A Submissive Sissy

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Fetish Enhancement 401

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It was a beautiful sunny Wednesday morning. I was a little burnt out from work, a little down. There was a little more mail in my P. O. Box than usual, but one envelope in particular sparked my interest as I drove away. Little did I know my life was about to get a violent waking.

I could smell the perfume before opening the envelope. The letter had a Buffalo, NY post mark, but there was no return address.

It was a long hand written letter that reeked of perfume.

And the letter read.....

'Dear Larry,

You have been a bad, bad boy haven't you?

No Larry, you don't know who am, but I know much about you! Some friends of mine have told me all about you. You are a very unusual man aren't you? And how is your sweater collection coming along? I find it extremely interesting that a grown man can get so attached to women's sweaters. I do hope your knitting magazine collection is growing.

How I love men who will submit to me. You are going to submit to me aren't you Larry? Of course you are. We both know you don't have much choice, do you?

Am I receiving all of your attention, Larry? I certainly hope so.

You know nothing of me do you Larry? If you open the envelope enclosed with this letter, you may gaze at me. I hope you like my ultra thick and furry mohair coat. I love it. It is so warm. Are you excited Larry? Does this excite you?

I am 5' 8", 122 pounds. Although you can't tell very well from the photo, I have a heavenly body. You do love large breasts don't you, Larry? I am 27 years old. Like you, I have a nice wardrobe of sweaters. I own 37 sweaters of which I think you would love several of them. And yes, Larry, I am a bitch. I love men who are submissive. I love the look of helplessness in their eyes as they realize they have absolutely no will to resist me.

I use a forwarding service in Buffalo, NY. No, I don't live in Buffalo. For all you know, Larry, I may live in Rochester, or in a little town nearby. I could live in Anchorage, Alaska for all you know, couldn't I? We may meet someday, we may not. That will be up to me. Start to realize, Larry, if you answer this letter, everything from that point will be up to me won't it?

You see, Larry, I operate an academy. It is called 'The School of Fetish Enhancement'. I specialize in leather and rubber, but when I learned of your fetish for women's sweaters, I was absolutely astonished. I love wearing sweaters also, Larry. I never imagined there was a man somewhere who shared my interest.

Should you answer me Larry, please be assured that your very unusual fetish will be relentlessly taken advantage of.

Once we begin, I am the only one who terminates the relationship. You do not have that right. If you continue, you will find that I am very thorough in my training. This will be real, Larry, even though at least at first it will mainly be through correspondence. However, I will be fair, and your discretion will be honored. That is unless you fail to complete or pass the course.

Since you are so advanced in sweater worship, we will skip some courses. Your first required course will be sweaters 401A. Entrance into the Academy will require the following:

1) A list of all sweaters and knit items you now own must be compiled and included with your other enrollment requirements. Details such as colors, material, special designs, amount paid, where it was purchased, etc must be included with each. They are to be listed in order by favorite sweater to least favorite.

2) A complete list of all knitting magazines, knitting books and leaflets is to be compiled and included.

3) My friends tell me you are an excellent writer. They tell me you have written some stories on the subject of sweaters. Send a copy of each story. They may be typed, but in your own handwriting, under the title, you must acknowledge authorship.

4) In your own handwriting, you will write 50 times: 'larry fisher is Mistress Angora's sissy little sweater slut.'

5) You will purchase a Polaroid camera if you don't already own one. It must have a timer. You will also purchase a bra. Buy a nice D cup, slut. I think large breasts go nicely in sweaters don't you?.

6) You will take 5 photos. The photos will be of your full body dressed in your 5 favorite sweaters. Stuff your bra real full, sissy. I want to see those tits stick way out in each photo. Pull each sweater up so I can see your cock in each photo. And it had better be hard each time. Oh, and smile for the camera, sissy.

7) You will handwrite the following statement, date it and sign it:

'I Larry Fisher, of my own will have asked Ms. Angora to enroll me into her course called 'sweaters 401A'. I realize that the course will require me to purchase materials that will be essential to the course. I am financially able to do this, and it won't be a deterrent to my completing the course. I realize that once I have agreed to enter the course, I must fulfill the requirements of the course, or my wife will be notified of my failing grade. I will abide by the rules of the school, and realize that discipline may be used in case of my tardiness, or inability to fulfill assignments given. With my signature, I am very happy to have Ms. Angora as my instructor for the duration of this course.'

8) All registration items must be postmarked no later than September 29th. This should give you two weeks to complete your tasks. I will not acknowledge any of your letters past that time. This is a one time opportunity for you, Larry, so don't blow it.

I hope you are as excited as I am about our future relationship, Larry. I can assure you, I am fair, but I will not tolerate tardiness, sloppiness, or lack of enthusiasm. I am very relentless and thorough in my lessons. You will learn mainly by mail, but at some point we will talk on the phone, and possibly meet in person. I will enjoy totally entrapping you using your fetish. The money is secondary for me. Think very seriously before forwarding your registration, Larry. Have no doubts, this is for real, and once you enter my Academy, no matter how much you beg, you will not be set free until you fulfill the requirements of the course. And you had better be an 'A' student. Yes, Larry, this is for real!! -- Sincerely - you're Mistress'

Enclosed with the letter was her breath taking photo of a drop dead beautiful young woman dressed in a heavenly thick sweater coat. I couldn't believe this had happened to me. Who had told her? Was this for real, or was someone playing games. My hands trembled as I read the letter through for the second time.

Her requirements were very demanding. It seemed that her wants were pretty compatible with mine, and besides she didn't know where I lived, since I used a post office box, so I felt fairly safe.

The assignments weren't that terrible, since I had most of them in computer files anyway. Within a week, after little hesitation, I sent her everything she had required.

One week later, I received a letter from her. The letter took me completely by surprise as it was not addressed to my post office box, but to my business address. Uneasily I opened the envelope which read:

'Dear sweater slave, Larry,

Oh, how I love the power I feel over you now. Of course you know I own you! Yes, things are progressing very nicely. Your grade for your first assignment is an 'A'. You did everything perfectly, and a week ahead of schedule. How nice. I am very happy with you so far.

You may have been surprised that I have addressed this letter to your place of business. Yes, I also know your home address and home phone number. You shouldn't be surprised, I did say I am very thorough.

The photos were good. I showed them to two of my friends who happened to be visiting the day I received them. They were so amused!! They couldn't believe that a man would actually make such a fool of himself. We sat and talked about you and laughed for hours, Larry. We all agreed you are such a sissy!!!

I haven't read through all of the stories yet, but my friends were correct, you are quite a writer. My two girlfriends read through a couple of them after looking at your photos. Before they had to leave, we were all out of breath from laughing.

I hope you know you are going to make good use of that talent!! I didn't realize you owned so many sweaters. Many of them are so feminine. That is so cute.

You may have sensed that I do not play games. Your assignments are highly personalized, and they take time to develop. You will note that I will not give you an assignment that is not 100 percent verifiable. Some assignments may be very embarrassing, some time consuming. But I know what you need, and you are going to receive it, like it or not, Larry. Do not disappoint me.

Now, for assignments which must be postmarked no later than October 31.

1) I see a definite need for your sweater wardrobe to increase. My goal for you by the end of next year is to see how many women's sweaters, sweater dresses, and knit items you can find for yourself. I prefer this number to be well over 200. But of course, it is not going to be easy to find that quantity of especially thick and furry sweaters will it? You know you want to purchase them, Larry, you just need a push. As I see it you own 80 sweaters and sweater dresses, three knit skirts, one pair of pink mohair knee socks, one pair of red mohair shorts, one pair of blue angora panties, one mohair hat, and two pair of mittens. You are such a sissy to have all that feminine clothing. And that is an excellent start Larry. But not nearly enough for a true sweater sissy like you!! I want you to own 110 sweaters by the year's end. So you are going to be a busy little shopper, aren't you? By the end of the month you will have purchased thirteen additional pretty sweaters. I do not particularly care how you purchase them, or where. But you must purchase thirteen items. They must be as thick and furry as possible. A receipt must be supplied substantiating each and every item. And finally, you must pose in each sweater individually, so that I can ad to Larry's sissy sweater scrapbook!!. Of course you have to buy them. You have no choice, or you may fail the course. And then I'd have to send a full report to your wife wouldn't I? Since she knows nothing at all about your other side, Larry, I tend to think that may present some problems don't you. Oh, make sure you wear your stuffed bra under each sweater. And look real pretty for myself and my friends. Who knows, maybe someday my many girlfriends and myself will have a sweater party. You will be the entertainment, Larry, so practice being a very pretty sissy for us won't you?

2) Since you are such an excellent writer, you must document our entire relationship in a story entitled 'Fetish Enhancement 401'. Each and every month an account must be written and enclosed with each month's report. The story will go on and on until our relationship is discontinued, should that happen.

3) Now, let me see. This will be due early. Postmarked no later than October 21. I like the layered look in sweaters, Larry. So, this is how you are going to use your Polaroid to amuse me this month. Make certain you have 20 exposures to use before you begin. I have a feeling you won't want to go to the store to purchase more film in the middle of this assignment. Photo 1. Little sissy larry is standing there facing the camera in a profile pose with his left hand on hip. You are wearing your bra, powder blue panties, and pink knee socks only. Smile for the camera, Larry boy. Photo 2. Don't take anything off. Put on your yellow angora skirt, and a white mohair turtle neck. Stick those tits out, slut. Photo 3. No need to take anything off, just keep on dressing. You have a cute green mohair sweater. You are to wear your heavy wool green striped skirt also. Make certain you pull the necks through so you can see them as you put each additional sweater on. I certainly don't want you to get cold. Photo 4. Now put on your black mohair skirt, and soft white angora sweater. How about a real sexy pose. Wear your pink mittens and cup your tits while giving a nice sexy expression to the camera. Photo 5. I want to see that green mohair flowered dress, Larry. Hands behind back, smile for the cameras. Photo 6. Your red long sweater will warm you up. Suck your thumb, and put your other hand over that groin area that should be very excited by now. Photo 7. How about that nice tan mohair flowered dress. Wear the pink mittens, put them both over your private area. Your expression should be the same as when you ejaculate. Photo 8. I want to see this unusual neck brown striped sweater. Cup your breast with your right hand, over your privates with the other. Oh, put as much of one of your pink mittens in your mouth as possible, and tie it in place with a belt. Photo 9. Don't you dare touch that gag. And how about putting that nice purple turtleneck on. You can do it. Keep your hands and head warm with your matching mitten, hat set. Photo 10. Do you think you can put your pink turtleneck mohair sweater on without damaging it? If you can, do so, and hold up your red mohair pants as if you were begging me not to force you to wear them. Photo 10. Drape your powder blue mohair sweater around your waist. I want to see you kissing your olive flowered mohair dress like you were in love! Photo 12. If possible, put your blue flowered mohair sweater over the rest along with your matching mittens and hat. You may be a little warm, Larry.

There had enough? You sweater slut!! I am fascinated to see how you do with this assignment, so make sure you do this in a timely matter. Sooner if possible.

4) You will write an essay entitled, 'My Sweater Hobby'. It will go into detail about your fetish from the beginning. Leave out no details.

5) Write a confession of how much of a sissy you are. I want to know how much you love dressing in your feminine attire. I don't care if you actually enjoy it or not. The confession had better be good and convincing, and two single spaced pages.

6) Finally, you will write me a five page single spaced letter. I expect your thanks for my attentions in that letter. Express all your feelings, and be very truthful. Send me a gift. I like surprises, Larry. If you send me a sweater, I will send a photo of myself wearing it!

You see, that is not so terrible of an assignment, is it Larry. I warn you now, do not be tardy. Do as you are told in a timely manner. You don't want to disappoint me in any way.

your Mistress,'

My knees were knocking by the time I finished reading her very demanding letter. This was much more than I had bargained for. She sounded as if she meant business. This was for real.

My first thoughts were unbelievable excitement. But the more I thought of it, my thoughts turned more toward complete and utter panic, as I realized that I really didn't have anyway out of this. I was hers to use anyway she wanted. This scared me.

It was very embarrassing posing for the photos. I almost didn't mail them, because I knew with these she just pulled me further down into her grasp. But out of fear, I mailed them.

Every chance I could I went shopping for sweaters. I just couldn't locate the sweaters though. This is ridiculous, I thought. What could she do to me? By the thirty first I had found only seven sweaters. Everything else I had completed, and I explained I only have so much time available, hoping she would understand. I did however love the push she was giving me. I love sweaters, and she was pushing me further into my unusual fetish.

I did make a point to purchase her a sweater, though. It was a beautiful red angora sweater. This was the least I could do, as this was very exciting.

Now came the hard part. Waiting for the next letter.