A Submissive Sissy

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Baby Missy

Never Make Fun of a Witch

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The two boys hadn’t meant to knock over the old lady as they ran for the bus. They had been playing tag and they weren’t paying attention to where they were going. Of course it hadn’t helped when Gary called the old woman a "clumsy old bitch" after he knocked her down.

When she fell her dress lifted to her waist exposing her old fashioned panties and stockings that were being held up by an old-fashioned garter belt. It had probably been years since anyone had seen the old lady’s crotch and it was probably seldom used.

Sam who had been chasing Gary laughed and pointed at the poor old woman who was now spread eagle on the ground. Neither Sam nor Gary had really ever seen what was under a woman’s dress before so the sight was both funny and intriguing to them both.

Sam and Gary were the best of friends and they were both 12 soon to be 13. Both boys had raging hormones and were now experiencing their first sexual sensations. They giggled when they talked of their morning erections and the sticky fluids that filled their underpants after an erotic dream at night. Neither boy had any real sexual experience but they talked like they were studs and longed for their first girly experience.

The old woman on the ground felt the anger building inside of her as she watched the young boys laugh and make fun of her situation. She couldn’t believe that anyone could be so cruel. Not only were the boys laughing at her, neither had offered her any assistance in getting off the ground.

With as much dignity as she could muster, the old woman, gingerly got to her feet and pulled her dress down over her now exposed panties and stockings. No one knew that she could have magically risen to her feet if she used her powers as witch.

It had been many years since she had used these magic powers. She had promised herself that she would make her way through life with out having to use the special skills that had been passed on to her by her mother. In the back of her mind she remembered the warning that her mother had given her about using the powers with out carefully weighing the consequences. Her anger however was now getting the best of her.

With a wave of her hand, Gary and Sam were frozen in their tracks. Sam was still pointing at the spot where the old lady had landed and he still had the grin on his face.

Gary was frozen in place next to Sam with his hand on Sam’s back where he had been giving him a congratulatory pat on the back.

Although frozen in place. Both boys were conscious of their surrounding but they were unable to move and speak.

The old lady moved slowly around the frozen boys closely examining both the exterior of the boys and the interior of their minds. She noted that both boys were dressed very similar and that they were both definitely all boy. Dirty blue jeans and shirts with the tails hanging out adorned both of them. Their sneakers looked like they had miles of wear and their sneakers were dirty with laces untied.

A flash examination of both of their minds revealed years of rough and tumble play. Baseball and football scores and team information flooded their brains and dirty little thoughts about sexual fantasies with girls lurked in the corners of their minds.

As she did a mind scan on the two boys, the old lady noted that as she revealed their sexual thoughts, each one got a little erection in the crotch of their jeans. Obviously these sexual thoughts were very exciting to the boys and the witch thought she could use these thoughts to embarrass and punish the boys.

She quickly implanted the thought of a cute teenage girl undressing in the school locker room into the minds of the boys. As the girl undressed, she licked her lips and stroked her young breasts with her fingertips and winked at the boys. The sensations being felt by the frozen boys were more than they could bear and each of them quickly climaxed in their jeans, causing a wet spot to form in the crotch of their jeans.

Now it was the old lady’s turn to point and laugh as she released the boys from their frozen state.

Gary and Sam looked at each other knowing they had just cum in their pants and their faces turned beet red. As the boys tried to cover their crotches with their hands, the old lady again put them into a trance.

"You will both do exactly as I say when I release you from your trance".

The two boys nodded in their hypnotic state, unable to talk.

"Tomorrow is Saturday and I know from reading your minds that you were both planning on playing in your baseball teams championship game." "Instead when you get up in the morning, you will tell your parents that you are going to help out an old lady that you met today and you will come to my house". "Do you understand?"

Both boys nodded.

You will have no knowledge of what has just occurred, however you will both rush immediately home because you are aware of the cum in your trousers. When you get home, you will sneak into you mother’s bedroom where you will find the frilliest pair of panties your mother owns and you will put them on in place of your now stained and wet undershorts.

Both boys’ minds reeled from the instructions they were receiving. The thought of wearing their mother’s panties was revolting to them both. They had no idea that his was only a small taste of the revenge that the witch planned to take on them and their families.

When Sam awoke the next day he felt more rested that he had ever felt before. As he went to scratch as he did every morning, he knew immediately that things were different this morning. Instead of his jocky shorts, he felt the smooth coolness of nylon on his fingertips and when he looked down at what he was wearing his face went white.

He saw he was wearing pink nylon panties with lace around the edges. They were so pretty that he could feel his penis getting hard as he unconsciously began to rub his hand over the crotch. Although what he was doing was revolting to him he continued to caress the panties until he felt he was going to explode. Suddenly with out warning, he had the most intense climax he had ever felt. With out knowing why he reached his hand into the panties and scooped up the cum which was on his penis and in the panties. Unable to control himself he brought his cum covered fingers to his lips and he began to lick the cum from his fingers. As his mind was screaming "stop" he continued to eat the cum as if it was the sweetest nectar he had ever tasted.

Across town the same scenario was being played out in Gary’s room. Gary had discovered that although his panties were "blue for boys" they were the most feminine things he had ever seen. He also soon found himself stroking his crotch uncontrollably and his mouth was soon full of his own cum.

Neither boy had any idea that this had all been pre-planned by the old lady. They also had no idea that their nightmare was only beginning.

Although Sam and Gary knew they had a big game today, they didn’t don their baseball uniforms before they left the house. Instead they both went to their front doors where they found a package that had been placed there by the old lady the night before.

Gary went to his room and opened the surprise package not knowing that he was about to begin his travels into feminization. Inside the package was a pair of white panties with lace around the legs, a pair of white tights, and what could only be described as a sissy boy suit. Short pants, a white blouse with lace on the collar and sleeves and a little jacket which matched the shorts. There was also a pair of shiny Mary-Jane shoes with a little strap and silver buckle. To complete the out fit there was a straw hat with a ribbon that matched the suit.

Although mortified at the thought of wearing these clothes, Gary found himself putting on the white panties, followed by the white tights. As he looked in the mirror his mind was screaming at how sissified he was beginning to look but with out any control, he continued to don the sissy suit. He next put on the white blouse with the lacy cuffs on the sleeves and collar, followed by the shorts and jacket. The shorts allowed the lace of the panties to show and also the lace of the sleeves peeked out from the sleeves of the jacket. He then put on his Mary-Janes and buckled the straps. Finally he put on the hat with the ribbon that was now hanging down his back.

The image that now looked back at him from the mirror was mortifying. Gone was the baseball player and young stud. He was now looking at a vision of his most feared dreams. A young sissy boy stared back at him. With out any control over his movements, he performed a parody of a curtsey and blew a kiss to the sissy in the mirror.

Sam was in no better condition. He also had received a package and he was now staring at a sissy boy wearing a white suit similar to Gary’s but with a pink blouse, pink panties and tights and white Mary Janes.

At exactly the same time, the 2 sissy boys left their houses in their new suits and began skipping to the now delighted witches house.

Gary and Sam couldn’t believe they were skipping down the streets. Their ribbons were blowing in the breeze and people were pointing and giggling as the two little sissies passed by.

The two boys reached the old woman’s house at the same time and they were shocked when they saw how the other was dressed.

Instead of making fun of each other, Gary and Sam each did a curtsey and kissed each other on the cheek. They then took each other’s hand and skipped up to the old lady’s front door.

When the old lady opened the door she invited the two boys into her parlor for what was to become a most interesting day for our young lads.

Gary and Sam entered the house. Inside they were both terrified but again they could not speak. They both went meekly to the couch in the living room where they sat, still holding hands waiting for the old lady to speak.

"Well this is much better than yesterday" the old lady exclaimed. " Don’t you both look so pretty?

Gary immediately stood up with out knowing why and Lisped "thank you miss". Sam immediately did the same and then they returned to their seats.

" I have decided that your outlandish behavior yesterday needs to be severely punished," said the old woman.

"As you both know by now, I have the power to make you into what ever I wish" " I think you both look lovely as sissy boys, but I think we are going to have to make you into something even more girlish as punishment for your behavior."

"I thought your skipping here in your little boy sissy suits was a good start to the day but I have great plans for you for the remainder of the day." " When I’m done with you, you will both think that what you are wearing now is very masculine."

"Gary you will come with me first"

As Gary was led meekly away from the couch, Sam was terrified about what lay ahead. How could two all American boys be turned into simpering sissies? Although still unable to speak, the tears running down Sam’s cheeks told the tale.

Gary was led into what could only be described as a baby’s nursery. Not just any nursery but the nursery of a baby girl. As he looked around, he couldn’t believe how feminine the room really was. Everything was pink and white with touches of lace everywhere. Even in his current sissified dress, he was the most masculine thing in the room.

The old lady looked at Gary and reveled in his humiliation. She was now going to take the little boy sissy and turn him into the most feminine of little girls, "sugar and spice and every thing nice".

Gary was unable to move as the old lady began to slowly remove his sissy boy outfit. As she removed the clothing, the old woman commented on how pretty his panties and tights were, and what a pretty sissy boy he made.

Despite his revulsion to what was happening, Gary’s little penis grew hard as the old woman verbally humiliated him.

"Why I believe my little sissy likes what is happening to him" she said. She reached her hand out and stroked Gary’s little penis. "Just wait till my little sissy sees what I have for him, I meant "her" to wear."

Before Gary knew what was happening, he was being put into a fluffy diaper. His penis throbbed like never before as the old lady cooed in his ear.

"You are going to be such a pretty sissy baby girl aren’t you?" Gary without control said "Yeth Mommy". He sounded like a baby girl.

The old lady then pulled a pair of pink panties over the diaper followed by a pair of white tights with rows of ruffles and lace on the bottom. Gary was mortified as she then held up the fullest petticoat ever imagined. This feminine creation was covered with bows of pink and every layer ended with rows of the most delicate lace imaginable. The petticoat was very high waisted and when she lowered it over his head it failed to hide the pink lace on the bottom of his pretty tights.

Next she removed from the closet a pink chiffon baby dress festooned with lace, ribbons and bows. The dress was also very short and floated down over the petticoat as it was lowered over his head. Gary couldn’t understand why as he looked at himself in the mirror his little penis throbbed out of control.

Gary was then led over to a vanity table where face was transformed into a feminine baby look. A touch of mascara was applied to his long lashes and his cheeks glowed cherry red from the rouge applied to his cheeks. Next his mouth was formed into a cute girlish smile highlighted by the lipstick that was so neatly applied.

Frozen in awe at the image in the mirror, Gary watched as a curly blonde wig was placed on his head. The wig, that had lovely sausage curls, hung freely over his shoulders and was festooned on each side by a large pink ribbon.

Gone was the sissy boy. What stared back at him was a vision of a prissy sissy little girl dressed for her first party. As he was staring in the mirror, the old lady slipped pink Mary Janes onto his feet. The shoes had pretty pink bows and completed the outfit.

Gary had now been transformed into a vision of every mother’s dream of a little girl and every boy’s nightmare.

As Gary stood from the vanity the rustle of his petticoats sounded like thunder is his ears. When he tried to walk he found he could only waddle like a baby because of the diapers and tights that now encased his bottom.

The old lady smiled with satisfaction as she stared at her new baby girl. "I guess we will have to find a name for my new sissy won’t we?" Again Gary replied "Yeth Mommy".

"Let’s seeÖ..PrissyÖ..SissyÖ..MissyÖ..I know, how about Sissy Missy?" Although screaming on the inside, Gary jumped up and down his petticoats flapping in the breeze like parachutes.."Oh yeth pweeze mommy" " Can I be Sissy Missy?"

The old woman laughed at the now sissified male. "Of course you can be my Sissy Missy."

The old woman led "Sissy Missy" over to the full-length mirror in the nursery. The new baby girl reacted as any little girl might. She twisted and turned showing off her panties and petticoats and she twirled like a little ballerina in the mirror.

" Oh mommy I am so pwetty" "I wuv you so much and I wuv being your baby girl."

Gary was no longer in control of his body. Sissy Missy had taken over his mind and his body and he wanted more than anything to be the prettiest bestest wittle girl in the whole world.

As Sissy Missy pranced and primped in front of the mirror, the old woman felt it was now time to turn her attentions to Sam.

Sam had remained on the couch with his hands folded sitting up straight like a good sissy should. He had no idea that his friend Gary was now the simpering sissy "Sissy Missy" and that the same fate a waited him.

The old woman entered the room and smiled at the sissy boy sitting on the couch. "Have you been a good wittle boy while I have been gone?" asked the old lady. Sam stood and again did a parody of a curtsy and replied "yes mama".

"I think it is now time for you meet your new baby sister and also time for you to become my new baby girl."

Sam got off of the couch and took the old woman’s hand, like a dutiful sissy would. She then led him down the hall to the nursery where Sissy Missy waited for her new little sister.

As Sam entered the nursery he couldn’t believe his eyes. Gone was his old friend and pal. What he saw before him was the frilliest most sissified little girl he had ever seen. Covered in lace from head to toe, his best friend was now a baby girl. What amazed him the most was that despite his shock at seeing Gary dressed way he was was the fact that his penis was getting hard looking at Gary in his feminine finery.

Could it be he wanted to dress the same?

Without knowing why, he looked lovingly at the old lady and said in his most sissified girlish voice, "Pweeze could I have a pwetty dwess to mommy?" The old woman laughed out loud. " Of course you can be my sissy baby girl to Sam."

As Sissy Missy watched and played, Sam was transformed into a sissy baby girl. Sam was also placed into a diaper with lacy panties and tights but Sam’s dress and petticoat were the style of a baby girl’s first flower girl dress.

"Now what shall we call our new baby girl?" "I know how about Prissy Sissy?" Sam leaped for joy in his new dress and another sissy boy had been transformed into a sissy baby girl.

I think it’s time for my new baby girls to learn to play with each other the old woman exclaimed.

Although conscious of their former selves, the two baby girls smiled and giggled for the old lady.

Prissy I want you to lift up Missy’s skirt and pull down her diapers and panties. Although the old Sam was trying his best not to follow the old woman’ instructions, Prissy waddled over to Missy, lifted her skirt and pulled down the panties and diaper.

Missy’s penis popped out of its confines and Missy blushed as Prissy giggled.

"Ok Prissy I want you to kneel in front of Sissy Missy and I want you to suck on her little pee-pee like it’s a baby bottle."

Both Gary and Sam could not believe what was about to happen to them. Although they knew that they were masculine young boys, they were now behaving and acting like sissy baby girls. They had heard about blowjobs, but never in their wildest dreams did they ever think that they would be receiving one from another boy or even worse, giving one.

Sam (Prissy) slowly put his lipstick-coated lips against the tip of Gary’s (Missy’s) penis, causing Missy to moan with pleasure. Missy lifted her petticoats allowing Prissy even more access to her throbbing penis.

The old lady was ecstatic at the sight she was seeing, what appeared to be two baby girls were standing and kneeling before her. Prissy’s head was buried under Missy’s frilly skirts and as Prissy kneeled before Missy you could see Prissy’s bottom covered with frills.

Prissy began to lick Missy’s penis like a lollipop and her hand slowly stroked Missy’s penis up and down. With her other hand, Prissy reached inside her own diaper and began to play with her own little pee-pee.

Gary could not believe the sensations he was feeling. In his mind he wanted to reject the pleasure he was feeling, but he was no longer in control of his mind. His own little hands had wandered to the bodice of his frilly dress and he was pinching and fondling sissy little nipples through the nylon of the dress. The pleasure was so strong he could barely stand.

Prissy was busy sucking on Missy’s penis and each time she drew her mouth back from the penis, she could see her lipstick which had been left on the shaft of Missy’s penis. Prissy was shocked at what she was doing but she couldn’t to suck of the penis knowing she was going to ultimately find the creamy center.

"Well look at my two rude little boy’s now" the old woman laughed. "Don’t you look manly in you sweet little dresses. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much lace and frills in one place. I know you both fantasized about your first sexual experience but I doubt that you ever thought it would be like this. How doe’s it feel to be a cock sucker Prissy?"

Of course Prissy was unable to speak because her mouth was full of Missy’s penis that was now on the edge of exploding. Her cheeks did turn bright red from shame but this never her slowed her sucking action on the shaft in her mouth.

Missy could not stand the pleasure anymore as hip thrust forward and she began to cum into Prissy’s mouth. As Missy moaned in pleasure, Prissy did her best to swallow the cum which was now flowing down her throat. There was so much of Missy’s cum that it began to leak from Prissy’s mouth and dribble down her chin.

"I guess my baby Prissy needs a bib". Again the old lady laughed at what was happening.

"Missy I think you need to clean off Prissy’s chin and give her a big kiss for sucking your cock." Missy with drew her penis from Prissy’s mouth and leaned down to give Prissy a kiss.

When her lips touched Prissy’s mouth, she could taste her own cum which was still all over Prissy’s chin and tongue. Inside his mind Gary was repulsed at what he was doing but he greedily began to lick the cum from Prissy’s chin.

" I think it’s time now for Missy to make my Baby Prissy happy." Both Baby’s knew what this meant and although subconsciously they were terrified, the both clapped their hands like excited little girls.

"First you need to clean off Missy’s pee-pee and put it back in her diaper" Prissy gingerly began to lick all around Missy cock, licking up all of the remaining cum. Prissy then pulled up Missy’s diaper and tights and rearranged Missy’s petticoat and dress.

Both babies then gave each other a hug and a curtsy.

Prissy lay on the carpet of the nursery floor and lifted her skirts and petticoats so her diapers and tight were exposed. Missy kneeled between Prissy’s legs and as she did her petticoats billowed around her. Missy knew that a secret treasure awaited her inside of Prissy’s diaper and her hands trembled as she lowered Prissy’s tights and diaper.

Of course what she found inside was Prissy’s pee-pee which was already in a state of excitement from it’s previous stroking by Prissy.

Missy leaned forward and began to suck gingerly on Prissy’s excited cock. Prissy had taken her thumb and was sucking it in rhythm to Missy’s sucking action on her cock.

"Your such good babies." The old woman exclaimed. "It’s hard to believe that less than 24 hours ago you thought you were both tough guy’s. Look at your self’s now."

The old woman wheeled over a full length mirror so the two little sissies could see themselves in the mirror. What they saw chilled them to the bone and caused them great embarrassment.

Prissy saw himself with his pretty dress and frilly petticoats, laying on the ground. He was sucking his thumb and with his made up face and the ringlets of his wig, he looked a vision of little girl femininity.

Between his legs he could see his pal and best friend Gary (Missy) kneeling between his legs. Of course Gary no longer looked like a pal should look but rather he looked like someones baby sister. Every few seconds he could see the shaft of his penis as Gary’s head bobed up and down as Gary sucked Prissy cock. The sensations he was feeling erased the shame of his situation and he moaned as he watched the action. He knew he was going to cum in Gary’s mouth and he sucked harder on his thumb in anticipation.

Gary couldn’t see what was happening in the mirror because his head was covered by Prissy’s lacy petticoats. His head was covered in lace in frills and the caressed his face as he sucked up and down on Prissy’s penis. With out warning he felt Prissy’s hips leave the floor and the penis in his mouth began to spew big gobs of cum down his throat. Although he was totally repulsed at what was happening he swallowed the cum as fast as he could savoring the taste. Prissy’s penis continued to spurt for what seemed like an eternity. As much as he wanted to, Gary could not take his mouth of off Prissy’s penis and he continued to suck and lick it until every drop of cum was gone.

Sheepishly Gary brought his head out from under Prissy’s petticoats and looked at his face in the mirror. Cum covered his lips and cheeks and his face flushed with embarrassment. He looked in the mirror and what he saw was a little girl who looked like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

" Ok Missy, I want you to pull up Prissy’s diaper and tights and help her straighten out her pretty dress and petticoats. I then want you to give each other a big kiss and hug and tell each other that you love them."

Missy helped Prissy to her feet, and reached down and pulled up Prissy’s diapers and tights. "I wuv you Prissy" Missy said. "I wuv you to Missy." Replied Prissy. Then they gave each other a big kiss knowing that they were still tasting each other’s cum.

"Now I think it’s time for you to be allowed to return to your little boy status so you can tell me about how you’ve enjoyed your day so far." The old woman waved her hand over the dazed little girls who brought back to reality.

The two boys looked at each other stunned. They couldn’t believe how they were dressed and worst of all they couldn’t believe what they had just done.

"You’ll never get a way with this" shouted Gary. "My fathers a Police officer and he will have you arrested and thrown in jail". "Your in very deep trouble."

Sam was also stunned and although he had been brought back to his male status, all he could do was cry. "I’m so ashamed, I’m so ashamed" he said. "I sucked my best friend’s cock."

The old woman smiled and laughed at her two little victims. "You boys are in for a lot more humiliation and excitement before I’m done with you. I blame your macho fathers for part of your behavior so I may include them in your punishment. How would you feel if I gave your macho dad’s a lesson in feminine behavior? I’m sure they would both look very nice with a little make-up wearing pretty frilly underwear under their uniforms."

Gary and Sam were stunned. Both of their fathers worked together on the police department and they were the most manly of men. They couldn’t believe what the old lady was threatening to do. What else did this wicked woman have in store for them.

"I think my two little girls have been so good that they deserve a day at the park. But first we need to freshen your make-up and make sure you look very pretty for your cumming out party."

Gary and Sam trembled with fear knowing that the old woman had every intention of taking them outside dressed in their baby girl outfits. Every time the two boys moved they could both feel and hear the rustle of their frilly outfits. Inside the boys were totally humiliated at what they were wearing but they were behaving just like little sissy toddlers against their will.

"I think you each need a dolly to take on the field trip". She handed each of the boys a boy doll who was dressed in jeans as they had been before their transformations. "Of course boy dolls are not what sissies should play with so I am giving each of you some pretty doll clothes to dress your little boys up in, so they can be just like their mommies, all pretty and frilly. When your done, you can scotch tape a bow in their hair so everyone can tell that they are now baby girls.

Gary and Sam both sat on the floor with their dresses flared out like bells and they began to undress their little boy dolls. With the old ladies encouragement, they began to dress their little boys in the frilly outfits identical to the ones that they now wore.

"You’re my sissy missy little baby girl", Missy cooed to her dolly. "I want you to be just like me, no more nasty male clothes for you" Missy said. From now on it’s dresses and diapers for mommies little sweetheart."

Sam was doing the same thing to his little boy doll and soon both of the dolls looked identical to the two former boys. Each doll was a vision of loveliness, all dressed in lace and frills. Each of the boys took great pleasure in lifting the skirts of their dolls, so they could see the pretty petticoats and panties the dolls were wearing.

"Well it looks like my little girls and their dollies are ready to go to the park". The old lady gave each of the boys a baby carriage and she had the boys put their babies into the carriages.

"When we leave here, you are both going to behave like little ladies. You will skip behind your baby carriages as you push them down the side walk and when you skip, you will allow your petticoats to flip in the air so that every one can see your pretty tights and panties". "Do you understand?"

Both boys dropped into a deep curtsey pulling their skirts out to the sides and replied in the sweetest voices they could muster, "yeth mommy".

What a vision they made going to the park. It looked like to of the most feminine little girls in the world, skipping behind their doll carriages, going to the park with their mommy. Every time each of the boys would skip, their petticoats would flare out allowing everyone to see their lovely tights with the ruffles and bows on the bottoms. Their petticoats were so lovely as they went up and down with each skip and the girls giggled and laughed as they skipped along.

When they reached the park, the boys realized it was the same park where their baseball championship was being played. They soon realized that the old woman intended to expose them to their former teammates and show off her two new little girls.

"I want you to each go into the dugout, curtsey to each of your former friends and tell them how much more you like being a simpering sissy then you like being a nasty old baseball player."

Gary and Sam could not believe what they were about to do. They never in their wildest dreams ever thought that they could be so totally and utterly humiliated.

Gary was the first to go into the dugout. "Hi boy’s, I use to be your teammate Gary, but know I am Sissy Missy a wittle baby girl. I wuv being a girl and I wuv wearing my pwetty dweeses and panties." Gary lifted his dresses so that everyone could now see his pantied and diapered bottom. "Don’t you just love my prissy petticoats and lovely tights?" In addition to the humiliation he was feeling, Gary soon realized that his penis was again growing hard with excitement. "I wuv big strong baseball players and I especially love their manly pee-pees in their pants". Before Gary could stop himself, he was on his knees in front of the captain of the team, unzipping his penis.

Gary took out the captain’s penis and he began to suck on the penis as though his life depended on it. As the team laughed and pointed at the hapless youth, Sam followed suit and was busily sucking on the coach’s penis.

Soon both boy’s were greedily gulping down their reward of cum which had gushed from the objects of their desire. With eleven boys on the team, plus the coach, it wasn’t long before each of the former boys found their bellies full of the teams cum.

Both Gary and Sam had grown very hard with the excitement of what they were doing and they knew that it was now time to give each other some much-needed relief. The boys in the dugout were soon all standing, watching the two little sissies suck each other off on the bench.

With Gary on the bottom and Sam on the top, the two boys were busily sucking on each others cocks. It was quite a site, petticoats above their heads and tights down to their knees, the two sissies were sucking each other like pros.

At the same time and to the cheers of their team, both of the sissies filled each other’s mouth with gobs of sissy cum. To complete their humiliation, the old woman had them standup with their tights down to their knees and their now limp penis’ exposed, and give a big curtsey to the team. She then had them remove their wigs truly exposing them as the sissy boys they had become.

The boys died on the inside. They had become cock sucking sissy’s in front of their friends and they would never live it down. "Come along with me girls" the old woman exclaimed.

The two boys in a daze, put their wigs back on and pulled up their tights. They followed the old woman out of the park, again skipping gaily along the path as a baby girl would be expected to do.

"You babies were perfect" she said. "How does it feel to be little cock sucking sluts?" Maybe now you will understand why manners are important and why old ladies should be treated with respect.

"When we get home, I want you to each take off your pretty clothes and hang them up in the nursery. You will both remember clearly what you have done today and every Saturday, you will now come to my house and you will become my little girls for a day."

"During the week, you will still be boys, but you will now be everyones definition of a sissy boy. You will wear clothes that will make you look feminine and you will always wear traces of lipstick and make-up when you go to school. You will talk with a lisp and when you walk you will swish your hips like simpering sissies. You will carry little purses at all times and whenever you pass a mirror, you will primp and preen like little queens."

"As for your manly Dad’s, they will soon find the urge to wear your moms clothes and play with your moms make-up. Under their police uniforms, they will wear the frilliest of lingerie and instead of sporting weekends with your dads, you will now go to places like the ballet."

"Your dads will become best girlfriends and they will soon develop a taste for each other cocks just as you have. Your Moms will encourage the girly behavior by your dads and they will make sure that they are wearing the appropriate lingerie under their police uniforms. Only lingerie with lots of lace and girlish colors will be appropriate and they will always be wearing garter belts and sheer nylons."

"When you go to bed at night, you will dream girly dreams. You will dream about your weekends with me and the frilly clothes you love to wear. You will dream of the cocks you will get to suck and the further humiliations I have planned for you."

"Before I let you go, you will each masturbate the other until you cum. You will then lick the cum from your fingers and thank me for the wonderful time you have had today."

And finally, the most important thing you will dream is "Never Make fun of a Witch".