A Submissive Sissy

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A Happy Wife

Check Up

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He hated this part. The young nurse stepped into the waiting room, looked at the group of women waiting and said "Mr. Clark, the Doctor will see you now" The Doctor insisted on using the M.R. designation. He stood and began moving over toward the smiling nurse. He and all the women in the waiting room were aware of his knee length navy and white skirt, jacket, white blouse and navy and white spectator pumps. His legs looked great in nude stockings, his matching bag bumped his hip as he walked. The nurse said "M R. Clark, you look lovely today. How are your breasts? They certainly look good". He hated this part, the giggles, the titters and the smirks behind his back His heels clicked as they walked to the examination room. Nurse Becky engaged him in girl talk, she of course knew how humiliated he was and loved to force him to talk about hem lengths, heel height and lip colors. She also knew how much he really loved that stuff and how that love had led him down the road he had so willingly traveled.

Another girl joined Becky in the examination room; they both sat in the provided chairs while he stood. Both were smiling at him while Becky said "The Doctor wants you naked." He knew that would happen, it always did. He also knew that Becky would stay and watch him strip, smiling all the while, commenting about his panties, his slip and his overall girlish good looks. The nurses aid would be there because he was male, or thought he was, and they were female staff, at least they would say that was why they were there. He suspected it was to add to his humiliation, it did too. He would have to remove his wig to take his slip off, he hated that part. He kicked off his pumps with practiced skill then sat them side by side by the examination table. His jacket came next, his skirt and blouse, and he hung them all on the provided hook. He looked at the two young women watching him, sighed and removed the wig, he hated that part. Becky loved the look of this near naked male with full makeup and no feminine hair. The other girl who had never met MR. Clark was having a difficult time concealing her laughter. He removed the pantyhose and then unhooked his bra (his bra, now there was a phrase that took some getting used to) His breasts sprang free. Nurse Becky wanted to see them, she lifted one gently in her hand and felt the nipple area "Gee these are really pretty MR Clark" she said. She pointed at his crotch are and gave a little gesture, he pulled down his panties. His penis was tucked away between his legs in a little decorative sheath made of lace and black patent leather. She made a motion once more and he reached between his legs and unclasped the sheath. The penis moved forward and she untied the ribbon that held the sheath tightly around the penis. She laid the sheath in one of his pumps and watched, as his penis became erect.

She knew he was dying of embarrassment she knew he was as excited over the humiliation he was experiencing as he was by being in the presence of the two pretty girls. Nurse Becky handed him an examination gown and said, "the Doctor will be in soon". He sat on the end of the table and looked down at his smooth pretty legs and painted toenails. He was very aware and embarrassed about his still hard erection. He dearly hoped it would go down before the Doctor arrived. It didn’t. Doctor Evans and another woman entered. Dr Evans was his wife’s OBGYN, and now his general practitioner, she had done his breast implants. She introduced the other woman as DR Marion Sinclair. DR Evans motioned for him to stand and disrobe. He did and they both looked down and smiled at his still hard penis. Their gaze moved to his breasts and they began their exam. Both Doctors probed, lifted and massaged is perky breasts. They talked about how beautiful they were and how lucky he was to have a wife who would give him the honor of having something so feminine. Both Doctors put on rubber gloves and turned their attention to his erect member. Dr Evans put a small amount of hand lotion in her rubber gloved right hand and held a small glass jar in her left, with three quick strokes of her hand she filled the jar with his semen. "Well that was quick," she said to DR Sinclair. "Not much pleasure for a woman, he would be better off without it". "Ok Miss Priss up on the table, feet in the stirrups." DR Sinclair laid a white towel on his belly put KY jelly on her fingers and inserted two fingers up his rectum. She moved them in and out and much to his already enormous shame his recently spent penis became semi erect. She pushed in a little further and massaged his prostate. He ejaculated once more, not really an ejaculation more a dribble and no pleasure just a messy towel. DR Evans looked at the soiled towel, shook her head in disgust and told him to clean up, dress and not to forget his sheath. When he was ready he was to meet them in her office; he was told his wife was there to discuss his erection problems.

He entered the office, his wife, DR Evans, DR Sinclair and Nurse Becky were all there. There were no seats left for him DR Evans motioned him to a small pink child’s stool. He said he would stand and his wife said in no uncertain terms "SIT". He sat feeling absolutely silly on the little stool in front of his wife. His pretty legs were too long for the little stool he had a choice of sticking them straight out or bringing them up till they were under his chin, no matter what he chose he looked like what he was a sissy male dressed up like a girl. He settled on placing his ankles next to each other, bringing his knees up and putting his arm around his legs to keep his skirt from sliding down and showing too much leg. The women all seemed to be enjoying his predicament. Nurse Becky was reading from a yellow note pad, she smiled at him and went on. "As soon as he disrobed his erection was obvious, I would have expected more self control from a grown married man". Dr Evans turned to DR Sinclair, Marion Sinclair said " He was erect when we got there, he had two ejaculations in the course of a few minutes, it's clear he is out of control".

DR Evans turned to his wife and said "Fortunately for you we have several options, DR Sinclair will brief you". She looked at his wife and began, "I have developed an encapsulation process that completely encloses the genitals. He would need periodic prostate millings or anal penetration from a male for prostate health. I like the method because it allows him to remain hungry for sex but unable to get satisfaction. As you know this makes for a willing little sissy. The next choice is the complete removal of the genitals. Or we can do a simple castration, or we have a nice little operation we do. We make a small incision at the base of the penis cutting some nerve endings. This renders him impotent, he still has desires but alas he can’t do anything about it." She ended he talk with a big smile. He was about to die, he knew better than to speak but was trying to get his wife’s attention. She just ignored his tugs at her hem and his nervous movements. She smiled at DR Sinclair and said, "can we do the encapsulation next Wednesday?" "Of course we can" the doctor replied. He could stand it no longer he blurted out a protest only to hear his loving wife tell him that if he couldn’t be quiet she would schedule the castration. At least the encapsulation process held hope of eventual release from the genital bondage.

The women all stood and shook hands ignoring him. He was instructed to go with Nurse Becky to the front office to schedule his next visit and make his insurance co-pay. His wife and the two doctors were going to have lunch. He was told to return to his wife’s office and resume his secretarial duties after he was finished here. Nurse Becky got him all set for next Wednesday and as he was leaving the office she called out "Oh MR Clark" he heard the giggles, "your breasts really are lovely, and soon we will have that penis problem removed. Won’t that be nice?" He let the office door close behind him. The sound of his high heels failed to drown out the sound of the laughter that filled the office. He caught his reflection in the street door. Tall, smartly dressed, nice breasts and lovely legs, my God he was a woman. His head shook slightly as he said to himself "I really have no need for a penis anymore" Embarrassed at his own thoughts, "he thought, After the encapsulation I bet I’ll look great in tight jeans". Smiling he headed back to his job as his wife’s personal secretary.