A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


Percy Periwinkle's Passage

User Rating:  / 6

Poor Percy. He badly ‘misunderestimated’ his new stepmother, just as he badly calculated most things in life. He was a near-do-well, officious, little twit who managed to irritate virtually every living soul with whom he came in contact. Even animals despised him. Enter Miss Wilhelmina Willing Waxwell to ‘correct’ the problem. The rest, as they say, is frilly sissy-history. The story is in three parts.


Miss Prissy Paunceworth

User Rating:  / 11

This is a female authoritarian sissy school story, although with a softer touch than most. There is candy and spice and (mostly) everything sissy-nice! So, if oodles of prissy frilly outfits, super swishy behavior and a little sex are your thing, please read on.


Dani's Story
 Book III, Decisions

User Rating:  / 3

"Decisions" concludes the "Dani" coming of age trilogy. Mummy retakes direct control during the final days of our 18 year-old sissy’s en femme holiday. Several "learning" experiences help our heroine along to her required decision before returning to school. That is, of course, if there really was any "decision" to be made in the first place whilst under Mummy's pervasive control! Caution: Certain chapters contain brief incest scenes. (Mummy insisted!)


Dani's Story
 Book II, First Days

User Rating:  / 5

"First Days" continues where "Awakening" left off and covers the balance of our coming of age 18 year-old sissy’s holiday en femme. Mummy and Sir John direct Dani’s expanding discovery of the sissy lifestyle and sexuality.


Dani's Story Book I, Awakening

User Rating:  / 8

The five chapters of “Awakening” deal with an intense 48 hour period where a repressed 18 year-old sissy comes of age. Guided by her stern Mummy, the mysterious Sir John and an assortment of bizarre characters, she is transformed from a panty-stealing wannabe into the very frilliest of sissy girls.