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Bossom Training

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When i first got married to my Mistress, She took it upon Herself to introduce me to a series of training programs designed to totally sissify me and enhance my usefulness to Her as Her personal sissymaid. One of these programs She called Bosom Training. She told me that all sissies must learn to respect...even fear...Ladies’ Bosoms, because Bosoms are one of the most obvious differences between the male and Female anatomy.

She patiently explained that, throughout male-dominated history, males have treated Ladies’ Bosoms in a totally sexist manner...sometimes even with contempt. Males have long used terms like “titties” and “boobies” and “hooters,” and “jugs” and even worse to refer to this most magnificent and nurturing part of a Woman’s body. How many males use even the more modest term of “Breast”? Not very many, She said. She told me that i must always refer to a Woman’s Breasts as the much more sissified term of “Bosoms,” and sometimes even “Bosom Wosoms,” terms that a real man would never, ever use. She told me that male obsession with Bosoms most likely results from their early infancy, when the Mother’s Bosoms were the source of life itself for the baby. Why, then, don’t Females have a similar obsession? According to Mistress, the Females eventually develop their own Bosoms, and then begin to realize the power that they have over males.

Most men, according to Mistress, love to ogle Women’s Bosoms, and aren’t ashamed to admit it. During lovemaking, they devour the Bosoms, massaging them and licking and sucking them to the Woman’s delight. Some men even get to put their manly Penises between the Woman’s Bosoms, and this, too, is frequently a source of much pleasure to the Woman. Many Women delight in showing off their Bosoms in public, wearing thin or low-cut tops, some of which clearly show their Lady Nipples. And in a beach area, like where i live, Women and Girls of all ages love to strut along the sand in the barest of tops and thong bikinis. It’s like They’re saying, “Look at me! I’m a Woman (or Girl) with Bosoms, and I can make men stare at me, openly or secretly, and that means power!”

But the sissy, according to Mistress, must forever be denied the pleasure of sucking, licking, massaging, even looking at...Women’s Bosoms. And the purpose of Bosom Training was to turn me from a male who previously ogled Women’s Bosoms and masturbated to photos of topless Women in Playboy magazine into a pantiewaisted sissy who would soon become terrified of Women’s Bosoms!

The first step of my Bosom Training was to shave my entire chest and underarms (my fanny and wee-wee area already having been shaved). I was instructed to always keep my own chest nipples cleanly shaved and powdered, and i was required to wear a thin pink bra underneath my regular shirts, except when i went to work. This, She said, was to get me used to the routine that real Women follow every day. She had me buy a Breast pump, and i had to use this on a daily basis to try and promote softness in my own chest nipples...this actually works, by the way!

Whenever i was in public, with or without Mistress, i was never, ever permitted to stare or even gaze upon a Woman’s Bosoms, no matter how uncovered they might be. If i saw a Woman with partially exposed Bosoms or even in a tight-fitting t-shirt, i was required to immediately lower my eyes to the ground. If i failed to do this when Mistress was with me, i would get a sharp smack on my face and a scolding to embarrass me, like “I told you not to look at Women’s Breasts!” This, obviously, created some laughter on the part of the Woman i was accused of ogling...they must have wondered about the wimpy husband who would accept such treatment.

The same instructions applied at home. After almost a year of marriage, i was finally told i could no longer look at my own Wife Master’s Bosoms naked. If i went into Her bedroom and She was naked, i had to look down at the floor. Only if i was ordered to do so could i look directly at Her naked Bosoms. Needless to say, and thoughts i had of sucking, touching, massaging or kissing Her Bosoms, as i had done before we were married, were out the window. Never again, She told me, would i be allowed the privilege that only real men could have. Her Bosoms were off limits to me forever. That was final, She said. Forever. How ashamed i felt, knowing that all my married male friends were able to please their wives and enjoy the comforts of their Wives’ Bosoms...but not for me, a sissy.

In my bedroom, which my Mistress Wife referred to as my nursery, i had to tack Playboy centerfolds along one entire wall. These were all beautiful Women models, and all had beautify Bosoms on display. But then my Wife went and put adhesive tape over all the Bosoms, especially the Nipple area, and wrote things in a marker like “Not for Sissies,” and “For Real Men Only,” and “Sissies Can’t Touch These!” etc. This was a constant reminder to me, whenever i was in my own nursery, including when i was asleep, that Bosoms were off limits.

Naturally, this denial of the pleasure of looking at Bosoms only intensified my desire to do so. So my Mistress decided i would actually have to come to FEAR Bosoms. She wanted me to become so sissified that i would actually be afraid to look at Bosoms...the way i am today. But first, She decided, i would have to learn to RESPECT them. She made me respect Her Bosoms periodically making me nurse Her Bosoms like a baby!

To begin with, i had to practice in my nursery, wearing a pink nightie, panties, and bra, with a pacifier hung around my neck. I would have to lay on my back on my bed and nurse the pacifier while She watched, sometimes for as long as a half-hour. She made me make baby slurping and smacking noises on the pacifier, and i had to moan and whimper while i did this. She said this was how i would have to do it when She finally agreed to allow me to nurse Her own Bosoms. It was more than a month, i forget exactly how long, before i was allowed that supreme pleasure! She allowed me to rub my tiny wee-wee while i nursed on the pacifier, but She told me that when the day came that i would be permitted to nurse Her Bosoms, i would not be allowed to masturbate or fondle my little penis. She said i wouldn’t have the nursing privilege until i learned to master the art of nursing my own pacifier like a squirming, helpless little baby. Eventually i did.

During my first nursing session, which occurred during my second year of marriage, i had to dress in an ultra-Feminine frilly pink nightie with matching bra, pink socks with white lace, and pink, lacy panties. I still had to have my pacifier in my mouth when i crawled, actually crawled, into Her bedroom. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with Her red panties and a flimsy black nightie on. Her own Bosoms were covered, but i could see their outline beneath the material. Her Spankers, that is, Her Legs, were bare, and She held a hairbrush in Her hand. She pointed at Her Spankers and told me to sit on Her lap. I did as i was told, of course, and i was extremely nervous.

As i sat on Her lap and looked at Her, She explained the rules. I was to keep my hands clasped together behind my back...there would be NO touching...that was for real men, She laughed. I would NOT be permitted to nurse Her Bosoms until She commanded me to do so. She said She was going to tease me with them, but if i made any attempt to kiss them or put my lips on them the session would be ended immediately and i would get a severe spanking. In fact, She told me with a smile, i was going to get a spanking after the session was done anyway...She wanted to condition me to equate painful spankings with nursing Ladies’ Bosoms. I was told to suck noisily on my pacifier, making the babyish noises and whimpers that i’d practiced for the past few weeks. Also, She instructed, when ordered to nurse, i could only suckle on the actual Lady Nipple...i was not to place my face on any other part of Her Bosoms, even though they would be tantalizingly close. No licking...no nibbling...no biting...just nursing like a baby. And, She said, i would be required to close my eyes...She didn’t want me staring at Her Bosoms like a man.

At that point, i didn’t care about the restrictions...just to be allowed to nurse a Woman’s Bosoms was satisfaction enough. How long had it been? Slowly, She parted Her nightie and popped out one magnificent Bosom, which stared at me as though it knew it was looking at a sissy! I felt ashamed, but still excited. She began talking to me softly, teasing me for being such a sissy. She bent forward and moved Her Bosom closer to me, tempting me, even lightly brushing my face with the nipple, but all i did was whimper and suckle on my pacifier. I remember my wee-wee was poking up in my panties, but i kept my hands firmly together behind my back. I didn’t want to spoil this night.

Finally, She told me to drop my pacifier and nurse Her Nipple...like a baby. I closed my eyes and gently took Her Nipple in between my lips, and began sucking it, making loud slurping and smacking noises as i’d been taught. She taunted me, saying that real men could massage Her “Tits” and suck them and cum on them but not sissies like me. I kept my eyes closed, and swooned at the fragrance of Her perfumed Bosoms. I wanted so much to bury my head in them, but i knew that would be the immediate end of the session. After awhile, She offered me Her other Bosom, and i was in total ecstasy at this rare treat. That’s what She intended it to be...a rare privilege that i would have to earn...certainly not a right.

At the end, She covered up Her nightie and then began a most unusual ritual, which i would have to perform every time i was granted the privilege of nursing...speaking directly to Her Bosoms. She bared both Bosoms, and thrust them to my face, and i was told to address them as Ms Bosoms as if they were Women in their own right. She said i would thank them with the utmost sincerity for having been given the privilege of nursing them; that i would tell them how much of a sissy i was; and then...this was the important part...i was to confess to Her Bosoms of ANY transgressions that had taken place in the recent past. Any feelings of rebellion i might have had...any grumbling i might have done behind Mistress’ back...and masturbation i might have done without permission...any pouting that had taken place...anything at all. She explained that confessing directly to Her Bosoms would help teach me respect for them. And after the confession, i was told that i must beg the Bosoms to have Mistress...my lawfully wedded Wife...punish me for looking at them.

I recall confessing a variety of sins to Her Bosoms that night, although i don’t recall exactly what they were...but i was almost weeping at the end of the confession, and begged Her Bosoms to have me punished. Which, of course, was next...i was placed over Mistress’ Spankers, my panties were pulled down, and i was given a hairbrush spanking until i was screaming in a girlish voice and begging Mistress for mercy. She wouldn’t stop, though, until She saw actual tears streaking down my cheeks. Afterwards, i would have to kiss the hairbrush and thank Mistress.

I can tell you that, in time, these training sessions led me not only to respect all Female Bosoms, but also to fear them. No longer did i want to look at naked Bosoms...no longer did i stare at a Woman’s Bosoms in public...to this day i have a habit of looking downward anytime i see a Woman with noticeable Bosoms. I fear going to the beach, even though i live only minutes away from the beaches of Destin and Ft. Walton Beach...to many teenage Girls and college Ladies strutting around with almost bare Bosoms for me.

After several years of this training, and this was all along part of Mistress’ plan, She introduced a new concept...training me to prefer looking at males’ chest nipples. This was part of Her Faggot Training program, which She had begun at the same time, and about which i shall write more later. But the specifics of the chest nipple training were simple.

During my nursing session, She eventually began bringing Playgirl centerfolds and other photos of naked men into the bedroom with Her...She even had some photos of sissy males who wore bras and who had growing Bosoms of their own! These She placed beside Her as i sat upon Her lap. Remember, during the nursing sessions, i was forbidden to masturbate or even touch my pathetic little wee-wee, even though i ached to do so. She told me i had two choices: She would bare Her Bosoms to me and allow me to nurse to my heart’s delight (with the after nursing spanking of course), or, if i chose, i could fondle and then masturbate my little penis while looking at...even kissing...the photos of male chest nipples. At first, i chose the nursing, with the accompanying spanking and pain and confessions, but after a time my desire to stimulate my little clitty took over and i would move AWAY from Her Bosoms and crawl onto the bed to lick the manly chest nipples and masturbate, while She watched and laughed and ridiculed me. It usually didn’t take long for me to sissy squirt on myself to Her delight and amusement. To think, i chose to masturbate to a picture of a man’s chest nipples over actually tasting my Wife’s Bosom Nipples!!!

It’s been many years since my divorce (which had nothing to do with my being Her sissy), but to this day i prefer looking at photos and movies of men with sexy chest nipples...even sissies with large Bosoms. Whenever i see beach tourists in town, i look away from the Girls and Ladies in their bikini tops, but i do definitely ogle the young males who are completely topless, and i always groan in ecstasy at these. On the Internet, i frequently masturbate to photos of sissies in their bras and manly men with muscle-laden chests and chest nipples, all the while thinking to myself that sissies like me HAVE to suck manly chest nipples...and NEVER, EVER have the privilege of touching or even seeing a Woman’s Bosoms. I think You would agree that my ex-Wife’s Bosom Training program was a complete success!