A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

Sara Girl

Room & Board 9

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"What I mean, sissy, is that Lisa will learn what you are when I properly present her with the sissy I've been training for her."


"Soon, now, don't you agree Imelda."

"Yes, Ms. Drake, I think he almost ready."


Later, I had to ask Imelda, "Imelda, is she really going to tell Lisa?"

"Yes. If Ms. Drake say she going to, she going to."

"She can't...I..." Imelda walked over towards me, sat down on the couch next to me.

"You no worry, Jamie. No use. She do what she do."

"But Lisa won't...she...she'll never accept this. I'm going to lose her forever." I started crying again, these tears from emotional rather than physical pain.

"Shhh, no worry."

"When is she going to tell her?"

"Not now, Jamie. She want to get to know her more first. She work on her little at time. One thing Ms. Drake hate about mother, how she find out so suddenly. Ms. Drake go slow, get to know Lisa first."

"Get to know her?"

"Yes, be friend first. But you no worry, sissy, that nothing you do about it."

Nothing but cry and worry.

Lisa called me the next morning, feeling me out about the afternoon before. I think she was concerned she'd pushed me too far, concerned that I'd reject her.

"Are you sure I did not weird you out, Jamie," she asked me for the tenth time.

"No, I mean, a tiny bit, but...I had fun, really."

"I'm glad, really."

"Hey, what are you doing tomorrow for lunch, Lisa? Maybe we could do something after you teach."

Lisa laughed. "I'm popular today."

"What do you mean?"

"When I called, your boss, Amanda, answered.

"Ms. Drake?"

"Oh, yea. Anyway, she asked me to lunch tomorrow. I'm sorry Jamie, but I said yes. I really liked her. Strange, I know, lunching with my boyfriend's boss, but...can I take a rain check?"

"Yea, yea," I said, heart sinking. "Maybe dinner."

"Can't babe, study lab. How about lunch the next day? Maybe, um, we could eat at my place? You know you have something of mine you need to bring back."

"I do?"

She giggled. "Something soft, satiny, sexy?"

"Oh," I answered, blushing.

"You could bring it back...maybe there's something else I'd let you borrow."


Another guilty laugh. "You're sweet...a date then?"

"Okay," I agreed, still more worried what she and Ms. Drake would talk about.

"Great. Well, I'm busy as crap tomorrow, so if I don't talk to you, I'll see you at noonish the next day, okay?"


We said our goodbyes and hung up.

The next mornIng I was in the kitchen having my coffee when Amanda flew in and out. I wanted to ask her about her plans with Lisa, to beg her not to say anything, but she was gone before I could say anything.

"Jamie, Imelda has your list of things to do and your uniform upstairs, so be a good girl today." I hardly had time to answer and she was out the door.

After finishing my coffee I reluctantly went upstairs to find Imelda. I knew she'd find me soon anyway. She seemed to relish my torment and would not miss it for anything.

"You have some light chores today, sweet sissy," Imelda said walking into my room with me. "Not hard." She paused, smirked. "Kind of like you."

"Yes Ma'am," I answered grimacing. That grimace deepened when she got out my work clothes. A black satin classic french maid's uniform. Oh, just fucking wonderful. Sissy my ass.

"You like," Imelda asked.


"Good." Maybe honesty was not the best policy.


"Oh, why not, its so pretty."

"It's too pretty, that's why."

"For a pretty girl, silly. Now dress, work to do."

It is hard to describe the fetish appeal of a french maid's uniform. Most guys would just love to see their woman in one. Hell, Lisa would look smoking hot attractive dressed like I was this morning. I could only imagine Amanda in a maid's uniform.

But neither of the women in my life were dressed like that. I was. Instead of either of the women in my life dressed all seductively fetish like, I was the one teetering around in high heels, feeling my garter belt tug at my nylon stockings.

I was the one with a choker collar around my neck, a satin apron around my waist, false breasts pushing out my uniform. Me. Not either woman I wanted to see like this, but me.

What's the perfect activity for a French maid? Well, from a fetish standpoint, sucking cock, probably, but luckily nothing like that was on tap. No, that other perfect activity, prancing around dusting with a feather duster. So I was dusting again, feather duster in hand.

Think dusting is easy? It is. One room. In tennis shoes. Try a mini mansion. Try doing it in heels. Oh my. It almost makes one forget they are a sissy. In fact, it has just that effect. For stretches of time, I became a girl doing her chores. I focused on cleaning, not being a sissy. I focused on the task at hand, not the predicament I was in.

I was just a girl doing her job.

A girl. A woman.

Dusting, straightening. Laundry.

Imelda supervised the laundry, watching me carefully as I hand washed Amanda's intimates. "Ms. Drake say keep nose out of panties," Imelda laughed.

I did get a break at lunch for a small salad -- I needed to watch my figure, I was told. Then it was back to work under the watchful eye of Imelda. Admittedly she did help out, she acted like the senior maid, which I suppose she was today.

Amanda came home early, about four, right after I finished the laundry. She asked Imelda to join her in the study while I went and got them both some coffee. I guess being senior maid did have its privileges.

I carefully carried in the serving try and poured both women cups of coffee. They thanked me, but continued to talk as if I was not there or not important. This indifference to me was clearly about me; they were discussing Amanda's lunch with Lisa.

Fuck! I'd forgotten about it.

"She is such a sweet girl, Imelda. Honestly, she's much more than I remembered her being."

"She open up to you?"

Amanda shook her head yes while sipping her coffee. "I think she's grateful to have someone to chat with. This isn't something she can just talk to anyone about."

"She tell you about him in panties."

"Not the most intimate details, no, she's a bit more modest, but we got to the basics. You don't know how hard it was for me to keep quiet -- I want to tell her everything, how much I really understood, but I held back."

"She really happy with Jamie?"

Amanda set her coffee down. "Yes. She apparently met a man during her short separation from Jamie. She danced around it, but finally admitted how..." Amanda looked over at me standing off to the side.

"She finally admitted that no matter how much more physically pleasurable the sex was with a man, that she felt so emotionally connected to Jamie that it didn't compare, and that was the basis of her feelings."

"What you tell her," Imelda asked stifling a laugh.

"Well, as you can imagine, I wanted to tell her not to ever expect sex like that from a sissy, not to ever expect rough lusty sex and a big cock, but, I managed to keep my comments about how I could see how a boy in panties may make a, well, how did I put it, a more tender lover."

I let out an audible gasp.

"Jamie, come over here please." Amanda interrupted my thought, holding up her empty coffee cup.

I picked up the carafe of coffee and walked over to her to pour, but before I could fill her cup, I was stopped when Amanda's feminine hand reached out and disappeared under my skirt.

I gasped upon the realization that Amanda's hand was resting on my panties, resting on my swollen and erect penis.

"Awww, so sweet, isn't it Imelda. Just like a sissy to get excited hearing how much sissy's girlfriend liked fucking a real man."

"Ms. Drake," Imelda coughed, laughing and surprised at once.

"Now, now Imelda, you remember how my husband was, don't you? Don't tell me he didn't get excited when I took a lover?"

"That different, he know" Imelda said.

"Yes, Imelda, you're right, he was a true cuckold, of course, but just because Jamie here wasn't cuckolded doesn't mean he won't be excited by the thought."

I gulped again, wanting to pull back from her, feeling that her hand on my cock was incredibly wrong, but unable, my sex drive too strong.

"I'm telling you Imelda, I've yet to run into a sissy who doesn't get excited at the thought of a real man pleasuring sissy's woman."

"They all cuckolds, then?"

"No, no," Amanda answered, rubbing me through my panties, speaking to Imelda, but really addressing me. "Not all of them actually want it to happen, many just fantasize about it. The difference between fantasy and reality is something each sissy has to work through, but the fantasy drives all of them wild. Just the thought of their sweet woman sucking and fucking a man, a real cock buried deep inside them, reaching places sissy never could get to."

She now looked up at me, pressing on my erection. "I wonder about you, Jamie, which you prefer. The fantasy of Lisa taking a lover, or the reality."

"Do you talk to Lisa about this?"

"No, I told you I'm not pushing her too far, too fast. She's coming along well on her own. I'll just steer her a little. I don't think she's quite ready to find out how many dominant women take a lover on the side."

I groaned, twitched and gasped all at the same time. "She wouldn't," I said shaking.

Amanda laughed. "She wasted no time taking a man to her bed when she found you in panties, didn't she?"

I glared at her, unable to say the words in my mind. "Fuck you, bitch," I thought. I opened my mouth, trying to strike up the courage. I just may have if not for Amanda's hand stroking my erection.

"Deny anything you want, Jamie, but this little thing in your panties does not lie. You can protest anything, but this tells me this isn't the first time you thought of your pretty love getting slam fucked by a real man."

I was twitching quickly. "See, your clitty doesn't lie. Don't worry just yet, though. Your Lisa may be too much the good girl right now to do that, but don't you ever forget that she knows the difference between a man and a sissy. Even though she likes a tender lover like you, someday she will crave a good slam fucking and she knows she isn't going to find it here."

Amanda squeezed my crotch, laughing as she dropped her hand. "You silly sissies, all worried about your love's virtue. You crave the panties, forgetting that once she sees you in them, you can't ever be a man in her eyes."

I just looked at Amanda, shocked, as she expressed the very fears I worried about.

"You may go now, Jamie, Imelda and I have other things to discuss."

I started to walk away, shaking. Seeing my expression, Amanda comforted me. "Oh, don't be so worried, Jamie. She will still love you just the same. In fact, she'll probably love you more."

I sighed, maybe there was hope? Amanda could not resist, though, throwing one more dart at me as I walked out of the room. "She'll love you even if she takes a real man for a lover on the side."

"Amanda!" Imelda laughed, using her first name.

A man? Lisa...Lisa would never! Right?

That night, I hand washed Lisa's panties in the sink in my suite of rooms so I could bring them back to her all clean. I figured I'd better bring them back nice and clean, no? Though that left the question of what I'd wear. I had no men's underwear left.

Before I left for campus the next day, the obvious solution hit me. I'd just wear the white cotton panties. They were in my drawer. I could wear something Lisa had seen me in before, and she'd just assume I was wearing them for her, as she thought I did before.

Before leaving, I realized I could not just stuff Lisa's panties in my backpack. It wasn't clean. I had to find Imelda.

She was in the kitchen. "Imelda, do we have anything to wrap something in."

"Wrap? What you wrap?"

I wanted to avoid that. "Maybe a piece of tissue paper, you know, for a gift," I asked, dodging her question.

"Oh, yes. I show you." Imelda led me to a store closet where there was just what I was looking for. She dug out several pieces of tissue paper. "How this?"

Perfect. "You need bag too?"


"Yes for present." She handed me a small pink gift bag. "Big enough."

"Um, yes."

"Come, I help you wrap."

"No, no, I can do it."

"Come," she insisted.

Nothing to do about it, she never would listen to my protests anyway. I followed her upstairs to my rooms. Imelda quickly deduced what the gift wrap was for, as I'd left Lisa's panties carefully folded next to my school bag.

"Ahh, you wash panties to give back. You such a sweet girl for her, Jamie."

Imelda picked up the panties, wrapped them in the tissue paper and placed them in the gift bag. "Here, Lisa will like."

I showed up at Lisa's a little after noon. We'd talked by cell phone earlier in the morning. She'd said she had something in the early afternoon, so she asked me to pick up some subs on the way over. It sounded like I'd have to put aside any thoughts of making love to her today.

Making love to her? A year ago I'd have thought of fucking a woman. Now I think of making love to them. A subtle, but rather significant change.

I knocked on the door, holding a bag of subs in one hand, a bag with her panties in another. Lisa opened the door, smiled, brought me in. She was in her "hot teacher" look, she must have taught an undergrad class today. She often went to her classes looking like a coed, jeans, shorts, etc., but when teaching she generally wore a skirt and blouse, or sweater, or something. I imagined that there were fifty freshman guys in a lecture hall today looking hungrily at my girlfriend, dreaming of fucking teacher.

What guy wouldn't think that? Lisa wasn't wearing contacts today, so her look with her glasses, her A-line skirt, and her blouse all made her look like a teacher from a fantasy music video. She must have a thousand men hit on her every day. How could I compete?

Calm down, she wanted me. I was the one here.

"For me?" Lisa was looking at my hands, the subs, the pink gift bag.

"Oh, um, yes," I answered, handing her both bags, dreams of a hot school teacher wielding a paddle dancing through my brain. Looking older, Lisa looked more dominant. The teacher thing, I'm sure. The line between my girlfriend and my boss blurred again. Which was she? The girlfriend or the mistress?

"Oh, sweetie, my panties. You washed them, didn't you? You didn't have to," Lisa said, opening the tissue paper.

"I...I thought I should," I stammered.

"Well, it is certainly polite to wash another girl's things if you're going to borrow them. You're more likely to borrow something again if you're this thoughtful. Thanks sweetie." Lisa walked over to me, kissed me on the lips. "I love you," she said.

Her kiss made it hard for me to comprehend her "another girl" comment. She was calling me a girl again, wasn't she?

I put my arms around her, forgetting about the subs, forgetting about her meeting. Lisa returned the kiss for a minute, before gently pushing me away. It wasn't a rejection of me, just a gentle suggestion. "Baby, I have a meeting, I can't get all..." she said between her own kisses. "Later, I promise."

I frowned, reluctantly let her go. She ran her hand on my cheek, "You are so sweet."

"I...I love you Lisa."

"I know sweetie, I love you too." She picked up the panties and the bag that she had set on the table. "I'm going to go put these panties you borrowed away, I'll be right back." She walked towards her bedroom.

"You know, I wasn't kidding, you...you really can borrow something else if you want. I have a drawer full of panties you might like."

Her tone made it sound kind of like she'd reluctantly let me wear a pair of her panties. Like she was reluctant?

"Do...do you want me to," I asked nervously.

Lisa bit her lip, her own nervous tick "Yes, but..."

"But what?"

"Well, I don't know...I guess I want you to want to also. I...I don't want you to do this just to make me happy, Jamie, I, well, it's strange, but important, I want you to want you to want to wear them."

"What's the difference?"

"It's, well, maybe it's nothing, but, I guess I feel a little weird about this, I don't want you to think I'm some kind of sicko. I mean, I'm asking you to wear my panties, that's bizarre enough. If you want to, though, if it's something you want, it's not quite so weird. Does that make sense?"

It made more sense than she knew. The funny thing was I wasn't sure this was what I wanted. I felt pressured to wear panties by Amanda...dominated even. But I could say no to Lisa, there was no doubt she wouldn't reject me. All she wanted me to say was that I wanted to do this, that I wanted to wear her panties. Did I?

I certainly wanted to say it, at least right now. I sighed, seemingly defeated. "Lisa, I...I want to wear your panties," I said, barely trusting my voice.

"Sweetie, of course you can, all you have to do is ask." She stopped outside her bedroom, turned to face me. Ask? I actually had to ask?

And why did I have to ask? She wanted me to do this. Amanda wanted me to do this. Yet somehow both of them positioned it so I was doing the asking. It wasn't enough to agree, I had to ask. I didn't even want to, really. I wanted each of them in different ways, I wanted to please each of them. My downfall was thus.

"Um...Lisa, can...can I...can I please wear a pair of your panties," I said, trying not to crack my voice.

"Well, that's certainly an odd request for a boy, but yes, if you really want, you can wear a pair of my panties. Come on, let's go pick some out."

It hit me, watching Lisa turn into her bedroom smiling, that Lisa had manipulated me. If I wanted to do this? She wanted this, not me. But I was asking. She could be as manipulative as Amanda. Was she really a younger version of Amanda? A dominant woman, albeit one with a soft seductive side? Was this how Amanda was with her young husband, not nearly so cruel as she was with me?

Lisa kissed me again when we walked into the bedroom. "You know, I think it's so cute that you want to borrow my lingerie."

Lingerie? I didn't ask to borrow her lingerie, I only asked about her panties.

I started to resist again, but her kisses overcame that. "Jamie, please, just trust me, it's okay."

"Is it," I challenged her. "Is it okay?

"Yes, yes...just...just be my girl, please, I...I want you to want this, Jamie."

"Are you sure?"

"After the other day, my god yes." At least she consented to the idea that this was her idea, at least in part and somehow that made me feel slightly better.

"But it make me feel less of a..." I started to say 'man' but she cut me off.

"Jamie," she kissed my face, knowing what I was about to say, "don't...don't worry, don't worry about trying to be a, um, that, just go with it, be who you are, not who you are not."

"Who I am? But what am I then, Lisa?"

"My soft, sweet, tender lover."

She led me to her bedroom, went to her lingerie drawer again, picked out something, held it out, open. A pair of pink satin panties. Pink, feminine, delicate, the most unmanly of underwear.

"They're so pretty, no?"

"Yes," I swallowed, unable to deny the obvious, "they are very pretty."

"You know, babe, nothing makes a girl feel sexier than wearing a pair of pretty feminine panties, knowing all day how pretty she is underneath her clothes."

Lisa held them out towards me. "Be pretty for me today, Jamie, think pretty thoughts the rest of the day, please."

Just like a girl, I thought. I was torn and scared, because part of me wanted to do this, partly to please Lisa, but partly because I did want to feel pretty like a girl.

Scared because I was scared of those thoughts. Why did I want to be pretty like a girl? I was scared it was more than just pleasing Lisa, that I liked the feeling. Scared that Amanda was right, that I was a sissy.

I hesitantly took the panties from her hand and started to walk towards the bathroom. "No, do it here, Jamie. You're not getting dressed to make love, you're not "slipping into something more comfortable" for that, its okay to get changed in front of another girl."

Still nervous, I lowered my pants slowly. Lisa watched intently. "I wondered what you'd be wearing. I think you'll like my panties much more than the ones your wearing now, won't you?"

"Yes," I said, taking off the white cotton panties, carefully stepping into Lisa's satin. They went up my legs so easily, so delicately, so softly until they were over my ass, hugging my soft cheeks, my flaccid organ.

"See how pretty," Lisa said, obviously enjoying the view. "The change is so subtle, but so easily made. You look so delicate." She moved towards me again, her own delicate fingers finding my hips.

"You...you really like this, Lisa," I asked, somehow unable to truly believe a woman as beautiful as her could find something like this desirable.

She was close enough to me to keep her hands on my hips, but far enough back to let her gaze drift over my lower half. She swallowed, her own voice catching. "Yes, Jamie, I'm...I'm confused myself, but yes I do. I...I like this more...more than seeing you as...as a...man. It makes me feel so...its hard to explain...so strong, so...I feel like Catwoman," she actually blushed, "I can almost sense that you're nervous, and it sends some charge through me."

"I am nervous, Lisa."

"But you like it, don't you."

"Yes," I readily admitted. Maybe a bit too quickly.

"I know, Jamie, I know. You like being my girl."

"Yes," I said, trying not to let the room spin.

I felt her hands on the front of the panties, manipulating me, not seductively, but rather arranging me, tucking my balls in, tucking my organ back, pulling the panties tightly around me. "See how pretty they look on you."

I looked up toward the mirror. She was right, tucked up inside me, the front of the panties was so smooth. My long, hairless legs gave the illusion that I was...a woman.

A woman.

"You know I have to get to my meeting," she said, breaking my trance.

"Lisa," I gasped, spellbound.

"I know, I know." She picked up my pants from the ground, handed them to me. "Later, love, later."

I pulled my pants over my legs, so disappointed. "Just think pretty thoughts," she said.

I reached for my cotton panties. "No, no, leave those, sweetie. Those are too plain for you, I'll hold on to them, but you look so much better in mine."


"I know...can...can you come back after dinner? I'll be done then."

"Yes," I said eagerly. I looked at her, she had something in her hands. "What's...what's that?"

Lisa help up the pink garment she'd taken from her lingerie drawer. I realized right away what it was. "It's the bra that matches those panties."

"The bra," I gulped.

"Shhh, we don't have to yet, Jamie, I don't want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you're not ready to wear something pretty like this yet, it's okay, really. You can try on something else. Maybe you're not ready for a bra." Her look made it seem so natural. Like it would be no big deal to wear it. How could I say no, though, since I'd already worn a bra! Oh, not for her, but the delicate fabric of the most womanly of garments had already pressed against the tender flesh of my chest.

But that was something Amanda and Imelda made me do, ordered me to do. This was something I was being asked to do willingly. Was there a distinction? I'd worn panties and a babydoll for Lisa. Panties more than once. Why resist a bra?

"Just think about it, okay? I will be, that's for sure."

A bra...a bra...a bra. Her pink bra was to stay on my mind all afternoon.

"You had lunch with her? How did that go?" Amanda was sitting at her desk looking up at me when I walked into her study later that day. Funny how she could be sitting, how I could be standing, yet somehow she was still looking down at me.

"We just had some subs," I answered.

"Jamie, you really think I care what you had to eat? I want to know how my lovely new friend is?"

"She's good." I bit my lip because I was biting my tongue.

"Last time you came home from Lisa's you were wearing her panties, I believe. And now? Has she continued making you her sissy?"

My blush answered that question.

"Let me see them?"


"You heard me, take off your pants, I want to see the panties my lovely friend Lisa has you wearing."

It was odd. The more I did with Lisa, the more uncomfortable I became around Amanda. I lusted for her as much as ever, but something felt more wrong.

"Need I get my crop, Jamie? I'm sure Imelda would love to see you spanked again. She rarely shows it, but she loves seeing a sissy spanked. It really would make her happy."

"No, no Ma'am," I answered quickly taking off my pants.

"Oh, my, oh my, such pretty, pretty panties. And pink...such a sissy color. Take off the rest of your clothes, Jamie, I don't like you pretending to be a boy, not in my house anyway."

Better to give in, she'd only make it worse if I did not.

"And just look at how smooth the front of your panties are, my goodness." Amanda came around the desk, stood in front of me. Somehow, the lovingly erotic feeling I felt with Lisa, standing almost exactly like this, was absent, replaced by a nagging fear and a deep rooted terror.

It was love. The emotions I felt with Lisa came from my heart, from my soul. The things I felt with Amanda were much more primal, being from such a dark place of the human condition.

"I think I'm going to have to monitor this much closer, your Lisa seems to have quite the touch, doesn't she?" Amanda had one of her hands on my crotch. I wanted to recoil in horror and I started to back up.

"Don't you dare move, Jamie," she ordered me in a quiet yet firm tone. "What's the matter, do I scare you that much?"

"Yes," I gulped.

"It's so funny, you know. I remember you those months ago, when you started, looking at me, fantasizing about me. What you would have done to have me touch you like this. Now, you want to flee. It's just so funny, your own lust leads to this, now you have it and you are terrified of it."

"Please Ms. Drake."

"Please," she laughed. "Please what? Please fuck me, please beat me, please make me a girl? Oh, sissy, you are so confused now I know, I know. You have this girl you love, but this mistress you can't escape. Just remember, sissy, you can't ever be a man for Lisa. You're only hope is to be her sissy. And I'm going to help her, but I'm going to make your life uncomfortable while doing it."

"Please, Amanda," I begged.

"Please again? Don't you see, sweetie, you're trapped. You must know that, you must know your own lust for me has been your undoing, has been the very thing that has led you to this. You can't go to her like this, she's not ready. But you can't leave it either, you love her. You can't leave me, you've nowhere to go."

All the while she was talking, she was increasing the pressure of her hand, holding my crotch tighter and tighter, to the point of pain. I was trapped, literally, in her clutches. I was trapped, mentally, physically and literally.

"Please Ms. Drake," I begged.

"You want to serve her, don't you? Admit it, you can't see yourself with her any other way."

"Yes, yes," I quickly admitted.

"You're going to be her sissy, Jamie, always her sissy, never her man, aren't you?"

"Yessss," I moaned under the pressure of her grip.

"And I'm going to see to it personally, Jamie. But for a price. If I can't keep you for myself, I'll find my uses for you in other ways."

Other ways? Like the crushing pain in my crotch? What other ways? She terrified me, Amanda did.

"But don't you worry, sweet Jamie, if your Lisa doesn't approve, then I'm keeping you all for myself." She squeezed one last hard squeeze then released her iron grip on my crotch. I almost collapsed from the release.

Damn her this wasn't fair! It never was fair.

"That's all for now, Jamie."

I reached down for my clothes. "Oh, no, I told you, I'm tired of you hiding your pretty body with those clothes. No more masquerading as a boy here, Jamie. You can still pretend when you leave the house, but not here."

"But what am I supposed to wear?"

"Oh, do you honestly think I'll have any problem finding things for you? Though for now, you're doing just right. You can stay like that, pet."

I blushed, self conscious at walking around the house in just panties.

"I told you, Jamie, you're going to find this quite uncomfortable," she laughed. "You may enjoy your time with Lisa, but you're going to find your time with me a bit different."

"I'm supposed to go back to Lisa's tonight, I need these."

"Oh, I don't think that's happening...unless you'd like to wear a dress for her."

"Ms. Drake!"

"In fact, I'm going to give her a call if she's in." Amanda walked back to her desk, sat, picked up her phone.

"Lisa, Amanda, how are you." Amanda sat back, watching me while she talked with my girlfriend.

"No, no, I agree."

"Ms. Drake," I whispered.

"Listen, I called...really, I hate even asking."

"Oh, that's sweet of you. Yes. I know it's short notice, but I need Jamie to work tonight."

She was rocking back and forth listening.

"No, he told me. I'm sorry...yes, it was last minute, but I'll make it up to you, I promise, why don't we do lunch Friday...if you can, I'm free all afternoon, I wouldn't mind lunch and maybe some shopping..."

"Yes, it would be fun."

"No, he's out in the garage, why," Amanda asked looking over at my shaking body, shivering not from being cold standing before her wearing only panties, but from my nerves.

"Of course we can talk, Lisa, why?"

"Lisa, yes, you can...honey it's nothing to be ashamed about, trust me."

What...what were they talking about?

"No, no sweetie, calm down...honey, listen, it's okay...believe me....no...no, I know, I really do, I'm glad you'd ask, Lisa, really."

Amanda's grin was widening as she listened, her smile unnerving.

"Yes, you're right about that. Listen, really, it's okay, we will talk about this...no, I know what you mean."

"Okay...yes...okay. One? Oh, sure. Just...oh, yes. No, not at all. I'll have him call. Okay, bye Lisa."

She just stared at me, evil, maybe, taunting.

"What? What did she say?"

"Oh, we just talked about lunch, about how much she liked having someone to talk to, woman to woman, despite our age differences."

"Your lying," I challenged her.

"Maybe. Maybe we talked about how she wants to talk about the strange feelings she is having, how she feels about you. Of course, maybe we talked about how she can't believe her boyfriend is so easily wearing panties. Hmm? Maybe."


"Or maybe she wonders why a boy can be such a sissy? It's hard sometimes, to understand that. How a boy can think he's a girl."

"She...she wouldn't! She doesn't think that!"

"I'm not telling you what she thinks, Jamie. Don't think a sissy has a right to know, anyway. But what ever she thinks, know this, I'll advise her how I want, make her what I want...she's too ripe for this."

She really was scaring me. "Please, Amanda, don't. Leave her alone."

"Kneel," Amanda commanded me.

I dropped to my knees immediately, not even thinking about disobeying her, as much as it pained me to do so.

"You'll be kneeling before Lisa by the time I'm done with the two of you, trust me on that, Jamie. I'll make you her sissy, you'll see. And you'll also see how uncomfortable I'm going to make you feel all the while."

I was trembling, sure Amanda would do exactly as she promised to do, trembling because I knew there was nothing I could to to stop her even if I wanted. I was hers. She showed me that for the next two days, forbidding me from wearing anything but panties in the house, forcing me to parade around mostly naked while doing chores.

It was worse the next afternoon. Amanda told me that she had a friend of hers coming over for coffee in the afternoon. I took from that the inference that I'd be serving coffee for them. I presumed I'd do it wearing one of the uniforms I'd worn before. That was not to be the case.

A half hour before her guest was to arrive, Amanda and Imelda came to my room. When they came in, I mentally prepared to dress as a woman. They had other plans.

"Did you wash the panties Lisa let you borrow," Amanda asked me.

"Yes Ma'am, they are hanging up to dry in the bathroom."

"Good, you can bring them back to her tomorrow. She said this afternoon you were going over to her house tomorrow evening."

"You...you talked to Lisa again today?"

"Yes, of course. We'll be talking almost every day now. It's important at this stage of her training to have someone to lean on, a friend, if you will."

My eyes opened wide in fear.

"Oh, sweetie, I told you I was taking her under my wig. She is in a very delicate place, I don't want her losing her nerve, or pushing herself too far." Lisa laughed. "Really, training a sissy is very easy, but training a young woman to be dominant is much more delicate."

"Training...training her how," I shuddered.

Amanda stared at me, conveying a sharp look with her gaze. "Not that it's any of your business, sissy, but...as I told you, I'm not letting her just twist in the wind, confused what the heck is wrong with her boyfriend. My methods are between me and her, but they are much more subtle, unlike your training. But then you're a sissy, she's a young woman who isn't quite sure of her place. I'm helping her find that place, even if it's nothing more than being a friend to turn to for advice. It's not like she can tell her friends at school her boyfriend is such a sissy -- that's where I come in."

"She'd never tell you that," I protested, "I'm not a sissy!"

"Oh, really? You don't honestly think that you're a man, do you? And don't underestimate me or Lisa, or women in general, Jamie. You think Lisa would never tell me how turned on she gets seeing her pretty boyfriend in panties? You think she's that innocent?"

I wasn't sure what to say. Staring at the two women in my room, I wondered. Wait, this was my Lisa, would she really tell Amanda something like that? Something so private between us?

"She...she wouldn't say anything about me!"

"Oh, no? You mean she wouldn't admit to me that she sent you home in those pretty pink panties? Of course, I knew that from seeing you in them, so that proves nothing, does it. But she did tell me that she's got a lovely matching pink bra that she wants to see you in. She told you that, no?"

My eyes widened in shock.

"Yes, Jamie, she told me. Such a sweet girl. But that doesn't matter now anyway, we have work to do to get you ready."

Lisa...Lisa really told her about the bra and panties. Oh my god, who else did she tell.

Amanda chuckled at the expression on my face. "Wondering who else she told? Don't worry, sweetie, I'm sure your secret is safe. For now. For now, anyway."

"Time to dress," Imelda quietly prodded.

"Yes, yes, go ahead, Imelda," Amanda said, sitting down on my couch to watch.

Imelda told me to take off the panties I was wearing and to turn around. I did, expecting her to put a bra or something on me. Instead of lifting my arms, though, she pulled them behind me and fastened something around my wrists.

"What..." Before I could finish, I realized she'd fastened some sort of cuff to each wrist and had clipped them together. I was bound!

"What are you doing?"

"Open your mouth," Amanda ordered me. I did and still behind me, Imelda pushed something inside my mouth. A ball. I felt her pull backwards and realized it was a ball gag that she was buckling around my head. I was gagged, tightly, and could do nothing but mumble.

"Mmmggggfffffggggg." I was still assuming I was going to serve Amanda and her friend, so why the cuffs and gag?

Imelda turned me around to face her and Amanda. In her hand was some sort of pink ribbon. "MMgggfff," I asked.

"That's to make your clitty look pretty," Amanda said, giggling at her rhyme. While I was listening to her, Imelda had wrapped the ribbon around my sack and the shaft of my soft organ.

"See, now it's wrapped in pink. And it's not going to be getting in the way at all." I knew I was going to be in pain if I got any kind of erection. I feared that was just what these two wanted.

"Go ahead, finish, Imelda," Amanda instructed. Imelda wrapped a white garter belt around my trim waist. Finally, the first thing I'd expected-a garter belt and nylons. Yes she helped with those...not an easy task to dress someone thus with hands bound behind. Equally, it was not easy to step into heels, standing like this. A plan, yes. Why make sissy comfortable? And what came after the lingerie? A collar. Imelda buckled a pink collar around my neck.

"Just the leash, then we can go downstairs," Amanda told Imelda. Imelda took another pink ribbon, this one longer and thicker than the first, and tied that around the very base of organ. Tightly. I realized this was the leash.

"Gggfff," I moaned through the gag. What were they doing? This was not what I anticipated. Amanda took the end of the ribbon/leash from Imelda and pulled until there was no slack.

"Yes, I told you I was going to make you uncomfortable, Jamie. You can be all loving and tender with Lisa, but that is NOT going to be the rule around this house." She tugged the lease. "Let's go sissy." I hobbled after her, gagged, arms bound, uncomfortable, uncertain what she was going to do to me. I caught sight of myself in the mirror. Pink cuffs, pink ball gag, garter, nylons, heels, ribbon. Again, not man or woman. Sissy. Sissy.

Amanda led me by the leash down the stairs, down to a sitting room. She'd tug at it, putting pressure on my bound organ. She so clearly enjoyed this, tormenting me.

In the sitting room, she led me to a corner, spun me around and told Imelda to finish. I frowned, puzzled. Imelda unhooked my wrist cuffs. The freedom was short lived as she turned me back around so I was facing the room and cuffed my wrists in front of me before lifting them up over my head.

I looked up. There was some sort of object jutting from the wall-I realized what it was just as Imelda hooked my wrists to it-I was going to be bound, hands over my head!

Bad enough, until Imelda squatted down and did something to my ankles. More cuffs! She quickly had my ankles cuffed in pink cuffs, hooked together just as my wrists were.

Imelda backed up to the center of the room where Amanda watched. "Lovely, no?"

"Mmmmgggffff." My eyes darted around the room, trying to comprehend this situation.

"Yes, yes, I know, you assumed you'd be serving my guest and I. Don't worry, you will be."

How? "Ggfmm."

"How," she laughed looking at me. "Why you're doing it just like that. Human art, my pet. Trust me, Ms. Irwin will truly appreciate you much more this way, won't she Imelda."

Imelda grunted. "Not as much as table."

"Now, now, Imelda, baby steps." Table?

I did not have to wait long to find out who Ms. Irwin was. A friend of Amanda's, the kind of friend who made no mention of the sissy bound in the corner of the room when she came in and sat for tea. The kind of friend clearly comfortable and used to something like me.

Imelda served them. Without me in the room, the two of them could have passed for two well to do women being served by the household help. It was almost normal. Ms. Irwin, Julia to Amanda, glanced at me several times, but with no more human interest in me than she'd pay a new painting. Art. I was an object of art. On display for them. She'd look at me, objectifying me.

Finally she mentioned me. "So, Amanda, are you going to show me the new thing you have?" Me...she was referring to me.

"You like, Julia?"

"May I?" Julia asked, uncrossing her legs, the legs I'd been staring at for ten minutes while trying to make not a peep.

"Of course, Julia." They both stood, these powerful and beautiful women. Two striking women, tastefully dressed, never would one guess what they were looking at.

"What do you think," Amanda asked after Julia looked at me for several minutes without speaking.

"Very nice Amanda, but you knew I'd like it, of course, that's why you had tea in here. You wanted to show it off, didn't you. Well, I think its so pretty, so feminine. Look how its standing, its knee bent, other leg straight, hips out...so very feminine. Of course I like."

"Yes, I knew Jamie would catch your eye. Now what do you really think?"

"My professional opinion or my casual opinion?"

"I already have your casual opinion, Julia, you think its pretty. And I know you like pretty boys, so I know what you think, but what do you really think?"

"Yes, of course I like it. But professionally? Hmmm." She looked at me again, all over, her eyes changing, more critical. "Good, good. Professionally? Well, I could easily find a buyer for it just as it is, but I'd recommend a few changes if you wanted to get a premium price. He's very pretty, but I'd recommend a few things."

Sell? Changes? What the fuck was she talking about, sell?

"Such as?"

"Amanda, you're really going to put this on the auction block?" She ran her hands over my stomach assessing me. "Well, I'd certainly be interested, even without any changes, I'd be able to do them myself. I have a man in Chicago that would pay quite a bit for such a pretty creature with the right things done."

I looked at Amanda. What the fuck, my eyes begged.

Amanda laughed. "No, no, I don't think I'll sell this one, but I wanted to know, I've got other uses in mind. What improvements would you make?"

Doesn't think so? Think that she'd sell me. "Hmmggfff."

"Well, breasts of course, to start with. That would go a long way to finishing out the body, making her a woman. Other than that, there really are not many physical changes. This one is very feminine looking already. Grow the hair out, maybe an injection for fuller lips."

"What about that," Amanda asked pointing to my crotch. "Anything?"

"This?" She took my soft cockette in her hands. "Is it naturally this small or have you started hormones?"

"Hormones? No, no, Julia, that's its natural size."

"Really? I'd have sworn you've started estrogen, its so little, so soft. Well, apparently not too much testosterone in this one, is there?" She was kneading me in her hands. That could cause only one reaction, and I felt myself swelling, and felt the pressure that put on the ribbon wrapped around me.

"Awww, isn't that cute, she's aroused. Estrogen would cure that, of course, and if she was mine I'd start her on at least a low dose just to stop this. Especially if I was selling her to a man. We would not want any bulges from such a pretty thing. That would soften her chest up too, but you'd still need implants, I think."

"Julia, you know I've never really liked hormones."

"I know Amanda, like I said, there is nothing masculine about this thing anyway." She squeezed my cock. "So dainty, but don't be so quick to judge hormones, they are nothing like they were back when you got..."

"Yes, yes, I know," Amanda quickly said, cutting her off.

Julia turned away from me towards Amanda, looked at her with a inquisitive eye.

"I just worry about libido, Julia."

"Libido? My, this one is special to you? Well, if you want a eunuch, full hormones will easily do the trick. If you want something more ... intimate, they have low dose hormones that will soften and feminize without any loss of libido."


"None at all. I've borrowed girls on them, they have just as big a sex drive as always, but without any ugly bulge."

"And release?"

"Manipulation, penetration or milking." She'd continued manipulating me, and my swollen cockette was now quite tight in the ribbon, almost painful.

"Even on the hormones?"

"Yes, Amanda, I told you they are much different. Since the libido stays up, penetration can easily trigger an orgasm."

Penetration? How could a soft cock penetrate anything?

"Is it permanent or can one still, well, be used."

Julia laughed out loud. "Amanda dear, if it's cock you want, I've got several bull slaves I can get you in touch with, I don't think this, even swollen, is really going to satisfy you."

"She's not for me, Julia, dear, you know me better than that."

Julie snorted. "This story I simply must hear. To your point, though, yes, if you stop the treatments for a two weeks, about the time it takes them to become effective, they would wear off."

"And an erection."

Julie laughed again, squeezed my swollen organ. "Well, what you'd do with it is beyond me, but yes, she'd have an erection."

"Mmmmmffff," I moaned at her words and her touch.

"Oh, she likes hearing that does she." Julia looked at me, continuing to toy with my ribbon strained swell. "It's so ironic, isn't it Amanda, how excited they get just hearing how their little cockettes are so useless for pleasing a woman. It always makes me laugh seeing a girl like this get as hard as they ever get when they are told how useless they are as men."

"I know," Amanda agreed.

"I mean, it's so ironic. So excited knowing how worthless they are. You like that don't you sissy."

"Mffgggg," I simply moaned.

"Well, Amanda," Julia said letting go of my cockette, "My professional opinion would be breasts, a little work on the face and hair, and of course keep that little thing shaved, not just trimmed, and you'd be about done."

"You approve, then?"

"Of course. He's quite striking, but I'd still recommend the estrogen, too, even just the low dose to, well, soften things up, both features and organ."

"As long as it's not permanent, maybe you are right."

"GGGffffmmmmttt." I moaned, shaking, struggling. Hormones? She couldn't do that to me!

"Just how has training been going?"

"Training...well, I've been...I have not pushed things too far."

"You always were too soft, Amanda."

"He's just so naturally compliant."

"Yes, that may be, but that's not the point, is it. Spare the rod, you know."

"I know, I know. This one is different though, and, well, it's complicated."

"Chastity?" Ms. Irwin asked.

"No, no abstinence training."

"So no regular milkings then? No female orgasm training?"

"No, Julia."

Ms. Irwin continued with a list of bizarre topics. Fuck, just being in the room with her was terrifying.

"No strap on training?"

Amanda shook her head.

"No cock training, then, of course."

"Julia, you're going to scare the poor creature," Amanda quickly said.

"Oh, come now Amanda, you know as well as I do how to train a sissy. You've got to penetrate that virgin ass if you want it thought of as a pussy. Until she takes at least a strap on cock inside her, she's never going to truly believe she's not a man."

"I know, but I'm not training her to serve a man."

"And that suddenly makes a difference? Mandy, please, you know until she sucks cock, even a fake cock, there is always going to be part of her that denies what she is. How are you ever going to trust her until then?"

"Well, I told you, this one is different, she's not for me."

"Not for you? So you are going to sell her?" Julia's eyes lit up. "Goodness, then you really should train her properly. I have a few men that would love to help you...."

"I'm not selling her Julia. I told you its complicated. He, well, he has a girlfriend...and she's...well...she...."

Ms. Irwin features softened considerably. "Oh, Amanda, are you really...."

"Yes," Amanda whispered.

She walked to Amanda, embraced her. "Sweetie, are you sure?"

"Yes, Julia, I am."

"It's not too painful."

"No, actually, I feel more alive than I have in years."

"I take it the young woman is not..."

"Not yet, but trust me, she will."

"You know I trust your judgment, Amanda. Just be careful for yourself, okay."

"Of course."

"I stand by what I said before, though. In fact, I think estrogen is even more important. Don't let his testosterone get in the way of what you are doing. I guess breasts are out for now, though. Pity, she'd look so much prettier. Please don't rule them out for the long term, though maybe that's a decision someone else will need to make. If you need anything at all, let me know...I'd love to take on any training aspects that you're uncomfortable with."


"Oh my yes, I'd love to get those pretty lips wrapped around her first cock."

"Mmmmfffff," I yelled in my gag.

"See, what I mean."

"You're so sweet Julia," Amanda smiled. Funny, that's not what I thought of this cold bitch.

Julia kissed Amanda. It wasn't a friendly peck, it was a deep, wet kiss. Erotic. Extremely erotic. And painful, making my swelling hurt. My sore arms forgotten. I swelled, straining the ribbon that was wrapped around me. I moaned quietly, in pain, mind worn, body shaking.

"Come on," Julia said, breaking the kiss, "let Imelda take care of this, I want you to tell me all about your plans for sissy." Julia took Amanda's hand, led her out of the room. Amanda said nothing; just let herself be led away by Julia. Julia looked over her shoulder at me as they left, blew me a kiss with an evil look.

I watched them leave, a pleading look in my eyes. "Mgggffff," I moaned. Don't go. Don't go.

Finally after minutes that seemed like hours, Imelda came into the room. I thought she'd let me down, but she did not, not a first. She did clean up first, the dishes from Amanda and Ms. Irwin.

Finally, almost half an hour after Amanda left with her friend, Imelda came over to me. "You want down"

"Hmmmffff," I nodded yes.

Imelda undid my hands from over my head, but left them cuffed in front of me. The blood rushed back into my arms, which felt painful but good to have down. The rest of me was still sore, all over in fact. My legs, my arms, most of all, my aching swollen penis. Imelda did unclasp my hands, though only long enough to bind them behind me as before.

Imelda picked up the leash tied to my swollen cock. "Mmgggfff," I complained, looking at my ankles still bound, raising my wrists behind me.

"I am sorry, Jamie."

My eyes opened, what?


"Ms. Irwin tell Ms. Drake you not untied tonight. She say you need some...need to know proper discipline. Ms. Drake agree, you stay tied to morning."

"Hmgmgg," I mumbled again.

Imelda ignored my protest, tightened the slack on my leash and gently pulled. My eyes bugged. My ankles...were still bound..."HHhhhhhff." I quickly looked at Imelda then my ankles.

"I know, I sorry. I go slow."

But going slow was still too fast as I learned when the slack on my penis did not slacken. I hobbled one small step at a time for minute after minute as Imelda led me from the room through the house.

Realizing I'd never make it up the stairs, I silently begged that she use the back elevator. Thank god, she took me past the stairs, towards the back of the house, towards and into the elevator. Tiny step after tiny step. Little by little.

Upstairs we worked our way towards my rooms, but Imelda stopped before we got to my door. "I forget something, you wait."

Wait? Where was I going to go? But Imelda made that thought moot anyway. She led me to the balcony railing overlooking the foyer. She took the ribbon making up the leash and wrapped it around the wooden balcony. I felt like a horse tied to a hitching post, immobilized, left to wait for my owner's return. Objectified. Imelda went downstairs, leaving me standing, bound, gagged.

I was there only a minute or two when I heard laughter behind me, coming from Amanda's doorway. Straining to look over my shoulder, I saw Julia walking out of Amanda's room. "I'll be right back, dear," she called into the room before closing the door.

"Hmmgggff," I moaned again. I didn't want to see this woman alone. Where the hell was Imelda?

"Oh my, look what I found." She was bare armed. I realized she had taken off the jacket to the skirt suit she was wearing. She looked...disheveled. Her blouse was untucked, a couple of buttons undone. I could see the swell of her breasts, a hint of bra. What...what were they doing in there? They wouldn't...would they? Would Amanda?

Ms. Irwin came up behind me, pressed her breasts into my arms and back. She was breathing in my ear and then she reached around the front of me, took my limp organ in her hand.

"Oh, you're so soft again sissy. I love finding a helpless sissy. I could have so much fun with you if Amanda would let me. I'd make you forget all about this Lisa of yours if Amanda would sell you to me. Wouldn't you like that sissy Jamie?"

She was stroking my soft cockette, of course, making it grow. "Ohhh, feel sissy's clitty swelling. Yes, you'd like that, sissy, serving Mistress Julia."

"Mmmmggggffff." Why was I being tormented by her, dammit. Stop. "Mmmmppp."

"You clitty doesn't lie, sissy. Not that you'd need this if you served me." She kept stroking me, her soft hand moving up and down on my swollen penis.

"In fact, I wonder how many more little erections you'll even be getting once Amanda starts you on hormones."

I was shaking my head no.

"Oh, yes, sissy, yes. I made her promise. Starting tomorrow. Two weeks, Jamie, that's all it will take to keep you soft until she stops them. Two weeks and no more tiny erections for you."

I was moaning, but how could I not with the manipulation she was doing to me.

"I know how bad you want it, sissy. But don't dare think you can be wanking off every hour for two weeks, as you'll be in chastity, too. Only a few more of these left, sissy. You will be so much closer to being a girl."

She increased the speed of her storkes, though there was no way I was going to orgasm, not with the ribbon tied so tightly.

"And then no orgasms unless you're being fucked." She laughed and abruptly let go of my swollen cockette, walking to face me.

"I better get back to Amanda," she said, licking her lips. "Maybe I can do something to convince her to sell you to me."

"Mmmmmggfff," I yelled into the gag, struggling, but tied too tightly to go anywhere. I was trapped, physically and mentally to this very spot. Trapped.

I looked over my shoulder again, watching Ms. Irwin unbutton and remove her blouse as she walked back to Amanda's door. She paused, opened the door, then reached behind herself to unzip her skirt. All I saw before she walked into Amanda's room was the flash of the top of a white garter belt, then the door was shut behind her. Was she really fucking Amanda?

The image burned into my mind, and I wondered, fantasized, pictured it. Not helpful to the swollen cock. All it did was swell more!

"What you think about Jamie," Imelda asked walking up the stairs, seeing my agony several minutes later. She was shaking her head as she "unhitched" me from the balcony and led me to my rooms. Tugging at my leashed penis, she seemed to enjoy watching me take my baby steps.

"Mmmmm," I groaned. This had to hurry. I realized besides the bondage, my bladder was quite full. Of all the things, I had to pee. "Mmgggfff ooo pmpmuuu," I tried to say.

"Yes, yes, hurry up then." Like that was possible, but after an eternity of steps, I was finally in my room. And, thankfully, Imelda had understood and and led me to the bathroom. Whew!

How was this supposed to work? She positioned me so I was standing in front of the toliet, still bound, but my...I was pointing straight up. "Mmmmdddd."

"Funny, you no pee hard. Need to be soft." She had taken my cockette in her hand and tried to point it downward until it hurt.


"Hurt, no? Get soft, Jamie," she ordered me. She squeezed, rather hard, not at all erotic. That pressure, along with that on my bladder, finally overcame the sexual tension I felt and I began to lose what little erection I had.

"Go ahead, pee." Imelda ordered me. Her order was as humiliating as anything they'd made me do. Urinate in front of her would be bad enough, but this, while she was holding me, was mortifying. Strangely, that thought itself killed what little erection I had left.

So I peed. Disgusted that I had to do so while being held and guided by Imelda, her large hands almost swallowing up my soft organ as I emptied myself. This was not humiliating erotic, no it was just humiliating. Disgusting.

Imelda then uncuffed my hands, though only to recuff them in front of me, and led me back to the bedroom. Finally, she sat me down on the bed and I was off my feet, which were beginning to really hurt after the standing and the walking.

"Here, let me help." Imelda helped move me onto the bed, I assumed to finally unbind and undress me. "Give me hands," she told me, taking them into hers. But she did not uncuff them. Quite the opposite, she lifted them over my head. I expected them to come undone, but she pulled backwards, over and up to the bedframe. I tried to look up to see what she was doing...she fastened them to the bed!

"Mmmgggff," I complained through the ball gag. Dammit, I wanted to be free. I pulled my arms, there was some slack, they went just to my forehead. Imelda ignored my focus on my hands to take the time to do something to my bound ankles. Fuck, she did the same, attaching them to the bed frame with a little slack. I was helpless still, not completely immobile, but unable to turn over, to move, to get up.


"I know Jamie, I know." She took my flaccid cockette in her hand and untied both the leash and the ribbon, causing me to sigh with pleasure. "Ms. Irwin tell Ms. Drake. She no want you touch youself. I...I have to leave like this."

"Pmmmmm." 'Please.'

"I know," she said, "but she right. For own good. Ms. Drake right to call her, Ms. Irwin train slaves for living, she...she...it be okay." Imelda was stroking me almost casually, until I was erect, then she let go.

"Mmmmmlllddd." I could feel my cock jerking, desperate.

"You sleep, Jamie," she whisperd, turning off the light. "I come back later."


"Sleep, Jamie, sleep." Later?

I realized how tired I was, how stressful the evening had been, how frustrating, how humiliating. Amanda was right, I was going to be uncomfortable, she'd see to that and apparently so would this woman, Ms. Irwin.

I looked at the clock. 11:00. My eyes were heavy, even for this early hour. Oh god, how did all this happen to me? I couldn't answer, I closed my eyes, as sleep washed over me.

I was dreaming of Lisa. We were laying on a beach, the sun felt good on me. We were alone, Lisa kissed me, her hand massaged my chest, went down to my swim suit. I was wearing white bikini panties. She reached in, ran her hand over me, let it grow in her hand, made it erect.

Suddenly, it was darker. I was waking up. Erect, I was erect. But there was a hand around me, making me erect. Someone was rubbing me. Lisa? No, no, that was the dream. I was waking up. My eyes were still heavy...I saw the clock. Midnight. I realized I was dreaming, I must be in a weird sleep state. Why was she...and suddenly she stopped. Was I still dreaming? I tried to think through the fog of sleep. I drifted back from consciousness. The sleep would not shake itself off. I was dreaming, right? What was happening.

l remember trying to turn over. I could only do so a little. I heard a giggle. A woman's giggle. Not Imelda. I tried to talk. "Mggfff." I forgot I was gagged. I was a little more awake now. The clock said 1:30.

"Shhh, it's okay sissy." Julia's voice! Then I felt her, felt her hand on my cock, stroking me. What was going on? I was quickly erect, moaning softly, and she let go of me. What the fuck?

What the fuck?

What was Julia doing here?

"Such a helpless pretty sissy." Julia's voice made me jump. "All tied up, just left here for me to play with." Julia was slowly kneading my balls with her hand, manipulating them. "I just adore playing with a little clitty like this, especially one that's so soft and dainty, maybe never to get hard ever again if Mandy starts the hormones." Her voice was mocking now, mocking my entire being, everything I thought I ever was.

I was shaking, all of my limbs tearing at the bonds that securely held me to the bed.

Julia leaned over towards me, leaving her hand manipulating my swollen balls, whispered in my ear. "Sissy, your pretty Lisa will just have to find another cock if she needs a good fucking. She's not going to find it with you."

"MMMmmmmmm!" I was aware that I was sore. My cock, though trapped, couldn't help but swell. The problem was there was nowhere to swell to, nowhere to grow, the cage held me trapped, erect without being erect, my balls ready to explode, but unable to.

"There, that should do it sissy. Oh my, you are just so much fun. How I hope Mandy lets me train you?" She dropped my balls, stood up, giggled and walked out of the room, leaving me moaning into the ball gag. This was too much, this was unfair, too much to take.

She giggled again and I felt her move away from me. Dark again, nothing. Nothing. I knew I wasn't dreaming now. I tried to stay awake, but she had not woken me enough. I fought it, fought to stay conscious, but I was too confused, could not think. If I could think, I'd have woken completely, but I was in a fog.

I was sore. My organ ached. It was 3:00. Imelda was next to me. Doing it again. As quickly as it started, it ended. I was not even awake enough to say anything through my gag. I became erect so quickly. She was gone. I realized I was made erect, quickly, but did not know why. I could not think why.

A pattern. At 4:30 I did not even awaken enough to feel anyone's hand on my organ. It was just hard and the clock said 4:30. I'm not even sure who had been in there. Now I was really sore. Erect, soft, erect, soft, all evening, all night. I ached. I thrust my hips in the air, I tried to spin onto my side, but my bonds held me. I wanted to cum. Instead I was just sore.

I wanted to wake up before six. I wanted to moan, to yell through my gag. I realized that every hour and a half something was going on. I wanted to beg. Let me go. Stop. Please. I tried to wake up. I heard two voices.

"Got it?"

"Just a second. There." I felt the presence of two people. Two women. The voices belonged to Amanda and Julia. It was too dark to really see them. Where they naked? What were they doing to me? They did not stroke me. What?

"Mgggfff." Stop, wait, I tried to yell.

"Let's go."

"No, just a second Amanda."

"Julia," Amanda whispered.

I felt someone lean towards me, smelled her next to my ear. Then I heard Amanda again, whispering to Julia, meaning it must be Julia next to me.

Julia whispered to me. "She wants me to lick her pussy. Like that wouldn't cost her, cost you. I told her I would if she let me do this to you."

"Gmmmmm," I moaned, the mental image immediately jumping into my mind, that of my Amanda being made love to by this woman.

"Hmmm, I know," Julia said quitely. "She's been begging all night. That excites you, doesn't it? I know she's dying for my touch."

"Mmmmm," I moaned, feeling a pressure, a throbbing pressure in my crotch. I was swelling, but something was different this time. I was still sore, in my sack, from the frequent erections without orgasm, but this pressure was different, worse, much worse.


"Julia, come on, please, you promised."

"I know Amanda, let me finish my fun first." Julia lowered her voice to talk just to me again. "Hurt, sissy?"

"Hmmmhmmm." What did she do? I couldn't quite feel a real erection, just something constraining me.

"That's what a chastity cage does, sissy, but we can talk about that, about you never using this little sissy cocky, later. I have to take care of Amanda first." Chastity cage?

"Wwwwmmmm." I realized what was wrong, what was painful. They had fastened something around my soft organ, something making it impossible for me to get an erection. I was swelling, but there was no room at all to expand, no room even for my little erection to grow. I had to stop thinking erotic thoughts or I'd continue to be in pain.

"Julie, please," Amanda begged. It was amusing to hear her beg. Well, it would be amusing if I wasn't so helpless, tied up, in chastity, in pain, desperate myself to cum, but gagged and unable to beg. I had to stop thinking about them, I had to be small again. Just so the pressure would go down.

"Almost done, Amanda," Julia laughed. "Let me just do one thing." She moved off the bed, then back, and whispered to me again.

"You need to learn to stay soft until Amanda gets you on hormones, sissy. That's how sissies should be, soft. Never pretending they have a cock a woman would actually want."

"Neeeennnnn." I know. I knew exactly what she meant. As soon as she left, I would at least be able to think of other things.

"Yes, you do know, don't you. Well, it's not quite training, though, is it, if you don't have to think about sex. Not quite fair, really. You need to learn to stay soft when thinking about sex, that's the hard part. This will help, sissy." She put something over my head. Something with a strong odor. An odor of...pussy, a strong overpowering odor of pussy. Oh, fuck!

"Now try to stay small, sissy. Just try. Breath through my panties and see how you do. Smell me, like you dear Amanda has all night."

"Come on, Julia, please, leave him be, that's enough, come on."

"Oh, he's all set now, Mandy. You wanted your fun, but I told you your sissy here was the one who was paying for it. Okay, let's go take care of you know, shall we. Sissy here will be in agony enough, I think."

WIth that, they left the room, left me, worse off than I'd been all night. Swollen, in pain, helpless, gagged, caught, scared, excited.

There was no falling asleep now. How the hell could I fall asleep? I was throbbing, my erection straining against whatever kind of chastity they had fastened on me. I could not even begin to relax, not with the scent of pussy I had with each breath. As much as I'd like to stop thinking about them, about Julia licking Amanda's pussy, each breath brought the aroma of a woman's scent, the sweet smell of pussy. No, I was just to lay there, in pain, occasionally moaning. Even when I could slowly breath, focus on anything but sex, even when I would finally soften, it would only last for minutes until I'd swell again. Damn Amanda. Damn her fucking friend friend.

Damn myself for this mess I was in.

Finally, at around eight that morning, Imelda came into my room.

"Good morning Jamie, you sleep well?"


"Shhh, I know Jamie, I know. It okay, I can get you up now, I help you, it okay."

Imelda undid the cuffs. That only released me from the confines of the bed, but left my arms and legs free. I tried to stand up, but was too weak to do so. My crotch was also too sore this instant. I pulled the panties off of my head. Imelda also undid the ball gag, which I spit out immediately.

"My god, Imelda, I'm so sore," I said. While my hands and legs were sore, I was talking about my crotch. "Can you take this off too," I asked, looking at the pink plastic cage that imprisoned my cockette.

"That CB-2000 chastity cage Jamie, I need key. Ms. Irwin have key, I do not, I'm sorry." I looked down again at this contraption. There was a small metal lock attached to it, holding a pink ring behind my sack to one containing my penis.

"Can't I just pull it off," I asked moving my hands quickly down towards my sore, imprisoned cock. I tried, cried out in pain. "That hurt!" I looked again, there were plastic teeth pushing into me. Clearly this was not coming off so easily.

"Jamie, please, you careful, you hurt yourself."

"What the hell is this, Imelda?"

"Ms. Irwin, she tell you. Chastity cage. Stops swelling. Stops orgasm. You not get off without she say." Get off or get it off?


"Amanda," I heard Ms. Irwin's voice suddenly in the room me "No darling, at least not while I'm here. You don't get that off without my permission."

Her voice sent me rigid. Not my spine. My organ. As rigid as I could get inside the plastic. Swollen and painful. I grimaced in pain. Damn her!

"Now, now, see, that's exactly why you need that. Look how excitable you can be. So unbecoming of a sissy. The beauty of a chastity cage like that is how long they can be worn. Months, really. Until a little sissy girl earns to control herself. Years, even, if need be."

"Years," I gasped. Hell, even months. But, Lisa. How could I ever explain this? I was seeing her tonight!

"Thinking of your precious Lisa?" My face reddened. "Oh, Amanda told me all about her last night. You are lucky I'm not your owner. I told Amanda she's being far too easy on you. A girlfriend. Honestly, who ever heard of such a thing, a sissy with a girlfriend. If she let's me have my way with you, I'll have one of my men take care of that. Enough cock inside you and you'll forget all about Lisa."

My mouth dropped open.

"Oh, don't look so shocked, sissy. Just like your Lisa will crave cock, so would you."

She looked over to Imelda. "I told Amanda to put a stop to this silly nonsense, I'd be happy to buy Jamie from her, but you know what a romantic she can be. Well, at least she's willing to start hormones, if nothing else, so she can speed up training your little thing to behave."

My eyes widened again. Hormones? Good god, they wouldn't! "Yes, sissy, the hormones. Don't worry, I wasn't lying before. They will not effect your libido at all, even if you have trouble getting erect. You'll want sex but you just won't use that little thing on a woman again."

I was not sure how to respond and just lay there, eyes downcast.

"Well, Imelda will get you dressed. Amanda and I are going to have coffee. Though we'll save the cream for another time."

She turned and left. That woman scared me. "Imelda, how long will she be visiting?"

"No worry Jamie, she leave in morning. You lucky -- she a difficult woman. I know."

"In the morning? But I have a date with Lisa tonight. I don't have to stay here do I? Please Imelda, I can't, I don't want to!"

"Shhh, Jamie, you worry like girl. Ms. Drake tell Ms. Irwin you have date, she know. You ... you just do as told, please." She paused. "Well, I no supposed to tell you, but you just have to spend day, um, Ms. Irwin think you cute, she want to spend day here."

I literally shuddered thinking of a day with Julia. Why couldn't anything with me be easy, especially in this house. I just wanted to relax. Hell, I wanted to sleep. I could only imagine being around both Amanda and Julia. This was going to be a terrible, day, I was sure.

Since Julia was right, I was not getting the chastity cage off, Imelda had me undress from what little I was wearing and take a shower. That simple act was more refreshing than just about anything else I could have done that morning. As I suspected, though, that was the only refreshing thing about my day.

Certainly getting dressed did not inspire much confidence in what I was going to go through that day. Imelda handed me a garter belt, black, six straps. The black stockings, which she ordered me to be careful with, easily attached to the straps. The heels were black leather with straps that seemed a bit strange. The reason was clear enough when Imelda bent down and adjusted both of them. The adjustment was not for fit. It was to add a small padlock -- much like the one on my chastity cage -- to each shoe, locking the stiletto heels on my feet.

Imelda handed me a black bra. It was heavy! Oh, obviously. The bra had breast forms already attached. It was very sheer, the fake nipples made the breasts very lifelike when attached to my chest. It was so easy to add breasts to my thin body.

"Jamie, I know you not like, but Ms. Irwin insist. She not let sissies about without breasts." Imelda was holding cuffs in each hand. I sighed, offered no resistance when she cuffed my hands behind my back with the black cuffs. While behind me, she bend down again, clipped something to the lock on each shoe. A length of chain, perhaps two feet. Walking would be easier than yesterday, but not easy enough, not even with the slack she left me.

"We need this, hold still." I could not see what this was, and was probably glad. This turned out only to be a collar, a black collar that Imelda fastened around my neck.

"Imelda, what am I supposed to do?"

"No talk. No gag if you no talk. You not supposed to do anything too much. We get Ms. Drake and Ms. Irwin coffee. You help."

"How am I supposed to help tied up like this?"

"Jamie, no talk," she scolded me. "Come with me to kitchen." I followed her, walking quicker than the night before, but I still could not match her strides and she had to slow down to wait for me.

In the kitchen, Imelda prepared coffee. Apparently we were to serve them coffee. Innocent enough. Imelda placed a carafe of coffee, two cups and silverwear on a tray. Sugar, napkins, cream were still on the table. She had a second tray that she came over to me with. She held it up to my stomach and took some slim chains attached to the tray, up to my neck, attached them to the collar. The tray reminded me of something a cigarette girl would carry. Carry, of course, being the difference. The tray Imelda had was connected to me by my collar, since carrying was out of the question with my hands bound behind me.

Imelda placed the remaining items on the tray I had and told me to follow her, walking slowly as I was not going to like any consequence I receive for spilling.

"Imelda, can I ask you a question?"

"Jamie," she hissed.

"Please, Imelda."

"Jamie, I tell you no talking. You want gag?"

I shook my head no. Imelda led me to the stairs. That was not a easy task, and took several minutes to navigate without spilling or tripping, given the tray and my bound ankles.

I was nervous when we paused outside Amanda's door. Should I abandon hope? Imelda opened it, led us in.

What we found was surprising, though strangely, not shocking. Well mildly shocking, maybe.

Amanda was naked. That was the first surprise. Amanda was sitting on the floor, the second surprise. Sitting on the floor at Julia's feet. Julia was playing with Amanda's hair, stroking it like one might a favorite pet. Amanda was sitting against the couch, one leg pulled up to her chest, the other off to her side. I tried not to stare at the pink. The pink folds of her flesh that were facing right towards me.

Julia was not naked. She had a pink satin wrap on, hiding the parts of her I would have wanted to see the most. Their posture left no doubt who was the alpha female in the house right now. My god, Amanda?

How could she be submitting?

"Amanda, pet, would be so kind as to pour us some coffee."

"Yes, Ma'am," Amanda answered, standing up gracefully. My mouth was open. I was on the verge of saying something, but Imelda caught my eye. Her stern look reminded me of her warning to stay quiet.

When Amanda was by me, I could not help but stare at her breasts. She certainly noticed, judging by the smirk on her face. "I'd suggest you watch where you stare, sissy, lest you find yourself over my knee."

My eyes widened, naturally looked over at Julia, an implicit acknowledgment of who I thought was the alpha female in the room. She offered no help. "Don't look at me, sissy. Mandy's status with me has nothing to do with you. If she wants to punish you, that's none of my affair. I may have some suggestions, but since she won't sell you to me, she's your mistress, not me."

Maybe the conclusion I should reach is that all women are alpha to me. Maybe sometime I'd really comprehend that fact, comprehend that every woman I saw was ahead of me and finally live that life. Maybe I already was. I looked down, unable to meet the gaze of either.

After Ms. Drake got coffee for the two women, Julia dismissed Imelda, though she ordered me to stay as to collect cups when they were done. Of course, staying meant tormenting, too. I stood there, unmoving. I felt objectified by them, by their casual conduct, their enjoying morning coffee while I stood still, bound, trapped. That was their purpose, I realized, to objectify me again, to teach me my place.

I stood still for five or ten minutes while they had their coffee and chatted quietly. I tried to avoid looking at either of them. At first I did not hear it. Or rather, I heard it but did not realize what it was. The second time it was more clear, distinct, obvious. A small moan coming from Amanda. I was afraid to look at her.

The next moan left it nearly impossible for me to keep looking over their heads, to avoid what was happening right in front of me. I peeked a look downward. Julia was sipping her coffee, both hands on her cup. Amanda was on the floor, half sitting, half kneeling, also with both hands holding her coffee.

"Hmmmm," Amanda moaned again. The movement caught my eye this time. Julia's toes. Her wiggling toes. Julia had moved her foot under Amanda so that Amanda was kneeling right over Julia's right foot. Julia was wiggling her toes directly on Amanda's bare pussy.

I gasped. Partially from the shock of the erotic scene. But, more than that, my gasp was from the immediately resumed ache in my crotch. Amanda's moan coupled with Julia's foot on her pussy caused my caged organ to swell to fill the tight confines of the plastic prison within seconds. Again and again during the night I'd been forced to swell, and again this morning it happened.

I realized how badly I wanted two things right now. First, to keep staring at the erotic scene unfolding before me. Second, to flee the room so I could shrink. The constant sexual tension on my trapped penis was agony -- it had to stop, I had to cum or be left alone. I couldn't keep taking this.

But neither Amanda or Julia dismissed me. I could not flee. I could only stare at them in pain.

In pain, I had no choice but to watch.

No, that's not true. I had every choice in the world, I thought, as Julia continued to rub Amanda's pussy. I could simply leave. Or could I? This instant, I was bound, sissified, really helpless. I'd been that way since Julia arrived yesterday.



But every moment up until then I could have left. Why didn't I?

Lisa. Lisa trapped me here.

I cared too much about her. I loved her. Amanda had been right before. I could do nothing now because that would endanger me with Lisa.

I bit my lip. That quick, sharp pain in my lip was enough to keep me from moaning out from the growing dull pain in my groin. That dull pain was increasing every second.

I was trapped.

Amanda was rocking slowly back and forth, rubbing herself on Julia's foot. Her head was slowly moving around, her breathing quickening. She was either orgasming, or an amazing actress. I wanted to cum so badly! I would have sold my mother to gypsies to cum right now, just once, just this second.

I realized Julia was watching me, smirking. She knew the pleasure Amanda was enjoying just as she knew the torment I was experiencing. She was a witch.

"Mandy tells me your Lisa is quite pretty," Julia said as Amanda continued to move herself over her foot, more quickly as she shook with pleasure. "I wonder, sissy, what such a pretty girl would rather have, my foot," she paused, moved her foot around Amanda who moaned louder, "or that little cockette of yours."

If it was possible, something I'd doubted, my swelling suddenly became worse.

"I love that pained look on your face. The idea pleases you, but you're thinking she'd never do anything like this. But you're wrong, sissy. For a woman must submit before she can really dominate. You see, Amanda submits because she is a dominant. If I teach Amanda, she must submit to me. Just as your Lisa will do to the woman who trains her."

The woman who trains her? That was Amanda. I gasped at the realization of what she was saying. "She would never," I muttered.

They did not hear me, or they ignored me, for Amanda was moaning quite loudly now, her pleasure rushing through her and pulsating through the room.

"She will," Julia said quietly; she must have heard me! "Eventually, she most certainly will." Julia withdrew her foot from underneath Amanda, raised it up, over Amanda's shoulder. "Lick, pet," Julia instructed Amanda, who silently took Julia's glistening foot in her mouth and eagerly licked her own pussy juices off it. "If Amanda's right, sissy, Lisa will do all this and much much more. Don't worry, sissy, she'll be learning to be your mistress."

She looked down at Amanda. "Such a good pet, Amanda. Take sissy back to Imelda, tell her every hour now as we discussed, until four when we can finish."

"Yes, Ma'am," Amanda replied, somewhat reluctantly letting Julia's foot fall from her mouth, looking disappointed that she could not keep tasting herself.

While Amanda may have been deferential to Julia, her eyes hardened looking at me, adopting immediately her superior look and attitude. Amanda picked up a length of small chain from the end of the couch, padding over to me, and clipping it to my caged organ. She then picked up the coffee cups and mess, put them on the tray attached to my neck, picked the leash back up, and gave the leash a sharp tug.

"Eyes down, sissy, I don't want you staring at my ass."

"Please remind Imelda, if one of us isn't around, every hour on the hour until four," Julia called out to Amanda as she led me from her bedroom.

She'd warned me not to stare at her ass. That wasn't something I could easily avoid, for a wonderful ass it was. I had to stare at her. She was naked, exquisite, beautiful, amazing.

We managed to get to the stairs without me dropping anything. Amanda was leading me more quickly than Imelda had, so I had to be more careful in walking. Of course, watching Amanda's ass did not help matters, with either my gait or the swelling in my cage.

By the time we got to the kitchen, I'd begun to focus on the ground, on walking, not on Amanda, and the result was a decrease in swelling. In the kitchen, Amanda cleared the items off the tray and unhooked it from me, but made no move to undo the rest of my bondage.

"I know, she's a bit harsher than you're used to Jamie, but it's only for a couple of days. I told you things would be uncomfortable, didn't I?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I said, relieved to be allowed to speak."

"Julia may be harsh in her methods, but they are proven effective, there is no doubt about it."

"She...she really buys and sells slaves?" I blurted out.

"Yes, she does. Don't worry, you really are being trained for Lisa, honestly. I want that for you, please believe me."

My sigh of relief filled the room.

"Oh, don't think rosy thoughts yet, Jamie. If it doesn't work out with Lisa, my plans may change."

My eyes widened. I honestly could not imagine being under the clutches of Julia.

"Shhh, just worry about Lisa, worry about what you have with her, not what could be with Ms. Irwin. Look at the time. Almost eleven. Guess I'm doing the first hour."

"What do you mean, Ms. Drake? She... she said that upstairs too."

"Getting you excited. This should only take a second." She walked to me, moved her head close to my ear. Every hour...till four...my god, I was going to explode! They were going to continue what they did all night for the rest of the day! I couldn't take that, no, no.

"Shhh, just tell me, when you were watching me upstairs, did you think how much you wished it was your face I was sitting on instead of Julia's foot. Don't you wish it was you I was rubbing my wet pussy on."

For the umpteenth time that day, I swelled as much as I could in the cage. It was as bad as any, with Amanda right there in front of me.

"Ms. Drake," I heard Imelda ask from behind me.

Amanda smiled at me. "He's all set for an hour, Imelda. Please take care of it if Julie or I are not around. It shouldn't be too hard anymore. I didn't even have to touch him. Just tell him how his sweet Lisa may need a real man to satisfy her. I'm sure his sissy clitty will swell right up thinking of her with a real man."

"Ohhhh," I gasped without thinking.

"See, you sissies are all the same."

Amanda left the room, leaving me with Imelda. I finally felt like I could talk. "Imelda," I pleaded, "I'm so sore, please, can't you take this off, can't I relieve myself."

"I told you I no have key, Jamie, so you can't take off. We talk about relieving later, though."

"Can't you at least untie me," I said, trying to wrap my arms around the front of me.

"You come upstairs, we dress you, I show you."

Upstairs, Imelda had a black satin French maid uniform out on my bed. I was familiar with this. At least I'd be untied, I thought as she unclipped my hands from behind my back.

Imelda helped me into the uniform and a petticoat that made the skirt flare out, barely covering my stocking tops. She was more fully feminizing me, as today's uniform included an auburn wig, a maid cap, though no make up. Looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that while makeup would certainly enhance how pretty I looked, it was not needed to make me look like a woman. My soft features seemed filled out by the clothes. I in no way looked like a man anymore.

While getting me dressed, she did not unchain my ankles. I was pantyless under my skirts. As for my wrists, instead of unbuckling them, she attached lengths of chain that were the same that had held the tray to my collar and attached these to the collar, binding my hands not together, but restricting them so I could not move them below my waist.

I noticed the clock.

It was getting close to noon. Getting dressed had taken up almost an hour. I was afraid of noon. The few minutes left were filled with me making my bed. Such an easy task? Not with my wrists chained.

"Jamie," Imelda called, "come here." I gulped, but walked to her. I was so sore still and I'd not even been made to swell yet.

Imelda looked at me, slowly reached her hands under my skirt, took my cage in her hands. I could not feel her hand on my penis proper, not with the cage, but she didn't stay there. Instead she took my very sore balls in her hands. I gasped.

"Shhh, Jamie, this just take minute. Her kneeding of them hurt! But, dammit, it still felt good, too. "Ms. Drake want to tell you about cuckold to excite you. Lisa with man. But I rather think you with Lisa, woman you love. Make love like you woman."

I don't know if her words were intentional, but they caused two different images to flash in my mind. Lisa fucking Mark, the guy she dated when we were broken up. Violent, urgent fucking. And me, making love to her, softly, tenderly. A man fucking her, me making love to her. Mark thrusting into her. I was lovingly licking her.

I was swollen in less than a minute, those two thoughts in my mind. Imelda let go of me immediately, but I could not do the same to shrink. For ten minutes, I tried to wipe those images from my brain, but for ten minutes I did not soften at all. This was agony!

When that was over, Imelda took me downstairs to the kitchen, where I stood and watched while she made lunch preparations. We both ate while she finished placing things on a serving cart. I was grateful to have a little bit of food into me.

Imelda instructed me to follow her to the small dining room, where lunch would be served. I saw Julia first, sitting at the head of the table, smartly dressed in what I assumed was a skirt suit. The jacket was light grey, her blouse a light blue. Later when I moved, I was able to see the skirt and her nylon covered legs, her slim heels.

Amanda, on the other hand, was still naked. Well, mostly naked. She was wearing one piece of jewelry that I could see. A thin chain running from nipple to nipple, attached, no, clamped to each. I tried not to look, tried not to stare, both to avoid offending them but also to avoid the pain I'd be in if I did.

I was rescued from focusing on Amanda by a task to perform. Who would have thought that pouring water could be something I'd be so grateful to do.

After pouring I hovered by Julia. She was sitting at the head of the table, after all. She corrected me. "No, no, you go stand behind your owner, dear. Unless she's having second thoughts about selling you."

"No, Julia, I told you he's not for sale." It was weird. So Amanda was submitting? Acknowledging that Julia was the alpha? Julia clearly did not have enough power to demand me, but she was also just as clearly the "top dog" this instant. Amanda deferred, but kept possession of me (luckily).

From my new vantage point, behind Amanda, to one side of Julia sitting at the head of the table, I could see Julia's legs and matching skirt. Amanda's naked form was mostly covered by the chair and my poor vantage point. I was lucky, as that kept me from staring at her breasts for a half hour.

While Amanda sat upright, straight backed, bare legs firmly planted in front of her, Julia was more casual in her mannerisms. Standing where I was, I could not help but notice under the table, Julia dangling her heel on her stockinged foot, even letting it move towards and touch Amanda, the nylon rubbing Amanda's calf, causing Amanda to quickly take in a breath at the covert sexual caress.

Amanda jumped when Julia's foot made contact with her naked flesh. I jumped too, like a surge of electricity suddenly running through me, from my arms and legs, inward, until it hit my middle, my crotch, and I was rewarded with an immediate tightening in my cage.

"It doesn't take much now, does it sissy?"

I was breathing heavily, watching Julia's foot massage Amanda's leg. The foot she'd fucked her with earlier.

Amanda turned and looked at the strained, caged object of my affliction.

"Remind you of someone," Julia asked Amanda?

"A little."

"Of course it's little, pet, you know most are."

Amanda smirked. "A little, Julia, a little. But he has for some time now."

"That's why you hired him?"

"Yes," Amanda said slowly.

"I know. Are you ever going to tell him?"

Amanda squirmed. I could see her face flush from the toying Julia was doing with her foot. "I don't know, honestly Julia, it depends on Lisa."

My swelling increased even more at the mention of Lisa. I moaned loudly, so sore, so excited, so desperate to cum.

"I suppose you're right. Well, that's good enough for now, anyway." Julia lowered her foot and eventually stood, prompting Amanda to do the same. "That's good enough for this hour, Mandy, let's go, we can let Imelda take over until four."

They walked out without another word to me, leaving me straining for several minutes, helpless and without any idea as to what to do or advice on how to do it. In fact, it seemed that I spent the rest of the afternoon swollen, for the times Imelda made me get that way, because I took even longer to shrink back until the squeezing was gone. I did not know what was happening at four, but it could not be any worse than how I spent that afternoon.

I hoped.

Somehow the appointed hour arrived. Remember, I still had a date with Lisa this evening. I remembered that. Barely. It was a bit difficult to think about given the near constant soreness from my groin. Erection after erection, all to be denied. Hour after hour. I thought of my condition as 3B. Beyond blue balls.

At the appointed hour, Imelda led me to the basement of Ms. Drake's home. Ominously.

To my fate.