A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

Kelly Ann Rogers

The Boy Nanny

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When I awoke, I was tied up. Well, more accurately, tied down. I was in one of the spare rooms in Sheila's condo, flat on my back, with my hands stretched up above my head and my feet spread toward the corners of the cast-iron bed frame I had helped Sheila select at a downtown antique store not that long ago. I had a rigid collar around my neck that prevented me from looking down or around. My head hurt, my chest hurt, my throat was dry, and I needed to pee. Not only that, but I had an IV in my left arm. The stand was just in my line of sight and I could see the fluids dripping into the line. I also noted that something seemed to be tugging at the middle of my nose, as I moved my upper lip around, it pushed against the septum between the two nostrils. I stuck my tongue out to explore. . . I had a ring in my nose! They put those into bulls, to control them, don't they? Shit, shit, shit.

I'm a pretty smart guy, so I immediately assessed my situation and began to panic. I could feel my heart rate start to accelerate and I was hyperventilating within half a minute. I pulled at my restraints, but they were secure and I couldn't move more than a couple of inches in any direction. After a few moments, I started to calm down and really worry.

If Sheila had drugged me and tied me up, she must know what I had done to Amanda. That was not good. As I tried to figure out what she might do to me, I all of a sudden became really frightened about my dick. I mean, what are people always threatening to do to rapists? I focused on my groin and discovered I could still feel what seemed to be my penis, but it felt. . . strange. I tried to flip it around a little by moving my hips, but it seemed to be pulled back between my legs and restrained somehow so it couldn't flop around as usual. Worse, it became clear to me that there was something quite bulky around my hips and ass, and whatever this something was, it was bunched up between my legs. Moving my hips was not a good idea in any case, because it just put pressure on my bladder and my need to pee increased.

So, I took the next logical step. I started to call out. There was no answer. I called louder,

"Sheila . . . Sheila! . . . SHEILA . . . Get in here and let me up I need to pee!" Hey, am I one tough guy or what? Still, no answer. After about 15 minutes, I stopped yelling for help and just tried not to pee in my pants, or whatever I was wearing. As time went on, I began to understand what was so bulky around my middle and tight between my legs. It must be a diaper! No one is here to let me go to the bathroom, and I'm in a diaper, Sheila couldn't really. . . , she wouldn't really . . . . . . SHIT! She left me in a diaper because she wasn't coming back soon, and I was going to have to wet myself.

While lying there with that thought, and using my tongue to play with the nose ring, I started to get stomach cramps, and another ugly suspicion started to grow. If someone didn't get back soon, I was going to do a lot more than just wet myself. I found out months later that I had been given a not so mild laxative and plenty of fluids to make sure I made a big mess. I did. Over the course of who knows how many hours, I filled my diaper with whatever had been in my bowels and bladder, and had to lie in it for what seemed like forever. I spent a good deal of that time crying, although I'm still not sure if it was for me, what I did to Amanda, or for Amanda herself.

Finally, someone showed up. Although I was in no position to appreciate it at the time, my "nurse" was a hunk. He was well over six feet tall, weighed probably 210 pounds, had light sandy hair and a face that was more pretty than rugged. Before he freed my legs to clean me up, he jerked my nose ring.

"Oh," he said blandly, as I screamed, "did that hurt? Well, you better not give me a hard time then, I would hate to pull this out."

I hadn't yet started to figure out how to escape and that little jerk on my nose ring (MY NOSE RING!) short-circuited any possibility that I might. "Hey," I said, trying to sound friendly, "what's going on here? Why am I tied down like this?"

"Sorry, honeybunch," he said, "can't tell you anything. And if you don't shut up, I'm going to gag you. Your choice." I started to answer but he cocked an eyebrow at me and I snapped my mouth shut. Things were bad enough; I didn't need a gag too.

As he removed my diaper, I remembered that I was covered in excrement and felt disgusting. He didn't seem to mind, but I sure did! I felt humiliated to be cared for like a baby by this guy I had never met. And he was so fucking cheerful about the whole thing. He kept calling me sweetie, telling me how cute I was, and how I would be a knockout when I was done. What the fuck was he talking about? I'm a prisoner of a crazed feminist gynecologist and her large gay flunky. I hoped against hope that Sheila wasn't too mad.

While he was cleaning me, I felt him move something just in front of my asshole. It kind of flipped back and forth as he wiped and then he finally lifted it, pulling on my tender perineum, I figured out what it was. Oh shit! Another ring! What the hell was that doing there? After cleaning me, he put a new diaper under my butt, and again restrained my legs. I could feel him start to manipulate my penis. He seemed to loosen something from around it and then take whatever it was off entirely. It was only then that I could feel something pulling at the skin on the bottom of the head of my penis. Each time he moved me, I could feel what I was now sure was a ring flopping around under my penis.

He played with me so that I had an erection the whole time he was cleaning my penis, and as he finished and threw away his wet wipes (you know, the kind moms use on babies), he chuckled and said, "We certainly don't want that infected, do we?" Might have to cut the whole thing off."

He smiled, indicating he was joking, but a cold shiver speared me. He handled my penis in a very attentive and loving way, almost as if it belonged to him. As I was to learn much later on, it did belong to him, as did the rest of me. But I didn't know that then, and wouldn't for many months. I only knew that this guy was cleaning me like he was making love to me. Suddenly, he scared me to death by spraying something cold on my penis, which quickly shrank allowing him to refit the restraint, which was in turn clipped to the ring in my penis. By pulling the penis ring back, he was able to clip it to the ring in my perineum, which pointed the head down and back.

"Guess you'll be sitting to pee for a while," he grinned as he pinned up my diaper." If you ever get out of diapers that is."

Tommy, as I learned his name was, began to examine and clean other parts of my body. As he manipulated my right ear lobe, I thought I could feel him pull something through a hole. . . more than once. By really concentrating when he did the other ear, I was able to count at least three holes. They had pierced my ears at least three times on each side! What the hell for?

Next, he turned to my chest. He said he had to clean the wounds under my arm pits, but they would become all but invisible over time, and I would have no trouble shaving there. 'Huh?' was all I could think. I was totally confused, but at least I couldn't feel any rings in my nipples. While Tommy cleaned whatever he was cleaning, he took the opportunity to massage my breasts in a very erotic way. As I quickly learned, he really knew his way around nipples, and I started to get turned on. Naturally, my dick started to harden in response. That didn't last long. As my shaft started to grow it encountered the restraint, which choked it quite effectively. After a few moments of pain, my incipient hard on ebbed quickly away, leaving me gasping in pain, pleasure, and confusion.

Finally, Tommy checked something lumpy under the skin just above each elbow. Then, he blew me a kiss and left. I was alone again. I worried and I cursed myself for what I had done to Amanda. The IV dripped fluids into my arm and I periodically peed into my diaper. What difference did it make? I cried some, dozed fitfully, and felt guilty and remorseful. Tommy appeared periodically to change my diaper, give me a sip of water, and tend to the other parts of my body. He even put a balm on my lips to keep them from chapping. Or was it lipstick? It didn't taste like any balm I had ever encountered. Instead, it had a faint strawberry like taste. After who knows how long, I was completely disoriented, hungry beyond belief, and feeling totally defeated.

All of a sudden, I saw Amanda standing over me. Since I could barely move my head, she had to lean over my face so I could see her.

"I'm sorry!" I cried. But she just stared at me, her blue eyes brimming with tears.

"You broke my heart. You just better pray I'm not pregnant."

God no! I hadn't even considered that. I started to say I was sorry again, but she slapped my face, turned and walked out of my line of sight.

A moment later, Sheila was there. There weren't any tears in her eyes, just calculated anger. I cringed. She melted my ego with her stare.

"Listen, you little shit, I would have cut your prick off already if Amanda hadn't stopped me. You're going to pay for what you did to her, and I might get that sorry little sausage yet." She just oozed hatred. "Right now, you're undergoing some adjustments." She jerked my nose ring. "Your real punishment will begin soon."

"How long have I been here? What are you going to do?" I pleaded.

She too slapped me and disappeared just like Amanda had.

As it turned out, I spent more than a month tied to that bed. I was sedated most of the time by drugs in my IV. Because I wasn't eating, I lost more than 25 pounds from my already spare frame. The bumps above my elbows were continuous release implants of estrogen and progesterone, which along with the spironolactone in my IV, played havoc with my mood and started softening my body and shrinking my nuts.

Worse, having spent so much time completely disoriented and in a diaper, I began to ignore bowel control. At some point, I just allowed myself to go whenever the urge hit. I even started to wet myself in my sleep.

The scars under my arm pits were small implanted ports that allowed Tommy to inject a little silicone every few days, so that my breast size was slowly, but inexorably increased. The hormones would cause me to grow my own breast tissue around these implants to insure that I would eventually have a substantial set of tits.

By the time Sheila had Tommy untie me, I was so weak I could barely sit up. I was emaciated, having used a good deal of my muscle mass in the place of food, and I was ready to do whatever I was told. As I sat shakily on the edge of the bed in a clean diaper, gazing at my now A cup breasts, Sheila quickly laid down the ground rules. She took a thin silver chain and clipped it to my nose ring. With a light tug, she pulled my face up so I had to look right into hers.

"You raped my best friend, you little shit. She wanted to have you arrested. I wanted to castrate you on the spot. My mob friends offered to throw you off the Staten Island Ferry with your dick stuffed down your throat and a heavy chain wrapped around your neck. Then, I had a better idea." Sheila was hissing she was so agitated. "With the help of a little drug therapy, behavioral modification, and whatever else it takes, you still might become a useful member of society. Instead of being a parasitic failure of a dancer, you could be a contributing to society as a MAID!"

She kept talking, but I wasn't paying attention anymore. I imagined myself vacuuming Sheila's living room dressed in nothing but a little white apron and white maid's cap. That looked pretty ridiculous, but being a maid might be better than spending the rest of my life in a diaper tied to a bed. It's certainly better than jail, and being crab food on the bottom of the East River was definitely not on my list of things to do. I can clean a condo for the foreseeable future. What the hell, some might say it's a step up from being a whore. Anyway, one day she would forget to be careful, and I would be gone.

When I tuned back in, Sheila was on a completely different subject. "What happens down the road will be determined by how you behave. The best you can hope for is to become a passable woman. You don't want to think about what some of the less desirable outcomes might be. You already have one ring in your nose (she jerked it for emphasis), another in your penis, and one in your ass. If you ever want any of them removed (she was offering hope!), you better toe the line. And just remember, you try anything stupid and my mob friends get you."

As she said that, she took the silver chain, wrapped it around my neck, and pushed me off the bed. After I hit the floor, I curled into a fetal position and lay there passively, not even looking up. The combination of the sedatives, hormones, and guilt led me to simply accept my fate. I had no fight in me. Plus, I was so remorseful I believed that I deserved to be punished like this. Perhaps I did.

I knew Sheila would have this figured out. In fact, she had boxed me in completely. First, my penis restraint was an effective chastity belt. I couldn't get it off without damaging my penis, and there was no way I was going to do that. Second, she emptied my apartment and tossed all my clothes. I had no where to go and nothing to wear. Third, she emptied my bank account. And, as I was about to discover, I had only minimal bowel or bladder control. I was not only naked, homeless, and broke; I also had the toilet habits of a two year old. Add the rigid neck collar and the nose ring to all that, and it was pretty obvious that she owned me lock, stock, and barrel.

After Sheila was done with me, Tommy picked me up and took me in to take a bath. First, he unlocked my penis, stood me in the shower and coated me with a depilatory.

"Don't you dare piss or shit while this stuff is on," he warned. But I couldn't even stand up and slid to the floor of the shower where I huddled for the next 20 minutes while the cream burned my skin. He simply left me there while he used the showerhead to clean me off. I peed while I was lying there, not even realizing what was happening until it did. I guess Tommy didn't notice.

He lifted my now hairless body and placed me into a scented bubble bath, again warning me not to foul myself. I passed out and probably would have drowned if he hadn't been hovering over me, expecting just that. I cycled in and out of consciousness in the bathroom while Tommy tended to me.

When I came back to awareness, I was again diapered and on the bed. Tommy was caressing my head as I opened my eyes, but he stopped right away. I soon discovered that I wasn't restrained anymore and that I could move my head. I still had a collar on, but it was a lot smaller than my previous one.

I looked down and saw that I was wearing a pink cotton baby doll style nightgown with pale, creamy lace at the sleeves, collar and hem. The hem barely covered my lap, so I could immediately see the ruffled panties that covered my diaper. The sensations were coming so fast my head nearly exploded with humiliation. I saw my little breasts create a slight rise in the bodice of the gown. They were hardly bigger than the ones you would see on a thirteen year old girl barely into puberty. And that wasn't all. As I looked down, two other things hit me at the same time. The first was the weight pulling on my nose. The chain was now run off to the side through a second ring on the edge of my right nostril, which directed it past the edge of my mouth and from there down to the side of my new collar. The second was the now blond, loosely curled hair brushing my cheeks. I was a 24 year old man, with the diaper, nightgown, and curled hair of a toddler, the breasts of a 13 year old, and the nose ring of a slave. I passed out again.