rhumbas. A length of blue and pink ribbon emerged; it was attached to a heavier piece of baby pink material embroidered with the word baby on it that had some stretchy material in it. He suddenly recognised what it was as he saw the peak of the bonnet.

He was holding the cutest pink babies bonnet with fitted sides so it would hug the side of his head in a very old fashioned style; it was finished off with a broad curved peak. The pink material had the word baby softly embossed all over it in blue and the bonnet was completed with the blue and pink ribbons that would secure it under his chin.

He went pale as he realised the terrible implications of this, the most shaming article of adult baby wear imaginable, being presented to him by none other than his former employee Jake. But there was more. Pulling aside tissue paper he saw a further bonnet in the material that matched his dress. Again in pink and blue but this time it repeated the teddy bear and maypole motifs of his dress. Ridiculously childish, no not childish but utterly babyish and old fashioned. When he wore the bonnets it would complete his shaming and take away any vestiges of self that may be left.

The last item was a hat, a child’s sun hat, in baby blue but otherwise plain but again complete with ribbon to go under the chin. Jake picked it up to show the others.

“That’s for every day outings; although I really think he always ought to be properly bonneted at all times the traditional ones may be a bit much for shopping expedition to Tesco” conceded Jake as if this silly child’s sun hat with a ribbon could possibly look normal on an adult in public.

David gulped nervously. Did a small stream of something slip into that nappy adding to what was there? Was it from the front or back?

The sun hat was almost a mirror copy of that one he had to wear all those years ago. He had just turned twelve. A very young twelve as his darling Mummy always over protected him. She had produced the sun hat during a hot spell and made him wear it to school. Inevitably he had been teased about the childish garment. “A baby’s bonnet someone had said. On the way home a group of girls hassled him and started to tease him in the streets and he had to run hard to escape. It had been a long chase and after he gave them the slip he had a long way to walk home. It was whilst he hurried back to Mummy, who would be cross because he was late, the need to pee got stronger and stronger. In the front drive he had to stop to press his knees together to stop the threatening flow. When he got to the front door he could not find his door key in his satchel, the more he hunted for it in near panic the worse the need became. So near but so far. In desperation he rang the bell with a sharp pain pressing his need on him. After ages, or so it seemed Mummy opened the door. Relief at being home let him lose concentration for a second and there was a sharp tingle at the point of his willie. It flooded out, right there in front of Mummy. The light grey regulation flannel short trousers loved of English private schools turned a dark colour as the wet spread upwards outwards making a huge wet patch across the front of his shorts.

The stream, barely constrained, ran down his legs into his shoes and splattered noisily on the porch step. Mummy put her hand to her mouth “Oh my Darling, poor thing” as he burst into tears. She was all over him consoling him telling him not worry not to cry “”Mummy will sort you out; Mummy will clean you up”. Wet and desperately ashamed he let her take him upstairs, but not to his bathroom but to hers. He loved Mummy’s bedroom it was soft and pink, and gentle just like her. She used to let him help her tidy up and put her clothes away and fold up her undies for the drawers. She quickly removed the wet things and ran a scented bath. His sobs slowly came under control and the tears stopped flowing. When he was naked she wiped his face gently with a soft moist tissue that had a faintly familiar fragrance. As he recovered in the warm scented bubbly bath she busied herself in the bedroom chatting to him through the open door.

“You must have a chill, you know down there happens some time, you lose control don’t worry Mummy isn’t cross with her baby. He tried to tell her about the girls and the teasing but she did not seem to take much notice. You may have a little problem for a few days Mummy will look after you. No school tomorrow; that sounded good. She got him out of the bath and wrapped him in a big pink fluffy towel, so comforting so secure.

“Lets get you ready for tea, you can have your favourite pizza tonight” She said as she guided him to her bed. Not really understanding what he saw, she sat him down on another towel, when he was dry she pushed him back; it was not a towel; no surely not? Not a nappy?

Don’t worry we will keep you safe and dry for a few days until the problem goes away” she said as the nappy was folded up between his legs and from somewhere pins appeared and then some plastic pants. Up his legs they went. All the while Mummy was kind and soothing, no school tomorrow no home work, and you can sleep in Mummy’s bed to night. Oh how he loved to snuggle up to Mummy in her bed. He often got up early in the morning and crept into the large bed and she would sleepily cuddle him close to her warm body and soft nightie but tonight she was promising he could spend the whole night with her.

Boyish objections to the nappy evaporated with joys like this in store, anyway it sort of felt nice, snug, safe secure; he thought he might like it.. She popped a tee shirt on him and saying that no trousers or shorts would go over the nappy led him downstairs. They watched telly together as he ate the pizza and when he said he needed a wee wee she just said, “Oh are you better? You must hurry in case you have another accident”

As he went towards the downstairs loo a mischievous thought went through his head, no school, no homework, Mummy’s bed all dependant on a chill down there.

He tried wetting the nappy before he got to the toilet but the strangeness meant he could not let go. He went into the loo and stood there over the bowl before the wee ran out and spread warmly round his willie and the tops of his thighs. He hadn’t closed the door properly and his Mum could just make out what he was doing. Running back to the lounge he was all contrite. “Sorry Mummy I just couldn’t make it in time”. She smiled knowingly and cuddled him telling him not to mind little accidents will happen when Mummy’s baby is not well. That word baby again.

That night in her bed, warm and cosy, he buried his face into her br.easts feeling so completely loved. When she gently popped a dummy into his mouth he did not protest and suckled on it happily, drifting in and out of sleep. She noticed he popped it in again when it fell out.

The next morning he was wet again and she quietly put another nappy on him, this time she found some other babyish looking plastic plants covered in nylon with little ruffles on the back. She then produced from somewhere what she called a child’s smock but it looked suspiciously like a dress, especially as it was more pink than baby blue and covered with teddies. It did not cover the nappy and panties either. He tried to object to this but rather too readily accepted her explanation that as he was just at home with Mummy who was giving him so much special attention he should not fuss so much.

It had been a perfect day. His Mummy doted on him, baked him his favourite rock cakes and even sat him down and fed him at lunch time. He just let it happen: to be fed was a sign that Mummy would do anything for him. His nappy was changed when he was wet. He just loved that day, it was calm serene and magical.

That night in her bed again she had hinted that normally these chills cleared up after twenty four hours, but maybe she would have to take him in the nappy and smock to see the doctor. Unsurprisingly he was dry the next morning and found himself back in his normal clothes for the day. She had also hinted that these little problems might recur and he thought to himself that they might in a month or so. Somehow, though it was completely unsaid, he knew his darling Mummy was indulging him, dragging him back to an unthreatening childhood and showing him how she loved him.

It never happened again.

It seemed like only days later she said she needed to see the doctor about some small problem.

She never came home. She was rushed to hospital. When he visited her with his Aunt he was stunned; shocked; surely this grey sick person could not be his Mother his darling Mummy? The operation had not been successful; the cancer was bigger than they thought. He prayed to a distant God as a faint source of help, listened to and believed his Aunt when she tried to be cheerful. He hoped with all the fervour of a small child that Mummy would be alright and come home again, but it was not to be. She got worse and in that dreadful hospital where he sat by her bed for hour after hour she slept most of the time.

Once she woke briefly and he half dared to hope. She just said to him “David you must always be yourself, promise me that”

She closed her eyes again before he could say anything.

When the coffin disappeared behind the curtain in the crematorium and they sang “I know my redeemer liveth” from the Messiah he started to cry and did not stop for weeks.

It was the bonnet or sun hat that had indirectly made him wet himself and had brought him closer to his true self than he had ever realised. His Mummy had of course known about his inner feelings as he had been slow to be potty trained and continued to wet the bed occasionally almost to his teens. An obvious fascination with ladies underwear even at an early age had given further clues. Then realising her liver cancer was incurable and that she was terminally ill she had somehow found a way of telling him.

His Aunt was kind and took him in with his cousins and looked after him just as though he was one of her children but somewhere bottled up inside was the memory of that stolen childish day in nappies. Only when he was at University did the chance, used very hesitantly at first, to experiment with dresses and baby things, occur. His marriage to Jane was an attempt to break away from what he thought were terrible perverted desires that had him playing madly with his little thingy dressed as a baby and then, when he had come and come again so he was exhausted, to throw everything away in self disgust and vow never ever to do it again. Of course a month or even a week later he did it again and the cycle of pleasure followed by the agony of shame and revulsion was repeated over and over. It only eased a little when, one day he was in a porn shop in Soho that he found an old copy of Janus, a magazine that specialised mainly in spanking and other femdom material. Idly thumbing through it he suddenly felt as though he had an electric shock. There on half a page was a cartoon by Rex of a man, a very obvious masculine man, who was sitting on a large pile of cushions clad in a nappy and the most gorgeous pair of frilly baby pants. He had a teddy in one hand and a tall very sexy woman with an hourglass figure was just about to give him a baby’s dummy. It was the first time in his whole life that he realised that other people wanted to be a baby. He was not alone in the world with a unique strange desire. From then on he felt better about it and as the internet developed he found out so much more. However the shame of what he did was deep real and profound and it never left him.

Somehow he never bought himself a bonnet and when occasionally a Nanny produced one he always begged not to wear it.

Now Jake was standing in front of him with the two bonnets and this sun hat that was a replica of that one his Mummy had made him wear all those years ago. And like then he was wet.

“Shall we try this on now little Sophie” He was grinning and talking as much for every body’s benefit rather than to David.

Jane intervened for a moment “The make up might spoil the ribbon shall I wipe it away, that’s OK Sheila?”

“Sure his make up has run down where he has dribbled anyway”

Jane got busy with a pampers wipe cleaning up his face murmuring little endearments to him about how he must look smart for his new bonnet that his Uncle Jake had bought him. Whilst her words cut into him making feel so ashamed in front of Jake, her presence close to him, so he could sense her body while her soft hands wiped his face tenderly and dabbed the humiliating make up away made him soft and plaint in spirit. He was becoming ever so babyish in the sense that he doted unthinkingly and uncritically on his Mummy almost regardless of the terrible humiliations she heaped on him every day.

When she was finished she said “ Now you are all smart again go and ask Uncle Jake to put your lovely new bonnet on you” Oh and don’t forget the curtsey!”

She gently guided him towards Jake. He could feel the silence in the room as he confronted his wife’s new lover who was now holding that so babyish bonnet in his large masculine hands. Hands that later tonight would be running freely over his wife’s body, teasing, stimulating, bringing her to ecstatic climaxes.

He dropped into a neat curtsy and as he did so he had a reminder that he desperately needed a nappy change. He forced himself to utter some ridiculous baby talk, cringing inwardly as he did so.

“Uncle Jake tank oou for my luvvily pwetty bonnet, pleath will oou put it on vor me” he stared at the bonnet in Jake’s hands hardly believing that this was happening to him.

He sensed the room watch him in fascinated silence as Jake, grinning hugely, came close, right up to him and slowly put on the bonnet. His face was just inches away from David’s as his hands went round David’s head fussily adjusting the bonnet here and there making it a snug fit and then he slowly pulled the ribbons tight and the made a big bow just to the left of his chin.

“There you are let’s go and look in the mirror shall we?” he pulled David gently by the elbow to the full length hall mirror and stood him there so David could admire himself.

There he was; his nappy was drooping now in the plastic pants with the extra weight, but otherwise he was the perfect adult baby; a much too short dress, prettily patterned, with generous petticoats peeking cheekily below but well above the plastic pants, smart Mary Janes in pink with white short socks with frilly lacy tops. The fresh dribble bib was in a white shiny satin delicately fringed with lace and the first wetness was starting to make it shine in the hall lights. Crowning it all was the cute baby’s bonnet in a matching material to the dress. It was neatly tailored to fit snugly and had a smart brim that brought memories of Beatrix Potter.

His arms and legs were hairless, now devoid of muscle even slightly podgy accentuating his soft almost babyish skin brought to a gentle sheen by expensive creams. He was a total contrast to the elegant Jake, standing beside him, a good three inches taller in smart slacks and a neat well tailored Aquascutum jacket; every inch the robust male. It was Jake’s look of sheer superiority that distressed David so much as he stood there, helplessly vulnerable, beside his wife’s lover. He was condemned to continue to act the baby, no let up, nor any remission allowed. He still needed a nappy change so badly.

He desperately wanted to say “Please don’t make love to her tonight please don’t Jake, please leave us alone” all that came out was “Fank oou vor my luvily babas bonnet Uncle Jake; me look velly pretheth in it”

David toddled back to the living room with Jake following him again making David so acutely conscious of the bulge down there filling his pants so that he could not help to fingering it amazed at its size and inadvertently drawing even more attention to his messed nappy.

“I think that’s worth it, she certainly knows how to charge that dressmaker of yours but she has done a very good job. She is a stickler for detail and was determined to get it all just right. Marilyn wondered who the hell she was with all those telephone calls. Anyway I had to send Marilyn out for the wrapping paper and she wrapped it all up for me.”

David froze. Marilyn his former secretary had wrapped up the parcel! She would have seen the rhumbas and those sissy babies bonnets! How could Jake have done that? Marilyn was a right gossip it would be all over the town now. She was well in touch with David’s old office and her friends there. No surely Jake would have covered it up somehow.

“She is quite intrigued as you can imagine! She could not stop laughing when she saw the “Rhumbas! Not for David” she yelled! “I had to get her to be quiet and promise not to tell anyone”

The look on Jake’s face made it quite clear that the one thing he did not expect her to do was keep it quiet.

David looked frantically at Jane. His secret would be out; everyone would know he wore baby clothes and more. What else had Jake said about him?

Such was his desperation that he did not notice the angry look that was exchanged between Jane and her mother. Jake had gone too far. They were not ready for full disclosure about David yet. They had fended off questions about David’s new life from his friends with various agreed stories, for general business colleagues and acquaintances the story was he was pursuing other interests, for those a bit closer it was a change of life style, experimental but working well with a promise to reveal all in due course. Jane was always at pains to make it clear that she and David were still living together. If probed about Jake they were just “good friends and not “living together”. Sometimes, when pressed by an inner circle that could be trusted they admitted to David’s gender issues and said he was trying to find his true self. This they always emphasised had reinforced their relationship which was much better now he was tackling problems with his make up. They had not talked about his babying to many at all.

Although at the outset Jane had gone along with her mother’s view that this was the alternative to an expensive divorce she had quite quickly realised that the reasons she had married David in the first place were still there and his submissive docile baby role thrilled her more than she had imagined possible and that she now saw the relationship developing in this new, utterly different, way.

Now Jake by telling Marilyn had blown all the stories. It was inconceivable that she would not talk as she was a huge gossip and knew everybody in the industry. Jane gave Jake a frosty glance “I think you should have been more discrete!”

She realised that it was not the time to wrestle with the consequences.

“Now its time for your punishment curtsies, young Sophie, for being naughty. First you can give me one, and then I think Zo” will burst if she does not get one. Remember we want to see your best efforts, nothing sloppy will be accepted. Now face me, and remember to speak up in a good clear voice so we can all hear you”

David knew that a clear voice still meant that he had to talk in his sissy lisp but that was just one small part of a routine that was designed to humiliate him totally. Emma his nanny had made him rehearse punishment curtseys time and time again endlessly refining the choreography to make them as precise and effeminate as she could and then when she settled on the final version she made him repeat them till he was totally practised. Even so to do it correctly here in front of the family brought a rush of first night nerves as hitherto he had only had to give them to Nanny and Jane.

The routine required him to stand and face the person to whom he had to give the curtsey and give them a little Japanese style bow, raise his head, looking directly at them and say clearly, with his dummy in as usual! “Pleath will ou acthept my punithment curthy as I haff been a naughty thithy baby” he then had to apologise for the naughtiness what ever it might have been. In this case he guessed the words “I mutht remember to curthy to my elders and betters” would fit the bill.

The movements had to be most precise: both hands formed neat pinching gestures with the thumb and forefinger pressed together and the three other fingers neatly side by side. It was quite hard to do; the right hand pinched the hem of his dress AND petticoat whist the left pinched the dress alone. He then had to raise the hands at the same time to points on his hips, the left being slightly lower than the right so the dress and petticoat flared out neatly as if he were a manikin in a window. Almost simultaneously he had to raise himself to tip toe and put one foot behind the other at ninety degrees, drop to flat feet and then go into the deepest curtsey he could manage without wobbling. As he descended he had to say “Pleasth look at my thithy baby dweth and thwilly petticoath”; at the bottom of the curtsey, knees flared, dress held high and those nappies bulging in full view he had to further add to his shame by holding his position as he said “pleath look at my weal babieth nappieth and weal babieth plathtic panthies” coupled with a phrase that was just neatly demeaning “that I have to wear coz I can’t usth the potty” As he slowly rose he had to finish with “I pwomith to twy wealy hard to be a better thithy baby in future”

Once again standing he put his feet together, let the dress and petticoats drop, put his hands neatly behind his back, bow again and round off with “Pleath accept thith punithment curthy from little baby Sophie”

It was so utterly shaming. Now he had to do it for Jane in front of the family! She smiled affectionately at him giving him some little encouragement as he went through the routine to the stunned silence of the onlookers. Never had they seen anything remotely like this, neatly drilled humiliation.

Jane just said “very good, now do one for Zo” but speak louder this time you were mumbling a bit.”

As he turned to his three year old niece his heart rate went up with apprehension. Sheila had been quite right; he had somehow become afraid of her. She spoke her mind and stated the obvious without any inhibition. Normally in a loud high pitched voice that ensured she got full attention. She had somehow put on what seemed to David a haughty expression tinged with impatience. He turned to her, “Pleath, Zoe will ou acthept my punithment curthy as I haff been a naughty thithy baby I mutht remember to curthy to my elders and betters”

Immediately her little face looked cross. “No you must curtsy to me, say so!” The fact that she did not really understand elders and betters was beside the point.

“Pleath, Zoe will ou acthept my punithment curthy as I haff been a naughty thithy baby I mutht remember to curthy to you Zoe as you are older than me”

This seemed to work and he completed the routine, but oh how he wanted a nappy change; the deep curtsey only reinforced his shameful need as the wet warmth pressed around him.

“Again” her arm was raised as she pointed bossily at him. The adults seemed to smile approval of the little girls demand. David felt a mixture of fear and anger at being treated like this but was utterly helpless to do anything other than comply.

He did five more before Sheila said, “That’s the last one.”

“Mummy two more please”

Little girls can twist there Mummies round their fingers sometimes and in fact he did three more before he was allowed to rest. Jessica then had her turn. Somehow David did not mind doing one for Jessica as she seemed sympathetic and encouraged him with “That’s so sweet Uncle David” after the first. She stopped after two anyway.

Jane sensing she had pushed this as far as she could intervened “Now one for your new Uncle Jake and we will be done.

David had realised right from the start that this was inevitable but that did not make it any easier. Suddenly conscious of all sorts of odd babyish things he had on, from his wet dummy dribbling onto his bib, the new bonnet hugging his head he felt weak from shame as he turned to face Jake. How could he go through with this? Just how? Jake used to work for him; dammit. Rebellion seethed inside him and flickered oh so briefly in his eyes before the utter helplessness of his situation hit him hard. Above all he needed a nappy change. Rebellion would come out like a childish tantrum making them all despise him more and bring on real punishment like another spanking, perhaps even from Jake. No, now was not the time to protest; some time later maybe? Of course David was always going to sort all this out later, but of course later like tomorrow never comes.

Gulping with anxiety he started to speak “Uncle Jake pleathÖÖ” Jane cut in “Stop looking at the floor; eye contact now!”

Startled at her voice, somehow he raised his look and stared at the face of his wife’s lover. “Uncle Jake pleathÖÖÖ..

His voice had gone all squeaky with nervous tension and they all laughed. It sounded like a roar to David who was going rigid with stage fright. Emotions boiled inside him as he stood in frozen silence for what seemed like an eternity. Then it broke.

“Mummeee” he bawled “help me I don’t what to be naughty I frightened oh MummeeeÖ.” His voice went up two octaves in distress.

He ran right up close to her like a two year old, not embracing her but standing rigid with his arms hard on his sides head bowed, and started to sob helplessly as all the emotion of the last hour poured out of him in loud crying and very real tears.

Fearful of being thought disobedient he sobbed “Baba Sophie not naughty Mummee, Pleath help me Mummee”

Even as Jake, slightly shocked at this very obvious breakdown, said “He doesn’t have to “

Jane reached out and cuddled her sobbing baby of a husband. Her left hand stroked his cheek whilst her right reached round him and pulled him close and she used the words that have calmed thousands of small babies through the ages. She became the Mummy that he lost all those years ago.

“There there baby, don’t cry, Mummy is here, Mummy look after you, Mummy sort you out. It been a big day for my baby hasn’t it.” Never conceding an inch “We will give Jake his curtsey in a while sweetie”

She waved the others away with a glance above his shoulder and only Grandma remained holding a baby wipe to sooth away his tears. As ever the close embrace of his wife calmed him down so the sobs slowed and become jerky breathing as he gradually regained control. Jane just loved, adored that complete and utter dependence on her that radiated from him in moments like this. This had not been resistance to giving Jake a curtsey she realized, it was a form of breakdown leading to complete surrender to her as his dominant Mummy and also a profound acceptance to being a baby, her baby. He had ceased at that moment to be a man.

She took the wipe from Helen and started to dab away the tears whilst asking her to get him a drink. “There there, Uncle Jake won’t bite sweetie darling. It’s only a little punishment curtsey, you do them so sweetly. Here Grandma has brought you a sippy cup come on sweetie pie have a little dinkee” She lapsed into baby talk which actually comforted him; he was so far gone at that moment.

She wanted to sit him on her lap but refrained from doing that because he needed changing. So they stood close together, his wet red face surrounded by the darling bonnet. His nose started to run but he waited for her to attend to it in helpless, dependent babyhood. Her sensuality was raging, she wanted Jake now: hard, thrusting, so wonderfully big. God he was a real man: she felt so wet down there! First though she had to get David through this and back on an even keel. She had another surprise in store that she had rehearsed with Grandma and she did not want this little outburst to get in the way. As she continued to murmur comforting words to Sophie she suddenly realised how she could turn the scene to her advantage and she winked at Helen who hovered just outside David’s vision.

“Poor Jake, he needed that curtsey to give him confidence that you are my baby and not my lover. I do tell him you only ever come in your nappy but I am never sure he really believes me, does he?” Jane looked at her mother who had quickly guessed her daughters plan. Jane could be quite a story teller when the need arose she thought. “Oh he was hinting at his doubts this afternoon” she confirmed fibbing outrageously. “I will go up and start getting the changing things ready” she winked back at her daughter.

The slight hint that Jake could be jealous of him, ridiculous as that may seem, perked David up and he smiled at Mummy and cuddled her “Tho sowwy Mummee I will do another nith punithment curtsey for him” He would do anything to please Jane.

“Come on let’s go upstairs and see what I brought over with me for you today. We will soon have you changed, clean and bright as a button with a lovely fresh nappy.

At last the ordeal was over, they would take him upstairs and change his messy nappy. It had felt so completely demeaning, here in front of all the family and Jake, to know that he could not ask for a change; he certainly could not go and do it for himself he just had to wait and wait until either Mummy or Grandma took him to be changed. Until then he was just a dirty little baby.

Jane held his hand to lead him upstairs. As he waddled out of the room he could hear the amused comments of the others across the hall. He went gingerly up the stairs trying the best he could to keep the mess from spreading. In the spare bedroom, set up a changing room he immediately noticed on the dresser along with all the paraphernalia of baby change time the Box; it was the box that contained his chastity. Mummy must have brought it from his nursery where it had adorned the shelf where he kept his teddy bears.

No surely they were not going to chastise him here today? Had he not suffered enough for one day? Surely that wasn’t what Mummy meant?

“Mummee?” he whined pointing at the box.

“Now little Sophie I think it about time we put this on; you know you want it really and, sweetie pie, it will show Uncle Jake that there is no need for him to be jealous of you. You should be proud to think that you had to wear one because people might think we make love together.” This was such twisted logic but David was always a complete sucker for anything that made him look bigger, or as in this case an idea he thought made him look all important. He was still looking a bit doubtful when Helen came in with another suggestion she had already agreed with Jane.

Now as well as showing Jake you are the boss by wearing this lovely little chastity I had made for you I am going to make you a little promise that will make it all so much easier for you. Every Friday, if I am in town, when I look after you, and if you are sure you want to show me what a big baby you are, I will let you out of it and you can play with your little willie to your hearts content after one nappy change until you need changing again. I will of course decide when that is to be, as you would expect, and you will always have to ask nicely if you may play with yourself. I might even let you play around in my panty drawer; that would be a real treat. I know Mummy doesn’t really approve but Grannies are allowed to spoil the Grandchildren a bit. You see there are two keys and I shall have one of them. You know I always keep my word”

Jane came right up to him now and put her hand on the front of his plastic pants. “If you say yes I will rub you to make you come so we can get it on all nice and snug.” This was just a neat way of saying really tight so the little baby could not get the tiniest erection without a pain.

These two last ploys swung the balance straight away and David nodded his head eagerly even as Jane rubbed gently through the plastic, and two nappy layers searching for the little member. “You have to tell me where tiny tinkee is hiding is as I can’t feel it through all this”

“Down a bitÖÖ there Mummee pleath wub my tiny tinkee”

Despite having come twice that day already, as well as the little accident, he was quick to rise mostly because his lovely adorable Mummy was close to him with her hands gently feeling the front of his plastic baby pants. Grandma was hovering in the background, mature, feminine but so in control. Soon the excitement made him feel the poo in his nappy and the whole soft mess bizarrely added to his pleasure. Grandma added icing on the cake.

“I have just bought a lovely old fashioned long legged panty girdle as have put on a bit weight. I must admit I thought of you when I bought it. I bet you would just love to see it and touch and feel it. It has the tiniest bit of lace round the legs and is in a satin lycra material, soft and firm all at the same time.

“oh oo Mummee; tiny tinkee tho exthited”

Jane moved even closer to him so he felt her all over him, her perfumed hair on his cheek. She was so sexy so desirable.

“Go on little baby, do your manly spurt spurts in your dirty nappy, give Mummy a big boys lovely big number three. Oh is my big man spurting?”

She knew precisely when and how to taunt him. Just as he jerked his last and fantasy faded to be replaced by reality pressing in on his consciousness, the words changed gradually in tune with his fast moving feelings from sexual encouragement to sarcastically highlight his failure as a man.

“Oh baby you are so really fast. Look Grandma my baby hubby has given us a spurty number three in that messy nappy just so quickly isn’t my hubby baby just so clever? My my I bet you never saw it done so quickly?”

David would never learn. That moment short lived pleasure was going to be paid for in hours and days of chastised frustration. Moreover for the rest of this afternoon till he was put in his cot at bed time he still had to give curtseys, have this nappy change, a dirty one at that, have tea and carry on being the baby in front of everyone and just after a come. He could be sure that Jake was coming to their house, his house to share his old bed with his wife.

In earlier days when he babied himself in secret he could revert to manhood after coming and put all these ridiculous derisory baby thoughts and actions behind him and carry on as though nothing untoward had happened; a true Jekyll and Hyde approach to life. Now that was not possible: he had to endure the real agony, the absolute awfulness, of continuing in baby mode. It was not just that he was dressed like a toddler in the most demeaning clothes an adult could possibly wear although that was bad enough; he couldn’t even carry on in a shamed sullen silence trying to cut out the world around him. That was definitely not allowed; he had to act as though he really were a baby, act out the whole demeaning simpering sissy role with enthusiasm and conviction, endure the reactions, comments and laughter of everyone and still continue as though he just wanted to be a baby. Otherwise it would be a big collection of sticks, corner time and several spankings.

Men never learn when it comes to sex; as his Denise used to say “they have their Brains in their balls”.

Jane motioned to the bed. “Lie down baby and please please don’t sit in it you messy thing. I said DON’T SIT IN IT; my God you are a real prat. Ugh!”

Even now such remarks made him go puce with shame.

“Oh Christ: Grandma, the disposable has leaked, Oh God it’s all over the terry, ugh and the plastic pants will have to boiled as well! What a disgusting mess. Lie still, will you, keep your legs up in the air. Come on knees on your chest so I can see what I am doing. Keep still. Give me a sodding great bunch of wipes Grandma will you? Thanks, here I need some more. Tell Jake to bring the nappy pail up here so we can put the terry and pants into soak straight away. Tell him to put some more Nappisan in before he comes up. It’s on the side in the utility room.

David was quietly sobbing again.

“Well you may cry you have got good reason to. I have never seen such a mess.

Thanks Jake darling, just leave it there. No, you really do not want to come in here I promise you. Off you go this is woman’s work or so I am told. Go chat with Simon; shan’t be so long now. Yes the baby is crying. He will get over it”

David was cringing at the thought of Jake seeing him utterly exposed in the middle of a dirty nappy change and sensing him just in the door of the room just wished he would go away.

Jane was irritated at having to deal with this mucky mess and partly determined to rub salt into David’s destroyed pride. She also realised that he had a come three tomes today and she was still desperate to have Jake. Somehow this was not right!

When, at last, he was clean and she looked at his miniscule member a wonderful mental picture of Jake’s blue veined throbbing manhood crashed into her mind. She was going to lick him teasingly with her tongue till it dribbled precum then she was going to put freshly painted lips down over its long long shaft and use her tongue to tease the tender underside just to the point he was going to explode thenÖ.

“Come on Jane stop your day dreaming and let’s get him finished, the girls will want their tea. Here is the chastity, put the big ring first over his little sac, then slide the small ring down his length, err shall I rephrase that?”

They both giggled.

“Now tighten the big ring round the base of the sac so he can’t get it back off again, there are little markers, that one goes to number five, got it? Ok that looks fine”

She put on her reading glasses and peered closely at her son in law’s private parts and pointed to guide Jane about her delicate task.

“Now tighten the little ring that’s on his willie, go to the number two notch. Those little padlock devices there fit on the two rings so you can’t pull the willie ring off, it’s probably too tight to go over the head anyway. Now pull out that little screw thing so he can’t undo the bits you just tightened up. It’s a unique head design apparently so any old hex key or Phillips will not work. Don’t want you to get any naughty ideas scallywag”

David had a small sensation of tightness as the rings sat very snugly round his sac and willie. There was going to be no room at all for arousal.

The task completed Jane started the process of renappying her husband. For once she did not bother with the humiliating routines of earlier changes and briskly set about her task. Soon done he was sitting on the side of the bed as she adjusted his bonnet fluffed up his petticoats and straightened his dress. She wiped his face using another Pampers but there was no escaping his red puffy eyes.

“Oh dear everyone will know you have been crying, never mind that’s what babies do” It was enough to start another snivel; precisely what Jane wanted. Now the chastity was there she was going to tilt the scales a little more in her favour. First she had to get him happier with her so she could manipulate him.

Smiling she got him to stand up and put her arms round him. With a little kiss on his lips she saw his heart melting as she stroked the side of his bonneted head.

“Come on sweetie cheer up you have such a cute chastity on, you know you just wanted it all the while. Just what is Jake going to sayÖÖ.when you give him the key?

Ignoring his startled look she pressed on. “Now if you do it really sweetly I will give you three whole carrots. You are going to be so proud that my boyfriend has the key to your little willie. Just think how you will just adore hearing us in the bedroom when you are all tight and controlled down there. Just snug in your cot with no more temptation to rustle and rub so we can hear you over the baby intercom; no more showing Jake what a baby you are by playing with that silly thing when he is doing it properly with me in the big mans bed.”

She could see the hurt in his eyes. What ecstasy to see your husband reeling with hurt and shame. She could not help but to rub it in even more. This was such fun, but when was she going to get Jake inside her?

Darling, above all you know your being all locked up and safe will make it so much more exciting for Jake and me and that is really what you want isn’t it? I know you want to make up for all those horrid failures we used to have. All those wasted years of premies and too quickies; at last you are doing it right. Now you know that it will only ever be Jake who makes love to me you are bound to be so pleased for me. You can’t possibly know how super he is at it as well? Ohhh he is the most amazing stud; hard, firm, kind and just so good at it. How he lasts! Do you know I even get a little sore because he last and lasts, then darling he can come and start again before I have really recovered. Isn’t that amazing! I have had such incredible orgasms, you are so lucky to have him do it for you. You must be so proud to be properly and neatly chastised and have such a wonderful man to perform in your bed for you, aren’t you just the lucky one? By the way I really think from now on you will have to write him a little thank you note each time he comes round and helps you out. You know tell him how much I enjoy it , how good he is, that sort of thing.”

She was radiant with the thought of her control over David. Thank you notes indeed; where had that idea come from. It just popped out

David looked just so miserable and he started to snivel again; at that moment he hated beyond measure the thought that Jake was going to have all that fun whilst he had none.

“Now let me explain the arrangements for your little spurties, Grandma and I discussed this, we do really understand how much you need to do them in your nappy from time to time; when you have twenty carrots I will let you ask Jake to bring the key and we might let you have a little come come before you go to bed. If you save up fifty carrots he might let you have it removed for one whole period between nappy changes and with a hundred carrots maybe we will let you have it off all night. Just think what a super treat that would be.”

David was aghast; a hundred carrots, that was next door to impossible. As he opened his mouth to protest she gave him one of her lovely radiant big smiles and softly pressed a finger against the ever present dummy “Shhhhh sweetie whining means sticks” Swishing her hair seductively she tenderly took his hand to lead him:

“Come on let’s go down and you can give the key to him and do it nicely; say how pleased you are about it all.”

It had all happened so quickly. David was reeling from emotional overload. De-spunked, deflated and dispirited could sum it all up. He was chastised, cuckolded and about to give the key, this most precious key to his wife’s lover; coupled with a set of arrangements for his occasional temporary freedom that were well designed to ensure that he had minimal pleasure. And above all he would have to ask Jake for the key so he could be released; only to be allowed to play with himself in his nappy.

He had to fight, protest, complain refuse; but maybe not just now. He knew he had to start collecting carrots: fast, so maybe when he saw Grandma on Friday he might have a chance to say something. But then it might be true that he was lucky it was Jake. He did have a very good reputation amongst the girls. Perhaps people would respect him for letting Jake have his key; perhaps they might think well of him for letting Jake take his place as Jane’s lover. David’s ability for self delusion was limitless.

At the bottom of the stairs David could see Jake and Simon still in the lounge and Sheila was helping the girls with their tea in the large kitchen. Seeing the three of them return from the nappy changing she followed them into the lounge as well sensing more fun!

Jane paused in front of the hall mirror and started to fuss around David’s dress, pulling and straightening here and there, fluffing up a petticoat, adjusting the knicker elastic on the baby pant’s leg openings making sure he was all tucked in and the plastic wasn’t crumpled and wrinkled. Close to him and loving, petting him as she touched and stroked his dress; happy, smiling, giving him encouragement. He just lapped it up and started to lighten up a little. When Jane was like this the shame of his baby status faded away somewhat.

“Now you just have to explain what Grandma has brought for you; remember it was specially made to fit your tiny willie. You can say have you have been a big strong man and done three lovely spurties in your nappy today!” Her voice rose slightly on the last word.

“Think how jealous that will make him! Oh what a lucky Sophie” she was talking to him in exactly the same way as a Mother eggs on a small child in a game.

“Then you can give him the key and say it is best if you don’t do it anymore and you only want to do wee wees with your willie from now on because you really want to be a proper baby. Come on lets say that shall we?” She propelled him forward to the others.

Jake could see David was holding a small key as he toddled in. David anyway knew the kind of thing he had to say, he had read enough sissy stories but Jane’s infectious enthusiasm emboldened him a little as he summoned up the mental effort to further humiliate himself in front of Jake and the others. Gulping and flushing red he stammered, still using the baby lisp that was always required:

“Uncle Jake,” there was a long pause as he groped for some words that would please Mummy.

“Come on” said Jane softly

“Grandma has had a spethial extra tiny lickle chathtity;its made to fit my pee pee,”

He could sense Jake’s incredulity at this new revelation but he blundered on. “It’s so I am kept properly under control and don’t do no more thurpties without permithon. Mummy makes me do naughty naughty thurpties in my nappieth when we are together.”

He went on just like a child starting to boast about his achievements:

“Do you know? I haff done fwee big grown up thurpties in my nappith today; my mummy sayth that might make you jealoth so itth besth iff you haff the key.”

“Say why” prompted Jane

“Coz I want to be a pwoper baby from now on and only do wee wees in my nappith wiff my tiny tinkle”

As his voice slowly faded away in acute embarrassment as the utter stupidity of these ridiculous words hit him and he realised he had handed over control of his manhood to Jane’s lover in front of everyone. His gaze slowly dropped; it became impossible for him to look at anyone in the eyes, and they became riveted onto the floor, staring at Simons bootlaces.

Sheila hooted “Christ; listen to him, that takes the biscuit David, a goddam chastity belt now, I just can’t believe you let yourself be treated like this. Jane how the hell do you do it? What a prat!”

David just started to sob again as the extremity of his humiliation in front of everyone sank in. He just wanted his Mummy to love him; that was all that was left now.

“Oh do stop crying you baby, why all this fuss? You wanted to be a baby and so you are now being treated like one. You have even had three spurties in your nappy today and the last was a real treat for you as you had number ones, twos and threes all in that nappy in one mucky mess at the same time. Your Mummy and Grandma were watching you do it; what else do you want? You used to spend hours on the internet looking at precisely this sort of thing and now when you we give it to you, you burst into tears. There is no pleasing some people”

Jane was being hard again egged on by Sheila’s outright contempt ; the constant reference to his internet wanderings were really designed to make him look small in front of Jake, who had often said to her that he never bothered with porn because the real thing was far better and just as easy to access. She well understood the enormous difference between David’s femdom fantasy world and the reality that David was now living in; unsurprisingly he was finding it was not quite what he had dreamed about. She was also conscious of the ever pressing need for Jake but even in these liberated times she could not bring herself to slip away from the family to go upstairs with him to slake her longing. She did not realise that all the other adults in the room were similarly affected. Helen had some time ago resolved to call on a good friend who very discretely used to enjoy her bed from time to time and Sheila was just desperate to have Simon.

“Anyway stop that sulking and staring into the ground and give us all a nice smile and then give Jake that punishment curtsey you owe him and you can go and have tea with the girls.”

David raised his freshly tear stained face to look at Jake as he started “Uncle Jake pleath accept my punithment curthsey”

Jake made him do three finding a petty fault with the first two and starting to laugh as the charade continued.

At last, at long last it was over and David toddled off to the kitchen with Jane and Grandma wondering what else could happen today. Sheila was their with her two and immediately greeted them.

“I have promised Zo” she can feed David in the high chair as Jessica did it at lunch time, my two have had cheese on toast but I saw the jars of baby food left out and assumed they must be for David. Jane do you really keep him on jars, they are a bit gross you know?

“No not all the time but at least one or two a day as he is very young and as he had a proper lunch baby food is just right for tea. He chooses his own you know when he is out with Emma.”

“Hear that Zo”? Now Jessica can help you get him ready. The jars are warm and ready”

The little tot looked at him and pointing at the high chair bossily ordered him:

“Come on you big baby in your high chair for your tea time, I will feed you your jars”

“Aunty Jane will you put his baby bib on for me, he made a big mess at lunch time”

“Mummy what are we giving him?”

“Organic vegetables and rice in one jar and beef casserole in the other and for pudding we have apple and yogurt custard, Jessica will tip the two starters into his baby dish for you to spoon feed him? Get the stool so you can do it easier”

Jane in the meanwhile was helping Jessica to strap David into the high chair and put on the big plastic bib that had short arms as well as a broad front as she realised that the combination of Jessica, Zo” and David wrestling with a rather unappetising savoury was going to be messy. Her husband just looked so defeated and helpless in the chair resigned to being fed by a three year old.

Sheila, sitting down at the kitchen table, pouring tea into smart china mugs, just behind David, leant forward to chat conspiratorially with Helen and Jane who joined them when she had finished and left the toddlers to look after him. Suddenly realising a problem she called out.

“Jessica dear he still has that pretty bonnet on can you take it off as I don’t want it to get messy.”

“Jane my dear, how long are you going to keep him like this? It must have been a while already; how many months? I mean what will he do afterwards he can hardly go back to work, especially as Marilyn knows now; she will tell everybody.”

Jane looked at Helen.

“We have some idea but how long were your two were in nappies?”

“Jessica was slow nearly to four before we finally got it cracked but this one” she said pointing to Zo” who was trying her best to feed David, “was very quick, the second one you see, say three years old.”

They watched as Jessica fumbled for a while with the bow on the bonnet and eventually it became free and by standing on the step stool she could take it off and she placed it on the side in David’s view. “Well I think he should be kept properly and strictly in nappies for the same time as a child; say three and a half to four years.”

David, trying hard to listen to the grown ups chatting softly amongst themselves just behind himand realising he was not a part of the conversation just the subject of it, was stunned. Did she say three and a half years! That was about another three years or so as a baby in nappies, not to mention the dresses and other things and what about the new chastity? My God three years of no regular playing! He would certainly have no control over himself and absolutely no job prospects either. He would be dependent on Jane for everything.

“Of course I shall not start the clock running until I am sure he has no control, but we may be close judging by today’s performance”

That was even worse thought David, my time so far does not count! He winced inwardly. She can’t do this, but that was just silly she had taken it so far and could do what she liked.

Helen chipped in;

“We thought that after such a long time it would take a while to potty train him again , that is if we didn’t keep him in nappies for longer but after four years we will all probably need a break from it anyway. He almost certainly would not be able to get a proper job so we might train him or have him trained as male maid at one of the academies like Tawsingham or Mrs Silk. Jolly handy to have a proper maid.”

Zo” shovelled food into David’s mouth, in fairness she was doing well for a three year old but there was quite a mess round David’s face and running down the bib but the adults, just out of his sight, let her get on with it. David realised he had been left in the charge of a small child to be fed. Worse as he was desperately trying to hear what the adults were saying about him Zo” kept on chatting away to him in her loud voice so he couldn’t concentrate on what they were saying.

“Come on crybaby open up for some more yummy veggies: Aunty Jane he does cry a lot doesn’t he?”

“Yes Zo” he can’t stop himself. Just like the baby he is” To the others she added “He is crying more and more it has become quite noticeable in the past week. Emma has remarked on it as well.”

“Here comes the train into the tunnel woo woooooo”

“Go on say yum yum like a proper baby”

“When we have finished do you want you babies’ bottle or your pudding?”

Sheila dropped her voice a little so David could barely hear them at all. “Just look at him sitting there, being fed by Zo”, why doesn’t he stop it? Protest, walk out, tell you all to bugger off?”

Jane smiled and mouthed silently “He loves me! He just can’t leave me” raising her eyebrows and pulling a face in an amused sarcastic manner that made the others giggle.

Louder she added “He has no grown up clothes except two pairs of very childish looking dungarees and only little girl’s shoes and one pair of sandals, no bank account, no credit cards, no car keys and we even formally surrendered his driving licence so he can’t hire a car and of course he is not on the insurance so he cannot drive ours legally. He has a pink Barbie mobile phone but it is set so he can only call Mum, Emma or me, the house phone has a pre-dial locking code in it which he does not know and both Emma and I have sim codes on our mobiles so he can’t make use of them. Anyway he probably couldn’t remember the phone numbers of anyone to call as he always had them in his old mobile’s memory. Also Emma is not allowed to bring any cash into the house in case he got ideas to steal it and run. We have got it pretty well sewn up. Of course don’t forget he probably can’t manage without nappies now as well. Dropping her voice again she added “Yes maybe he could do something if he really wanted to but all those difficulties just give him a lazy excuse for accepting what we do to him”

“I know it is all just incredible, but God it makes me so randy; I have never ever felt anything remotely like it. Jake is the same; he is a fantastic stud but he says this c_____d arrangement gives him the best sex he has ever had.”

She smiled semi ruefully as she stroked her br.easts lazily “It is not all about my body, but I guess it helps a bit”

The others smiled conspiratorially; they knew exactly what Jane meant.

Helen chipped in. “Remember he has been treated a baby for months now, always in baby clothes, girls clothes as well just look at all those dresses and petticoats he has, always in a nappy which he uses, nappy changes several times a day; I can’t imagine what that must do for his self esteem and self reliance. I think he is mentally almost totally dependent on Jane and Emma and to an extent on me. Oh and have you noticed how he pulls a face if you take his dummy away from him? He is getting dependant on it I swear.”

Sheila looked at them grinning “you know I am quite looking forward to having him for the sleepover, rather fun I think. I suspect Simon might come home early that night to help me put the big baby to bed.”

Jessica chipped in “we are all going to look after him and help you Mummy. Oh and Aunty Jane can you send over lots of his dresses as we will want to play dress up with him. Does he have any fairy dresses or angel dresses?

“Yes he has a little ballerina outfit with angel wings I will try to remember to pack now how are you doing girls? Is he ready for his bottle yet?”

“Mummy can we put on a ballet or a show or something for everyone like we did at Samantha’s house; if Uncle David has ballet clothes he can join in?”

Sheila and Jane looked at each other, barely able to stop giggling, with raised eyebrows as if to say why not?

“Yes Jessica; I am sure we can think of something like that for you all to do.”

“Aunty Jane why does he have bottle can’t he use a cup, only real babies have a bottle?”

Jane replied “ It the same as the dummy he really likes having something to su-k, so I let him have a bottle or two at night time to get him rested and ready for his cot”

At that moment Jake came in with a small camera “Hi girls mind if I take a photo or two of baby Sophie here, perhaps being fed by Zo”. Oh my what a mess, a couple like this then lets clean him up.”

He started to snap away with Zo” looking all important and poor David with a disgusting face and bib. Jessica moved in with a cloth and started to try to clean him up but found it hard and as the Jane and the others showed absolutely no sign of moving Jake took the cloth and wiped his old bosses face!

Zo” had fetched the bottle and gave it to David who reluctantly started to drink from it as he realised that this was a further photo opportunity.

After taking a few more snaps Jake said “I promised Marilyn I would show her some from the weekend. These are really good”

Jane spoke out “Well Jake the damage is done now do we have to live with it but I wish you had asked me first about Marilyn. Everybody will know about David now and I wanted to prepare the ground a little more before we brought him out in to the public domain.”

Helen chipped in. “Perhaps we do not have to worry so much. I had a great chat with Dr Rogers the other day, he is a top physichiatrist, we did some work with his practise years ago and remained friends, and I told him about David. He was very interested and spotted it straight away; “he is an Adult Baby; rare but say a thousand or two maybe more in various degrees in the country I guess. Not too many in the general public know about it but more and more are vaguely conscious of it. It is associated with sado masochism, cross dressing and Transexuality but I would have to see him to sort it all out more precisely.”

I said that you had decided to make him to live out this fantasy full time but we were worried about people’s reactions if we took him out in the real world. He came up with a super idea. He said “just tell people he has an obsessive-compulsive behavioural disorder; say he can’t be happy unless he is treated as a small child or a baby. Explain he get’s very disturbed and unhappy unless he is in nappies and all the rest of it and that the only known cure is to let it burn it’s self out. You can emphasise the necessity of the nappies as he has no control. An obsessive-compulsive disorder is much easier for people to accept than a sexual fetish. You should always use the proper name; Adult Baby Syndrome or ABS; that will keep people quiet. Always talk about “a behavioural disorder and syndrome” that shuts everybody up as it sounds serious and professional, add lots of “isn’t it sad,” “it will get better one day” “he just can’t help himself” and so on and you will have few problems. Mind you he only has the Adult Baby syndrome not the rest but hardly anybody will know that.”

He went on “if of course you do take him out he and or you are just getting a sexual kick out of something at the public’s expense but I would not let that worry you too much there are plenty of scantily clad girls out there doing the same thing.”

“I think he would like to see him professionally to do some research as he said the condition is rare and normally AB’s act out there fantasies alone not in conjunction with a family”

“Anyway,” Helen continued, “if David is disgraced before all his friends and former colleagues, it’s no one’s fault but his own. After all, he’s the one that started the ball rolling, and if he thinks of himself as a baby, why shouldn’t the rest of the world? Besides, Jane darling, why trouble yourself about David’s feelings? Isn’t it time you put your own needs front and centre?”

Jane nodded enthusiastically. “Yes I do anyway, I think”

Sheila immediately spotted the help that story would have with the Mum’s of the girls coming over to the sleep over.

“Hey that’s a great idea; I can see ABS will really help to explain it to people”

David was in the high chair now with the last of his bottle, he normally had two before bed time and one in the cot with him for night time drinkies. This ensured that he was wet fairly early on in the night and so normally spent most of every night with a wet nappy. He was getting in a state because of all of these revelations about his future life, were they really going to take him out in the public as a baby? Now something perfectly horrible was being hatched at this sleepover. Jake’s threat to show these so revealing photos to Marilyn caused him to let his guard down and he started in the whiny voice that irritated Jane so much. It was his way of begging Jane to stop some plan or other on the grounds that it embarrassed him.

“Mummee please don’t let Marilyn see me like this, please don’t let Jake show the pictures to her pleath. I don’t want her to see me like this.” The lisp had almost disappeared. This was a grown up talking. Not allowed!

“Sophie I have told you a thousand times before I do not care who sees you and who does not. It does not bother me in the slightest not in the slightest. You are a baby; look at you in dresses and a nappy; you will be treated like one ALL the time and the ONLY reason for EVER sparing your blushes is that it might embarrass me or Emma or Grandma and now Jake, to be seen with you in some outfit or other. That is the only reason when we are out and about in town you are allowed to wear your baby dungarees as they are not quite a sissy as a dress. I have told Emma that she can take you out in a dress when ever she likes and that is why you now go to the beauty salon in a dress because she likes to take you in one. Now if Jake is happy to show his secretary pictures of you being fed and drinking from a bottle then that is quite alright. It is alright for him and for me and therefore it is alright for you .DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?”

David knew what was next!

“Do you understand?” Jane was standing opposite the high chair hands on hips in feigned anger. David of course was convinced she was livid.

“One stick for whining and another for not talking properly; also” she paused significantly before going on more calmly; “you will also pay by having a little inconvenience imposed on you all of next week; I shall tell Emma to keep you in double terry’s all next week. That will forcibly remind you are a baby. Now Jake put his bonnet on and take some more pictures. Then we must go home or he will be late for his cot”

Sheila was giggling away at this little display of Jane acting the part of a cross mother as it was just like the way she treated her kids if they misbehaved, except for them it was the naughty step.

David flushed red with childish anger. He had been horribly put down in front of Jake and had made things even worse for himself. Double terry’s meant really heavy nappying and his dungarees would bulge and show his plastic panties when he was out and about, but like a child he went blindly on. Strumming his feet on the bar of the high chair he started a temper tantrum and threw his bottle on the floor. “NO”

The first reaction was from Zo”; “You naughty baby fancy throwing your bottle like that!” She was a proper madam standing there hands on hips looking cross.

Jane calmly walked right up to him and put her face opposite his and very quietly and very firmly said, “As soon as we are home you will show Jake some corner time and if you do not apologise this instant to everyone,” Her voice became intense with determination “he will put you across his knee and spank that bare bottom of yours very hard indeed”

David took in a deep breath and for a brief second thought of continuing but saw the red light just in time “Thorry Mummee”

Jane raised an eyebrow “Thorry Uncle Jake, Thorry Grandma”

“Now ask for your bonnet”

Pleath put my pwetty bonnet on and take my picthure”

For the umpteenth time that afternoon his eyes went wet and a tear started to run down his face which made Jake’s photo even more humiliating.

Jane breathed an inward sigh of relief it was moments like that when things very nearly got out of control and if only he knew it he was a hairsbreadth away from scoring a major victory. There could be no violence in front of the children; she was not at all sure how the others would have reacted if David had persisted. A spanking from Jake at home and in private was one thing but would he and Simon forcibly restrain David if they had to?

She realised it was just her will against David’s and she always seemed to win!

If they did not get home soon she would explode. She started to pack everything up; David was let out of the high chair and Zoo held his hand to make sure he did not get in the way. Soon they had made their farewells and Jane drove off with David waving like a child from his car seat in the back.

David was quiet in the car, reflecting on what a complete disaster the day had been. He had gone there determined to try and control his wees but in the end had used his nappy without any control. The family seemed to scorn and deride him. He had to now face up to the reality of Jake as his wife’s lover and everyone would know that now Marilyn knew as well. Simon just treated him as a child ignoring him half the time. He was dreading the sleepover, what on earth was going to happen? What did they mean a ballet? Zo” was a little bully and he was afraid of her but she was going to be in charge of him at tea time it seemed. He had set out that morning to be male haughty and disdainful of his predicament but he had cried several times during the day, really it was worse that that he had blubbed uncontrollably. A small nagging tight feeling down there reminded him that the last pleasure of his every day existence had been taken away from him.

Jane was driving fast and the lights of Jake’s Porsche followed them making her hair glint from time to time. Her profile was tall firm and proud, her gorgeous neck seemed some how sensual; why did he love her so much? Why could he not stop wanting to please her. He always pined for signs of her approval, a slight glance here, a smile there, anything, any small token.

When they got to the house she just said. “Corner! In the lounge this time; go and get the corner ball from the nursery I want you to do it in front of Jake not in the hall” This happened sometimes when someone was going to be in the lounge and could make sure he behaved. He had to put the soft ball on the bridge of his nose and keep it there by pressing his face into the corner.

She let him run up to the nursery to fetch the ball whilst she unloaded the car and then gave Jake a lingering sensuous kiss after he locked his car.

As he came down the stairs he saw them walk in arm in arm. She looked at Jake with a radiant longing. A sexy hip waggling walk that screamed I need it now! He could see how she felt about Jake.

He went to the corner and put his face hard into the corner as he must to stop the ball from falling. Bonneted, babied, nappies bulging in glinting plastic pants, petticoats and a dress; face pressed in the corner. He couldn’t see himself which was just as well. He was the perfect c_____d!

Jane, gave Jake another lingering kiss in the hall and arched as she felt his hand run down the inside of her pantsuit and briefly touched her wet quim .She broke away and he patted her bum as she went to the nursery to get things ready to put him in his cot, David was going to be lucky, the corner time would be short; she and Jake had pressing, urgent needs.

Jake walked into the lounge and looked at the man he was going to further devastate as he enjoyed his wife again and again. He was pretty firm already and couldn’t wait for David to be put to bed. A sudden thought hit him and he walked over to David and pressed his face close to David’s ear and in a stage whisper.

“I am going to have her tonight, David. I bet you like that idea?” There was a muffled whiny no!

“Do you know how? I am going to make her kneel on the bed, she will have on her sexy panties, they will be tight on that luscious pure white bottom, and the black suspenders will cut into the backs of her thighs holding up those glamorous black stockings. They have lacy tops, I know, I have already run my hands over them. She is wearing that sexy basque; I bet you would love to see her on your bed with her bum proud, wanting and waiting. Waiting for whom? Waiting for me of course!

Her fanny will bulge in the little bit of lace that forms the crotch of her panties I shall pull it aside; It will be wet with her juices, she is so desperate for it. You just know that don’t you! I shall slowly thrust this hard long wonderful c-ck right into your wife’s wet welcoming c-nt! I shall have her hard, doggy fashion, she will beg for it, beg, beg, beg! Here smell her.” He put his finger that a moment ago had touched her heaven and was faintly smelling of her musky aroma right next to David’s nose. “See she is already wet waiting for me, wanting me.

I bet you never had her doggy fashion? Don’t answer, I know. You never would dare! You would fail miserably. Now you can’t. Ho hum David. What is it like to be a loser?

Now when you hear her yell for it, scream out her orgasms you will know how I am doing it. Now that is just so good of me isn’t it? What does a c_____d say to his wife’s lover when he makes her happy in bed? What does he say?

We are quiet are we not, David but you know don’t you? You know, you read smutty porn don’t you? You have read what you have to say haven’t you in your horrid little stories?” He leaned forward, David could feel his masculine prescience behind him: his breath warmed his neck. “Now say it; say it nicely.”

“Come on.”

“Thank you Uncle Jake”

“What for?”

“Thank you for making wonderful love to my wife, thank you”

“That’s alright Sophie any time. Maybe be she will let you lick her clean afterwards as a special treat, or maybe perhaps not”

He moved away. That had made Jake feel really good and he was hard; now ready for her. David, face in the corner, sucked hard on his dummy for a vestige of comfort. He wanted his teddy bear. He was shattered, it was impossible to be more used, more defiled surely? He could but just wait patiently, staring hard at the wall, hands tightly to his side, like a naughty child suffering a penance, until they said he could move. Sudden unexpected warmth spread slowly around his front as he wet himself. This lack of control was getting worse and worse. He heard Jane return, he wanted to tell her what Jake was going to do but he couldn’t. He was held immobile by his own weak character in the corner, at Jane and Jake’s complete pleasure.

Jane said suddenly. “Go upstairs, quickly do your teeth and put your nightie on; call me when you are ready for your nappy change.” As he scuttled out of the room he could see them fondling each other.

He hurried to get ready for bed, carefully putting his dress and petticoat on the hanger, taking off his Mary Janes and socks; then on with a Winnie the Pooh nightie. He called for Mummy after he had done his teeth and was waiting for her cuddling his favourite teddy.

She had a further bottle for overnight and quickly changed his wet nappy. This time true to her word she put on two sixty inch terry squares over the disposable and then pinned him in tightly. He could not put his legs together at all when he stood up as it all bulged so much. She laughed and reminded him that he could expect some strange looks with that lot on when he was out with Emma during the week. At last he was in his cot, she put the side up which always comforted him. David was thankful to be alone and quiet to think how he was going to extricate himself from this awful mess he found himself in.

Jane smiled and leaving the door open went through to her bedroom. At last they were alone! Jake was standing, legs slightly apart, beside the bed wearing nothing but his charcoal Calvin Klein under shorts. The rest of his body rippled gently in the soft light of one bedside lamp’s making him look more bronzed than usual. A large, as yet unseen, male member pushed those tight shorts massively forward. Ready, inviting, so absolutely delicious; it was hers, hers to enjoy, hers to saviour, hers to use. Not her husband but her lover, never had she been so excited, never had she wanted sex like she did now.

She stood quietly admiring his body, soaking up it’s perfection. She gladly kicked off the Jimmy Choo’s, two supple movements had her trousers in a neat puddle for her to step elegantly away from; her top joined the other things on the floor; when you are that hungry a nine hundred pound designer outfit does not need to be looked after. She stretched slowly languorously upward to ease away the tension from waiting, showing to Jake as she did so an exquisite form, enhanced by luscious underwear chosen and crafted to tease. Two hungry souls, perfectly matched, young, athletic, confident in each others lovemaking ability, stimulated beyond reason by a day of sexual theatre, being barely able to touch each other and respond but watching stimulus after stimulus as David sank lower and lower into his sissy baby world in front of their very eyes and all the while Jane’s power over him soared.

But now they were released to play.

By the random chances of chaos theory the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Africa can start a hurricane that devastates a city in America; could it be the wearing of a sun hat all those years ago was going to bring a hurricane of lovemaking to Jane Baxter’s house that night?

As they stood in each others arms, tongues lustfully exploring each others mouths a tropical wave was building that would soon become a storm. His hands were everywhere, stimulating, teasing touching, so beautifully intimate. Senses were tingling with expectant need. She could sense fresh moistness in her gaping heaven.

Soon Jake motioned her to the bed, helping her to ease her panties down till they joined the loosely scattered clothes on the floor. She was ready to lie on her back to receive but was intrigued when he said “kneel” He ripped off her basque, popping fastenings as he did so, Jane was exultant; no one had ever ripped a very expensive undergarment from her body to reveal her delights before.

He gently eased her knees apart so she was waiting, vulnerable ready presenting her wet quim to her lover. He was going to take her from behind! How insulting, how demeaning, how disgusting, how could he do such a thing? Oh how she wanted it now, this way, please Jake have me, take me!

His thighs were behind her stocking clad legs, “please f--k me Jake, f--k me hard, f--k me now.” She hissed her demand loudly How could she be so crude? It slid in, big, bold, confident, wonderful, just wonderful. Ecstasy! She was like a panther, weight on spread knees and elbows, back arched thrusting her privacy eagerly at Jake’s member determined to enjoy every last centimetre.

The storm gathered its strength, action feeding on action, lust on lust, desire never sated, intensifying, bodies now gleaming with perspiration as they coupled trying to multiply sensations. Muscles rippled, her back moved up and down, wave like as he grasped her waist in a vice grip to further impale her on his gorged member.

A hurricane of emotion, huge powerful, ultimately destructive gripped the two of them; each thrust brought forward a scream of exultation from Jane that reverberated round the house. As they built towards the inevitable climax as the storm approached land Jake’s grunts became animal in intensity. No stopping, no subtlety here, no teasing, a fast approaching finale was soon to be upon them.

In his cot David gripped the side bars tighter and tighter as though he may sunder them. Nothing had prepared him for this. The storm of ecstatic emotion in the next room only deepened his inadequacy, made him more vulnerable; each ecstatic shout hammered home his failure. Jake his former employee was enjoying his wife to the utmost! Somehow it did not make him want to reject Jane but made him even more desperate for her love and attention. Little spurts of wee seemed to leak out to bring glowing warmth round his tiny imprisoned uselessness. Letting go one bar he cuddled his teddy in lonely isolation. He was apparently so close to love but in reality light years away. Despite himself his tiny member rose till it met the solid metal of his restraint and then it recoiled in painful frustration as the ring bit into the swelling flesh. He tried hard not to think sexually about the passion in the next room but found it difficult and each time he lapsed the ring bit again to remind him that he had to be completely free of an erection if he was to be comfortable down there. The reality of this new restraint discipline and the painful way in which it forced any sexual thoughts of self gratification from his mind was only now dawning on him.

The fury broke in the next room suspending normal senses. Their great cries of exaltation joined together as Jake pumped as never before. It went on for ever.

Again and again he pumped his manhood copiously into her.

Then slowly it eased, the wind dropped slowly, their bodies now shining wet with perspiration, heaved to put air in their lungs. They so slowly calmed till they rested still joined together; she locked on that massive hardness that barely shrunk. Panting as though they were in the low pressure eye of the storm they paused and waited helplessly for the next onslaught that was inevitable.

Then slowly it eased, the wind dropped slowly, their bodies now shining wet with perspiration, heaved to put air in their lungs. They so slowly calmed till they rested still joined together; she locked on that massive hardness that barely shrunk. Panting as though they were in the low pressure eye of the storm they paused and waited helplessly for the next onslaught that was inevitable.

They never heard David softly cry “Mummy Mummy” he almost felt it was impossible for humans to survive such an onslaught. Lonely, neglected David sobbed gently at the thought of what his Mummy and Jake were doing whilst he was left all by himself in a baby’s cot. When soft murmuring and movement started again in the next room he was happy. Mummy was alright she was there, safe.

The eye passed suddenly. Jake out of control now needed her again quickly. He withdrew momentarily but even so she cried “No Jake; more Jake, please darling more” but it was only to roll her over to her back and his hardness was soon again in her wet lusciousness. His movements became even more violent. She was soon swept along happily knowing that with one more climax this extreme experience would culminate. Ecstasy built again and they both screamed in passion without pause as they came to the climax.

Then it passed, over soon, no subtlety here no finesse; just a raw need that had been stoked repeatedly during the day now to be vigorously slaked.

David, the cause of their lust still sat motionless in the next room in his baby cot only dimly aware that he had been something of a catalyst for the events in the next room but only as a totally passive player; He was just a toy to be enjoyed by Jake and Jane whenever they wanted the sheer fun of humiliating him. He had never felt so used, lonely, shamed and above all helpless. He wanted to be the man in Jane’s bed but that was impossible. The perfectly feasible option of walking into the next room and demanding an end to his humiliation never entered his head. He now accepted his subservient role utterly. In the dim light he looked down and he could see the firm outline of his plastic pants holding in the double thick nappy that forced his legs apart. That comforted him, he felt safe being properly nappied with no worry about wets and messes; no sexual responsibilities. His teddy seemed to be like a real friend, the dummy gave true comfort as he sucked at it eagerly as he tried to mentally distance himself from the scene he had just heard. The bars of the cot acted like a barrier to the real world, the world that could only shame him and laugh at his sissy existence. Although there was no physical reason for him to remain in his cot as he could easily climb out the thought never entered his head, the brainwashing of the last months had taken away such thoughts of disobedient behaviour like that. He therefore mentally retreated into his safe little baby world, fondling his soft nightie feeling the plastic pants. There he was secure; Mummy would provide food, comfort and security. He swapped the dummy for the bottle before collapsing slowly down onto the cot to look at the mobile that twirled slowly above him and was soon asleep.

It was only half past seven. Little babies need their sleep!

The next morning Jane came into his room full of bounce, her eyes radiated with the excitement that great lovemaking creates. Already showered she was dressed in a smart business skirt; as usual it was enticingly short and tight. As ever her vivacious movements made it provocative and although he had heard Jake and his wife making love time and time again that night he still wanted her, wanted to enjoy the briefest glimpses of panty line, rounded lacy bra or her sensuous thighs. Jane just love the doe eyed fawning look of the true submissive in David at such moments.

David had been awake for hours; the early hours had passed slowly as he drifted in and out of sleep and his nappy became wetter and wetter. He used to play with himself in those dawn hours when he could not sleep but that was now definitely not on. The ring had bitten him hard when Jane and Jake had another session in the morning. The soft rhythmic motions of yet another lovemaking session in the master bedroom could easily be heard in his nursery. Ashamed as was at the thought of being aroused by his wife’s lovemaking he could not stop himself feeling quite sexy and he longed to plunge his hand into the wet nappy and fondle himself but instead on that first morning of chastity prison he just had to ignore the feeling as the ring caused such pain when he was the slightest bit aroused. He was forced to listen and try hard not to think erotic thoughts; it was hard to do and only when anger at his own predicament surfaced did the sharp pains eventually diminish. Slowly resentment at his penile prison lifted as he began to think about a future without regular sexual pleasure. He found that he could think soft baby thoughts that did not cause his willie to rise and he began the long slow road to embrace the concept of a baby life without the erotic element.

As she got him ready for the day she chatted about the great sex she had had the night before with abandoned enthusiasm.

“Sophie he was just great, I have never been so aroused I had the most fantastic orgasms. Now you will write him a lovely thank you letter won’t you. I will tell Emma to help you. Do you want to do a little crayon drawing to send him as well that would be so sweet wouldn’t it?”

As he laid back on the changing table legs apart, hands gripping the backs of his knees to fully expose his bottom and parts so Jane could wipe, clean and powder him he became aware of a movement in the room. Jake had come in! This was his sissy sanctuary, soft and pink with delicate understated flounces; all the furniture screamed that it was a little baby girl’s room. Princess curtains and pretty nets were matched with the light shades, the cot, changing table and chest of drawers were in baby practical white lightened here and there with motif’s and stickers of nursery prints and soft toys. There was even a mirror nursery for his dolls complete with push chair, and toy chest of drawers for his growing collection of dolls clothes. It was a place he could hide from reality in, pretend that he was really a little baby girl and not the failed business man and husband the outside world always used to see.

He could sense Jake’s raw masculinity, so utterly out of place in this pink palace, he felt invaded.

But Jake was looking round looking incredulously at the nursery touching this doll here the pile of disposables there. He was fresh from the shower wearing only the Egyptian cotton towel he had dried himself with tied round his muscular midriff. The hairs on his chest still glistened damply and the smell of his Gucci aftershave overcame the softer perfume of baby powder and wipes.

David felt his virgin rosebud was totally exposed and was desperate for Jane to hurry and get his nappy on to give him some modesty but she busied herself with her task of wiping him as if she realised the acute embarrassment David must feel in such a position. Slowly she smiled at him;

“What is it darling? Don’t you want Uncle Jake to see you like this? Hum I think you may be worried that Jake may do something nasty to that little rosebud of yours that is all soft and squeaky clean. Well don’t worry I want his manhood all for myself, it is far too good to share with you sweetie!”

“You are dead right there” Jake chipped in I don’t do pansies! Mind you I know a few who do. Like an introduction to a mate of mine Dave old boy?”

David shuddered at the thought and took refuge in his sissy self “Pleasth I juth wan to be a thissy bayby”

“Pass me one of those disposables” she said at last to Jake.

As Jake moved to do so she held David’s peanut with a forefinger and thumb and giggling said;

“Look here is your competition!”

“Huh” snorted Jake “that’s pathetic, like this fairy’s room. Jane how did you marry such wretched pansy?”

“Don’t be mean he can’t help having one so small, not like your great plonker” “Now go and choose him a pretty dress from that cupboard over there, remember he is in double terries today as a punishment and Emma is taking to the hairdressers this afternoon and they are getting more and more used to seeing him all dressed up. Marie tells me that there is now competition from the girls to wash his hair and generally attend to him as they love to see a man treated this way.”

Turning to David she added “Isn’t this exciting having Uncle Jake choose the baby dress you are going to wear to today: that will be something to tell the girls about.” Jake came over with a little number in pale green, high wasted as usual it had an elasticised section round the top of his chest flaring out beneath over two layers of sewn in petticoats that were deliberately an inch longer than the dress so they swished in flouncy profusion as he moved.. The motifs were fluffy baby ducklings, chickens and a little girl; just so babyish. It came with pale green rumbas that David knew would be prominently on view as the skirt was so short. It was altogether not want he wanted to wear to the hairdressers this afternoon. Jake grinned at him: “well there was quite a choice I have to say but this little number took my fancy, I am sure the girls in the hair salon will love you in it David”

Jane slipped it on and remarked “You have picked the one with lots and lots of buttons here all the way up the back, it takes ages to do them all up. He wanted a dress like this I bet you cannot guess why?”


“Well he likes to feel trapped in a dress sometimes and he cannot get this one off without undoing the buttons and you can see they are in two columns reaching way down his back, as it buttons both ways and intermittently there are dummy buttonholes, not too difficult to see but of course if he tried to undo them he cannot tell the real ones from the false as they are in the small of his back. So there you darling baby trapped in your little girls baby dress until someone takes it off you! He used to go to a group that had lots of notes and pictures about such trivia.”

The outfit was topped off with a little baby woolie cardigan, white socks and black Mary Janes. As soon as he was ready David was rushed downstairs to be put in his high chair with a full plastic bib that had little arms so that his lovely clothes would be kept clean from the warm runny porridge that inevitably went everywhere.

The doorbell rang and they heard Emma letting herself in with her key

Emma had been a very lucky find for Jane. As a student she had needed extra cash and hit upon the idea of doing a little bit of freelance fem dom. Realising that it might be a tough world out there she had rung up a number of doms and offered her services as a number two for those clients who wanted to be punished by more than one girl. Most had brushed her aside fearing competition but Denise had invited her along that very day as she was just about to baby a client who had always wanted an extra girl on hand. The relationship blossomed and the two girls became great friends often going to the pub after a few hours of beating bottoms to laugh themselves silly about the idiotic games the clients wanted them to play.

When Jane had also become involved with Denise as well, Emma had jumped at the chance to earn good money as Jane’s nanny for David. She still kept in touch with Denise and earned good pin money some evenings when they set out to humiliate clients together.

Emma, as usual, came to the house at eight o clock to take over from Jane who by that time had normally got him into the high chair and left him to mess his breakfast cereal or porridge over his bib. It had been a feature of his new baby life that he had never been left on his own. Just like a real baby, someone had always been on hand to look after him. This really hammered home his dependence on the females around him and ensured that there was never any respite or let up from the need to think, act talk walk and generally behave like a baby. Or else!

Emma loved the endless teasing her role demanded and had instituted a regime of training so he always had to speak with a lisp, walk with the little waddling baby steps that David hated when they were out and about. She was always spotting some childish behaviour from a toddler and getting David to mimic it in some awkward place. Nagging for treats and girly toys in shops and supermarkets were her favourite tortures for him as they just caused everyone to stare at this strangely dressed man asking a younger girl if he could have some chocolate or a copy of Barbie or Go Girl magazine.

She loved to play mind games with him; keeping him in suspense worrying about how long they were to be out, would she change him in public? Were they going to eat out which was always an agony of shame as a bib was normally involved or fondling a dummy in her hand when they were in a cafÈ and relishing the agonised look of disbelief on his face when she made to put it in his mouth, or producing a sippy cup from time to time for him to use.

She always carried a bag full of the contingencies for nappy changes, spare bibs, a bottle with milk and a couple of extra dummies. In short everything she needed to demonstrate whenever the mood took her that David was the baby and so he existed is a state of perpetual fear that some new shame or indignity was about to unfold around him.

Unlike Jane she was prepared to tolerate his begging for more lenient treatment when they went out and about. She just loved to see him beg, often with tears in his eyes, to be let off some ridiculous outfit or other. “pleath Nanny don’t make me wear my Mary Janes today” or “ No Nanny pleath not that pink cardigan today; people stare at me tho; pleath nanny” She rarely relented but did so occasionally so that he was encouraged to plead and beg all the more. Often his persistence wore her down and resulted in an additional humiliation punishment which she delighted in administering or some Hobson’s choice between two humiliations. Once when he had moaned about her putting him in Mary Janes she had let him chose between wearing them or pink hair slides in his growing curly blonde hair.

Standing there in front of her charge, a grown man a few years older than her, she delighted in watching him look at the Mary Janes or trainers and the large little girls hair slides. Seeing him undecided she choose for him and put the hair slides in his hair.

At an early visit to the hair salon she had made him choose between a pony tail style or ringlets or bangs; she had said that if he had a pony tail then he would have to wear some really girly pink frilly hair bands to keep it in place. Unsurprisingly he had gone for bangs only to discover the range of hair ornaments for bangs was far worse and he was often out with slides grips and even a pink head band.

Another delight was to involve her many old school friends from time to time. Once they were in a local coffee shop and she had arranged for one of her friends from college, Janice, to drop by; and seeing her friend sat right next to David barely acknowledging him.

“What’s all this I hear about you being a Nanny and not going to Cambodia like you said?”

“Well it was the money, I am going next year”

“Where is the baby, someone said it was an eight to five job and she was a right little brat? I cannot see you as a Nanny at all.”

“Oh he is here don’t worry”

David was going puce at this stage. Janice was pretty, self confident, and had nodded at him briefly before talking to Emma and appeared not to have noticed his baby dungarees at all despite sitting next door to him.

Go on where is the brat?” “You can’t neglect kids these days”

“Right here” Emma said

Janice looking around her uncomprehendingly still did not understand so Emma helped her “I don’t know how you define a baby but someone kept permanently in nappies because they have no control and who sucks a dummy all the time and eats in a high chair might fit the bill?”

David was dying!

“Stop playing games with me Emma where is the sodding baby?

“Right next to you!”

“Go on Sophie tell her that you are my baby I am looking after”

“Janice turned slowly and looked at David with fresh eyes and now saw his little girly dungarees bulging with a thick nappy between the legs, white ankle socks that suddenly she realised were not sports socks, the Mary Janes on his feet, the long blonde locks of hair were not an rugged outback style as she had assumed at her first hasty glance but the thin slightly straggly look of a small child.

“My God you don’t mean, Ö.him! I don’t get it”

“I do. He is my new charge, he is a complete baby! He sleeps in a cot, he hasn’t used a potty in ages and is dependent on a dummy and has at home the most adorable collection of dresses you could imagine! Jane, his wife found out about his sissy longings and has kept him that way ever since. He has been looked after by me, or Jane or his mother in law, whom he calls Grandma by the way, for months now. He just loves to be a baby don’t you sweetie? His wife has dumped him as a man and got herself a really great bloke as a lover.”

She opened her hand to reveal a dummy which she left on the table in front of him. “Tell Janice what you are sweetie”

David just wanted to curl up and die! “I am a lickle girl baby! My name ith Thophie”

Janice was still stunned and looked on in amazement as Emma got up and walked round to David and, bending down felt between his legs. “Yes as usual he has a wet nappy” With Emma’s encouragement they dragged confession after confession from him about his baby life; his watery eyes told them how he hated his shameful secrets being revealed to two pretty vivacious girls much younger than he was. It seemed so much worse as they were out in public and he squirmed awkwardly in his chair inadvertently flashing his plastic pants to them from time to time.

David’s days with Emma were just one long humiliation after another, nothing was predictable nothing was certain; exposure and embarrassment were always just round the corner. However much it happened he could never get used to the reality of more and more people seeing him in baby clothes and nappies. The fear of a sudden exposure of his terrible secret was always with him.

When Emma arrived Jane stopped feeding her baby David and leaving him with a mucky face immediately started to tell her about the weekend and how he had behaved at her Mothers, she specifically mentioned Jake’s involvement and his present of the bonnets.

“Emma do make sure he wears them all the time I know Jake will ask me if he has. Oh and when you go to the hair salon do make him wear one as they may want to modify his style a little to show off the bonnets to best advantage. You are going this afternoon he is booked in I think for a fresh colouring and perm? Sweetie, just think you will have three hours with all those girls in the salon to chat to you lucky thing! So much to tell them about your lovely weekend and all that has happened. Marie is going to want to know all about it and especially what you think of Jake being my lover. Oh and be sure to tell her about the little chastity ring and what it feels like to be chastised at last, she has been waiting for me to put it on you for ages”

Jane had long been a regular patron of Marie who ran an upmarket hair dressing salon that had quietly expanded over the years. She now had eight stylists and beauticians in a fashionable part of the town. In keeping with the desire to keep the clientele to successful business women and ladies who lunch they maintained a very elegant approach and all the girls dressed in a showy uniform of white tight hip length tops with wide belts round shapely waists. The effect was completed with sexy very well tailored dark shorts and black tights. All the girls looked good, ranging from the stunning to merely good looking. Modern upmarket dÈcor rounded off the effect that Marie wanted. It was not the cheapest place in town but had an exceptional reputation. Jane had noticed from time to time a cross dresser used the salon and had quizzed Marie about it and found that she had a sympathetic attitude to men who liked to dress.

It was natural then when David was first being kept as a baby that Jane would broach the question of his hair style with Marie. Happily she was enthusiastic and so David found himself in the salon dressed in a pale blue set of dungarees with a teddy bear on the front pocket desperately hoping that his bulging nappies would not be noticed by the girls.

David hated his visits to the salon with a passion. It had started off very quietly with visits accompanied by Jane during slack times when the salon was not full and he was dressed in short dungarees; unfortunately for him the very first time he had his hair washed and he was leaning back to the basin his dungarees rode up to reveal just an inch or two of his plastic pants that encased his terry nappy. When he was finished he saw Marie staring at his crotch and looked down and, with utter horror, saw what she was looking at. His face went bight red so as to give the game away completely; she just smiled. Like all hairdressers she chatted away and quizzed him about his new life style.

“Jane tells me you have given up work to be a little baby girl?”

“Are you shy?” Don’t want to chat?”

“I see you are already in nappies, do you use them or just at night?”

“It is such a pretty little dungaree set you have on I love the teddy motif”

Of course she discussed with Jane how to do his hair, it was of the first times that he experienced the real shame of having something really personal to him discussed but without his own wishes even sought . He had to endure an hour of her cutting and styling his hair in the little girl style that Jane had asked for all the while not daring to think about what Jane may have told her about his new baby life!

Overtime as it became more and more obvious that he was totally under Jane’s control the girls started to tease him gently, loving the blushes that flared up pinkly when they asked whether those were terry or disposable nappies or what dresses he had worn today; or did he need a dummy now?

Indeed Marie had been surprised how her young, modern trendy girls generally lapped it all up and indeed they started to talk about him to other customers and again surprisingly there was more curiosity than offence and some even changed a booking to be in the salon at the same time as David so they could quietly observe this little girly sissy. Quite soon Jane handed over the role of taking him to the salon to Emma who was even more relaxed than Jane with him in public and when Marie hinted that the girls might like to see him in a dress next week rather than the dungarees he normally wore when he was out she accepted the invitation willingly. David now went each week in full baby attire for his hair appointment which may include nails and other beauty treatments especially depilation services. The girls and a growing number of customers made a huge fuss of him when he came in all babied up and hugging a doll. Marie even sensed that the slow rise in takings on his hair do days was caused by female interest in this sissy.

Today Emma had arranged a further surprise for him this afternoon in collaboration with Jane and Marie. The unexpected bonus of the double terries and the bonnets were just going to be icing on the cake. David was going to hate his session at the salon with a passion.

Jane was busy telling Emma the other little tasks she wanted David to do today; as well as the nice thank you letter to Jake for the bonnets, an idea that had Emma in fits, she said that she wanted him to hand wash her undies. There was nothing unusual in that but she then went on “and Jakes as well, they are Calvin Klein and the must not be machine washed, hang them up on the line with mine so they can be freshly aired. Oh and put fresh satin sheets on the bed for tonight my little baby. You want my lover to enjoy cool clean fresh sheets when he makes love to me don’t you?”

David shuddered. How could he wash Jakes underwear and then hang them out on the line? Mrs. Parker next door, a right nosey parker he thought, always came out when he was hanging washing on the line. She smirked and teased when he stood there, his dresses flying in the wind, hanging out nappies, plastic panties, petticoats and the other paraphernalia of his baby life. Now she was bound to ask whose the men’s shorts were as she would know they were not David’s.

Jane had been relieved at the way her neighbour had accepted David’s appearances in the garden dressed in his baby clothes and she now encouraged Emma to ensure that he spent plenty of time in the garden where of course he felt ever more vulnerable than in the house. He always went out there wearing whatever he was wearing around the house so Mrs Parker had seen him in most of his baby clothes. She was always sure to emerge and start to chat to David or Emma to find out what he was doing and what new life style activity he was up to.

“Oh! I nearly forgot Jake was so excited last night that he ripped that lovely sexy Basque off me and tore some the hooks out. I am sure it can be repaired. Now sweetie, why don’t you take it into the shop where I bought it; “La Perlescence” in the High Street and see if it can be repaired?”

Emma was grinning hugely as possibilities’ for even more torment for David emerged.

Jane went on;

“Now Emma he is going to Grandma’s on Thursday this week rather than Friday because on Friday afternoon he is to be round at Sheila’s for a sleepover with her girls. They have some friends coming round after school and they want to put on a show the next morning, maybe a ballet or something you know how arty my sister is? Just try on his ballet tutu will you to make sure it fits?”

Emma looked at David who was close to tears. He had thought that yesterday had been bad enough but this week was shaping up to be perfectly terrible. How could he go into that upmarket lingerie shop, men always felt awkward in such places and David was no exception but he would be in childish dungarees or worse! He had to fight it somehow, but then if he was going to be freed from his constraint by Grandma he thought he had better be good. As ever resistance risked compromising a small concession that David really wanted.

Jane looked at her watch “Must go I am late. Have a wonderful day with Emma and give my love to Marie this afternoon. I can’t kiss you; your face is too mucky. Love you baby!”

Blowing him a kiss with that smile that he so adored she spun on her high heels and with a shapely stride left the house. As the car revved in the drive Emma started to wipe his face and get him ready for the day.

They were soon standing outside the bedroom; David as usual did not go in until Emma gave him permission to do so. The room was untidy, the bed clothes rumpled and heaped Jane had left underwear higgledy-piggledy all over the place; Jake’s shorts were carelessly tossed to one side. It was obvious that they had enjoyed themselves, as Emma immediately said, “well you can tell what they were up to! What is it like to know your wife makes love to another man? Do you mind that it is someone who used to work for you? Not that it matters much”

David was silent. Emma just laughed. She picked up the shorts and threw them to David who just caught them.

“Show them respect; you know what to do, savour some real man’s musk” She watched as he silently put Jakes underpants to his face and inhaled. “Lick them; front and back she commanded, lick your wife’s lover’s shorts, smell him, and think what he was doing last night!”

David silently obeyed.

Emma watched him; she was always amazed how far down masochists would go, she never got used to it.

“Now gather up everything that has to be washed and separate them into machine and hand wash piles. Then strip the bed, make it with fresh sheets and bring everything down stairs. Look lively, you have ten minutes or you will feel the paddle and have some minus points.” David wanted to linger in that room, the room that he used to sleep in with Jane, it was still feminine, her room and despite himself he loved her but he dared not loiter and risk losing precious points that counted towards a release sometime in the future. He hurried to the tasks set.

A little while later he was standing on low child’s steps in front of the sink doing the washing fondling her lovely panties in the soft lux soap. The steps were pink with childish rhyme printed on them:

“These little steps help me reach the things I couldn’t;

And all the things I shouldn’t”

The effect was to put him in the same place as a small child who cannot reach sinks and work tops and so he always had to use them to perform any task like washing up. As Emma noted it stopped him running off as he always had to get permission to get down.

As soon as he had finished hanging the washing on the line and Jane’s intimate sexy briefs’ were there in their soft feminine sensuality next to Jake’s robust manly shorts shouting out their recent pursuits Mrs Parker appeared and immediately wanted to know who the shorts belonged to.

Flushing brightly he had to admit to the ghastly women

“Vey belong to Mummith boyfriend” She already knew that he had to refer to Jane as Mummy all the time. “He wath round last night and they put me in my cot then they went into the big bedroom and did fings togevver.”

He sensed Emma behind him “What else are you so proud of today?”

“Err Err Mummy hath put me in a thastity belt and Uncle Jake hath the key” he minced his words in full red faced shame.

Mrs Parker just gave him a look of the deepest contempt, but smiled at Emma “well I suppose it had to come, serves the nasty little sissy right”

David hated her, she was one of the few who were always really horrid to him; most women mixed teasing with laughter but Mrs Parker just seemed to loath him. The trouble was he had to be perfectly polite to her like he was to anyone else.

“Come on you have a letter to write give Mrs Parker a nice deep curtsey and say bye bye” Emma hurried her sissy charge back into the house for more shame and humiliation. This was a new idea and going to be lots of fun.

She sat him down in the downstairs playroom where he had a little child’s desk and chair. Unlike much of his baby environment the desk had not been up scaled to adult size and he sat feeling uncomfortable as his big nappied bottom did not fit easily on the small seat and he crouched awkwardly over the ridiculously low desk. Emma was good at making things in the “Blue Peter” style. (for non UK readers Blue Peter was an iconic children’s programme where the presenters were always making things out of cartons and packets). He had first to cut up a piece of plain pink card and fold it in half as she said she wanted him to make a real sissy thank you card to send to Jake. She then had him write “To Uncle Jake- the real MAN in the house” in different coloured crayons across the top of the card. The writing had to be juvenile.

She then suggested a drawing of him standing in his cot looking towards a closed door; intended to represent the bedroom door. David worked hard and carefully at this new task knowing full well that sloppy work would result in it all being torn up and he would have to start again. He eventually achieved a reasonable result half child, half adult in quality of him standing, nappied, bibbed, bonneted in a nightie in his cot half turned looking at the closed door where obviously the action was. On the door he had to write “Mummy’s room”

On the inside he had to draw a full facial picture of himself from a photo again in a little short dress with a prominent dummy partially obscuring his quite recognisable face. Emma came in and said “now what shall we put on the inside to go with your pretty drawing?”

He did not want to think.

“I know “This baby only wets with his!” and underneath that “Thankoo tho much Uncle Jake for my lovely baby bonnets. Kisses from a real sissy baby Sophie”

When he had finished Emma found a large envelope and after a quick call to Jane came out with another awful idea “we will send it to your Uncle Jake at his office. He is not at home very much these days and it is so nice to get surprises in the post.”

David could only think of one thing: Marilyn his former secretary would almost certainly open the post and see this utter confirmation of his sissy status. He could not let it happen, “Pleath Nanny no post it. Can I give it to him pleath pleath”

He looked so pathetic sitting there at that tiny desk, upturned face full of worried concern. His nanny came close, nuzzled him and quietly confirmed his fears “No sissy your Mummy wants it to go to his office so that’s where it goes, sorry sweetie.” She could see a tantrum brewing and wagged her finger at him; “don’t start you do not want to have a three hour session this afternoon at the hair salon with a sore botty do you?”

“Nanny Nanny Pleath no hith thecretary might thee it” He lapsed into his most babyish lisp in a vain attempt to curry favour.

“Yes so she might I hadn’t thought of that. Now to give you an idea what she may think shall we show it to Marie before we post it?” As ever protest had worsened his plight.

Emma was far from finished with this letter writing idea, “Now then David” he looked startled at the rare use of his proper name. “We have a letter from Sophie to Uncle Jake but now I want David to write to him as well to express an adult’s appreciation of what he is doing for you; I want you to write very respectfully as if he was your superior in every way and to thank him for holding the key to your chastity, for making love to Jane and for the wonderful babies bonnets he has given you. You have to say what a big sissy you are and how you want to remain one. Now that’s all I am going to say except that I do not care how many drafts you do but substandard letters will be torn up without comment, if they are not bad I shall give you some hints before tearing them up. You have the rest of the morning and all day tomorrow and you will sit at your child’s desk writing constantly until you are finished so I would not attempt to skimp if I were you.”

Emma knew that she was being really mean but she knew he would dream up a more humiliating letter by himself than if she dictated it. She realised how cramped and uncomfortable it would be at the desk and that alone would be an incentive to do a good job quickly. She produced some quality notepaper from Wilsons of Knightsbridge and found David’s old fountain pen.

“Now get to it”

He stared blankly at the paper as tears welled up in his eyes. Write to Jake! Create evidence of his shame for anyone to read! It was so unfair! He wanted to shout, protest and complain at the unfairness of it all.

How could he write and thank Jake for making love to his wife? But; despite himself he felt a rising pressure down there as he thought of the sounds Jane made when she was being rogered by Jake. His whispered words that he was going to take her from behind went round his head. His arousal suddenly came to a quick end as his chastity bit into him. Blushing with shame mixed with sensual remembrance he wrote;

“Dear Jake,

Please forgive the informality, be assured I think of you as Sir at all times, but I wanted it to be clear that David Baxter your former boss is writing to you personally to crave forgiveness for my past appalling and inadequate behaviour as your supposed superior and seek to thank you for many kindnesses you are currently extending to me.

Firstly thank you for taking my part in Jane’s sex life. I have always been useless as a lover it is not just that my pen-s is really tiny and that I more often than not have a premature ej-c-lation during foreplay but I am always too quick and insensitive for a wonderful woman like Jane. My mind always fills with submissive thoughts when I am aroused and this makes it impossible to play a manly role at all. I know you are wonderful with her and I hear you night after night having wonderful sex with her in what was our double bed. How I wish, no long passionately, to be able to do that with her; but please understand that although natural envy and frustration rages inside me when you have her time and time again I know as a true sissy this is what I must endure. To be your c_____d is an honour a just reward. Please believe me when I say I love her and want her, but I know my impotent anger is just a wonderful and proper fuel for her sexual happiness. You must enjoy her even more, secure as you are, that I am denied those pleasures I yearn for.

You know that I have been a secret baby for years but now all that is being exposed to all and sundry, friends, family and the great world outside. My shame is utterly complete. Being forced to dress as a baby is bad enough but I have to behave like one all the time. This reinforces my degradation, I have to appear willing to wet and mess, to wear such ridiculous baby outfits, to lisp and su-k a dummy, to be changed several times a day; the whole routine degrades me and takes away my manhood and makes me so dependant on you and Jane. Even knowing that such behaviour is so humiliating, and believe me so hard to do, I still undertake wholeheartedly to try my utmost to play the baby sissy role even better in future so you and Jane can derive even more pleasure from my sissy baby status.

As a sissy one of the greatest pleasure of all was to play with my willie when it was safely encased in a soft warm nappy that was often wet. Babyish shameful thoughts ran through my head in luxurious sexy profusion often for hours on end. It was a secret passion, hugely enjoyed and rarely did I lose control and have a premmie. As you know Jane let me continue to play with myself when I was her baby which made all the shame somewhat worthwhile. You have now so rightly stopped that pleasure of mine absolutely. The chastity is totally effective; I cannot get hard, I dare not think sexy thoughts. Simply put it really hurts if I do. You have taken away my sexuality completely. The key is literally in your hands; I only have frustration. As yet I have to learn to come to terms with this, but please believe me when I thank you for being so strict with me. I now have to be a sissy baby c_____d without any sexual pleasure at all. I consol myself with the thought that I can now concentrate on being a pure baby and completely under your and Jane’s control. I am trying to learn that all my willie can do is provide a flow of wee wee into my nappy. I wanted to be a baby well now I am a step nearer to that reality as true babies do not have sexual feelings.

Thank you so much for the sissy baby bonnets. The make me look so babyish and pathetic. I am really ashamed that I have to wear them but at least I can tell everyone that you, Jane’s lover, gave them to me! Of course the very thought of making such an admission makes me squirm with embarrassment.

Please Sir accept this letter as a humble apology for my hopeless inadequate self and be assured I will do all that I can to humiliate myself in front of you, Jane and anyone else you command me to. I shall try as hard as I can to be the best sissy baby possible. You now know that no sexual pleasure comes to me from this.”

Before signing off he called for Emma and asked for her comments before he finished, hoping against hope it would be found adequate.

As she started to read it he watched her face intently. She smiled slowly as she saw how far he was prepared to go; as ever he had humiliated himself more than she thought possible. She hardened her look as she realised she must always be the Dom, the Cruella, the Bitch to her little baby slave.

“Marilyn what about Marilyn your former secretary? You must beg him to show the letter to Marilyn!”

Emma tossed the letter down.

“Don’t think you can get away with silly mistakes like that; corner time NOW!” She shouted.

Crestfallen he toddled to the corner and pressed his nose right in; standing really still in a shamed acceptance of his punishment. Corner time was infantile, humiliating and boring.

He had really hoped that the grovelling letter would satisfy Emma so that she would not bother to continue with the game but clearly she had other ideas. The very idea of Marilyn knowing he was a baby was awful. He was totally in denial that she might know already but the idea of her seeing this grovelling baby rubbish was just so hard to bear. He had always lusted after her; she was a sexy tease and knew it well. Short skirts, hot pants, black stockings were her stock in trade; she was always beautifully turned out and had from the outset had David round her finger. With all the confidence of a loud Essex girl she was one of the characters in the office and regularly used her simple charm and outrageous dress sense to get David round to her way of thinking. She was always sure to ask him for favours when she had the sexiest outfit on. David’s feebleness with her lowered his standing in the office, a fact he was ineffectually aware of, but seeming incapable of doing anything about it.

David secretly longed for her in a submissive dog panting way, summoning up images of her standing proud in stockings and in scanty briefs as a teasing dominant or a nanny berating him for wetting his nappy when he played with himself secretly. He half thought that she read his submissive thoughts as her behaviour towards him became more lewd and condescending over the months she worked for him. Now though he did not want to think of bringing this fantasy to reality, not least as she was one of those people who knew everyone and more besides, knew all the gossip, and was the centre of the office if not the industry grapevine. His baby secret would be well and truly out if she knew about it. He could not imagine her reading such a letter.

From deep in the corner he started to whine;

“Pleath Nanny not that Pleath pleath nanny I will be a thpethial thpethial baby for you, take me out and change me in public but pleath don make me wite that. Mummy doethnt want her to know.”

Emma loved it! A grown man dressed in a sissy baby outfit, standing in the corner, was pleading and begging with her inviting more humiliation to be heaped on him. Suddenly a further inspiration hit her; she knew Jane’s mind in this and a nasty little trick occurred to her.

“So you think Mummy will object and I am wrong do you? Well let’s ask her shall we? Let’s see what she says. If I am wrong Jake will not to show it to Marilyn and you can have ice cream for tea but if you are wrong you have been both naughty and cheeky and will have to be punished severely. So you will have to ask Jake tonight to take down your plastic pants, take off your nappy and put you across his knee and smack your little bare botty till it really hurts’; understand?

Deep in the corner David flushed even redder at the thought of Jake spanking him, the shame of it let alone the pain sent shudders down his spine. But he did not really understand how far Jane was prepared to go, what was to him a seething humiliation involving Marilyn was just a part of the fun for Jane. Especially as she knew that Jake had told her quite a bit anyway.

Emma was already keying in Jane’s number on her mobile.

“Hi Jane, no don’t worry no problems, he is writing that letter to Jake and has a question to ask you, here he is” punching the loudspeaker key she held the phone close to his face which remained pressed in the corner.

“Helwo Mummy”

Hello sweetie are you OK. Being good?

Jutht in the corner for a lickle while coz I got it wong”

“Dear dear you never Learn do you, what do you want to ask darling?”

“Mummy Mummy Nanny saith that I mutht ask Uncle Jake to thow the letter to Marilyn.pleasth Mummy don’t thay he can pleath Mummy, Marilyn wiwll thow it to evferyone and evferyone will know I am a thissy Baba; pleath Mummy pleath thay no.”

There was a pause; Jane felt a surge of lust. She realised how much David would hate Marilyn knowing about him. Frankly she thought Marilyn was just a cocky sexy tart, but David had always had this thing about her, now he would feel perhaps even more shame than he had when he met Jake for the first time. Oh what a lovely sexy thought, the greater David’s shame and embarrassment the more she liked it. It would turn Jake on as well; another night of pure sex heaven was in prospect.

“Of course you should have Jake show the letter to her you know how you liked her why don’t you want her to know you are my sissy baby?

Peath mummy I tho athamed!

Jane heard the wail and could not stop herself from pressing her soft, now wet quim harder onto her chair

“Silly baby you know I am not interested in how ashamed you feel. You should have thought of that when you started seeing those nasty tarts in New York; by the way I hope your letter to Jake explains what you used to be up to on your business trips.” Now pass the phone back to Nanny.

“Emma you heard all that?”

“Oh yes Jane I had already said as much but he insisted on talking to you even after I told him it was disobedient to query my judgement, so he will have to punished again so that he learns to do as I say. I thought it might be a good idea to have Jake smack his bare botty tonight?

Jane giggled loudly, “You are such a strict nanny aren’t you?”

“Fine Emma but I have another idea; get David to write and ask for his spanking both for misbehaving whilst he was Jake’s boss and also for today’s indiscretion. You know a real grovelling letter that will amuse Marilyn as well! Get him to apologise for taking all that baby stuff with him on business trips. I assume the loudspeaker is still on and he can hear me?”

Emma looked at the figure tight in the corner, it seemed to shrivel.

“Oh yes he can hear you all right”

“Good I will get Jake to come round early tomorrow so you can watch, He has been itching to redden David’s bum for ages. I expect David has secretly longed for it as well. So that will make him happy, well until the second smack then he will start to regret it for the rest. I think Jake has more stamina than either of us and he is certainly stronger so it should be rather amusing.

Bye Emma I must rush, Bye Sophie sweetie you have something to look forward to now for nearly two whole days! Love you” she cried.

David started to sob; real tears ran down his face. Write all that to Jake, Marylyn was to see the letter and then a hard horrid hurtful spanking from Jake as well; he knew he would let himself down completely by hollering and shouting, begging for forgiveness. What could be worse? Of course a whole lot of things and deep deep down he knew he would discover them before Jane had finished with him.

Emma prodded him to make changes here and there and add the paragraphs that Jane wanted. Eventually the letter was finished; it was quite a masterpiece in crawling self abasement!

“My Dear Jake,

Please forgive the informality, be assured I think of you most respectfully as Sir at all times, but I wanted it to be clear that David Baxter your former boss is writing to you personally to crave forgiveness for my appalling and inadequate behaviour as your supposed superior at Davenport Systems Ltd and to thank you for many kindnesses you are currently extending to me.

You must have wandered why I appeared so tired on many of our foreign business trips, the reason was that I spent most nights in the hands of some professional nanny being babied, dressed up and beaten or caned. I was always worried that I would smell of urine as I had always wet my nappy the night before. I have sat through many a meeting with a very sore bottom either with nappy rash or from a beating and sometimes both. I also know you were always irritated that I had hold luggage that delayed our way through airports whilst you managed with a small carry on. This was because I carried a full range of nappies, plastic pants, nighties, sweet little dresses and other baby paraphernalia in my bags. My nightmare was that somehow you would become aware of them and my shameful secret exposed; of course you are now to an extent I could never have imagined back then.

I think you will agree that a simple letter of apology is not nearly adequate expression of my remorse. Please be so kind to give me a really hard bare bottom spanking across your knee on Wednesday evening in front of Jane and my Nanny Emma. The thought of your strong masculine hands slapping my lily white baby flesh makes me cringe with shame and humiliation but I know I richly deserve it. Please make it really hurt, ignore my cries; just think to yourself as I shout and holler how much I deserve to be soundly spanked.

I really want to thank you for taking over my role in Jane’s sex life. I have always been useless as a lover; it is not just that my pen-s is really tiny and that I more often than not have a premature ej-c-lation during foreplay but I was always too cumbersome, too quick and completely insensitive and unimaginative for a wonderful woman like Jane. My mind always fills with submissive thoughts when I am aroused and this makes it impossible to play a manly role at all. I know you are wonderful with her and night after night you are having wonderful sex with her in what was our double bed. How I wish, no long passionately, to be able to do that with her; but please understand, that although natural envy and frustration rages inside me when you have her time and time again, I know this is what a true sissy must endure. To be your c_____d is a very great honour. Please believe me when I say I love her and want her, but I know my impotent anger is just a wonderful and proper fuel for her sexual happiness. You must enjoy her even more, secure as you are, that I am denied the marital pleasures I yearn for.

You know that I have been a secret baby for years but now all that is being exposed to all and sundry, friends, family and the great world outside. My shame is utterly complete. Being forced to dress as a baby girl is bad enough but you know I have to behave like one all the time. This reinforces my lowly state. I have to appear completely content to wet and mess myself and suffer the indignity of being changed several times a day and I know Jane expects me to eventually lose what little control is left. I must enjoy and be proud to wear cute pretty baby clothes appropriate for a toddler girl that look utterly ridiculous on an adult, to lisp like a baby when I talk and su-k a dummy; the whole routine degrades me and takes away my manhood and makes me so dependant on you and Jane. Even knowing that such behaviour is so humiliating, and believe me so hard to do, I still undertake wholeheartedly to try my utmost to play the baby sissy role even better in future so you and Jane can derive even more pleasure from my sissy baby status.

As a sissy one of the greatest pleasure of all was to play with my willie when it was safely encased in a soft warm nappy that was often wet. Babyish shameful thoughts ran through my head in luxurious sexy profusion often for hours on end. It was a secret passion, hugely enjoyed and rarely did I lose control and have a premmie. As you know Jane let me continue to play with myself when I was her baby which made all the shame somewhat worthwhile. You have now so rightly stopped that pleasure absolutely. The new chastity is totally effective; I cannot get hard; I dare not think sexy thoughts. Simply put it really hurts if I do. You have taken away my sexuality completely. The key is literally in your hands; I only have frustration. As yet I have to learn to come to terms with this, but please believe me when I thank you for being so strict with me. I now have to be a sissy baby c_____d without any sexual pleasure at all. I consol myself with the thought that I can now concentrate on being a pure baby and completely under your and Jane’s control. I am trying to learn that all my willie can do is provide a flow of wee wee into my nappy. I wanted to be a baby well now I am a step nearer to that reality as true babies do not have sexual feelings.

Thank you so much for the sissy baby bonnets. The make me look so babyish and pathetic. I am really ashamed that I have to wear them but at least I can tell everyone that you, Jane’s lover, gave them to me! Of course, as I write this, the very thought of making such an admission makes me squirm with embarrassment.

Please Sir accept this letter as a humble apology for my hopeless inadequate self and be assured I will do all that I can to humiliate myself in front of you, Jane and anyone else you command me to. I shall try as hard as I can to be the best sissy baby possible. You are assured that no sexual pleasure comes to me from this.

Please also show this letter to Marilyn as I feel that she should know my true nature and what a pathetic sissy baby she worked for. I apologise to her unreservedly for all the lustful glances I gave her, the naughty disgusting thoughts I entertained about her underwear especially her panties and the fact that I used to do pathetic spurties into a nappy thinking about her. I hope she finds this confession a great laugh. No doubt she will tell all her friends; I cringe at this thought but she has every right to do so.

Please always call me by my baby name of Sophie in future.

Most respectfully yours

David Baxter aka Sophie”

David felt so miserable sitting at the cramped uncomfortable desk but was relieved that at last after several attempts the letter writing ordeal was over. Its contents did not bear thinking about and he kept on shuddering at the thought of Marilyn reading it but at least Emma seemed satisfied with it.

Emma soon had him the high chair and was feeding him mashed vegetables with lots of brown rice; this will keep you good and regular she thought! As she shovelled in the food quickly as they were starting to run late she began the preparation for the visit to Marie’s and the really humiliating session at the hairdressers she had planned.

“Now what do we have to talk about to Marie and the girls? They will want to know how the weekend went. You have so much to tell them. I can think of at least five things they will want to know; can you guess what they are?”

David was less than enthusiastic but in the safety of the house went along with the charade; there was no way he was going to tell Marie what had happened at the weekend.

“Erm I met Jake who ith Mummith boyfwend, and he uthed to work for me when I wath a man”

Emma waited for more as the next spoonful went half in and half down the plastic bib in a brown trickling stream of juice and rice.

“I wear a chathtity belt now to thop me playing wive my tinkle.”

“Yes and who bought it for you and who has the key?”

“My grandma bought for me and Mummith boy fwiend hath the key.”

“What else?”

“Jake bought me theth lovely bonneth”

“Who chose your dress for you this morning?

“Jake did”

Yes but you need to say he came in from Mummy’s room to your nursery to chose it for you. Now when you are at the hair dressers I want you to be sure to tell Marie all this and Gail the receptionist and whichever little youngster washes your hair and the lady who will wax your arms; is that clear? There are five little snippets of information and four people. You can earn twenty points towards an unlock by telling them what you told me, but to make you really think about this it is twenty carrots or nothing so you had better makes sure you go through it time and time again as I shall ask them what they heard from you and if they don’t remember it wont count! Just sound really keen and enthusiastic about what you are telling them and then they will remember.

Just think twenty carrots are enough for a quickie come or will you save them for a real treat?

She just laughed at his crestfallen face and hurried him out of the high chair and upstairs to get ready to go out.

Before he could say anything he was on his changing table holding the backs of his knees whilst she wiped and cleaned. One little trick Emma had mastered was to get a suppository into his bottom without him realising it. Whenever he was changed at home she always made a fuss of cleaning his back passage and she made a habit of slipping a well oiled finger or two deep inside “to make sure he was nice and clean” Every now and again she popped in a suppository and he could not tell she had done so. Later when the need to go became quite overwhelming and unstoppable the effect was simply to undermine his natural adult belief in his ability to control himself. Frequently it caused him to dirty himself when he least wanted to, often in public.

The double thickness nappy went on over the disposable followed by a really crackly pair of plastic pants and whilst he sat on the edge of the changing table with his legs pushed wide apart by the heavy nappy she rubbed baby oil on his white hairless arms and legs so they glistened and accentuated the lack of hair.

A pretty bonnet went on next and then she went to the cupboard and pulled out his pink shiny plastic mac which had three big heart shaped buttons down the front and yellow bears holding umbrellas dotted over it. “It looks as though it might rain baby so you had better wear this whilst we are out.” The trouble was, it too was quite short, so as he toddled along his plastic pants and the fringe of his dress and petticoats would flash from time to time in a teasing way.

“Now go and get Emily and her changing bag, you have along session today so I expect your dolly will need a nappy change. She doesn’t get the extra thick ones like you. Oh and take a couple of magazines in case you have to wait.” Emma always thought the sight of a grown man nursing a doll was just so weird. In her mind it completely removed any possibility that this was some game. In any event he was dressed far too well as a baby for it to be mistaken for one of those cheap party shop dresses sometimes used as a boy’s night out prank.

It was the first time he had worn the whole combination and he was going to have to go outside in public dressed like this. Go into that hairdressing salon from the car park at the rear of the shop and be exposed to the customers and other girls in that busy open fronted shop, which like all salons had an abundance of mirrors so it was always possible to see yourself from any angle; and equally impossible to hide away. His heart started to pound with apprehension and he went quiet as he tried to mentally steel himself for the shame to come.

Emma felt quietly satisfied as she drove the short distance to Marie’s place. Sophie was not going to enjoy her afternoon and to make sure she rehearsed him in his “conversations” that he was to have with the girls reminding that twenty points were available if he remembered to tell each one of them his five humiliating tales.

“Don’t forget your curtseys; you were a little forgetful last week, just do nice neat pronounced bobs so that they know you are a properly trained sissy; oh and keep that nice new dummy in, you know how babyish it makes you look. Anyway I bet you can’t really manage without it” David sucked his new Avent silicon dummy and conceded mentally that it was much nicer than his old rubber ones and yes he was really dependent on its firm slippery texture in the mouth. He fondled the other bright pink one that hung on a baby clip from the front of his dress in case he misplaced the loose one in his mouth. Once when out shopping he had found a clear plastic one that was a little less obvious in the mouth and Emma had agreed that he could use it when he was out and about. Some concession!

A deep rumble in his lower stomach as the suppository started its infernal work gave him a short moment of concern. Had he dirtied this morning, he couldn’t quite remember? Perhaps not perhaps he might have to go this afternoon. No! that was quite impossible, never at the salon with all those girls there. The moment passed and a shiver went right through him at the thought of the afternoon to come.

Emma hoped that she would find a vacant meter outside in the high street. That would be enough to get her “baby” really upset even before he got to the salon. As luck would have it she saw someone starting to pull out so she put on the indicators and waited for the slot to become free.

“Nanny why are we parking here” came the worried voice from the back.

“It’s only a couple of hundred yards from Marie’s” she smilingly replied looking in the mirror at the anxious face in the rear car seat. The space became free and she swung the car onto it.

For David this was a two hundred yard walk through hell. It was a busy high street thronging with people and he just could not do it.

She was now opening the back door. Cold air swirled round his bare legs “No nanny pleath pleath”

“The more you argue the longer it will take and the more attention you will draw to yourself so stop being silly” she leant across him and undid his car seat clips. The nightmare was real; he was going out in public! He was not mentally ready for this; he had been totally surprised by Emily’s change in routine. He found himself as in a dream getting out of the car and standing on the pavement. He noticed that she had his baby reins in her hands. They were made by Wilf in a traditional design with rabbits on the front of the pink leather and a bank of small jingly bells across the front..

“ Arms out “ she said before slipping them up to his chest and he the felt the buckle being pulled at the back and a further sense of lost control passed right through him as the shoulder straps tightened. She put the large changing bag down for a moment and then leaned into the back seat and, scrabbling briefly, produced his little dolly changing bag and handed Emily to him.

“Being forgetful on purpose sweetie, don’t ever forget that nanny knows all your little tricks. Oh dear I must feed the meter. Just hold on a moment, you can’t run away as I have the reins.”

She started to fumble in her purse as he stood there with the cold draft swirling round his bare legs chilling his thighs and bringing goose bumps up to the shiny white plastic pants clearly visible. Raising his head he looked sheepishly around to see what people were doing. His pounding heart was sure that a crowd would gather but people walked past with barely a glance; did they really notice anything at all? An elderly couple stared then averted their eyes in embarrassment for him. One smart middle aged lady genuinely held his uncertain gaze and smiled softly as if she understood. A couple of youths with baggy jeans sauntered past looking really surprised “What the F*** is that all about mate” was offered to the world in general. David looked the other way wishing they would go away. They turned to stare and started laughing loudly but then to David’s utter relief walked on. He had almost subconsciously slipped his dummy into his hand too desperately embarrassed to take refuge in its soothing help.

The meter fed, Jane now tugged him with the reins and he toddled wide legged, pulling slightly ahead of her now anxious to get to the relative safety of the salon as quickly as possible. He couldn’t see her smiling face and confident air that in truth gave the whole game away. Two girls, teenagers, no maybe in their early twenties, saw him, started to giggle, slowed their pace and made no attempt to conceal both surprise and amusement. They were pretty too and smartly dressed if a little provocatively; exactly the sort of young girld that at once fascinated and terrified the David of old. He felt his face flush up and he tried to hurry past but as he did so he felt the reins go tight as Emma held him back. As they came close he saw recognition on their faces. “Hi Emma what on earth are you doing with HIM!”

“Oh my God” he thought “More friends of Emma, she seemed to know everyone in the town” Emma pulled the reins and brought him to a toddling standstill so he stood wide legged with the cold air continuing to chill his thighs. Well it’s been ages girls how are you both?” she responded “And yes it is exactly what you see; this young man” she almost sneered “needs me as his Nanny. That’s right isn’t it Sophie?”

He could only nod helplessly doing the tiniest curtsey he could to these two girls. Why couldn’t he be with Mummy, why was he here in the High Street, an object of ridicule. As if to hammer home his baby status his bladder gave up the unequal fight against the cold wind swirling round his legs and a warm flood spread lusciously up and round his caged privates and then slowly down the absorbing Tena in the big gap in the broad gusset of his plastic pants. He bent his knees slightly as he felt the flood pour, without resistance, out of his tinkle.

“Oh no” The involuntary exclamation brought on by the act of wetting so helplessly in public in front of Emma’s young friends immediately gave the game away. He shifted uneasily and wide legged all the while staring down as if expecting to see a stream of wee wee hit the pavement; making it doubly obvious what he had done.

“Had a little accident have we?” She suddenly noticed that he had taken out his dummy and without any hesitation Emma reached inside his Mac and pulled out the pink dummy that was on the dummy clip and thrust it in his mouth. An action so swift and confident that he was su-king on it through habit before he had realised quite how insane it was for a grown man to su-k a dummy in public. He hung his head in misery avoiding eye contact.

Emma , who had learned the trick from Jane slowly put her forefinger under his chin and raised his head so he was looking at her and the girls as well. She knew that he could hide his shame by staring at the ground but when she looked into his eyes she could see his weakness and he could feel her power. It was if power surged from one to the other and his eyes darting awkwardly under the pressure showed his surrender.

The girls looked even more amazed; “What on earth is all this about Emma? Did he really just wet himself? The nappies, my God, a man in nappies and that pink babies” dummy, I can’t believe it; he is dressed just like a baby, so waaay out!! What on earth are you doing out here in public with him, in the High Street? Doesn’t he mind for Pete’s sake?

“Look girls, I have to get him to the salon he is going for a perm and some waxing; give me a bell” she was clicking her mobile “What’s your number here is mine by text and I will be in touch as soon as I can. You can come round and see him at home that will be a real hoot: Sophie ask my friends Gina and Olga to come and see you soon so they can find out what a real baby you are.”

David, whose face was by now purple with shame and, despite the cold, he felt warm and clammy with apprehension; perspiration was running down his chest, was desperate to go and could only mutter,

“Pleath come an thee me in my nurthery”

This immediately brought forth another hoot from the girls which started his eyes glistening. Ever conscious that he had cried the on the last two visits to the salon he fought back his tears as he really wanted to be brave this week as he felt that crying let him down more than any of the dressing and other humiliations that abounded. He wanted Mummy so badly; whatever happened to him it was never so bad when he was with Mummy. He loved her so dearly and felt comforted and safe when she was with him. Never mind her affair with Jake, Mummy sometimes let him do spurties, Mummy caressed and loved him and even yesterday she had brought him to a spurtie mess in his mucky nappy when she was in her underwear. It was heaven to have such thrills and even though they may now be rare as Jake had the key; they let him forgive her affair with Jake, her constant humiliation of him and the unremitting babying. He even realised that the greater his shame the better her sex was with Jake. He forgave her, more than that; he wanted her to have good sex with Jake if that made her happy.

Nanny was often nice to him but was also very strict and seemed to delight in his embarrassment even more than Jane. “Why was he crying so much these days” he wondered. Hardly a day went by when he did not find himself in floods of tears at some shame or something.

Still pulling against the reins towards the salon, he prayed that Emma would stop chatting to these two girls. “Surely she would not stop here any longer? People were looking more intently at the little charade being acted out in the street.

Thankfully he felt her pull relax and he moved off towards the salon. As he toddled wide legged the last distance to the shop the warmth continued to work its way around his private parts. He could still hear the giggles of the two youngsters as they watched the figure with the flowing petties go down the street.

At last they were going through the door of the salon. Gail the receptionist stood up to greet them.

“Hi Sophie, Hi Emma, you are early to day”

She was a delightful Jamaican girl of nineteen, big in the way of West Indian girls but in no sense overweight, and always bubbly and giggly. She loved to see David in his sissy baby clothes and was amused at this weird example of the way some Europeans would behave, such a thing would be inconceivable amongst her contempories and male friends. It brought out a mixture of the tease and her maternal instincts. Today, knowing that he had an appointment, she had dressed more provocatively than usual; leaving her bra at home so she was supported only by the tight white top that all the girls wore. She watched him toddle in and was acutely aware of the way he ogled her well endowed figure.

“Come on lets take off that pretty macintosh.”

Standing close, she fiddled with the pink heart shaped buttons.

“These are so cute, so little girlish”

Her nipples stood proudly through the thin material and they had the usual impact on David who started to su-k his dummy eagerly. He barely knew he was doing it. But his babying had amplified his br.east feeding fantasies and the sight of such proud young nipples just a couple of feet away quite literally caused him to drool over her.

She took his coat over her arm and stood back. “My o my, that is a pretty dress” she said as she looked him up and down. Then she quickly confirmed the appointment, commenting idly that they were quite early. She then turned her attention to back to David who was obviously staring at her br.easts.

“Hey little one you are getting excited over Aunty Gail’s titties” she laughed. “Sit down over there and play with your dollies; Emma, you better give me his feeding bottle so I can give him some milk; he looks as though he needs something more substantial than that dummy to su-k!”

She laughed over her shoulder as she wiggled to the back of the salon with his Avent bottle to fill it with milk.

She came back, walking slowly through that elegant salon, heels clacking, with a full baby bottle in her hand, smiling broadly, acknowledging a client here a colleague there. The baby”s feeding bottle white with milk was his, it was destined for the former marketing executive, former golf club member and Porsche owner who was now sitting awkwardly with his legs apart, plastic pants bulging from a wet nappy, dressed as a toddler girl; just waiting for his blonde highlights and a fresh perm. He tried to look interested in the magazine Emma had brought for him but it was a Bunty for six year olds and could not hold his attention. Mesmerised by that bottle of milk in Gail’s hands, headed right for him, right here in this public placehe sniffled unhappily.

Just at that moment his tummy growled and a heavy feeling from deep down brought a bead of perspiration to his lip. “No not that! Not here surely not” he thought.

Emma then dropped her bombshell.

“Well Sophie I am going to leave you here, Marie knows what you need and there no need for me to hang around for three hours. Now don’t forget you have a lot to tell Gail and the others” She made sure Gail heard.

He was horrified, dumbstruck. He had never been left alone before; Mummy or Nanny had always been around to look after him. He had no money, no credit cards, no transport and he was in complete sissy baby clothes. This was his worst nightmare; to be left alone without Mummy or Nanny to look after him to provide that essential moral support and to ward off the curious and intrusive people that he sometimes encountered. It was just plain scary!

Tears started to well up and then ran down his cheek.

Gail turned to Emma. “Don’t worry he will be alright I can handle a baby I am always looking after my sister’s. Off you go”

With that Emma was gone and David was alone. He did not see her texting to Jane.


Gail brought him his bottle and stood opposite him.

“Here you are Sissy Sophie, su-k this and I will get a baby wipe to sort out those tears little one. You can tell me all your news”

It was getting worse by the second. Why was he crying; he had to stop at try to regain some semblance of normality. He took a deep long breath. At least the bottle was comforting; the silicon teats of the Avent bottles were a real pleasure; he now never wanted a sippy cup but always asked for a bottle as, like the nappies, it gave him security and comfort he craved.

She started to wipe his eyes with the sweet smelling Johnson’s wipe; oh how he loved the smell of wipes especially round his face. She prompted him “now stop these tears; what do you have to tell Aunty Gail? She won’t mind, she understands babies. One day she might persuade your Mummy to let you suckle these”

She waggled those gorgeous firm, protruding nipples provocatively.

“What made me say that” she thought.

It all started to pour out. Somehow he needed to tell the motherly Gail about all his little humiliations over the weekend. He looked at her hoping that she wouldn’t tease him, might she understand and offer some sort of sympathy? He was just so uncertain.

“Mummy makth me wear a chathtity belt now to thop me playing wive my tinkle. Ith thery naughty for thissies to play wiff their tinkles”

“My grandma bought it for me ath a big prethent but Mummith boy fwiend Uncle Jake hath the key. He ith a big stwong man as he sleepth wiff Mummy and he makth lovey dovey wiff her coz Sophie can’t”

Gail giggled “Oh my, you sweet little sissy, can’t you play with it anymore? I am sure that must be good for you. Don’t you get all het up though; never mind”

She had never heard of the word c_____d and so went on blithely.

“Don’t you mind having another man screw your wife? Hmm I suppose you don’t. What else must you tell me?”

“Uncle Jake bought me thith lovely bonnet. Ith very pwetty and makth me look like a baby. Thith morning he choth thith dweth for Thophie to wear. Ith very very pwetty and ith hath lovely buttons down the back anÖ. an I can’t un do them an tho I can’t take off my dweth. Mummy or Nanny hath to do it for me. An an Uncle Jake thpent the night wiff Mummy latht night”

Oh how it hurt to say that. To fantasise about your wife having a lover is one thing to endure it, the humiliating reality, is something else.

Gail laughed at this further confession. She was right no Afro man would go anywhere near such behaviour; indeed they would be seriously revolted by it but she continued to find it cute. She withdrew the bottle so it gurgled loudly; she then put the bottle back in his mouth

“su-k on this Sophie, when it has all gone you will feel better. By the way you friend PJ Pretty Button was in here this morning so we now have three sissies we do hair for.”

The other was Grayson Perry the sculptor who won the prestigious Turner Prize in London and in the full glare of the TV cameras on peak time news received the award dressed as a little girl. Since then his part lifestyle as Claire his Alta ego in small girl’s clothes has become well known. A TV programme on his lifestyle followed together with the inevitable book.

She went on to say how cute PJ had looked in his pink satin shortalls, white tights, Mary Janes and a little white high collared blouse. Sophie had met him with his Mama for the first time about ten days ago and they had got on famously. Mummy had met Mama, whom Sophie had to call Aunty Pam, via the internet and after much checking and cross checking they had all met up at Sophie’s house.

Soon the bottle was finished and Gail put it down beside Emily his doll who was sitting cutely on the next chair and went back to the reception desk, leaving him to his Bunty magazine and wandering thoughts of his day with PJ.

David’s recollections were interrupted and brought crashing back to the present day in the salon in the most unpleasant way possible. The bottle of warm milk had tipped his digestive system over the top; the pain down there came on again suddenly.

This time the sensation was definitive. The pressure built, the two suppositories inserted earlier were not going to be denied. Without warning, without resistance warm slurry invaded the damp tena maxi. All he could do was rise slightly from the chair to stop the mess going everywhere.

It was so sudden so quick he was almost in shock. If he had any belief in his ability to control himself it ceased from that moment. Completely unaware of Emma’s sleight of hand earlier he just believed that the regular nappying and denial of toilet facilities had brought on his incontinence. Only yesterday he had messed twice in Grandma’s house and now, apparently involuntarily, he had done it again whilst alone here at the salon. Indeed from this moment on he never regained any will to control himself at all. In his mind he needed his Mummy to start potty training him for control to be relearned.

He had hardly recovered some semblance of composure from the shock of this latest disaster when he noticed a movement further down the salon from one of the clients. He had noticed Marie’s customer who had been looking at him from time to time was getting ready to leave.

Darcy Sitwell was married to the amazingly successful hedge fund manager Ewen Sitwell, a former model, very sophisticated and clever; she was the epitome of a trophy wife. Over the recent past she had become completely brassed off with the constant round of charity and business engagements. The big problem was that Ewen could not hack it in the marital bed; and she thought “what is the use of being a multi millionaire with a ten million pound house, private plane and all that comes with money if you were small where it counts and suffered from premature ej-c-lation?”

She had been aware of his deficiencies from the outset but thought that her love and powerful sex drive could solve the problem but in fact her avaricious appetite only made things worse. Ewen, fully aware that his attractive wife needed better sex than he could ever provide, had made it abundantly clear that any hint of an affair would bring a swift end to their relationship and, coincidentally, the steady flow of cash to fund one of London’s best wardrobes. Nevertheless she was getting very tired of the marriage and could easily have left Ewen had it not been for that wretched prenup. Originally it seemed generous but now she realised it only gave her a few measly millions; she was, as Ewen had planned, somewhat stuck with the relationship.

By chance, the other week, Marie had told her about Jane and her “husband” Sophie. It sparked a real interest, no complete fascination, which she could barely conceal from Marie and so she had deliberately arranged an appointment at the same time as David”s regular session so she could see what it was all about. The thought of her small d-ck husband in a baby dress really appealed; sweet revenge she thought. Now she was here, she was consumed by curiosity. She quizzed Marie, “Was he really high up in that software firm? Yssis Software wasn’t it?” Does he really use his nappies all the time? What is his wife like? Does he really know about her lover? Does he really have a Nanny?”

Each answer only confirmed the rather bizarre arrangement that had evolved between David and Jane and when he arrived and was left sitting waiting for his appointment Darcy could hardly keep her eyes off him, sometimes turning to look and sometimes getting a glimpse via a mirror of the bizarre figure in baby girls clothes su-king a bottle down the end of the salon.

Marie had reminded her that he always had to curtsey when ever spoken to and always talk in a sissy lisping voice; she advised her, if she wanted to talk to him to be firm and show complete control of the situation. Not that Darcy Sitwell would ever have had a doubt about that.

When she did start to walk down the salon she subconsciously used every bit of training she had ever had when a model; the graceful walk with one leg moving in front of the other, catwalk style, the haughty expression and the elegant hand movement. She had carefully dressed today in her Ralph Lauren jeans, calf length boots and a very expensive Dolce and Gabbana blouse cinched in with a rather kinky belt with two padlocks on it. The Bvlgari High Jewellery Watch and the five and half carat, rare white, flawless diamond in the platinum ring that Ewen had used to convince her to say yes, even as she had hesitated, added to her allure. In short she looked every inch like the women she was, classically beautiful, very rich and with the classic expression that said to any man.

“Don’t try sonny, you are bound not to be good enough for my bed and anyway you can’t afford me!”

Indeed had David met her a social gathering when he was smartly dressed in a suit with his Porsche on a drive outside he would have felt intimidated and uncertain but to meet such a person whilst wearing a baby dress and a messy nappy; well!!!

As it was he didn’t need Gail’s nod in her direction to be mesmerised by this beauty coming down the salon. Of course he could not stare, not even hold his head up but somehow with furtive glances he could not take his eyes off her. At the same time he prayed she would ignore him, just pay and go away. He knew, deep down, she would not.

She stopped right opposite him turned and looked; looked long and hard, without saying a word. Sometimes when your world is ending it is possible to notice the finest detail; David saw that she was one of these women whose thighs did not touch so there was clear space right up to her pu-sy. The jeans were tight, so tight that the faintest hint of her bulging lips could be discerned through the fabric.

The silence built. David’s cheeks started to redden, much to her amusement. Further silence just her sardonic look to beliittle him.


“So you want to be a baby girl I hear, well you sure look the part. Just look at those plastic pants and nappies and you use them I understand, well well what a pathetic sight you make in that baby dress. Your wife has a boyfriend, right? You just let him take your place?

David was too shocked by this direct approach to say anything.

“I believe sissy babies are meant to stand when spoken to?”

In a daze he rose and trained reflexes made him do a little dip curtsey.

“Lost your tongue?”

The suppressed frustration and anger of her own marriage started to surface.

“Tell me baby” she drew out the word with soft contemptuous emphasis, “what is it like to be here in this salon with all these pretty girls and every single one of them knows what a sissy baby you are?”

Her voice rose to a haughty sneer as she spat out each phrase.

“Wearing nappies?

That stupid Öridiculous, baby girls dress; those petticoats, that ludicrous bonnet; my God, what are you doing!”

David was silent; miserable. She gestured to include the entire salon as she condemned him further.

“You are cuckolded, you know you are cuckolded Ö. by a former employee and everyone knowsÖ everyone.”

Now her voice changed to a harsh whisper.

“You are su-king a dummy, a baby’s dummy in public, here where everyone can see you; why? Tell me why you wimp!

David could not speak; he was cowed, shamed, defenceless and above all alone. His Mummy and Nanny had left him here in the salon and now this exquisite but terrifying woman was tormenting him. She was tormenting him so simply by just stating the obvious. He had never been treated like this before and it was made worse because Darcy had absolutely no experience of sissies or adult babies or even of the world of femdom so she behaved as one who was genuinely outraged by the sight of the emasculated David. Her angry incredulity radiated from her like stabbing needles.

A modeling background made her demonstrative and her body moved sensuously, hips and br.easts thrusting angrily at him with each phrase as if to flaunt her femininity in stark contrast to the baby man in front of her.

“I said I wanted to know why you are su-king that dummy?”

David could only hang his head, speechlessly.

Suddenly she stepped forward and smacked him hard on the upper thigh. The sound cracked through the salon. Everybody’s head turned, the general babble died down, two girls turned off their dryers.

Silence, complete silence as everyone turned to look.

“Answer me when I address you; why are you su-king that dummy?”

“Mummy makth me thuck it coz I am a baby and I like to thuck a dummy.”

It was a soft whisper, barely audible; Darcy did not understand his soft lisping speech and thought he was avoiding her question.

She did not realise it but all the frustration of her marriage and Ewen’s inadequacies were bubbling up inside her and she suddenly saw in David a perfect target for her anger. Indeed she subconsciously saw Ewen there in front of her. She hissed like a sensuous viper.

“Speak to me properly, what did you say youÖyou?” She groped for words. “You pathetic pansy”

At the same time she leaned forward and snatched the dummy from his mouth and it came away with a spray of dribble and one droplet landed on that finely manicured hand. She flinched.

“God disgusting, how disgusting you are!”

She slowly, deliberately retrieved a tissue from her bag and wiped away the offending substance, looking threatenly at him. There was complete silence in the salon. Gail was behind Darcy at her desk and watched those hips move sensuously; she did not like Darcy at all; she was too stuck up for her own good she always thought, and she felt really sorry for David. But Darcy was by far and away the most important client of the salon so what Darcy wanted Darcy got and all the girls knew that only too well.

“I am waiting”

Smack: smack: smack: three hard blows again to the top of his thighs.

A yelp, a very loud pathetic yelp.

“Pleath Pleath don’t smack me”

David was so confused and upset, if ever he needed his dummy it was now. He could feel the silence in the salon; it was tangible, hanging over him, just terrifying. Everyone was looking.

He was so used to speaking with a baby lisp he had almost forgotten normal speech; anyway he was not really sure what she wanted him to say. He was like an actor who had gone completely dry but more that he faced the awful awful knowledge that down there in his nappy was something he was so desperately deeply ashamed of; right here in front of this woman who was dominating him totally; infinitely better than any leather glad goddess with a whip, it was an unbearable burden.

What was happening to him now was in the real world of real people doing real jobs in a real salon, not the fantasy make believe world of sissy femdom.

He wanted to run but his legs were frozen, he wanted to speak but his tongue was stuck dry to the roof of his mouth.

Just at that moment Darcy caught that first whiff! Instantly she knew. This man, this baby had messed himself. She was stunned that such a thing could happen.

“You have sh** in your pants you are just so so disgusting!” It was loud; everybody in the salon heard; everybody was looking at this tableau being acted out in front of them. One of the juniors started to giggle.

It was fortunate that little giggle because the atmosphere had been getting electric. Darcy had arrogantly immersed herself in a vendetta against David as a proxy for her failing husband. David had become totally petrified and immobile but as he heard the lightness of the giggle he burst into tears as if at last it was safe to go back to his baby self; as he did so he wailed out loud.

“I can’t help it I am a baby, I am sorry I want my Mummy pleath find my Mummy, I want my Mummy, Mummy needth to chanth my nappyth.”

Gail moved forward to comfort him now the spell was broken but Darcy moved first and thrust his dummy back into his mouth and with total contempt dismissed him. “You are just so disgusting”

She turned on her heel, leaving David sobbing helplessly as he wrestled with his terrible position here in the salon totally stripped bare of the last vestiges on esteem. He heard her arrogant voice demand, “I need to pay my bill.”

As she waited for her credit card to be processed she felt an urge that had been long dormant through neglect. A real sexual warmth coursed through her with such suddenness she could feel herself dampen down there.

“I wonder if Ewen is like him.” She murmured to herself.

At that precise moment Jane walked in. It had always been her intention to come and rescue David although originally she had hatched up with Emma the scheme of leaving him there in the salon to see what would happen and to undermine his confidence some more.

She wasn’t particularly surprised to find him crying, she had noticed how much more he cried these days and she found it quite cute and babyish really. She saw Darcy and immediately noticed that she was quite a girl, stylish well dressed, and with an expensive taste in jewellery.

Then there was a mutual, sudden look of recognition. “Jane?” “Darcy, good God it’s been years, since the first year at Oxford. What on earth have you been doing?”

David moved towards his Mummy and she turned and gave him a little hug and immediately noticed the smell. “Drat” she thought “I really did not expect him to do this here in the salon” she was unaware of Emma’s little trick with the suppository.

But turning to Darcy she noticed her look of complete amazement “You are hisÖ err wife?”

Jane laughed out loud “The certificate says so but Mother would be better”

The two women started to chat earnestly having shared rooms at Oxford some years ago but Darcy had been talent spotted by Models One during her first year and left Uni to make good money modeling and they had drifted apart quite quickly.

Darcy soon started to vent her angst about Ewen wondering aloud if he may have a similar problem to David and Jane explained how to find out .

“Search his PC or laptop it will be there somewhere. They all try to hide the evidence of there sex searches on the net and some are quite good doing so but it will be there, it will be there!

At Yssis we have a software searcher that finds deleted files, search histories, even those that have been deleted with those special programmes and finds anything that is hidden in Windows in seconds flat. You can even tell it what you are looking for so you don’t have to look through pages of junk. We sell it to security services for anti terrorist use but are bringing out a simple version out that looks for sex histories; a big market for parents and for wives we reckon.

We tested it on volunteer at work and although some of them are wiz geeks it found everything. Of course only the blokes who liked big boobs and suchlike or were well known to be gay volunteered!

I will get you a beta version. You will find something about him rest assured. Just key in Sissy, adult baby, femdom, petticoats, male maids and you will find out if he is that way inclined. Of course he might be gay?”

As she waited for her credit card to be processed she felt an urge that had been long dormant through neglect. Real sexual warmth coursed through her with such suddenness she could feel herself dampen down there.

“I wonder if Ewen is like him.” She murmured to herself.

At that precise moment Jane walked in. It had always been her intention to come and rescue David at some time during the afternoon. Originally she had hatched up the scheme with Emma of leaving him there in the salon to see what might happen when he was left on his own. They were both sure it would serve to undermine his confidence some more.

She wasn’t particularly surprised to find him crying, she had noticed how much more he cried these days and she found it quite cute and babyish really.

He looked up and saw her and his face lifted from misery to joy in a second, his wet tearful face beamed in sudden happiness. Simple relief; mummy was here.

“Mummy Mummy”

Jane was really touched, and warm glow spread over her as he toddled towards her looking every inch the little baby girl so happy to see her Mummy. Never when he was a man and a husband would he have been so pleased to see her, never so obviously, openly ecstatic; she turned and gave him a little hug and immediately noticed the smell. “Drat” she thought coming back to reality with a bump “I really did not expect him to do this here in the salon” she was unaware of Emma’s little trick with the suppository.

She saw Darcy and immediately noticed that she was quite a girl, stylish well dressed, and with an expensive taste in jewelry. She somehow suspected from their body language that she was the immediate cause of Sophie’s discomfiture.

Then there was a mutual, sudden look of recognition. “Jane?”

“YesÖ.Darcy, good God it’s been years, since our first year at Oxford. What on earth have you been doing?”

Darcy had a look of complete amazement. “You are this thingsÖ.err hisÖ err wife?”

Jane laughed out loud “The certificate says so but Mother would be better” She continued to hold David’s hand gently as she engaged with Darcy. He was just so comforted by Mummy’s presence. She would protect him from the terrifying Darcy, she would soon change him; get rid of that horrid revolting mess that lurked between his legs. He was used to being patient, waiting for Mummy. Sissies are. Sissies love their Mummies.

The two women started to chat earnestly They had shared rooms at Oxford some years ago but Darcy had been talent spotted by Models One during her first year and left Uni to make good money modeling and they had drifted apart quite quickly.

Darcy soon started to vent her angst about Ewen wondering aloud if he may have a similar problem to David and Jane explained how to find out.

“Search his PC or laptop it will be there somewhere. They all try to hide the evidence of there sex searches on the net and some are quite good doing so but it will be there, it will be there!

At Yssis we have a software searcher that finds deleted files, search histories, even those that have been deleted with those special programmes and finds anything that is hidden in Windows in seconds flat. You can even tell it what you are looking for so you don’t have to look through pages of junk. We sell it to security services for anti terrorist use but are bringing out a simple version out that looks for sex histories; a big market for parents and for wives we reckon.

We tested it on volunteers at work and although some of them are wiz geeks and thought they could hide stuff it found everything. Of course only the blokes who liked big boobs and suchlike or were well known to be gay volunteered!

I will get you a beta version. You will find something about him rest assured. Just key in Sissy, adult baby, femdom, petticoats, male maids and you will find out if he is that way inclined. Of course he might be gay? Or Darcy it may be another woman?”

“The bas-ard wouldn’t dare”

“Umm you might be right there” thought Jane

“Look I have to change Sophie’s nappy or he will stink out this salon and Marie will never forgive me”

She went over to the change bag and started to gather what she needed putting the items out on a chair, spare Tena nappy, Johnsons wipes, baby lotion to help clean him, nappy rash cream and baby powder.

“Lets see have you messed the terry or has the Tena worked?” she said half to herself as she stooped down and pulled back one inside leg of the plastic pants and peered in, then after repeating the exercise on the other side; straightened herself up.

“That’s good no leaks sweet baby”

The expression on Darcy’s face was a picture. Jane still looked every bit the smart business woman and yet here she was in a swanky salon checking to see if her husband’s nappy was fouled; it was surreal.

Jane handed David the Tena, baby powder, and nappy cream.

“Carry these for Mummy. Gail can we use the staff room down at the end?”

“Sure Jane, do you want me to make sure it is empty?”

“No, don’t bother we are not shy are we baby? Darcy are you coming to watchÖ you might need to know what you are letting yourself into!”

Darcy grinned, turned to David. “I am sure he is just dying to have me watch you change his nappy” She had read his fear and apprehension and above all impotence to do anything about it completely accurately. That, she suddenly realized, was what made all this so very powerful, so erotic. David was completely at Jane’s and her mercy, deliciously, awfully vulnerable. Of course he didn’t want Darcy to see him being changed but he was utterly powerless to stop her.

She also realized because of the intensity of the sexual stimulus she needed to wipe herself down there; much more of the dampness could become embarrassing.

“Sure Jane I always wanted to change a grown man’s mucky nappy, can’t think why I don’t get to do it every day!”

Her brown eyes showed the sarcasm; then the two girls laughed out loud.

“I’ll come down when I have paid”

“Come on then” Jane took David’s hand and led him childlike down the salon. It had about half a dozen stations on each side and most were occupied by stylists and their clients; they were all watching intently, both fascinated and appalled at the same time by the scenario enacted at the front of the salon. David suddenly realized that about twenty pairs of female eyes were watching him as he walked extra wide legged in his little toddling way trying so hard not to press on that horrid warm soft parcel between his legs. If there was any doubt at all about what his journey was for, the disposable nappy, can of baby powder and tube of nappy cream clutched awkwardly in his hand made it abundantly clear. This adult sissy baby with the ridiculous pink lace bonnet had messed himself and was going to have his nappy changed.

His audience now had a clear view of the elegant confection that was his pretty short dress falling just below the waist band of his pants that gleamed a shiny plasticy white in the salon lights; it fluffed and flowed with his movements not quite covering his bright white lace trimmed petticoats. Long pale hairless thighs led to white socks, knee length in little girl style, topped with a generous band of sissy pink lace. The pink shiny Mary Janes looked sweet and childish.

David was at once comforted by Mummy’s presence but also so ashamed at having to walk past all these girls and their up market clients. He tried in his mind to shrink into insignificant invisibility. When half way down she stopped opposite Marie’s station his heart started to beat faster; inwardly he screamed.

“Don’t stop Mummy darling, please Mummy don’t stop I am wet and dirty and need changing so badly and everyone is staring.”

“Sorry Marie about this, I really did not expect him to mess himself whist he was here. I thought he had some control but apparently not”

“Oh that’s fine don’t worry, he just looks such a baby it kind of seems so natural really. Anyway” she lowered her voice, “the clients appear to like the show”

David felt as though the whole world was looking at him, as though he was in a glass cage in the largest arena in the world with an audience of beautiful women. It was a nightmare; a complete nightmare.

Darcy appeared and Jane pulled him gently by the hand to the staff room.

Inside two of the juniors were having a quick break, “sorry girls we have to change his smelly nappy”

“Do you want us to go?” They both looked curiously at David and the two women.

“Up to you, he doesn’t mind at all do you darling?”

David would rather have been on another planet and yes he did mind, he minded terribly. All he could do though was shake his head in acquiescence.

Jane had developed a routine for nappy changes where it was not possible to lie him down as she did at home. First she readied the fresh disposable, creams and wipes on the staff table and then she dropped his plastic pants down to his ankles.

Darcy was watching in silent amusement, still sensing David’s fear of her. He seemed to flinch each time she moved.

“Jane are you a domme? Do you get a kick out of this?”

“Well I do not think of myself as a domme at all; frankly they are normally paid and are little more than whores tarted up in leather working with men who want to be beaten and all that! Of course; he” she gestured to David “used to see them all the time, spent a fortune in London and New York before I found out, but we have put a stop to that malarkey haven’t we?”

Jane had this rather dismissive almost puritan idea of the underworld of sex and did not remotely connect what she was doing with it at all.

“No I am a wife but now his Mummy, I don’t think the word domme applies at all. Of course I have a boy friend as David can’t or won’t manage it. I think Jake gets a kick out of knowing David here has been robbed as it were of his marital bed”

David hated it when Jane told anyone that he used to visit girls and pay for sex it was so demeaning to have such failings revealed. He bitterly regretted all those visits now. He could see Darcy looking even more disapproving if that was possible. Jane now started to unpin the terry, leg end first as it had four big pink headed nappy pins two at the waist and two pulling it tight round his thighs.

“Hold up your little dress and those pretty petticoats”

David did so pulling them well up to his midriff.

“Need a hand, Jane?”

“Shall do in a sec”

Jane undid the top pins and skillfully lowered the terry down making sure it was clean as she did so. His Tena was now sagging and bulged inelegantly at the rear; incongruously exposed as he held his dress up.

“Stay there.” She gathered up the terry and went to the table and refolded it ready to go back on.

Darcy stared at him, now grinning. “So he finds this erotic?”

Jane looked at her a little surprised. “Well I guess he did at first and obviously that’s why he went to all those tarts. But we have stopped all that now, as you will see in a moment. Anyway I don’t use big adult words like that with him I always treat him like a baby, a little baby girl and they have no concept of eroticism at all. I don’t want him to either and with his chastity we will succeed in driving all that nasty stuff away I am sure.”

She looked at him kindly.

“This is not getting your pee pee excited is it? Now step out of your plastic panties”

David hated anyone to think he used to do this for kicks and now with shame biting hard at him even the sexy Darcy or his lovely Mummy would not have stirred him down there at all. This was so awful; any minute now Mummy was going to take off the Tena in front of Darcy and the two juniors who were watching spell bound. How could this be happening to him?

He could only nod “no Mummy”

“Now Darcy this is the tricky bit; you hold the front of the disposable. Yes that’s right. Now I will pull the tapes free and hold the back. Yes that’s OK. God what a pong! Now we will just lower it down to the floor; that’s great it’s more or less all in the nappy. Bend forward sweetie lets see what a mess you have made.” She surveyed the brown smeared bottom of her husband.

“Oh not too bad”

Reaching for a wad of baby wipes she started to clean him up.

“I think you will need to go forward” she said tapping his back and referring to a position she had trained him in for just such a nappy change where he could not be changed lying down.

“Get down”

David was mortified; he would have to go down on all fours with his legs and arms straight, back arched so his mucky bottom was up in the air so his Mummy could easily clean him. He hesitated.

“Come on don’t start to be shy; it’s far too late for that now. It’s only my old room mate Darcy”

Jane winked at Darcy as David unable to resist, bent forward as he was told to; his dress and petticoat flowed up over his head leaving a soft hairless body showing white in the fluorescent light, while by contrast his bottom still covered in a wet brown mess stuck rudely up in the air for all to see!

“That’s better”

“My God Jane you know how to humiliate him don’t you” Darcy was incredulous at this further demeaning display.

Jane was busy with wipes and the pink baby lotion that she applied liberally scooping his mess into the wipes and dropping them into the open nappy that lay between his ankles.

“No I don’t humiliate him at all”

“Oh yea!”

“Look Darcy; imagine he went into a room where he could choose to dress like this or in normal clothes but also he knew it was utterly impossible for there to be consequences arising from the choice. Nobody would know, nobody would see. You know what he would choose? It is obvious he would choose this, he knows it; I know it and now you know it.

So I am not humiliating him I am just giving him what he so badly wants, even yearns for desperately. I am not saying that he is not ashamed even deeply ashamed.

She wiped again, examined the wipe closely.

“Nearly done; you are ashamed aren’t you sweetie? Ashamed of having your bottie wiped in public; just a bit ashamed are we?”

From his most inelegant position beneath a flurry of feminine lace he could barely grunt a reply.

“In my view I am not humiliating him; far from it if he did not want to be treated like this I would not do it. But, Darcy he does feel ashamed very ashamed indeed; after all he is here in public having his nappy changed and he jolly well ought to. I like him to feel ashamed; I like it a lot and.”

She paused “I think you do too!”

Jane of course had rather neatly skipped over the way she had forced the now very public exposure of David’s baby ways but it was a nice argument!

Darcy grinned, devilishly. “You know he was being cheeky to me and I had to smack his thighs?”

“No! Really! The little monkey; Sophie were you naughty with Jane?”

“Mummy sowee”, came the voice from the bent over David.

Jane cast her eyes round the room for a method of punishment and a ruler caught her eye.

“Darcy I think six with that ruler might teach him to be respectful to you. Now just wait till I have finished cleaning his bottom”

Darcy moved over and picked up the ruler and waited expectantly for Jane to finish, standing wide legged and swishing the ruler experimentally. She smiled conspiratorially at the two juniors who had been looking on with expressions of amazement alternating with revulsion. Every now and again they murmured to each other and David could hear them giggling.

“There we are baby, all clean now, but you will have to stay in that position with your botty nice and high so my friend Darcy can give you a good smacking. Remember Kirsty who will wash your hair in a minute is here and watching you so try to be brave and let’s have a nice happy spanking.”

David had started to hate Darcy. He wanted to cry, shout and protest that she was horrid, a really horrid person but Mummy seemed to like her and he never wanted to upset Mummy. Moreover the futility of protest here in public was complete. It would only make matters worse. His only chance to mitigate things was to be sweet and submissive.

“Im tho thorry Mith Darthy I didn’t mean to be a naughty baby. Pleath don’t thpank me hard”

Darcy was loving it; the only thing that could have made it better was if it had been Ewen here bending over to receive a beating.

She swaggered over to the upraised bum; paused and with all her might struck. Hard.

David on all fours so to speak couldn’t stand or straighten. He just yelped “Mummee” but it was muffled by the petticoats over his head.

Four more sharp stinging blows brought red ruler shaped marks up on his bottom. Jane then motioned Darcy to stop.

“Good sissy baby. Just one more and then you stand and thank Darcy for spanking you for being naughty and also thank the girls for have to put up with your naughtiness.”

Darcy looked like a petulant child.

“That all?”

“This time Darcy, this time.”

She made it as hard as she could. David freed from restraint cried again quite loudly and stood up rubbing his bottom.

One thing any sissy knows that after a spanking thanks, apologies and promises to be good are an absolute must. David was no exception.

He stood, managed to take his hands of his inflamed bottom and he hitched his dress and did a little curtsey.

“Thankoo for thpanking me I wath very naughty; I am tho thorry for being naughty. I realwy promith to be good Mith Darthy”

He didn’t even know what he had done wrong!

At that moment Darcy spied his chastity as his little whatsit was sticking out from beneath the petticoats all neatly constrained by the rings, chain and mini padlock.

“My God what have you done to him there? Look girls,” she beckoned to the two juniors “Just look at that tiny tiny pen-s and its all locked up! WOWEE. This is really neat little chastity thingy just look at it. You know this must be just the smallest I have ever seen; what do you say girls?

She, boldly because Darcy was Darcy and quite unconstrained, went and took the tiny thing in her hand to examine it more closely. The two juniors about seventeen years old came and looked on as well giggling and, encouraged by Darcy’s confidence, found in themselves a natural superiority they did not know they had; and with amused contempt joined in the fun.

“Yeah, its really small, its much smaller than my pinky finger” and “Fancy having to wear that contraptionÖ my boyfriend would kill me first”

Darcy was more curious; “Jane, this is a chastity device right? I thought they were only for women!”

She fondled it experimentally. “Yes I can see how it works, is it effective?”

Jane looked at her former flat mate who was holding her husband’s willie in her hand.

“Well we are assured it is one hundred percent effective he has only had it for a day though but we wanted to stop him playing with himself as obviously real babies don’t do that and also we used to get mood swings when he did his spurties and this should put a stop to that. He used to play with himself a lot. Of course that in itself that is incredibly childish but it is not right for a sissybaby. I am sure he will see in due course that this is the best way to be.”

“Tell Darcy who has the key.”

“My Uncle Jake who ith Mumith boyfweind; he hath the key. Thath tho Mummy doethn’t let me do thpurtith in my nappith”

Darcy looked at him as though he was a small child who had admitted to breaking a window and dropped his little willie contemptuously and searched for a tissue to wipe her fingers.

“Well it’s so small I’m amazed you could find it to play with.”

Darcy’s dismissive attitude cut deep into David.

David was going down some more. His schooldays came roaring back. At Charterhouse, his public school (for US readers in UK parlance public school means a private and fee paying school normally a boarding school) where he was a boarder he had been horrendously teased because of his small size. Other boys sometimes grabbed him in the changing room and pulled away his towel or worse pulled down his pants and taunted him about it. To make it worse they coined a nickname for him “Dinky” after the Hornby small die cast model cars popular in the 1950’s and 60’s and throughout his entire schooldays he had to live with a nickname, used by everybody except the masters, that reminded him of his little member.

During the first year or so he also had to endure with one other boy the regular humiliation on the first day of each month of going to one of the prefects and asking for the “little sissy measure” a cheap plastic tape measure and then be measured in front of a jeering crowd of boys in his dormitory. If he forgot, which he only did once, he was given a dozen spanks with a slipper by the head of the dormitory on his bare behind in front of all his school mates. Like all new boys he quickly learned that to cry was to bring even more torment.

How he remembered the cry that went up “still less than two inches Dinky; you better eat your sprouts”

Of course he hated sprouts and still wouldn’t eat them to this day but every time they turned up on the menu his table companions would pile his plate high with them telling him he needed to eat them all up. “Hey Dinky eat your sprouts and it may grow a bit”

Now as the girls and Darcy fondled and examined his winkie he went into the shock of sudden remembrance. His face drained of colour as his helplessness increased; the shock was compounded by the cumulative effects of the afternoon’s humiliations which seemed to him to mount and mount as the day progressed. As a child he had no Mother to go to and somehow was unable to tell his Aunt of these tribulations. Now his new Mummy seemed to be joining in the fun of ridiculing him so publicly in a way that so closely mirrored his childhood experiences.

Jane at first looked on most amused and busied herself with sorting out the remnants of the nappy change and preparing for his re-nappying folding the two bulky terries neatly and powdering the Tena disposable ready to put it back on. Then she saw the shock in David’s face and though unaware of the real reasons realized they were all going too far. Instinctively she moved to rescue him from Darcy who had encouraged one of the juniors to fondle his willie.

“Now you three girls stop playing around with my husband’s pen-s. Just look at you all! Sophie you lucky thing you have three lovely girls all over your bits and pieces and you have no pants on you are a one!”

If he had not been in complete shock he might have laughed.

“Come on lets get this nappy on before you make a mess of one sort or another over the floor. Darcy stop your playing with that thingy of his, you can’t get it to grow if that is what you are trying to do as the rings keep him small.”

Darcy hooted.

“Jane we were not trying to give your husband a hard on, were we girls? I was just curious about that little device you have there.”

She gave it a little slap which brought a startled “ouch” from David and more giggles from Kirsty.

Jane motioned that that was enough and guided David gently, softly over to the table where everything lay ready and gave him a comforting squeeze on his arm. Then she pandered to his fetish and held up the unfolded Tena so he could see it. White, ample sized soft and absorbent, the elasticated area round the legs crinkled comfortingly. Safety; it gave him safety. As ever he wanted it, he wanted Mummy to put the nappy on. She smiled at him reassuringly.

“Come on my little Sophie lets put this nice nappy on right away. Let’s have those little leggies wide apart now sweetie.”

Jane’s soft words were to David loving words, comforting words.

She put the front over his member, making sure it was snuggled down between his legs, and pulled the back through his legs, all the while moving slowly and surely her body brushing his, imparting love and confidence.

“There we are, it’s easy to do standing isn’t it”

She fastened the tapes making especially sure it was a tight snug fit. She held a hand pressing the front onto his willie as if to check all was well and murmured

“There there Sophie that’s lovely and snug isn’t it my little baby. Some more baby powder to make sure you don’t get sore.”

She shook the plastic container vigorously and puffs of powder went onto his upper thighs which she rubbed in round the leg openings and then she dusted round his hips and tummy at the top of the disposable. The soft sweet, heavenly smell of baby powder filled the room and immediately had a calming effect on David.

“Now let’s get these terries on. Look really thick double ones you love that my baby; so much safety. There was a lilting cadence in her voice as she emphasized safety.”

She smiled at him lovingly, touching him softly here and there. Slowly but surely he warmed from the cold shock he had been in moments ago as the powerful effect of his favorite fetish items coupled with her loving control pushed aside his earlier near panic. She had him help her with the terries; he holding the front whilst she again brought them through his legs round his waist and using the pins that she held in her mouth put the first around the waist making sure that it was really tight. Then the tops of his thighs; she had him stand legs really far apart as she pinned the nappy on as tight as she could to form the gusset area. He could not bring his legs together but all the while he could feel the terry and disposable bulking between his legs. Oh the security, the wonderful security it gave.

He looked at Darcy and the two girls who were mesmerized by Jane’s handing of him and somehow he even managed to look a little confident as if to say “You can’t tease me now my Mummy is putting a nappy on me which makes me safe.”

Next were the plastic pants. She held them up in front of him, flicking them so they rustled and cracked.

“Proper big baby plastic pants for my precious Sophie. One leggie,” she used diminutives to calm and belittle in equal measure “then the other, up we come; yes that feels good doesn’t it let’s tuck in the nappy so we don’t have any leaks. Oh so safe my little Sophie.”

She pulled them up, slowly rustling and crackling as she pulled them really tight so the effect of the clean dry Tena combined with the terries padded him out gorgeously down there. All the while his dummy was in his mouth and he sucked on it to compliment the security of his nappy.

Now she went to a bag and said, “Close your eyes darling Mummy has a little present for you”

He heard something rustling and when she let him open his eyes she was holding up a beautiful pair of rumba pants; they seemed to contrast with his dress in a complimentary way picking out the green and pink nursery motifs. He immediately noticed they were really appropriate for a small baby. He wanted them but again he didn’t; to wear them here would make him even more babyish.

She delved again “Now at last I have found what I have been looking for ages. Look Sophie real little girl baby tights to keep your leggies warm. See they are pink and have the cutest little hearts on them.” Then she clinched it. “Mummy is dying to see you in them”

Of course whilst these thoughts were running round his head mummy was slipping them on; up his legs they went and she pulled them tight over his plastic pants and nappy. The tights felt warm and comforting. His legs tingled to their touch, then it was on with the rumbas.

“There that’s lovely isn’t it sweetie” she pulled him to a mirror, smiling, arm round his waist encouraging him lovingly. She fluffed his dress and petticoats over the rumbas. They were just so babyish and the pink tights transformed him.

“Now what are they?

David looked puzzled.

“Rumba pantith”

“No wumba pantith; say it again.”

“Wumba pantith”

“Darling say Wumba slowly as if you can’t quite manage the word as if it is difficult for youÖ Wum..ba”

“WumÖba pantith”

“That’s it easy peasy”

David was happy, he had pleased Mummy; that all he ever wanted to do. But she was going on.

“Now sweetie here is your dirty nappy in a disposal bag; now be a lovely baby for Mummy and run up to Gail and ask her where the dustbins are for Mummy”

She handed him the pink plastic bag with its still faintly smelling contents and gently pushed him towards the staff room door. He went happily; freshly confident with his clean tight nappy between his legs and the smart new panties to show off but above all with Mummy’s love radiating round him. As he went back into the salon she said,

“Oh do show Marie your lovely new wum..ba pantith”

As the door closed behind him he heard Darcy snort derisively “Wum..ba Pantith, WumÖba Pantith; Jane you are so cruel to the little bas-ard”

As he moved towards the reception area Darcy’s laughter niggled at his confidence; and worryingly the hubbub in the salon faded away as he started down towards Gail and he became conscious once again of people looking at him. He was feeling like a happy little toddler until he saw Marie and the words Mummy wanted him to say started to clam up in his throat. Reality started to rush back with a vengeance.

“Marie Marie do you like my new WumÖba Pantith? Mummy bought them for me”

A hum of amusement went round the room as they all focused on this overgrown baby who had toddled into their midst.

Now feeling exposed once again he twisted his leg and brought his knee in at an angle mimicking unintentionally a very small shy girl. More ahh’s floated round which made him feel a little better.

“Oh Sophie they are so pretty, you look lovely in them and those tights are really cute; so little girl. You look a picture doesn’t he?” Marie offered to the salon in general. “Now where are you going with that parcel?

“Ith my dirty nappith I ve got to athk Gail where the duthbins are” and he toddled purposefully up the salon but all the time feeling every more ashamed as the radiant protection of his Mummy faded and the reality of what was happening slowly sunk in. Half of him recognized that the more he played the baby the safer he was, the women just seemed to lap it up and just treated him like a small child but all the while his male persona screamed at him in angry humiliation demanding he stop this charade but again that was just impossible.

Back in the staff room Darcy had excused herself and disappeared into the toilet. She slipped down her tights and pulled her luxuriously expensive black Aubade thong panties to one side. But it was not to pee but to thrust her fingers into a very wet and warm clitoris. She quickly had her little mound positioned in her favorite way between two fingers and gently stroked the soft wet mound. Oh, did she need this!

The last half hour had lit her in a way she never believed possible. To witness a grown man transformed into a weak simpering little baby was, she suddenly realized, the crack cocaine of sex. She was going to get Ewen into nappies. Then, suddenly, she saw him as a maid; pink satin panties atop black stockings, cringing in shame, a servile begging maid; that was it the little bas-ard could be her frigging maid. The image morphed and she was in black shiny leather with a horse whip and he was screaming. She started to come, the sensuous female waves built and she, with arched back, lusciously climaxed into a wet sticky mess over her fingers.

“Come on my little Sophie lets put this nice nappy on right away. Let’s have those little leggies wide apart now sweetie.”

Jane’s soft words were to David loving words, comforting words.

She put the front over his member, making sure it was snuggled down between his legs, and pulled the back through his legs, all the while moving slowly and surely her body brushing his, imparting love and confidence.

“There we are, it’s easy to do standing isn’t it”

She fastened the tapes making especially sure it was a tight snug fit. She held a hand pressing the front onto his willie as if to check all was well and murmured

“There there Sophie that’s lovely and snug isn’t it my little baby. Some more baby powder to make sure you don’t get sore.”

She shook the plastic container vigorously and puffs of powder went onto his upper thighs which she rubbed in round the leg openings and then she dusted round his hips and tummy at the top of the disposable. The soft sweet, heavenly smell of baby powder filled the room and immediately had a calming effect on David.

“Now let’s get these terries on. Look really thick double ones you love that my baby; so much safety. There was a lilting cadence in her voice as she emphasized safety.”

She smiled at him lovingly, touching him softly here and there. Slowly but surely he warmed from the cold shock he had been in moments ago as the powerful effect of his favorite fetish items coupled with her loving control pushed aside his earlier near panic. She had him help her with the terries; he holding the front whilst she again brought them through his legs round his waist and using the pins that she held in her mouth put the first around the waist making sure that it was really tight. Then the tops of his thighs; she had him stand legs really far apart as she pinned the nappy on as tight as she could to form the gusset area. He could not bring his legs together but all the while he could feel the terry and disposable bulking between his legs. Oh the security, the wonderful security it gave.

He looked at Darcy and the two girls who were mesmerized by Jane’s handing of him and somehow he even managed to look a little confident as if to say “You can’t tease me now my Mummy is putting a nappy on me which makes me safe.”

Next were the plastic pants. She held them up in front of him, flicking them so they rustled and cracked.

“Proper big baby plastic pants for my precious Sophie. One leggie,” she used diminutives to calm and belittle in equal measure “then the other, up we come; yes that feels good doesn’t it let’s tuck in the nappy so we don’t have any leaks. Oh so safe my little Sophie.”

She pulled them up, slowly rustling and crackling as she pulled them really tight so the effect of the clean dry Tena combined with the terries padded him out gorgeously down there. All the while his dummy was in his mouth and he sucked on it to compliment the security of his nappy.

Now she went to a bag and said, “Close your eyes darling Mummy has a little present for you”

He heard something rustling and when she let him open his eyes she was holding up a beautiful pair of rumba pants; they seemed to contrast with his dress in a complimentary way picking out the green and pink nursery motifs. He immediately noticed they were really appropriate for a small baby. He wanted them but again he didn’t; to wear them here would make him even more babyish.

She delved again “Now at last I have found what I have been looking for ages. Look Sophie real little girl baby tights to keep your leggies warm. See they are pink and have the cutest little hearts on them.” Then she clinched it. “Mummy is dying to see you in them”

Of course whilst these thoughts were running round his head mummy was slipping them on; up his legs they went and she pulled them tight over his plastic pants and nappy. The tights felt warm and comforting. His legs tingled to their touch, then it was on with the rumbas.

“There that’s lovely isn’t it sweetie” she pulled him to a mirror, smiling, arm round his waist encouraging him lovingly. She fluffed his dress and petticoats over the rumbas. They were just so babyish and the pink tights transformed him.

“Now what are they?

David looked puzzled.

“Rumba pantith”

“No wumba pantith; say it again.”

“Wumba pantith”

“Darling say Wumba slowly as if you can’t quite manage the word as if it is difficult for youÖ Wum..ba”

“WumÖba pantith”

“That’s it easy peasy”

David was happy, he had pleased Mummy; that all he ever wanted to do. But she was going on.

“Now sweetie here is your dirty nappy in a disposal bag; now be a lovely baby for Mummy and run up to Gail and ask her where the dustbins are for Mummy”

She handed him the pink plastic bag with its still faintly smelling contents and gently pushed him towards the staff room door. He went happily; freshly confident with his clean tight nappy between his legs and the smart new panties to show off but above all with Mummy’s love radiating round him. As he went back into the salon she said,

“Oh do show Marie your lovely new wum..ba pantith”

As the door closed behind him he heard Darcy snort derisively “Wum..ba Pantith, WumÖba Pantith; Jane you are so cruel to the little bas-ard”

As he moved towards the reception area Darcy’s laughter niggled at his confidence; and worryingly the hubbub in the salon faded away as he started down towards Gail and he became conscious once again of people looking at him. He was feeling like a happy little toddler until he saw Marie and the words Mummy wanted him to say started to clam up in his throat. Reality started to rush back with a vengeance.

“Marie Marie do you like my new WumÖba Pantith? Mummy bought them for me”

A hum of amusement went round the room as they all focused on this overgrown baby who had toddled into their midst.

Now feeling exposed once again he twisted his leg and brought his knee in at an angle mimicking unintentionally a very small shy girl. More ahh’s floated round which made him feel a little better.

“Oh Sophie they are so pretty, you look lovely in them and those tights are really cute; so little girl. You look a picture doesn’t he?” Marie offered to the salon in general. “Now where are you going with that parcel?

“Ith my dirty nappith I ve got to athk Gail where the duthbins are” and he toddled purposefully up the salon but all the time feeling every more ashamed as the radiant protection of his Mummy faded and the reality of what was happening slowly sunk in. Half of him recognized that the more he played the baby the safer he was, the women just seemed to lap it up and just treated him like a small child but all the while his male persona screamed at him in angry humiliation demanding he stop this charade but again that was just impossible.

Back in the staff room Darcy had excused herself and disappeared into the toilet. She slipped down her tights and pulled her luxuriously expensive black Aubade thong panties to one side. But it was not to pee but to thrust her fingers into a very wet and warm clitoris. She quickly had her little mound positioned in her favorite way between two fingers and gently stroked the soft wet mound. Oh, did she need this!

The last half hour had lit her in a way she never believed possible. To witness a grown man transformed into a weak simpering little baby was, she suddenly realized, the crack cocaine of sex. She was going to get Ewen into nappies. Then, suddenly, she saw him as a maid; pink satin panties atop black stockings, cringing in shame, a servile begging maid; that was it the little bas-ard could be her frigging maid. The image morphed and she was in black shiny leather with a horse whip and he was screaming. She started to come, the sensuous female waves built and she, with arched back, lusciously climaxed into a wet sticky mess over her fingers.

“Come on my little Sophie lets put this nice nappy on right away. Let’s have those little leggies wide apart now sweetie.”

Jane’s soft words were to David loving words, comforting words.

She put the front over his member, making sure it was snuggled down between his legs, and pulled the back through his legs, all the while moving slowly and surely her body brushing his, imparting love and confidence.

“There we are, it’s easy to do standing isn’t it”

She fastened the tapes making especially sure it was a tight snug fit. She held a hand pressing the front onto his willie as if to check all was well and murmured

“There there Sophie that’s lovely and snug isn’t it my little baby. Some more baby powder to make sure you don’t get sore.”

She shook the plastic container vigorously and puffs of powder went onto his upper thighs which she rubbed in round the leg openings and then she dusted round his hips and tummy at the top of the disposable. The soft sweet, heavenly smell of baby powder filled the room and immediately had a calming effect on David.

“Now let’s get these terries on. Look really thick double ones you love that my baby; so much safety. There was a lilting cadence in her voice as she emphasized safety.”

She smiled at him lovingly, touching him softly here and there. Slowly but surely he warmed from the cold shock he had been in moments ago as the powerful effect of his favorite fetish items coupled with her loving control pushed aside his earlier near panic. She had him help her with the terries; he holding the front whilst she again brought them through his legs round his waist and using the pins that she held in her mouth put the first around the waist making sure that it was really tight. Then the tops of his thighs; she had him stand legs really far apart as she pinned the nappy on as tight as she could to form the gusset area. He could not bring his legs together but all the while he could feel the terry and disposable bulking between his legs. Oh the security, the wonderful security it gave.

He looked at Darcy and the two girls who were mesmerized by Jane’s handing of him and somehow he even managed to look a little confident as if to say “You can’t tease me now my Mummy is putting a nappy on me which makes me safe.”

Next were the plastic pants. She held them up in front of him, flicking them so they rustled and cracked.

“Proper big baby plastic pants for my precious Sophie. One leggie,” she used diminutives to calm and belittle in equal measure “then the other, up we come; yes that feels good doesn’t it let’s tuck in the nappy so we don’t have any leaks. Oh so safe my little Sophie.”

She pulled them up, slowly rustling and crackling as she pulled them really tight so the effect of the clean dry Tena combined with the terries padded him out gorgeously down there. All the while his dummy was in his mouth and he sucked on it to compliment the security of his nappy.

Now she went to a bag and said, “Close your eyes darling Mummy has a little present for you”

He heard something rustling and when she let him open his eyes she was holding up a beautiful pair of rumba pants; they seemed to contrast with his dress in a complimentary way picking out the green and pink nursery motifs. He immediately noticed they were really appropriate for a small baby. He wanted them but again he didn’t; to wear them here would make him even more babyish.

She delved again “Now at last I have found what I have been looking for ages. Look Sophie real little girl baby tights to keep your leggies warm. See they are pink and have the cutest little hearts on them.” Then she clinched it. “Mummy is dying to see you in them”

Of course whilst these thoughts were running round his head mummy was slipping them on; up his legs they went and she pulled them tight over his plastic pants and nappy. The tights felt warm and comforting. His legs tingled to their touch, then it was on with the rumbas.

“There that’s lovely isn’t it sweetie” she pulled him to a mirror, smiling, arm round his waist encouraging him lovingly. She fluffed his dress and petticoats over the rumbas. They were just so babyish and the pink tights transformed him.

“Now what are they?

David looked puzzled.

“Rumba pantith”

“No wumba pantith; say it again.”

“Wumba pantith”

“Darling say Wumba slowly as if you can’t quite manage the word as if it is difficult for youÖ Wum..ba”

“WumÖba pantith”

“That’s it easy peasy”

David was happy, he had pleased Mummy; that all he ever wanted to do. But she was going on.

“Now sweetie here is your dirty nappy in a disposal bag; now be a lovely baby for Mummy and run up to Gail and ask her where the dustbins are for Mummy”

She handed him the pink plastic bag with its still faintly smelling contents and gently pushed him towards the staff room door. He went happily; freshly confident with his clean tight nappy between his legs and the smart new panties to show off but above all with Mummy’s love radiating round him. As he went back into the salon she said,

“Oh do show Marie your lovely new wum..ba pantith”

As the door closed behind him he heard Darcy snort derisively “Wum..ba Pantith, WumÖba Pantith; Jane you are so cruel to the little bas-ard”

As he moved towards the reception area Darcy’s laughter niggled at his confidence; and worryingly the hubbub in the salon faded away as he started down towards Gail and he became conscious once again of people looking at him. He was feeling like a happy little toddler until he saw Marie and the words Mummy wanted him to say started to clam up in his throat. Reality started to rush back with a vengeance.

“Marie Marie do you like my new WumÖba Pantith? Mummy bought them for me”

A hum of amusement went round the room as they all focused on this overgrown baby who had toddled into their midst.

Now feeling exposed once again he twisted his leg and brought his knee in at an angle mimicking unintentionally a very small shy girl. More ahh’s floated round which made him feel a little better.

“Oh Sophie they are so pretty, you look lovely in them and those tights are really cute; so little girl. You look a picture doesn’t he?” Marie offered to the salon in general. “Now where are you going with that parcel?

“Ith my dirty nappith I ve got to athk Gail where the duthbins are” and he toddled purposefully up the salon but all the time feeling every more ashamed as the radiant protection of his Mummy faded and the reality of what was happening slowly sunk in. Half of him recognized that the more he played the baby the safer he was, the women just seemed to lap it up and just treated him like a small child but all the while his male persona screamed at him in angry humiliation demanding he stop this charade but again that was just impossible.

Back in the staff room Darcy had excused herself and disappeared into the toilet. She slipped down her tights and pulled her luxuriously expensive black Aubade thong panties to one side. But it was not to pee but to thrust her fingers into a very wet and warm clitoris. She quickly had her little mound positioned in her favorite way between two fingers and gently stroked the soft wet mound. Oh, did she need this!

The last half hour had lit her in a way she never believed possible. To witness a grown man transformed into a weak simpering little baby was, she suddenly realized, the crack cocaine of sex. She was going to get Ewen into nappies. Then, suddenly, she saw him as a maid; pink satin panties atop black stockings, cringing in shame, a servile begging maid; that was it the little bas-ard could be her frigging maid. The image morphed and she was in black shiny leather with a horse whip and he was screaming. She started to come, the sensuous female waves built and she, with arched back, lusciously climaxed into a wet sticky mess over her fingers.

Jane had returned to the salon to watch David toddle back out of the rear of the salon to dispose of his parcel. On his return she told him;

“Go over to Kirstie and tell her nicely that you are ready to have your lovely curls washed ready for Marie. Now don’t forget to curtsy!”

Would it never end? Kirstie had been there the whole time he was being changed and then spanked by Darcy in the staff room. But he had to do as he was told his warm bottom reminded him of the penalties for disobedience.

Executing a sweet curtsy that made Kirstie giggle he said in his best sissy voice;

“Pleath Mith Kirthtie I am weady to haff my luffly curlth wathed now”

He suddenly realized it was a sentence that exposed his sissy lisp more than most and blushed right up as he stood in front of this slip of a teenager who was more than ten years his junior. He looked so awkward and ashamed that he almost flinched when she came up to him and started to undo his baby bonnet.

“Now we have to have this off you sweetie, Kirstie can’t wash baby’s hair with it on can she?”

She took it off and held it out as if showing it to everyone. That bonnet, David had a new shock seeing it in someone else hands here in this public salon. It was if she was advertising his sissy baby existence, it was all encapsulated in that horrid bonnet, full of soft pink babyishness, in this young girl’s hands. How could he allow it? How could he prevent it?

“Oh I is so pretty and” she paused “it really turns you into a sissy baby. Lovely ribbons and such subtle patterns of lace it is just so precious. Who gave it to you?”

That question! How could he say it was Jake? He went even redder and stared at the floor.

“Was it Mummy them?”

“No well I wonder who it could have been; come on tell Kirstie no need to be shy”

Every now and again his shame hit agonizing peaks of wretchedness, reducing him to a stammering terrified wreck. He felt his bowels go soft just like they had when he met Simon for the first time and to magnify the awfulness a short sharp hot liquid squirt went into his fresh clean nappy and slimed down his back passage. Tears welled up in his eyes. Why couldn’t Mummy take him home? Why did he have to be here with all these girls laughing and teasing him?

His eyes were riveted on Kirstie’s high heels as he froze in a form of shock.

She loved it! What wonderful control, what power over this silly man standing red faced and tearful in front of him. On his earlier visits she had been a little shy but now having witnessed Darcy give him a good spanking she was all confident, cocky and totally in charge.

Just then Jane and Darcy emerged from the staff room to see the little tableau in front of them.

“Seems to have lost his tongue, won’t tell me who gave him his sissy baby bonnet”

Darcy was just about to lambast him but Jane sensing off those moments when he should not be pushed any more came up and put her arms round him.

“Come come baby don’t cry Kirstie won’t bite”

Everything was always childish, baby like, Jane never treated him as an adult but nevertheless he unfroze a little.

“You love your bonnets you know you do”

David hated them of course and this confection that Kirstie was still holding in front of them for all to see, was particularly infantile.

“Come on little love you must be so proud that Jake bought it for you: just tell everyone”

With Mummy so close beside him he felt much safer and the shock started to slip away.

“My Uncle Jake bought them for me he sayth I mutht wear a bonnet coz I am a baby”

“Tell them who you Uncle Jake is”

“He ith Mummith boyfriend”

That hurt David so much to admit in public that Jane had another man in her life.

“Well I suppose she needs a proper man because you can’t do anything with that tiny wee wee and it is all locked up anyway”

She then settled him down to have his hair washed, loving this part of looking after David, now recovered somewhat from his shame and shock, she found him so soft and pliable, and he was clearly mesmerized by her figure so that now she flaunted it at him. Smiling broadly she leant right over his face bringing those perky nipples to within an inch of his face as she fussed with his hair and started to wash his long curls.

The man in him ogled her br.easts hungrily but KIrstie soon had him back in his place.

“Oh did little Sophie have his bottie smacked?” she giggled.

“I bet you don’t like that Mith Darcy” she mimicked

He could only su-k his dummy for comfort as he nodded a reply knowing that the entire business in the salon would take nearly three hours. Three long hours of shame, embarrassment exposure to the girls and to the other clients and at the end his hair would be more girly more baby then ever before.

A last he was with Marie whose aim was to create a slightly thinned style in an auburn blonde colour that looked natural and unforced that would not in any way look adult but mimic a child’s careless unrestrained shoulder length curls and give easy adaptability between pigtails or bunches or left simply with an pink Alice band. Now she would have to modify the style slightly so the curls would flow out prettily from under his new bonnets.

All hairdressers chat and Marie was no exception.

“Your friend PJ comes here now to have his hair done but he has in a page boy style, not all little girlie like you like. Of course that might change as his Mummy is thinking of putting him back into nappies as she saw how sweet you were in them”

David blushed as he thought of his new friend perhaps having to wear nappies but then again he was pleased in a way as he still felt rather shy about his nappies and the frequent change times that always seemed to take place when PJ was around.

His mind went back to his first meeting with Pretty PJ as he called him. As usual he had not been told what was planned for that Saturday morning and mummy was getting him to show of all the things that Emma had been teaching in the week. After running through the normal routines of walk like a baby, talk like a baby, eat like a baby and so on he had to go through the act of showing off like a little girl in the presence of strangers or visitors;

“Look my Mummy makes wear pwetty fwilly baby panthies I like the them do you?”

“I wear weal pwoper plasthic baby panties”

“Mummy uthes dith pothable nappith under my cloth ones an they are really comfy when I do poo poo”

“look at my Pwetty dweth”

“Do you like my Petticoath”

“I have a lovely dolly an her name ith Twudie”

“I want to be Mummith extwa spthethial baby”

It was all part of his training to behave in front of people in a way that degraded him”

So far there had been only a few occasions when he had to do it and generally he had not done well and ended up with lots of sticks. Of course practising in front of Mummy was not too bad but the real thing. Well that was a different matter entirely; he hated having to demean himself in front of strangers the mere thought of it made him cringe.

So when the bell rang and Mummy said” well go and answer it and show me that you can behave like you have just been taught” he nearly died and remained routed on the spot.

“Go now and take two sticks for being unwilling”

“Go right now or the first thing I will do when they come in is spank”

He continued to hesitate and Jane stormed off to the door leaving him standing in a welter of shame, doubt, unhappiness that he hadn’t obeyed Mummy and a little fear about the consequences. He did not expect anything other than a delivery or some such but then he heard voices, a woman’s and a rather strange voice. He thought it was a man but he sounded soft and sweet rather than just effeminate.

The door of the lounge opened and David looked up and saw a lovely lady, smart elegant and good looking, but with her was a..a.. another man? No surely not a girl; the face was far too masculine, his clothes were way way out, not normal clothes at all He had on pink satin shorts, but they were so high at the waist. A glimpse of frill, possibly from bloomers, just peaked out below the legs that came halfway down his thighs. There were pink heart shaped buttons down the front but far too high to be a fly but more for decoration, the area where the fly would normally be was clear of any buttons or zip just like girls pants. It was complimented by a very feminine white blouse that revealed a lacy bra underneath and David realised that it must button up at the back, and to top it all he was wearing a baby’s bonnet an elaborately frilled affair that just made the ensemble pure sissy!, It was the most absolutely ridiculous thing a grown man could possibly wear! The sissy was being ushered reluctantly into the room by his Mama looking awkward and embarrassed. David suddenly registered that he too was su-king a pink dummy nervously.

David was stunned; he had never seen another sissy before in the flesh. He appeared at once embarrassingly awkward in his sissy clothes and at the same time soft and friendly. So unthreatening, strangely the sight, despite the shame and shock of new visitors made David’s little tinkle start to stretch in the confines of his baby nappy.

“Mama please I am shy” the sissy said eyes firmly fixed on the carpet.

“Now don’t be silly PJ, do a nice curtsey to Aunty Jane”

PJ went down to the curtsey but found it difficult to look respectfully at Auntie Jane as was required for a properly executed curtsey. His attention was drawn irresistibly to David standing awkwardly wondering what mummy would do now. PJ too was stunned as he had never met another person who was dressed and treated like a small child like he was.

But this sissy was a baby and what a baby! A real man, well what may have been once a man, was standing there with his open legs showing a full nappy and plastic pants underneath a short baby dress resting gently on soft petticoats. Like PJ he was su-king a dummy, but a shiny damp area on his chin ran down to a satin dribble bid that was clearly wet. PJ continued to look at him sideways though long eyelashes and a curl that dropped low over his cheek from his long page boy cut.

He noticed David’s sweet pink bonnet perched on abundant golden curls that blossomed naturally round a peter pan collar at the top of his dress. The baby’s legs were hairless and shone with baby oil to match the shiny pink Mary Janes that set off the clean white socks that frilled pinkly at the knee. PJ could not drag his eyes away and he suddenly realised the sissybaby was clearly very embarrassed at the sudden and unexpected exposure to new guests and stared at his feet. PJ could see his neck flushing red. He could not know that deep in the nappy a constrained peepee was stretching to its tiny maximum.

“I see you have noticed Sophie, do I have competition, Miss PJ?”

“Oh No! I am sorry Aunty Jane Oh dear please please forgive me”

He half turned to Mama flustered and unsure at having been so rude, looking for support as he suddenly realised that he had inadvertently been very disrespectful to Aunty Jane.

Mama looked at Aunty Jane and laughed. “I am sorry but he doesn’t often meet other sissies and your Sophie is a real sight, really cute if I may say so. Miss PJ will spend some time in the corner later trying to remember his manners when meeting grownups and not to be diverted by big babies however pretty”. She said the last phrase with a laugh in her voice that was clearly directed at Sophie. “ But for now PJ seeing how you flustered over your curtsey you obviously need to have some practise, you can do a hundred curtseys to Sophie and say in your best sissy voice “ Hello Little baby Sophie I am Mama’s sissy and my name is PJ Prettybutton. Now nice deep ones please”

Jane was so pleased; she had been searching through the internet for a sissy completely under the control of a Mummy so that she had someone to swap ideas with and share experiences. Also she felt it was time to provide some company for Sophie; he could not keep in the company of adults all the time and regular exposure to real children presented some problems. Pam had seemed a very similar spirit and she was obviously totally in control of PJ on a permanent basis. From the extensive discussions they had had over the phone and by email it appeared that Pam used a similar mix of punishment humiliation and tease as she did.

She immediately followed up on Pam’s instructions “What a good idea! Sophie always needs curtsy practise they can do them to each other. Now Sophie you can follow each one of PJ’s With “Hello PJ I am a real sissy baby and my Mummy keeps me in nappies, plastic pants and dresses”

Go over there in the window bay where we can keep a eye on you. Sophie was immediately flustered as that was the front window and right near the front door anyone coming to the house would see them (As Jane fully realised).

“Pleath Mummy”.... “Sophie you are not going to be naughty again in front of Aunty Pam are you? I have not forgotten you have earned a spanking but as a warm up you can do 200 hundred proper punishment curtseys.

They both scuttled over to the window and started their silly humiliating routine; two grown men who had only just met each other now staring intimately at each other’s sissyness. The soft sound of lisping effeminate voices drifted across the room.

“Hewo PJ I am a real thithy baby and my Mummy keepth me in nappith, plathtic panth and dwetheth” followed by “Hello little baby Sophie I am Mama’s sissy and my name is PJ Prettybutton”

Sophie was praying the postman would not come soon and PJ sensed his concern so they did not concentrate and Sophie did two in a row.

Pam ever watchful interjected; come on Sophie you can do better than that how many are you up to PJ?” “Seventy six Mama”

“Well you will have to start over”

PJ’s thighs were starting to ache with the effort and he shuddered and the thought of doing another two hundred curtseys. He hoped this time Sophie would do it right and he smiled encouragingly at his new sissy friend.

“Yeth Mama I am tthorry”

They started again

The two mummies chatted away, careless to the shame they were heaping on their husbands, about their experiences of bringing up sissies and the training that was necessary. Capriciously they terminated the curtsying as the repetitive sounds started to grate.

“Now are you going to give Sophie a nice kiss?”

PJ was relieved that what he knew was gross disrespect had been so lightly glossed over. Jane addressed Sophie

“Now Sophie be nice and respectful to PJ. I have heard how well trained she is “and” she emphasised the phrase “She does not need nappies like you do”

Sophie stood awkwardly like a little girl knees rubbing together, very apprehensive as this was the first time he had ever kissed another man, err no sissy. Fortunately Emma had agreed a routine with Jane and she had spent sometime rehearsing him in the very precise routine that Jane thought appropriate for sissy to sissy kissing.

He was to keep his elbows tucked into his ribs but his hands extended out horizontally and with his right hand he was to take the extended left hand of his partner gently and softly feeling the palms with his soft fingers and with his left hand palm down accept the light feminine precise touch of his partner’s right hand. Their feet would be some way apart and the mutual guidance of their right hands would bring pursed lips together. Before touching each should softly protrude their tongues so it just peeked enticingly out of soft lips. Together now tongues should flicker tantalisingly around each others tips. Nothing must be sexual; strictly no slobbering or adult tonguing just soft chaste sissy touches. To show how sweet they were they should keep the pose for at least a minute.

The trouble was PJ had a slightly different routine, with his hands behind his back he lent forward to meet Sophie with pursed lips; this caused Sophie to become increasingly flustered because PJ did not extend his hands like he expected. The two sissies unsure how to carry on nearly cried until Mama rescued them from their predicament and told PJ to hold Sophie’s offered hands whilst the soft sweet slow kisses were properly exchanged. The two grown men cringed inwardly at this kiss, man to man. Neither of them were in any sense gay and their reaction was one of despairing obedience to their respective Mummies but as the kiss continued the sheer sissyness of what they were doing caused peepees to unaccountably harden.

“Now come on you two sissy girls sit down and be quiet Mummy and Aunty Pam have some talking to do you sit over there PJ on that pink chair and Sophie go and play with your dollies on the play mat”

PJ sat down carefully on a very low pink plastic chair designed for infants, glancing discretely at Sophie who had returned to the play mat and a collection of teddy bears, dolls and toys for very small toddlers. He was surprised when she started to play with some Disney numbered cardboard building blocks and was really concentrating on putting one top of the other.

The two mummies chatted away about their experiences of bringing up sissies and the training that was necessary. Every now and again a question was thrown to one or the other of them which they dutifully answered. Jane got coffee and the two girls continued secure in the knowledge that the two “husbands” would continue to sit quietly until told they could do something else.

Indeed they did not immediately notice that PJ had raised his hand indicating that he wanted permission to speak. Sophie was aware that he was wriggling slowly in his seat and had thought that he must be uncomfortable.

Eventually Pam noticed, “what do you want PJ?”

“I need to make wee wee, please Mama”