A Submissive Sissy

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Fanny Worship

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Mistress implemented a series of carefully thought-out training programs that were designed to eliminate any shred of masculine behavior on my part. I guess you‘d call it ‘mind control!’ These programs included Fanny Worship...Her plan of how to make sure i would always worship a Woman’s Fanny...and eventually worship the male rump as well.

As with all aspects of a Woman’s Body, i was prohibited from using the normal male terms for a Woman’s rear...terms that guys use like “ass,” “bootie,“ or “butt” and more recently “laffy taffy!” Even more moderate terms like “bottom” or “rear” were off limits...the only term i was permitted to use is “Fanny”...with a capital F for a Woman and a small f for a sissy’s rear. The word “fanny” is usually associated with the lexicon of very young children, and Mistress was amused whenever i used it. For non-sissy males, i was required to use the term “manly rump.”

Mistress explained to me that, after a Woman’s Bosoms, their Fannies are the next anatomical part of so many male fantasies and desires. Women seem to instinctively know the effect that their Fannies have on males...real men as well as we sissies...they wear clothes that accentuate their Fanny shape, they sport tattoos above their Fannies...sometimes even on their Fannies. Their Fannies swing and rock as they walk. At the beach, of course, the Teen and 20s crowd especially show off their naked Fannies as they strut along wearing thong bikinis. Real men look at these with much appreciation...and usually with some comments or whistles to show their enthusiasm. Not sissies like me. Because of my training, i don’t dare look at the Women’s Fannnies...i’m much too intimidated by them, and i prefer not to go to the beach.

Needless to say, shortly after our marriage, i had to begin shaving my own sissy fanny, and this became and every other day ritual. Of course, underwear were completely out of the question...She threw out all of my underpants and replaced them with frilly panties, mostly in sissy colors like pink, peach, and lavender. These i wore even to work underneath my male office attire.

I had to learn to show respect to my Wife’s Fanny on a daily basis. Instead of the goodbye kiss that most males give their Wives as they leave for work, i had to kneel down and kiss my Wife’s Fanny, whether She was wearing jeans, Her nightie, or just panties. Same thing when i returned home from work...no matter where She might be in the house, i had to seek Her out, curtsey, and kneel and kiss...very reverently...Her Superior Fanny.

Eventually, She began requiring me to do this in public. Sometimes, when we would meet some of Her friends in town, She would amuse Herself and Her friends by quietly telling me to “Kiss it!”, and i would immediately go to Her rear, kneel, and kiss it. Her friends would usually howl with laughter. On several occasions, Her friends would be invited to give me the same command, and i would have to oblige, kneeling behind them and kissing their backsides. Even with their giggles, i would try to pretend that this was just a joke...but they all knew i was a pathetic sissy whose Wife was in complete control. Even in the grocery store or the mall, my Wife would humiliate me if i displeased Her in any way by making me kneel and kiss Her Fanny. Other men who saw this looked absolutely disgusted, although some of the younger guys would point and laugh out loud, calling me names like “queer” or “faggot.” And more than once in a checkout line, my Wife would say out loud things in front of men and Women like “If you don’t behave little man I’m gonna take you home and spank your Fanny!” Sometimes i would come close to tears at this humiliation. Fortunately, i lived at the time in a large metro area (Dallas/Ft Worth) and didn’t have to worry too much that someone from work would see these displays.

My Wife made me buy a photo album, into which i had to put various photos from magazines and the Internet showing Women’s Fannies...some of them covered with panties...some not. Some of them were Fannies of very large Women...some were photos of Fannies of younger Women. But each night, before going to bed, i had to leaf through the album and look at the Women’s Fannies in an attitude of reverence and respect. She also began making me put on red lipstick before going to bed, and i’d have to kiss the photos of the Playboy centerfold Fannies that i had taped to my nursery wall. After a few years, those Playboy Fannies were literally covered with my own red lipstick imprints...signs of my respect for Fannies.

Naturally, my own sissy fanny received a regular dose of spankings from my Wife...sometimes with Her own hand, sometimes with Her Hairbrush, sometimes with a belt. And eventually, shortly after the time She began allowing me to nurse Her Bosoms like a baby, She decided to use the same technique with Her Fanny. On these special occasions, i would be allowed to come into Her bedroom while She lay face down and naked on the bed. This was to be Fanny Worship time. Most often, She would choose a time shortly after She had sex with Her lover, or after She’d visited the toilet, or even after She’d finished jogging. Her Fanny would always be moist and fragrant on these occasions. Again dressed in my little nightie and panties, i would be instructed to crawl toward Her on the bed, my hands behind my back, and start by kissing...reverently...Her Fanny cheeks. I had to cover these with kisses until She grunted “okay,” which meant that my face...my nose, my mouth, my lips...were to press themselves in between Her cheeks and seek out Her Fanny hole. She wouldn’t talk during these sessions, and neither could i. My job was to use my tongue to lick and lick and lick...sometimes for what seemed like hours. She enjoyed the tongue job, i could tell, and sometimes i would even hear Her moan softly as She would arch Her Fanny up to my face. Who knows who She was thinking of at the time...certainly not me! Sometimes i would smell the muskiness of another male...sometimes just the moist warmth of Her toilet. As in Bosom Training, i was not allowed to play with my wee-wee...i could only lick and lick and lick until i was told to stop.

And when She finally would order me to stop, it was...guess what? Spanking time again! This was my reward for servicing Her Fanny. And it seemed like She was especially energetic in giving me these “after-Fanny service” spankings. She would scold me for being such a sissy and not being able to please Her like a real man...She would call me Faggot and Queer and all kinds of names to humiliate me. Sometimes i think my Fanny-licking actually turned Her on sexually, and She wanted to punish me all the more for not being man enough to please Her with my tiny penis. She told me i was going to have to learn to kiss a man’s rump...or another sissy’s rump...the same way someday. She would yell at me that i was totally useless to Women, and that i needed to spend my time learning how to please other males.

This actually came to pass a few years later when we had moved to Munich, Germany. After a night on the town dancing, my Wife met another effeminate male who called himself “Gypsy.” She brought him home to our apartment, where she introduced him to me...i was wearing my pink nightie at the time, and i curtseyed to him as he came in. After some small talk and a couple of drinks, Gypsy and i sat down on the couch in front of my Wife, and She told us to start kissing each other. Of course, we did...swapping tongues as he rubbed his hands over my body.

It was later that She asked Gypsy to takes his clothes off and lay face down on the couch...and i was ordered to service his own rump. His rump was actually rather Feminine looking, although there was certainly a lot more hair. But i placed my face between his cheeks and began to lick and probe his own rump hole, smelling the distinct manliness that wasn’t apparent when i did this with my Wife Master. And, of course, his balls were dangling there right below my face...a reminder that i was finally rimming another male. Believe it or not, my tiny wee sprang to attention and i found myself strangely excited by doing this to another man. Eventually, we both did “69” with each other, squirting our sissy juices into each other’s mouths while Wife laughed and ridiculed me. She later rewarded Gypsy by letting him fondle and suck on Her Bosoms, while i had to sit and watch, knowing that this sissy was being allowed to do something that was forbidden to me.

I am still to this day in awe of Women’s Fannies. They’re meant to be worshipped, revered and respected. I never use the vulgar terms referring to Fannies...i never ogle Fannies like i used to...i never masturbate to photos of Women’s Fannies, but...yes...i do masturbate to photos of male rumps...real man rumps and sissy rumps. And yes, i still occasionally get to lick a male rump...usually sissies i meet through the Internet. Although i am no longer with my former Wife, i still respect the fact that She taught me to revere and worship the Female Fanny. My motto is still “A sissy’s place is at a Woman’s Rear!”